Authors notes: Agathanancy98 started this story and then offered it up for adoption. I offered to take it on. I am not a shipper ( although I have nothing against them getting together at the end) so this will be a challenge for me writing Jane and Lisbon married, but I had an idea for the investigation part, which is why I took it on. So I hope I do alright and don't disappoint the shippers out there.

Agathanancy98 wrote the first chapter and all I have done is move it into the present tense. The rest of the chapters are mine I did some writing during the Christmas break and so the first of my chapters is longer than I usually do as they are ready. As the story progresses the chapters will probably become shorter reflecting my available writing time.

So thank you to Agathanancy98 for allowing me to take this on and I hope you are pleased with what I do with it.

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Teresa Jane is cooking breakfast for the family when she hears her seven year old daughter walk into the kitchen. She was wearing a Cinderella night-gown and her hair is matted together. It is a Saturday, and the little girl has slept till eleven.

"Good Morning Baby Bear," Teresa says to her daughter. She leans in and gives her a kiss. Then, she hoists her on to the counter and puts her right beside where she is making the pancakes.

"Morning Mommy," Mallory says. "The pancakes smell good."

"Well I hope they are good. Are you gonna sit and talk to me while I finish breakfast?" Teresa asks.

"Sure. Where is Daddy?" the little girl asked.

"Daddy went out to the store to buy syrup for our pancakes. We were out," explains Teresa. "He should be back soon, though."

Teresa continues to cook and almost has the pancakes finished when Jane walks into the house with syrup and a surprise for Mallory. He walks into the kitchen and sets the bags down on the table.

"Morning Pumpkin!" he says, picking Mallory up and spinning her around. He puts her down and give her a kiss on her forehead. "You slept awfully late this morning!"

"I know. I was tired," Mallory said.

"I'll bet you were. We were at that movie late last night," he said. He went over and wraps his arms around Teresa from behind. She turns to look at him and gives him a peck on the lips.

"Alright everybody, breakfast is ready," she says. She starts placing pancakes on the plates and putting butter and syrup on Mallory's.

"I almost forgot! Mal, I have a surprise for you!" Jane says. Mallory got a huge grin on her face. She already knew to close her eyes and hold out her hand. Patrick places a kiwi in his daughter's hands. When she opens her eyes and see what it is, she gets a huge grin on her face. Kiwi is her favorite fruit, and it seems like she is always eating it.

"Here Honey. Hand it to me and I will cut it for you," Teresa says. She grabs a knife and start cutting the fruit for her daughter. When she finishes, she put the slices on Mallory's plate, next to her pancakes.

The family sit and eat breakfast. This is a typical Saturday morning for the Jane family. Patrick and Teresa never brought up cases or work in front of their daughter. It was a promise they had made to each other. They didn't want to expose Mallory to anything she didn't need to know, and their work certainly fell under that category. So it is a shock to Teresa when Patrick makes a certain statement.

"Teresa, I think we need to question the sister. She had motive and could have easily gotten the murder weapon. Plus, she was having an affair with the victim's husband," he said. Mallory got a look of confusion on her face.

"What are you talking about?" Mallory asks.

"Honey, don't worry about it," Teresa says. She shoots Jane a glare to say 'we will talk about this later'.

"Ok Mommy. Can we go to the pool today?" she asks, an excited look washing over her face.

"Yes we can. Let's go get in your suit," she says. She and Mallory walk up to the girl's bedroom to get dressed for the pool. Jane follows them upstairs, but went to his and Teresa's bedroom instead to put his suit on.


"Ok Mallory. Stay in the shallow where Mommy and Daddy can see you. Go have fun!" she says. Mallory runs into the water and immediately starts playing. she is an awfully good swimmer. Teresa turns and goes back to her husband sitting in the pool chair. She sits next to him.

"What on Earth happened to you this morning?" she asks, obviously irked.

"What?" he asks, pretending to be completely clueless. This makes Teresa even more angry.

"You know what. We had an agreement that we wouldn't talk about cases or anything work related in front of Mallory. Why would you do it?" she explains.

"Reece, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking," he says.

"You're right! You weren't thinking! Who knows what is going on in her head now! She was completely confused, and she might be young, but she isn't stupid. She knew what you were talking about!" she argues.

"Honey, she is seven," Jane says.

"That's my point! She is only seven! She doesn't need to know about murder, and weapons, and suspects! There is a reason I blocked The Mentalist on our tv!" she says, raising her voice just a little bit.

"Teresa. People are looking at us. You need to calm down. I admit I shouldn't have said it. I wasn't thinking and I am sorry," he says.

"Fine. Whatever. Let's just forget about it. Don't let it happen again, though. Now I forgot to put sunscreen on Mallory. Where is she?" Teresa asks. Both parents scan the pool for their daughter. Neither one can see her.

"Mallory!" Teresa yells. "Mallory Grace Jane!"

"Mallory! Where are you, Sweetie? Mallory Jane!" Patrick yells. Both parents are yelling frantically, when Teresa gets a text on her phone from an unknown number. It says,

"Don't worry. You daughter is safe with me. Now Mrs. Jane, you are next. Don't let your guard down. Time to play a game of hide and go seek. Mallory is hiding, with me, and you and your husband can seek her! This will be fun! -RJ"

Teresa drops the phone. She falls on her knees and started crying. Jane rushes to her side.

"Honey what's wrong?" he asks. He is extremely worried. His daughter is missing, and his wife is crying.

"Red John has my baby," she says.