Every teenager has their rebellious stage. Unfortunately, Renesmee's just had to kick in while her car literally crashed a raven-haired human nomad with a flying broom. "You're serious? You want to go with me?" She was sure that he was expecting her to back down. "Anywhere but home."

Words: 4864

Rated T – some cursing, but light themes and no lemons.

Pairing: Harry/Renesmee Jacob/?

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Both Renesmee and Harry's POVs, probably Chapter 1 – RPOV, Chapter 2 – HPOV, Chapter 3 – RPOV, and so on. I've read that writing in multiple povs throughout the story isn' t a good thing to do, but I'd like to write the way I want it to be.

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Chapter 1 – Not A Kid


Renesmee's eyes snapped open. From the cold chill creeping up her neck, she could guess what was going to happen next. However, Renesmee bravely chose not to respond. She stared into the wide eyed blue eyes in front of her, her hands were still connected to his. They were both nervous as hell, their breath visible in the cold night air as they breathed hard. If one wanted to picture this moment, it would look romantic, if you could ignore the loud thud that kept getting louder and louder.

Renesmee couldn't decide what to do, really. She could completely stop, running through the window of the third floor of Forks High School and act innocent, even though she was already busted. Or she could continue, which was the same thing as begging to be slashed with fury. Both would cause volcanoes to erupt, and option one wasn't that appealing to her.

The blonde before her stuttered. "Nessie—I think it's—"

"I know."

The blonde, Jamie, looked even more panicked. "I think we should—we should just go home."

She narrowed her eyes at him in distaste. Thank God he didn't choose option two, which would include kissing this coward. Anyone who didn't have balls had no place on her list. Apparently, the little show he made at the prom was nothing but a stunt.

The door opened with a loud bang, revealing a beautiful, brown-haired woman standing alone, arms crossed her chest in a regal manner. Her eyes shone dangerously with silent anger under the moonlight.

Her lips were barely moving. "Follow me."

Renesmee, instead of getting cold feet the way she used to, now felt anger boiling in his head. "No."

Bella Cullen looked taken aback at this. She walked a few steps closer to her daughter. Renesmee stayed silent but stared back challengingly, paying no attention to Jamie, who took a few steps back.

"Excuse me?"

"I said—"

A nervous laugh interrupted her from the back of the room. "Er—I think I should get going. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Cullen."

Renesmee had never felt so humiliated in her life.

Cursing in her head as Jamie quickly left, she stared defiantly back at her mom, refusing to appear weak.

"And now he's gone."

Renesmee didn't miss the smugness in her mom's voice, but she replied quietly. "Your point?"

Her mother turned, commanding her to follow her. The disobedient part of her screamed for her not to, but the small, rational and cold part whispered for her to follow.

With a sigh, she decided to go with the whisper.


Loud screams had been erupting from the Cullens residence for hours now. It was probably a good thing the house was isolated, without nosy neighbors surrounding. The pleasant, green forest was supposed to be able to calm them, but it had no such effect today. Quite the opposite, actually, the green was really starting to sicken her.


"THINK, RENESMEE, THINK!" Bella shouted in rage. "Didn't you see how cowardly he was? It was humiliating, admit it!"

"That's not the point. You know it's not! You're always mad when I go out with a guy!"

"Then why do you keep doing it? You know I'll be mad and you still go for it? WHY?"

"Because it's unfair! Why should I isolate myself? One would think being half-vampire has a lot of benefits, but apparently the title gives me nothing but a cage!"

Bella opened her mouth to shout back, but instead took a deep breath. "Then you do realize you're half-vampire? And that they're human?"

"Don't play that card with me again!" Renesmee shouted. "Honestly, you're such a hypocrite! You think I don't know about you and dad? At least I don't have a whole freaking newborn army because of my crush—"

Bella looked extremely offended as she opened her mouth to retaliate, but stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Edward was intervening, his eyes much calmer than Bella's, his voice steady. "Renesmee, please, we want you to understand. It's much harder than before. The Volturi has been keeping an eye on us. They've been looking for an opening—they're waiting for it. And not just exposure either. I won't be surprised if they created a havoc if you ever, unintentionally or not, implied our secrets to the mortals."

The rational part of Renesmee's brain admitted that it made sense. But what came out of her mouth was completely the opposite. "I DON'T CARE! Do you know what it feels like to be me? You guys had each other when you were in high school, but I'm alone! I repeat; I AM ALONE!"

"Well, you have us, Nessie," Rosalie intervened in a soothing voice.

Renesmee took a deep breath to stop herself from snapping at Rose. "And I'm grateful for that. Honestly. But I'm a teenager—can't you cut me some slack?"

Esme's hand was suddenly on her hair, calming her a bit. But she couldn't keep a clear head when she saw the opposing expressions of the others. Especially Jacob, who sat quietly in the corner, casting her disappointed glances as if she had broken his favorite car.

"You do understand that what I want is normal, right? I don't take drugs, I'm not into crazy parties—all I want is a normal relationship!"

Carlisle rubbed his temples. "We won't mind, Nessie. We really don't, if you actually love that boy. Once you can take the consequences of loving someone and know you will stay with him for the rest of your life, then you have my—our permission."

It was not common for Renesmee to oppose Carlisle, but at that moment it felt like nothing else mattered more. "And how do you expect me to find him? You think I would know that with one glance? You think I'd find someone and fall in love in the first sight and need them for the rest of my life? You seriously expect me to believe in those things?"

Renesmee didn't understand the awkward silence that followed because she knew what she said was true. Unable to bear her emotions, she hollered, like a whining child—she would admit that much—but her anger was getting the better of her, "FINE! I DON'T CARE!"

As she stormed off the room, she could feel the anger radiating in her childish stomps on the stairs, which made a part of her feel ashamed. Why did everything have to be like this? She remembered what it felt like to be born into the Cullen house as a half-vampire. It felt nice, being the center of every attention. The feeling of being loved by so many people was what she loved, but as time passed, the way they gave her attention changed. Her way of seeing things changed—everything changed. Nothing was ever the same anymore—even Uncle Emmett, who would always defend her no matter what mischief she had done, now stayed quiet in the back of the room.

Jacob was even worse. He used to be her favorite person in the world—right after her mother and father, that is—but as she grew, the way he treated her changed. The way he stared at her, as if she was expected to do something, but was too young to understand it. She didn't understand anyone this house, anymore. Why wouldn't they just say it out loud? How could she guess what they wanted? Was she not worth it? Was she expected for great things?

She wiped the tears swelling in her eyes roughly. Why was it so easy to cry? It was embarrassing—why couldn't she be like mom? Mother was always unemotional when she was angry and showed no signs of weakness when she was opposing someone. Why couldn't she? Every time Renesmee got into fights, no matter how prepared or calm she was, she would always end up tearing up.

Renesmee took a paper from under her desk before pushing everything off the table. She sighed when she realized the pencil was pushed off with everything else. It was a common thing for Renesmee; drawing. When she was happy, mad, or intrigued, drawing calmed her in a way no one else could. Alice used to help her drawing since she was the artist of the house, but it had stopped long time ago when Renesmee chose to pursue teenage endeavors and left drawing in the dust.

She knew that the others could hear the sound of scribbling paper but she didn't let that get to her. She put pencil to paper and started drawing until her scribbles became a sketch of herself, laughing happily in the arms of a boy. Her bronze hair was waving madly in the wind, and her right hand tried to put a lock back behind her ear. She wore a simple blue shirt and jeans, while the guy holding her at the lavender field was wearing a formal green shirt and black trousers, letting his tie to be pulled by Renesmee's left hand.

The face of the guy, even though he was smiling, was not drawn yet. She really did not know who to draw as a model. None of the Cullens—heavens no. Drawing some cute random guy from her school won't do, either. Drawing celebrity stars—even though she had a little crush on Robert Downey Jr.—would feel too fake for her. In the end, after staring at the paper for a few minutes, she decided to leave the face at that.

Before she saved the paper, she stared at the picture of her blue shirts, smiling amusingly, before writing 'Not A Kid' on it.

She immediately put it in her drawer once she heard a soft knock on the door. She took a deep breath before saying, "Come in."

Much to her surprise, it was Emmett. His face, while remaining as goofy as he always was, was unreadable. Maybe this was how Emmett looked like when he was serious. Renesmee didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. "Want to go catch some bears?"

After some consideration, she shrugged, trying to appear indifferent. "Sure."

They said nothing as they ran into the forest. Renesmee felt her stomach twist. She was debating with herself what was wrong with everybody, but then again the problems might be in her. Never once she had thought that Emmett would ever talk to her like a stranger, nor had she ever thought her huge uncle would be capable of staying quiet. She was blatantly staring at him, half wishing him to turn and face her, half scared of what would happen next.

Renesmee had lost her appetite; not that she was thirsty anyway. She thought hunting would clear her head a bit, but instead it annoyed her more. It was the green. She was sick of the green.

Renesmee expected the silence to continue until they were home, but after she reluctantly finished her deer, Emmett finally spoke, "Renesmee."

Her eyes briefly gazed to her uncle, who was staring at her as he sat on a branch of a tall tree. The distance between them made her wary. "You're talking to me?"

Emmett smiled dryly at the ground. "I'm sorry for not being there, for awhile now."

Her eyebrows rose. "It's…fine. I'm more curious of the 'why'."

She recognized the expression that flitted across his face. The urge to tell something but being forbidden to, simultaneously. Even though she was annoyed that her family was keeping something away from her, she was grateful that her uncle who had wanted to approach her, and even mustered up the decency to apologize.

"It's okay if you can't tell me," She finally said.

The pained look on Emmett's face didn't go unmissed. "You deserve to know—you should've known.."

She grinned, feeling a little bit lighter now. She leapt onto the tree and gave Emmett a hug. "Thank you. For everything."

"You sound like you're going somewhere."

"Maybe I plan to."


She laughed even when she heard the warning in his voice. But when she did, she realized how long it had been since she'd genuinely laughed. Her heart felt a little warmer at the thought of someone sticking up for her. While she doubted he would help her in the occasional family fights, she really didn't mind the company.

"Uncle?" She said, after a brief silence fell upon them.


"Am I really that irritating?"

His loud, booming laugh echoed in the woods, scaring off all the birds around them. She stared at him, mildly annoyed, while Emmett guffawed like his life depended on it. He noticed the sour look on Renesmee's face and tried to speak, "I—sorry—you—"

She sighed, patiently waiting for Emmett to compose himself.

"Sorry," He cleared his throat. "But it was so—"

She sent him a warning glare. "If you laugh again, I'm leaving you."

"Fine, fine," The pout on a fully-grown man, not to mention a huge man who happened to be her uncle, was irking her a bit, though she said no word about it. "I'm sorry. But what you said was hilarious. I mean, how can you feel that way? This family is all about you. And not just the family. Do I really need to remind you a whole vampire army was willing to fight for you?"

"Why does everyone keep bringing that? Yeah, sure. It was a huge event and apparently I was quite a charmer back then. But I've changed, you know? Everything changed. Everything feels so complicated now."

Emmett had a thoughtful look on his face. "I don't remember the last time I was a teenager. My human life is really fuzzy. But I do remember I used to rebel a lot…My father wanted me to do something important for the family funds instead of doing the 'useless dangerous thing', but I was so into hiking," He chuckled nostalgically. "So I snuck off a lot. It was when both of my parents died that I occasionally went hiking as a routine."

"And then you met Aunt Rosalie?"

"You forgot the important part; I was attacked by a bear. That was when I realized it, I guess. At some point at your life, you'll remember every annoying thing your parents tell you and admit that they were right."

Renesmee was now gazing the forest, refusing to look at Emmett. She really did not know what to say, or what to feel.

"Well, he's not a hundred percent right, though. I have Rosalie now."

She smiled softly. It did sound kind of sweet. Every couple in the family had fought so many obstacles and problems, and their relationships had survived it all. None of them went the smooth way, the going to high School and marrying your sweetheart cliché path. Well, her parents actually did it that way, but with the nomads, the newborn army and the Volturi, it made her point invalid.

In all honesty, she had no reason to feel insecure. Emmett's laugh was not intended; he'd laughed solely because he was sure of the absurdity of the idea of it. If someone looked at Renesmee's life, they would see the perfect, sweet life of a child who was like no other. But as the child grew, she became aware of more things and starting to crave different things all together. While logic stayed in her head, her temper wasn't helping. This kind of thinking often drifted in Renesmee's mind, more often when she was calmed after she had exhausted all her energy from being angry. The cold, clear head made her rethink everything, from how she could not deny that at least a part of things was her fault to the notion that she would change everything for the better.

Yet the same things kept happening.


Renesmee turned around to find Jamie standing in front of her, holding what seemed to be a present. She shot him an unfriendly glower, and felt a little triumph as she saw his uneasiness. But then she started to feel uncomfortable when she realized how many curious eyes were staring at them.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted last week. And I'm sorry for being really late to apologize. I spent a week in my room and I really regret what I did. I know I should've acted different and I'm sorry I wasn't brave enough that day."

The look on his face was so sincere, his baby blue eyes staring at her with remorse in their eyes. Yet Renesmee still doubted the truth of his words. When she didn't answer, Jamie continued, "Please. I need you."

Alright, this is way over the top, Renesmee decided, getting annoyed by the excited whispers around them. Maybe this was his strategy? Declaring his apology in front of the crowd so she would be pressured to forgive him? And what was with 'I need you' crap? They didn't even know each other that much!

"Look, I—"


Renesmee's eyes widened as she saw Jacob walking towards them, his eyes shining with silent fury. He mouthed 'Go Home' softly; like he was talking to a child. Once again Renesmee felt anger rising in her.

"Your mom's waiting for you."

She didn't know what was happening. "And I'm heading there."

"Come on, I'll take you there."

"I can go by myself, thank you."

Jacob, whose back was now facing her, stopped. He slowly turned around, his face confused and hurt. Renesmee felt a short pang of guilt.

"This is your mom's order. You know what she'll say."

That was the last straw. Where was her Jacob? Her Jacob who'd always been there, the best big brother ever? Where was her Jacob who would stick up for her? She glowered furiously at the guy she thought she knew as tried to come back with a retort, but tears were starting to fill her eyes.

Damn, it's coming again.

She would not appear weak, especially in front of Jamie and Jacob. With hot tears threatening to spill, she went to a last resort. Without thinking, she grabbed Jamie's arm roughly and pushed her lips onto his.

The kiss felt weird. Jamie was apparently happy with the turn of events, kissing her back. She frowned at the taste of tobacco, mentally puking. It was maddening, especially with her heightened sense of smell. His lips were soft, moving against hers, but in all honesty she felt nothing. She could feel the tears finally coming down, and she disguised wiping it with caressing Jamie's cheek.

She finally stopped and pulled back, breathing hard, before eyes connecting to Jamie's. He was looking rather smug, a smirk beginning to spread on his arrogant face. That was when everything sank in.

She just had her first kiss. Her first kiss, with a boy that disgusted her, only to prove her point to Jacob. Regret began to hit her like someone was slapping her, and she bit her lips anxiously. She felt strangely disappointed when she turned around to find Jacob wasn't there anymore.

The whispers began again, and she could not bear it. With a strangled voice, she said, "I…have to go home."

Renesmee ignored the voices that began to rise, the surprise on Jamie's face, and the cold feet she got as she headed home. She drove slowly, letting all the tears out before completely wiping them off her face. After checking her eyes in the mirror numerous times, she finally came out of the car. What she found there did not surprise her. Everyone was gathering in the main room, still as statues.

Carlisle broke the silence first. "Renesmee, we need to talk."

Renesmee stared at him. "I suppose. Where's Jacob?"

"He has…something to deal with."

Seeing no response from Renesmee, Carlisle continued. "I'm sure you know what we are here to talk about."

"Jamie. Me. Kissing."

A few snorts were heard, followed by a smack on Emmet's head. Carlisle cleared his throat. "Yes."

Renesmee sighed. "You're going to get me grounded?"

Bella looked uncertain before answering, "No."

"I'm sorry?"

Edward rubbed Bella's arms. "No. But we have something to tell you."

Renesmee gazed at the faces in front of her. She started to feel sick, a foreboding sign that whatever it is they were hiding from her, she wouldn't like it. "Okay."

"There was a treaty," Bella started. "Between the Cullens and the wolves. It said that the Cullens would stay out of the Quileute land, and were forbidden to bite any humans."

Renesmee frowned. "Didn't Dad bite you?"

Bella stared at Renesmee, her expression unreadable. "Yes. But because Jacob was supposed to be the Alpha—"

"The commander of the wolves," Renesmee nodded.

"—he renewed the treaty so the bite was considered an exception. However, the point of the treaty is to protect the tribe, and at that time, when you were still an infant, please don't get me wrong—"

Renesmee took a deep breath. "I was an unknown anomaly."

"Yes. You were considered a threat to the safety of the humans. That was why Jacob, Seth and Leah separated from the rest of them. The others did not agree to wait. But with three wolves switching sides, they managed to stay quiet, instead forming plans. But when they heard that I was dying while you were born, chaos broke out and—"

"I don't understand." Renesmee cut her. "Why—why—"

"Because something happened," Edward said, almost inaudibly. "Jacob—"

A new voice said, "I think that's enough."

Every head turned to see Jacob walking in from the back door. Rosalie growled a bit, Edward glared, and Bella buried her face in her hands.

"I don't think she's ready for this."

To Renesmee's surprise, Bella stood. "You are not going to dictate whether we tell her or not."

Edward made no move to calm Bella, so Esme moved to her side, resting a hand on Bella's shoulder.

"Please don't take it personally. You can see it. She's not ready."

Rosalie laughed unpleasantly. "Please. You're just afraid it won't work."

"Rose," Esme warned. "Please, everyone, stay calm. It's best for us not to assume anything."

"Well, tell it to the know-it-all over there," Jacob didn't seem afraid by Bella's attack, but his eyes were challenging.

Renesmee didn't like this. "What's going on?"

"Waiting any longer will only cause more problems," Emmett said, causing the others to look surprised at his rather wise words. "She deserves to know."

"I'm with Jacob," Alice said. "He's right. It's not the right time. You're going to cause volcanoes here."

Jasper looked torn, but in the end, sided with Alice. "I want the best for our family," He decided. "Going hastily won't solve the problem."

"I think it's rather too late for this discussion, isn't it?" Renesmee commented sourly. "She's right here, you know."

Renesmee's remark went unnoticed, as the arguments between the adults grew more heated. She let out a frustrated sigh, the angry banters around her started to sound like buzzing insects.

"A teenager's mind is a fragile thing," Carlisle uttered. "It is not wise to play with it."

Jacob's tone started to rise. "We're not playing with it, we're doing what's best for everyone."

"Everyone my ass," Rosalie sneered. "You think you're the only one who cares about her?"

"Well, I'm not going to let anyone get too hasty—too irresponsible..."

Bella looked furious. "Excuse me? I'm her mother!"

"And I'm—" Jacob's voice trailed off. "And I'm..."

Jacob's falter caught Renesmee's attention. "And you're what, Jacob?"

Renesmee felt anger boiling in her head when the heavy silence suddenly fell upon everyone. They talked about it as if she wasn't there—and then ignored her? She looked incredulously at every face in the room, before turning away, preparing to leave. When she reached the front door, she heard Jacob blurted out, "I imprinted on you!"

Renesmee stopped dead on her tracks. Her boiling anger turned cold—it felt like her brain had frozen and it was racing double speed to process what he had just said.



Renesmee was sitting in Jacob's lap, gazing at the lavender flowers around them. It was warm, she thought. She snuggled against Jacob's chest, getting sleepy. Her small body made it so easy to sleep there. Her eyes felt heavy, but a small question popped in her head.


Jacob snorted. "Are you going to sleep or not, Nessie?"

"Well, I have a question..."

"Go on."

"Why are you alone?" Renesmee asked. "I mean, Daddy has Mommy, Aunt Rosalie's got Uncle Emmett, and everyone else..."

"Well, it's a bit different for wolves," Jacob said, his eyes peacefully gazing at the calm, blue sky. "Do you know what imprinting is?"

"I heard Mommy and Daddy talk about it once or twice…"

"Well, imprinting is like the love of first sight, only stronger," He began. "Any other connection you have with other people shatters, or at least becomes secondary, and the only thing that matters is your imprint's happiness. Sam thinks the wolves imprint to pass the gene so that wolves' survive."

"Ah," Renesmee yawned, half paying attention. "I'm sleepy."

Jacob laughed. "Then sleep, Nessie."

Silence fell on them, but Renesmee spoke again, "Jacob?"


"Anyone's who you imprint on is going to be really lucky."

Jacob smiled softly, his eyes shining in brotherly love, before softly kissing Renesmee's forehead. "Sleep, Nessie. You need it."

Renesmee came back to reality, her eyes wide. She didn't care that her face was probably going as white as sheet, the look of horror blatantly on her face.

"That's what happened," Jacob's voice was shaky. "I imprinted on you. When you were just born. That's why their attack was canceled. Because no matter what—"

"An imprintee is never to be harmed by another wolf," Renesmee found her lips moving unconsciously.

The room went silent, waiting for Renesmee to react. They were probably ready for any kind of outburst, but Renesmee stood still. She tried to speak but the words that came out were incoherent. Hot tears began to fill her eyes. She couldn't even think clearly. How could her best friend, her brother, the one who'd been with her since the day she was born—she didn't understand.

She didn't understand the sudden revulsion she felt against Jacob.

How could the family agree with this? Her parents? Didn't Jacob love her mother? How could he—how could they—

With her head completely blank, Renesmee grabbed a set of car keys and fled.

Renesmee never thought about the possibility of leaving her parents. She'd thought about leaving with the guy she was going to marry, but never this way. Not without hugging her family, crying with both joys and sadness, or at least a proper goodbye. Yet she didn't decrease her speed, moving further away from Forks.

Her car dashed across the road, her hands tightly closed around the wheel. It was close to midnight. She was the only one at the road and sped up, taking out her anger on the gas pedal. Even though her eyes had dried already, her brain still felt like a tangled mess of emotions. The rain definitely didn't help. She wanted to scream—she wanted to let all the frustrations building up inside her out, desperately wishing there was a reboot button somewhere in her head.

She couldn't even comprehend the absurdity of the situation. To sum everything up, she had been practically betrothed since the day she was born, to a man that used to fight for her mother's love. To a man she had always seen as a big loving brother and her best friend. Who would always there for her, no matter what kind of annoying thing she had done; and now the mystery had finally been unveiled. She didn't feel any content knowing that the secret had finally been revealed. All she felt was rage.

The worst part was that every member of her family agreed with it. Everything about her future was planned, and they all just sat there thinking, how marvelous is that? She wasn't able to choose anyone else she wanted, because—of course—her mother's almost-boyfriend had claimed her since the day she was born, and thus she was destined to be with him, her feelings unimportant. Caged in a box with Jacob holding the key. That was how she had unknowingly lived her whole life.

Her heart almost stopped when saw a figure in front of her. Her foot immediately switched to the brake, but it was too late. Eyes widened, she saw the figure's body crashed to her front window with a loud thud, before getting being thrown off by the force, flipping twice in the air, and landing harshly on the road approximately eleven meters ahead of her.

The engine finally stopped, after roaring in protest. The rain was coming down harder.

"Oh my God."

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