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**** Chapter Four ****

Paige led Emily in the front door and straight through the small hallway into the kitchen. Guiding Emily to a chair near the table and helping her sit down, Paige then took two glasses from a cupboard and filled them with tap water. One glass was placed in front of Emily, and one across from her.

"I'll just go check on him and then I'll come straight back, okay" Paige explained, before leaving the room.

Emily heard muffled voices and grinned as she could hear Paige clearly, almost yelling at her uncle. He must actually be deaf.

Shortly after, Paige left his room and looked straight at Emily, shaking her head as she returned to the kitchen with a smile, "He's fine."

"He really is pretty deaf then?"

Paige laughed, "He can hear, just not that great."

They finished off a few glasses of water, then Paige led Emily out of the kitchen and along the hallway in the opposite direction from her uncle's. They entered a small room near the end of the cottage.

"This is me."

Emily looked around the room, feeling a bit weird being in a strangers bedroom.

"You can have the bed, and I can either take the couch over there..." Paige indicated the sofa below the window, "or if you would prefer I'll take the couch in the sitting room."

"I'll take the couch, it's your house."

Paige looked at her. "No you won't. You need a good sleep, on a comfy bed."

Emily looked around the strange room, feeling suddenly uneasy about being left alone. "Can you stay with me, that way if I wake in the night I'll know I'm safe?"

Paige smiled, "Of course..." She walked over to her drawers, "You'll need pajamas too. You look about the same size as me, so..."

Searching through her pajama drawer, Paige pulled out a pair of pants and a long sleeved top. They were a faded black with multiple Batman logos over them. "These are comfy ones. What do you think?"

Emily just smirked at her, trying not to laugh, "Um, yeah."

Paige frowned, "Hey, Batman is cool! Don't mock." Walking over, she placed the pajamas in Emily's hands, smiling as they looked at each other.

It was as if the world had frozen in time. They stood like that for what seemed like minutes, before Emily dipped her head, breaking the connection.

Paige stepped past Emily and leaned over, grabbing her pajamas from the pillow. "The bathroom is the first door on the left if you want to get changed in there, there's a spare toothbrush that you can use too."

Emily smiled her thanks and left the bedroom.

The bathroom was small and white. A crooked mirror hung from the wall, a faded bath taking up most of the space.

A packaged toothbrush sat on the edge of the bath. Emily opened it, throwing the packaging in the bin. Borrowing one of the tumblers to clean her teeth, she placed the toothbrush on the edge of the bath as she wasn't sure where to put it. After washing her face, she went to the toilet and put on Paige's pajamas. She studied her reflection in the mirror. It wasn't a perfect fit, but the pajamas looked good on her.

Lifting her arm, she smelt the fabric of the pajamas and noticed a small hole in the cuff. Placing her finger through the hole, she couldn't help but smile with the feeling that Paige had probably had these for years, and had chosen to give her these ones. There was something comforting about wearing Paige's pajamas which she felt a bit odd about. She assumed it was because she felt that she had now found another friend to talk to, and have fun with. One that didn't know her entire life story. And it felt good.

She returned to the bedroom to find Paige had already changed, and had placed blankets and a cushion on the couch for her to sleep in.

"All good?"

Emily nodded. "Thanks... for everything. I had fun tonight."

Paige walked to her, "Don't mention it, I had a great time too." Touching Emily's arm, she squeezed it a little, "I'll be back soon" she explained, leaving for the bathroom.

Emily walked over to the bed, pulled the covers back and slid under them. It felt so warm and comfy, just like Paige had said. She pulled the duvet up and smelt it. It smelt nice. She drifted off instantly, when Paige had returned from the bathroom she was already fast asleep.

Emily was awakened by the sound of cutlery clanging. Opening her eyes, she was momentarily confused as to where she was. Smiling a little as the memories came back to her, she looked over to the window where the couch was. There was nobody there, and no sign of it having been slept in. Paige must have tidied the covers away when she got up. What time is it? Emily reached for her phone, sitting above the table by the bed. "11:00" Blimey, she hadn't slept this late for months.

Sitting slowly up in the bed, her head felt a little fuzzy but not too bad; the water she drank the night before must have helped a little. Getting up, she made her way through to the kitchen, unsure if she should have dressed first in case Paige's uncle was around.

"Hey, sleepy head" announced Paige as soon as she walked through into the kitchen, "want some breakfast?"

Paige motioned with her arm to the kitchen table. Pancakes, syrup and strawberries were arranged on a plate, along with a glass of orange juice. Emily smiled, had Paige made breakfast for her? "Do you like pancakes?" Paige asked, suddenly unsure.

"Yes. I love pancakes" replied Emily, taking a seat at the table.

"Come on then, Batman, eat up."

"Hey, they're your pajamas. You're Batman, not me."

Paige laughed, "Fine, I'm Batman. Now eat your pancakes like a good girl."

Emily laughed and started to eat. They were the most amazing pancakes she had ever tasted. Paige continued to clean the dishes and put them away in various cupboards as Emily ate.

"Mmm" Emily announced when she was done.

Paige grinned at her, "is that good?"

"Yes. Those were amazing!"

"Good sleep?"

"The best. I haven't slept like that for so long."

"Maybe you should let your hair down more regularly" Paige answered, giving her another teasing smile.

"Maybe" Emily nodded, with a little laugh. "I should probably get dressed now" she said, motioning to the pajamas she was still wearing as she got up to go back to the room.

After getting dressed, Emily walked into the sitting room. On the side of the room sat a fireplace with photos on top. Looking through them, Emily found one which she thought might be Paige as a child. Lifting the photo, she brushed her thumb over Paige's face.

"That was when I was five."

Paige had suddenly appeared behind her and was leaning over her shoulder to look at the photo, her breath hot on Emily's ear.

Emily quickly returned the photo to the fireplace, "Sorry, I didn't mean to pry."

Paige smiled, "Hey, it's natural to be curious. Don't worry about it." She then turned and explained to Emily who everyone was in the photos, and what they were doing in each of them.

Emily heard the distant sound of her phone ringing, "that'll be my mum" she announced, dashing through to the room to answer it.

"Hi, mom."

"Emily, I just wanted to check in with you. What time will you be home?"

"I'm not sure. Is something wrong?"

"No, I just wondered."

Sometimes when her dad was away, her mom grew concerned when Emily was out of the house for a long time. It made her feel guilty and was one of the reasons why she didn't go out a lot.

"I'll be home before dinner."

"Oh, okay."

They said their goodbyes and she returned to the sitting room.

"Everything okay?" Paige asked.

"She was just wondering where I was."

"She keeps close tabs on you, huh?"

"Something like that... Maybe I should go back" Emily added, not really wanting to. But she couldn't extend her welcome more than she had to. Paige had invited her to stay the night, not live there, she had cooked her breakfast and everything. Surely she had other things to do, and Emily was being a burden.

Paige looked at her; Emily couldn't place the expression in her eyes. "You don't have to go."

"My mom's home alone, I shouldn't let her worry" she answered, knowing it wasn't much of an explanation.

"You spoke to her a minute ago; I don't think she'll be worrying too much. She knows you're okay."

Emily sighed, "I know. I just think that I should..." she trailed off, staring at a spot on the wall. She felt like some sort of force was sticking her feet to the ground, not wanting her to go.

"Okay. Can I walk you to your car?"

"Of course. I'd like that."

They walked down the quiet street, arm in arm. The road was deserted, no sound but the leaves rustling on the trees.

As they reached the Hungry Owl Tavern, Emily took in how it looked... quiet, deserted and almost lonely. The karaoke last night seemed like years ago. The poster was still on the door, but a corner had come loose. Emily walked over and stuck it back up, her fingers running down the poster, thinking about the night before. She didn't want to go back to Rosewood and have it end.

"Why don't you take the poster as a memento? They'll throw it out anyway."

Paige had come over and was standing behind her. So close behind her. "The night that Emily... let her hair down" Pausing after saying Emily's name, "What is your surname?"

Emily turned round, almost hitting Paige's face, they were so close. Paige had her left hand on the door, blocking Emily in almost but her right hand was in her pocket. Emily looked down, Paige's thumb and pinky were sticking out of the pocket. She smiled, it was cute.

"What?" Paige asked, lowering her head so she could look up into Emily's face.

"Nothing, I was just thinking" Emily responded. "It's Fields" she blurted out "I'm Emily Fields."

Paige smiled, "Emily Fields. I like it." She leaned in further to Emily, tilting her face a little, her lips getting closer to Emily's.

Emily was frozen to the spot. She felt like she couldn't move, she might as well have had a metal anchor weighing her down to the ground.

Sensing no resistance, Paige closed the gap, their lips touching. A bolt of electricity surged through Emily. She had never felt that with Ben. When she didn't kiss back, Paige pulled away and looked at her. Emily was still, her heart thumping in her chest.

"Sorry, I guess I shouldn't have done that?" Paige questioned, looking at Emily as a tear fell from her eye. Paige instinctively went to the tear with her thumb, cupping Emily's face with her hand as she wiped the tear away.

Without really knowing what was happening, Emily had moved forward, locking her lips around Paige's, almost making her stumble back with the surprise of it. Feeling the sparks again she kissed Paige once more, pushing her lips against Paige's almost hungrily. Suddenly she turned around, pulled the poster from the door, and almost ran to her car.

"I'm sorry. I need to go" she shouted back to Paige, who was looking at her, mouth slightly open in confusion. Emily could see the pain in her eyes.

"Emily?... Don't go.."

Paige moved towards the car, just as Emily had started to reverse. Her tires screeched as she charged out of the Hungry Owl Tavern's small parking lot.

Replaying the kiss in her head, she had no idea why she had done it. Her hands were shaking, she shouldn't have driven away like that, leaving Paige standing there after all she had done for her. Tears formed in her eyes as she considered turning the car round and driving to Paige, taking her in her arms. But she couldn't understand why she felt this way.

Why did I just kiss a girl? So many explanations ran through her head. Was she wound up with feelings of the happiness she had felt the night before, the laughs she had had, the great night sleep, and the amazing pancakes? Perhaps all that was building up inside her and that made her do it?

Through all the thoughts, she couldn't help thinking of how much fun she had with Paige, how happy she felt. She didn't know if she had ever had that much fun, even with Hanna.