Authors notes: Well here it is the epilogue, in some ways the scariest part of a story. I hope that you find it satisfying. I want to give special thanks to Mossib who, as always, supported me through out the story and ngocquevt who was along for the ride as well and whose thoughts and kind words were deeply appreciated. Also thanks to Sue Shay chippotato and thitima.p1418 GraceVanPeltFan4ever ssssmenke for their kind reviews. I hope that Agathanancy98 has liked what I have done with her story. All I can say more is enjoy (hopefully)


Jane invited Mallory up on to the bed

"Come here sweetheart"

Her mom helped her up and she laid on his shoulder and Jane wrapped his arm around her and closed his eyes, concentrating on the sensations of having her close.

" I missed you so much."

Mallory couldn't speak tears were running down her face, she buried he face deeper in to him and he held on tight until she calmed down, his tear matching hers.

"Are you coming home Daddy?"

"In the morning"

Lisbon chimes in:

"He will be home when the doctor says he can come home."

"Teresa there is nothing wrong with me that can't fix at home and I have been away too long. I think I am being very reasonable staying in overnight."

"I want you home Daddy"

"I'll tell you what honey, in case they don't let your daddy out tomorrow we will have to have a plan devised to break me out."

"Yes Daddy!"

Jane places his finger on his lips

"Shhhh we can't let anyone know what it is or they will try and stop us."

Mallory moves further up the bed to whisper in his ear

"What do I need to do?"

It had been arranged that after Lisbon left to put Mallory to bed that Cho and Rigsby would take Jane's statement. He told them all about his incarceration and they were relieved to discover that their friend was treated pretty well most of the time. They take it slowly, allowing Jane the time to compose himself during the horrific parts of his experience. Rigsby asks the question that has been bothering him since the crash.

"What caused the crash. The car passed us and everything seemed normal and then suddenly it was swerving all over the place before flipping over a couple of times?"

"That was me. I knew from Red John's reaction that the soil I planted must have given his location away and there was every chance you were on the way. Even if you weren't Red John had made it very clear he was taking me somewhere to kill me and then go after my wife and child. The only thing I could think of to stop that from happening was to grab the steering wheel and crash the car. I figured there was nothing to lose."

After a couple more questions the statement was finished and they stood up to go'

"Cho can you wait a moment?"

Rigsby leaves to type up the statement

"Thanks for everything, I know you had Teresa's back"

"Just keeping a promise"

"Now I know you would have done it without a promise but my guess is that you used that line as leverage against her. Did you persuade her to go?"

"She was leaving tonight."

"Good . Burn the papers they won't be needed anymore."

"Already done."

"You're a good friend Cho."

Jane comes down after putting Mallory to bed. It has not been easy settling back into freedom. It took a couple of days to get used to walking around without the shackles. His legs felt so light, he once misjudged the effort required to walk down the stairs and it was only Lisbon's hand that stopped him hurtling down them. He found it hard to settle in one place. He could now move from room to room and he couldn't stop himself from doing it. It drove Lisbon crazy but she was incredibly patient with him.

Jane settles on the couch and sit up against him and he wraps his arm around her and kisses her neck.

"I love this time of day. Precious moments putting Mallory to bed and then coming down to my gorgeous wife."

"You're not so bad yourself"

"Not so bad! What kind of the compliment is that. Men would pay thousands to have looks like mine and women would pay even more for their men to have looks like mine!

"Is that so. If they only knew the ego that goes along with those looks of yours."

"I'll have you know humble pie is my favourite dish"

"Except you only ever eat the ice cream."

Lisbon turns towards her husband and traces the whip marks across his face. She leans in and begins to kiss along the lines.

Jane inhales deeply and closes his eyes.

When he first saw himself in the mirror he stared for a long time. He knew he was a good looking man and was willing to use it to his advantage whenever it was necessary. Now he was looking at someone who was him but not him at the same time. Jane has seen the relief in his wife's eyes when the doctor had told them that the marks were not very deep and should fade in a few weeks. Lisbon entered the bathroom wondering what was taking him so long. She turned him and took his face in his hands.

"Such a beautiful face."

"Don't Teresa"

He tried to pull away.

"What's wrong Patrick"

"I saw how your relief when the doctor said the marks would fade. you think I'm ugly."

"No. I don't. I don't want you being reminded of Red John every time you look in the mirror. He's dead, I want him out of your life, our lives, as much as possible. But these marks are beautiful. They remind me that I have a heroic and intelligent husband who was able to outwit a notorious serial killer shackled and half starved."

Jane pulled her closer

"Heroic huh, does that mean I will be finally getting that superhero costume you promised me years ago."

"If you pay your cards right."

Lisbon takes their bowls and carries them to the kitchen. When she returns Jane is up by the cd player. He pushes play and holds out his arm.

"Will you have this dance with me Teresa Lisbon"

Lisbon moves into him and they wrap around each other. and stay dancing long after the song as ended.