A/N first ever writing. Sorry if spelling is bad. criticism is welcome but nothing too nasty. This is about Ben And Tory, Favorite a should-be couple. Hope I don't change the character personalities too much, they should be alright though. Based on after seizure. I apologise for any spelling screw ups. Rated K with some language.

Ben and Tory: A depressing and amazing day to begin it all.

Chapter 1:

Tory's POV

I love those afternoons after school, those afternoons hanging out with the pack, doing a little practise of flaring, sitting on the beach watching the boys run around annoying each other like real siblings.

Those afternoons that seem to come at the exact right time, after a depressing and stressful day. Tory was thinking about those very stressful events that only afternoons like that could help put at ease, however her mind still went to those stressful moments of the day.


Tory was walking down the corridor to her locker deep in thought about a kind of algae she had discovered along the shores of loggerhead while diving in full flare. She was thinking about what could have coursed its deep blue colour and whether it would give her a lead on its name when she was forced out of thought by an all to familiar figure coming in her direction. Jason had his usual smile considering it was the first day back to school after the holidays. She thought he was about to pass her when he stopped directly in front of her, to her dismay.

"Hey tory!" he said in to cheerful voice. Last time she had seen Hi she had yelled in his face. She had definitely not expecting nice vibes coming from him. "Hi" she said in a rather annoyed voice that he obviously didn't notice judging by his next words. "So, not to be too forward, but do you have a date to the cotillion ball?" (A/N I forgot what it was called so that'll have to do. lol. sorry.) "Er, I'm sorry Jason but I do" This surprised both, what was she doing. It was one thing to yell in his face but another entirely to lie to him too. What if he asked her who it was? What would she do? "Really!? Who is the lucky guy?" he said in a rather forced sounding voice. Shit. Think fast Tory. "Ben Blue" she found herself saying. Why did she say that. Although her mind starting working on that plan in no time and she realised it wasn't all that bad a lie if made in to truth. Jason's smile was cleaned right off at the mention of boat boy. "Is that a loud" he asked with hope in his eyes. Obviously hoping it wasn't. "definitely" Tory said back in a fake cheerful voice. It was true, she remembered reading in the debutant ball guide that your escort didn't have to necessarily a member. Why was she looking through the guide book? Searching for a glimmer of hope that she wouldn't have to attend the ball, especially since then, she hadn't thought to bring one of the boys. "Oh, ok. Bye" were Jason's last words before stalking off in a rather unJason like manner.

So there she was, sitting on the sand in her uniform with her shoes off, toes in the sand thinking of some miraculous way to convince ben to come with her. She had pictured him in a tux and her imagination was pleasing her quite nicely. Tory may have not said it out loud but she liked Ben more then she may realise and especially more then he realised.

She was still thinking about it while building a small hill on top of her feet with sand when, naturally, Ben Blue himself plopped down next to her, panting from running after Hi. She looked over at Hi and Sheldon to see that Ben had directed their little sand fight at each other, leaving Ben to well, leave.

"Penny for your thoughts, miss?" He said in a cheery, not so Ben like manner. "Just stuff" she said with her head down. 'I can do this, he would say yes, he wouldn't get that mad, even if he is moody Mr Blue' she thought. He looked at her as if to say 'continue'. "You're not going to like it" she said, facing him properly while leaning on her elbow.

"try me" he said and smirked slightly. God, those smirks would kill any girl, even Tory. She lost her train of thought for a moment before remembering she had to talk about something that could dig her own grave.

"It has to do with Jason.." she said, looking in to his eyes. For a flicker of a moment he looked pissed but he went back to looking at her intently. She took that as a sign to continue.

"He came up to me and asked who I was going to the cotillion ball..."I said looking down.

"...And you said?" Ben said, confused at my stop and the look in his eyes, was that anxiety?

"...About that..." I said with a nervous laugh.

Ben, obviously seeing my nervousness said, "What did you say, why did you stop?".

"I, er, I said" I was beginning to sweat.

"Tory, what did you do?" he said in an irritated voice.

"I didn't want to go with him so I said I had a date and he asked who it was and I said you" I said really fast and anxious.

"YOU DID WHAT!?" Ben screeched, standing up abruptly. Oh no.

"I'm sorry, but you were the first person I could think of!" I said, standing up to face him.

"AND WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO NOW!?" he yelled again. "...". "What was that?" He replied to my mumble. "Pray you will say yes" I said, letting my face hang. I know he will say no. "I can't believe I'm saying this...but...fine..you owe me BIG time, do I have to wear a tux?" He said this all rather casually which left Tory so in awe. Before she could stop herself she leaped on him for a bear hug yelling "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!". They both toppled on to the sand, Tory on top. Of course, at that exact moment Hi and Shelton came running over laughing until they saw our rather awkward situation. Tory tried to get up but her skirt had got caught on Ben's regulation leather black belt. They both started fiddling with the belt and skirt, trying to get free quickly. They both sat up and Ben eventually left the job to Tory. Once they were free they moved away from each other quickly. There was a moment of awkward silence but finely Hi spoke. "So, you guys must have had a little fun" he said with a nudge to Shelton who joined in. "You could have told us you guys were dating, when did this start?". This coursed both Ben and Tory to look up abruptly. Tory knew she was blushing and she had reason but Ben's obvious reddening confused her a little. "WE ARE NOT" Tory and Ben shouted simultaneously.

"Pfft sure."

"So, Tory, when is this thing?" Ben chose that exact moment to mention the Ball.

"Next week" Tory replied casually, gnoring Hi and Shelton's confused looks.

"I best be off" Ben said, as he stood.

"Same" Tory said also rising.

Her and Ben continued there conversation about there plans for the cotillion until there paths to eachother's house parted. Tory spent that night thinking about what might happen at the cotillion until she finely fell asleep with thoughts of Ben in a tux.