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Clockwork was in his tower, as usual, when he was checking on Danny. This made Clockwork think of something. What made Halfas so special? He thought for a few minutes and was pleased with the thoughts that ran through his mind.

Halfas are so special because they have unlimited power. They have humanity which pushes them to go further than what you would think possible. This is what ghosts lack, they may be strong, but they just don't have that motivation that Halfas have. Halfas have a heart that makes you care for people you love, for love is the strongest emotion possible, even stronger than hate. Halfas are so special because they are so rare that they have many secrets hidden from others including themselves. Halfas have all emotions unlike ghosts who only do things according to their obsession. Halfas can revert to human form for when they are weak to preserve energy and their accelerated healing helps them recover quicker than ghosts who can't revert to another form. Halfas are so special because they can reproduce and have powerful offspring(Clockwork doesn't know how Box Lunch came to be.). Halfas are so powerful because they have something to look forward to. They look forward to life, their family, and the future. Ghosts can't because they are just trapped into a repetitive life of the same things. Halfas are so special because they have the one thing humans have, that ghosts don't have. Life

Clockwork checked on Danny again, and this time he couldn't feel more glad from what he had heard from the boy. This was why the boy was his favorite being in existence. The boy not only sacrificed his self for others, but found his talent as a gift instead of a curse.

Danny had said "I can't wait until tomorrow, to see what life will bring me. I get to enjoy life unlike ghosts and I can fly in the sky at my will unlike humans. I truly am special. One of a kind"

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