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"I'm glad you understand us, Prime Minister," Munakata said with finality, glaring at the screen as he ended the call. He hated dealing with politicians. Lack of politicians was one of the main reasons he was still considering Awashima's request for a hostile takeover of the country. It wouldn't be that hard, Munakata mused, probably a week at the most for organization and then-

"Sir!" A nameless underling burst through the door, thrusting a rolled piece of paper forward and interrupting Munakata's thoughts. "Your boyfriend has sent an A-level request for your immediate assistance!"

Munakata sighed, motioning for the messenger to hand him the roll of paper. If this was another attempt to get him to go to an amusement park during work hours, Suoh was going to be very sorry.

"Since, when do you have a boyfriend?" Fushimi asked, poking his head around a corner for whatever reason. That kid was weird. Munakata ignored him, continuing to read the scrawled missive. He could have sworn he'd seen HOMRA using technology, yet they always insisted on sending him messages using paper. He had a suspicion it was just to annoy him.

"Way to be out of the loop Saru, Captain and the Red King have been dating for, like, six months and eleven days now," another unimportant SCEPTOR 4 underling said, rolling his eyes while continuing to type something on his computer. "Remember that memo Awashima-san sent out assuring everyone that Captain was the seme?" Munakata narrowed his eyes, tossing the piece of paper aside and standing up.

"It would appear that this truly is an emergency," Munakata said with surprise. "I will accompany a team of four to HOMRA, Fushimi will lead it." The clansman in question nodded and slunk back around the corner to hopefully gather the requested team.


Munakata heaved a tortured sigh when, upon bursting through HOMRA's front door with swords blazing and coattails flaring dramatically, his team was confronted not with a rampaging gang of unicorn strains, but instead with an explosion of sappy, romantic décor. Bundles of red roses bloomed on every conceivable surface, all tied with delicate, curling ribbons. Heart shaped crystals were strung from the ceiling, refracting the low and vaguely seductive candlelight; the only source of light in the room, since all the windows were covered up with thick, red drapes. The sheer number and poor placement of the candles was enough to make a fireman faint. Munakata might have pointed out the fire hazard if all of HOMRA wasn't already the biggest fire hazard in the city.

"He's here!" Someone whispered, obviously crouched somewhere behind the ancient, wooden bar that was currently covered in satin bows and champagne bottles. Munakata sheathed his sword with an eye roll and strode forward with full intent to confront whatever lackeys were doing a lousy job of concealing themselves and demand to see their irresponsible leader. He motioned to his team, directing them towards the bar and slapping Fushimi's hand away from where he was poking a candle. They were halfway across the room when he heard a click and the first notes of his favourite love song began to play. Munakata narrowed his eyes in suspicion, shifting his footing subtly just in case he was about to be on the receiving end of a nasty prank. He did not want a repeat of the slime incident, it had taken him ages to wash and restyle his hair. Suoh should know better after being treated to a month without sex, Munakata thought ruefully.


Munakata jumped back when a heart shaped spotlight hidden somewhere within the roses on the ceiling suddenly lit up and illuminated a patch of the stairwell leading upstairs. There were three floors to HOMRA, and Munakata was only vaguely familiar with the third one, thanks to a rather fun evening spent sneaking in through the window dressed head to toe in black. Munakata heard the distinct sound of boots trying to move quietly, and his grip on his sword handle tightened as he realized his team was slowly backing away from him. If they were in on whatever this prank was, they were going to be very, very regretful of their actions. Munakata tensed his legs, preparing to rush towards the first sign of movement. Then Suoh stepped down onto the stairs, smiling casually and quirking one eyebrow at Munakata. And he was doing all this wearing a suit. Munakata stared at the perfectly knotted tie, the buttons done all the way, the delicate rose and red pocket square tucked into his breast pocket. It even looked like he'd brushed his hair. Munakata made an elegant choking sound, causing Suoh to chuckle as he strode down the stairs, his earring catching the light in a really noticeable way.

"Munakata," Suoh said with a smile. Munakata cocked his head sideways and smiled back. Suoh wearing a suit and attempting to be extra suave, clearly he was planning something a little more interesting than a juvenile prank. The way that jacket hung on him… it was quite a blessed sight. Almost worth forgetting about the false A-Level request. Munakata frowned automatically at the thought.

"So, you look really great today," Suoh went on, scratching the back of his head and ruining his nicely combed hair. Ah well, Munakata though, he wouldn't be Suoh without messy hair. It was kind of sexy, really. "I mean you always look great but oh fuck compliments," he sighed, "I'm just going to get this over with." And then he bent down on one knee, and looked up with a nervous smile. Munakata stared down in shock as Suoh pulled a little box out of his pocket and held it out, pulling open the little lid to reveal an elegant gold band inside.

"So, want to marry me?" Suoh asked with a grin. Munakata gave him a long, considering look before replying.

"Yes," he said with a warm smile. Later, he'd fondly say that Suoh had had tears in his eyes while slipping the ring onto his finger, to which the accused always blamed "the damned tailored suit, I hope you fully appreciated how hot I looked in that." Loud cheering and whistling erupted from surrounding HOMRA and SCEPTOR 4 members who had appeared sometime when Munakata had stopped paying attention. He found himself grabbed around the waist and swept into a wild kiss and mmmmmmm Suoh was wearing that cologne he really liked.

"Alright, let's crack open the champagne!" Someone shouted, followed by a round of applause and the popping of several bottles being opened. Munakata shared a smile with Suoh, taking his time to run his over the expensive material while pulling him closer. He might not even mention the false A-Level request for immediate assistance. Might.

"I can't believe you wore a suit," he laughed, hugging Suoh tightly and pressing his nose into the messy hair that smelled suspiciously like there had been an attempt at using hair gel earlier. Suoh squeezed him back, burying his face against Munakata's neck.

"I can't believe you said yes," Suoh mumbled against Munakata.

Then the Green Clansmen attacked.