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Twins; A different life.

Chapter 1:

"Quick Lily, he's coming! Take the twins and run." James Potter yelled frantically as he felt the wards trigger but he knew it was already too late. The Dark Lord blasted down the door and hit James with a stunner before the man had the chance to even open his mouth. Usually, Voldemort would have killed him, Potter was a strong opponent, but he had promised one of his Elite to spare the Mudblood girl and it would raise a number of questions if Potter was dead and she wasn't.

The Purebloods may begin to believe he was favouring Mudbloods over them and that would be counterproductive, while his Elite understood most of his true motives, even they wouldn't understand why he had killed the Pureblood and Mudblood was still alive. He continued up the stairs silently, he could sense which room she and the children were hiding in and he opened the locked door with a careless flick of his hand. The Dark Lord stepped in to the room and saw Lily Potter stood in front of a cot, blocking both children from his wand.

"Not my babies please." She begged "Take me instead."

"Stand aside, girl." He ordered and she shook her head.

"Please, not them. Kill me, not them."

"Move, and I shall spare you." He hissed and when she refused again Lord Voldemort sighed, he didn't have time for this. He threw a stunner and Lily Potter slumped to the ground unconscious. He stepped carelessly over her still form and looked in to the cot at the two children who were now gazing up at him. One of these children was prophecied to defeat him and that was something he could not allow to hang over him, the war was at a crucial point. He would give them a painless death, magical children were to be cherished so he didn't take any pleasure in what he was about to do.

It mattered not, the Potters were young enough to have more children. He just had to decide which child was the one the prophecy spoke of. One, the girl, had brown eyes and auburn hair, but there was nothing extraordinary about her so he shook his head and turned to the other. The boy, Harry Potter if the rat was correct, looked upon him with glaring green eyes that shone with power even at his age, and the Dark Lord closed his eyes and felt the waves of magic rolling of the boy.

"You are a powerful child, the one to defeat me. I would keep you alive if I knew you would join me, but of course with your family there would be no chance." The man murmured more to himself than anything, but unknown to him, the child, Harry Potter, heard every word. Voldemort levelled his wand and cast the killing curse, it struck the boy square on the forehead but rebounded at remarkable speed, causing a magical backlash ripping the Dark Lord from his body and caving in the ceiling. Harry was thrown back unconscious bleeding from the lightning cut on his forehead and a piece of wood hit Rosina Potter on the cheek creating the same mark.

When Sirius Black fell in to the ruins of the Potter cottage he cried out in utter agony when he saw the still form of his best friend, he stumbled over frantically and even though he believed it to be useless he cast an 'Enervate'. He felt relief beyond measure when James stirred, laughing hoarsely when he blinked and opened his eyes.

"James, Jamie." Sirius called and James groaned.


"Thank Merlin," Sirius breathed in relief, "I thought you were dead." At the mention of being dead, James leapt up and dashed up the stairs with Sirius behind him, he burst in to the ruined nursery and took in the scene with ragged breathing. Lily's fallen figure, the pile of smoking robes, the crumbling ceiling, and the trail of blood running down Rose's face as she screamed.

"Lily!" He whispered, "Sirius, is she…?" He couldn't bear to finish the sentence and closed his eyes when his best friend moved forward to check.

"She's alive!" Sirius yelled and James almost sagged to the ground in relief. He walked over and helped his wife get to her feet before rushing over to pick up his crying daughter.

"What do you think happened?" Sirius questioned and James shook his head.

"Do you think she destroyed him, like the prophecy said?" James asked, nodding to the smoking robes and then pointed to the cut, "She's marked."

"Where's Harry?" Lily demanded, "Where is my little boy?"

"Here he is," Sirius assured, scooping the stirring form of his Godson up and accidently wiping the remaining blood from his forehead so no one noticed the mark he had there.

"I think she might have." Lily agreed, calming she had her son in her arms.

"We'll have to call Dumbledore." James said, "Come on, we have to know." James led them to the floo and called for the Headmaster, Dumbledore looked grave when he stepped through and they explained as much as they could.

"You should return to your manor for safety, I will call as soon as I can be certain he is gone. For now, act with great caution."

"We will,"

"The entire world has gone insane!" James exclaimed, as he walked in to the playroom of the manor. Lily, Sirius and Remus were sat on the floor as the Rosina played with the building blocks and Harry sat in Moony's lap as he quietly read him a book.

"Why, what's happened?"

"Everyone knows." He told them shaking his head, "I walked in to the ministry and there was this wild cheering and clapping as soon as they say me. It seems as if some of the Death Eaters lost their minds, something about their disgusting mark fading and work got out that Voldemort was coming here."

"Oh my!" Lily gasped and James ran a hand through his hair.

"The press is going wild, wanting to know what happened."

"I can't believe this. It's only been three days."

"I'm hoping Dumbledore has some answers. Let's go to the castle." James suggested, and Lily nodded her head. Her nerves had been stretched thin since the attack and now it had gotten worse, if everyone already knew it would only be a matter of time before they were hounded.

"We will see you guys later." Remus said, "You can tell us what happened."

"Ok, thanks for staying with me." Lily said sincerely and they smiled. Sirius and Remus waved her off.

"It was no problem." They assured before stepping in to the floo and vanishing in the flames.

"I'll just make sure it's ok to go through," James said, and Lily shifted so she could hold both the children as James called Dumbledore. "He said to come through, I'll take Rosie."

They made it through the floo and were welcomed in to Dumbledore's office, the aged man was sat behind his desk with his hands bridged together at the tips.

"James, Lily, how are you?"

"Stressed," Lily admitted, holding Harry close to her.

"Professor, the media have already caught wind of what has happened?" James told him, his voice lined in question.

"Yes. I am afraid to tell you that there was also an attack on Frank and Alice." Dumbledore informed them gravely and they gasped.

"Oh no, are they alright?" Lily questioned fearfully and Dumbledore looked down with a wary sigh.

"That have been rendered completely insane due to overexposure to the Cruciatus curse and are now in St. Mungo's with no hope of recovery."

James choked and Lily released a sob, Alice was her best friend, they had been planning on raising their children together. Little Neville was only a day older than the twins, it would have been so nice.

"What about Neville?" Lily gasped and Dumbledore managed a small smile.

"While in a great deal of shock and some minor bruising from a fall, young Neville is just fine."

"Oh thank Merlin," She breathed.

"Who did it?" James snarled and a dark look crossed Dumbledore's face before it was gone.

"Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan Lestrange and Barty Crouch Jr." He answered and James hissed.


"Thankfully, they have been apprehended and taken in to custody. It was them who were screaming about the fall of Voldemort and how the Potter's would pay. It has been connected that Voldemort was heading to you and that something happened to cause his fall at Godric's Hollow." Dumbledore explained and James relaxed just a little bit.

"Have you worked out what happened?" He asked the man and Dumbledore looked at the two children intently.

"I believe so."


"It is my belief that Rosina is indeed the child of the prophecy." Dumbledore said slowly, "There is dark magic surrounding her even now, and your son has none. She was conscious and he was not, leading me to believe he was knocked out by the backlash while the magic of the killing curse surrounded Rosina."

"So it's her, she is the one." Lily whispered and Dumbledore nodded.

"You understand that she must train. Lord Voldemort is not truly gone and when he returns she will be his prime target." Dumbledore stated and Lily shuddered.

"What about Harry?" Lily asked looking at her son.

"I think it would be best if someone else were to look after him or he will be forever bitter at the attention young Rose will get as she grows."

"What!" Lily gasped.

"Think Lil's Rosina is famous we won't have time for another child." James reasoned with her and Lily looked conflicted.

"What about Sirius and Remus?" She suggested, "He could stay at the House of Black and we will still get to see him."

"That's not a bad idea." James allowed, "But everyone knows Sirius is my best friend."

"Sirius will be targeted much more due to the arrest of his cousin. It will not be safe for the child."

"Your right but where shall he go?"

"Your sister would be the perfect candidate." Dumbledore suggested and when Lily went to protest he held up her hand. "No one would suspect and no one would find him. When he returns to the magical world he will have a humble upbringing, away from the fame and media and won't be bitter to Rosina's fame."

"Very well." Lily finally agreed, she needed to protect her son. Rosina would be in the limelight not matter what so at least Harry would be away from that. She handed over her son to Dumbledore and left, taking Rosina from James and flooing home leaving James to say their goodbyes. Dumbledore looked at the child and sighed, he apparated to Privet Drive and strode towards Number four. He cast a light sleeping spell on the boy and placed Harry on the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive, tucking a letter in to his blanket and apperating away.

He wasn't the only magical visitor on that ordinary muggle street however. As soon as Dumbledore had vanished, another elderly man arrived, he had an even longer beard than Dumbledore and a staff taller than himself. He moved towards number 4 quickly, lifting the child much easier than a man of his age was supposed to be able to do.

"I cannot allow this fool's continued mistakes. You shall not grow up in this home." The man murmured, "Nor shall allow the fates to remain unchecked." The man shook his head and vanished in a flash of light.

Sirius was restless, there was something pulling at him and he couldn't pin point what is was but he wanted to see his Godson right away. He walked through the floo of the Potter Manor unaware of what had happened at Hogwarts. Sirius was familiar with the halls of the manor so he arrived in the sitting room in no time, James and Lily were sat close together with Rosie but he didn't see Harry and frowned.

"Hey guys, where's my Godson?" He asked and their reactions made the pulling tug painfully, Lily completely stilled and James' smile vanished. James cleared his throat and looked at his best friend warily.

"We have decided that it would be best if for him to live elsewhere." He said in a rush, and Sirius froze. He couldn't believe his ears.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say?" Sirius' voice was deadly calm.

"We sent him to live somewhere else so we can concentrate on our special little Rosie and so Harry wasn't faced with the press." James told him. It all clicked in to place, the pulling was his Godfather bond was stretched too thin and he was unable to protect his charge.

"You sent your child away to live to focus on your other!" Sirius exclaimed outraged, his mind working a mile a minute.

"Rose is famous, Dumbledore said it was for the best if he went to live with my sister." Lily put in and Sirius went pale.

"You sent my Godson to live with muggles." He roared utterly furious, his Godson, the Heir to the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black and Potter sent to live with common muggles. It was completely preposterous, even the light orientated families would disagree with this and the dark sided ones would have aneurism. Narcissa! If he still spoke to his cousin she would flay him alive. "What were you thinking?"


"I don't care what that old fool said! You got rid of your own child! Did you not once think of giving him to me if you were so set on throwing him away?" Sirius snapped in disgust. "Think logically for the love of Merlin, James. Not only is he your son but he's Heir to two of the highest Houses in our world." James looked sheepish.

"We didn't think about that." He admitted, "But it can be taught to him when he get him back. We just knew we had to concentrate of our special girl, and the media is already going wild. Harry's better off away from all of that."

"You disgust me, both of you." He sneered, making James recoil slightly at how much Sirius resembled all the other Blacks for a moment. "Did you not think for a second what this will do to me? My bond with Harry is pulling, James!"

"You can mask it." James waved off and Sirius balked; the man had no idea!

"And what of Remus?" Sirius snapped.

"Remus will be fine." James said easily brushing off his friend concern.

"Fine? Fi-," Sirius threw his hands up in the air. "Harry is his cub, you know they developed a closer bond and this will tear him up, his instincts will go mad." Sirius shuddered at that, his mate would be in pain because of this and he couldn't allow that. "Just tell me where he is and I'll take him."

"You can't Sirius. Dumbledore said it will be too dangerous for you to look after him."

"What? The war is crumbling, it will be no more dangerous with me than it is with defenceless muggles. Tell me where my Godson is."

"No. You can't. Haven't you heard? The Lestranges and Crouch Jr have been caught for torturing Frank and Alice in to insanity. Everyone knows Bellatrix is your cousin, Padfoot." James told him and Sirius blinked, absorbing the fact that his friends were as good as dead and that his cousin was the one responsible. That didn't sound like Bella at all. She didn't go after Purebloods, especially not family, and Frank had Black blood. But she had been caught. He would have to see to that, but it still didn't have two sickles to do with their argument.

"That means nothing. The Black Manor wards are stronger than the Potter Manor wards and you know it, and fear of the Black name stops even Malfoy moving against me." Sirius countered, "If you are not willing to raise your own son, fine, you are not the man I thought you were. I will take him, I am his next of kin."

"No Sirius it's done. Harry will be at Hogwarts when he's eleven. Leave it." James stated firmly, closing the conversation.

"I will not leave it." Sirius yelled, "Tell me where he is!"


"You make me sick. If you don't tell me where he is then we're done, James."

"What? Sirius! Be reasonable!" James exclaimed, "We've been friends since we were eleven."

"Will you tell me where my Godson is?"


"Then we're through." Sirius informed him calmly. He turned on his heel and walked out of the room, not sparing a glance at Lily or Rosina as he went and completely ignoring James calling him. He stepped through the fireplace and raised his ward to block out everyone except for Remus, Sirius walked up to the family lounge and sat down, calling an elf for a drink.

He sat there thinking, his mind whirling a mile a minute on how to rectify this situation. If he could just find his Godson then everything else would sort itself out. James couldn't raise argument at his custody once he had him because all Sirius would have to say was that James left his child with muggles and he would get eaten alive by the Wizengamot and the Pureblood fanatics, Sirius could just hear August Longbottom now. The more pressing matter, however, was how he was going to break the news to his mate without causing him too much pain.

Remus was due here any moment, Sirius cursed James in his head; what was he thinking? He began to pace, this was bad, this was so bad. Sirius was so caught up in his pacing that he didn't notice Remus had entered the room until the man physically stopped him moving.

"Sirius? What's wrong?" He asked softly and Sirius opened his mouth to speak but no words seemed to come out. Remus grew worried at that, Sirius Black was never speechless. "What's going on?"

"They sent Harry to go and live with muggles and they won't let me take them and James has completely lost his mind." He burst out and Remus blinked twice, his wolf registered that someone had said his cub was gone and Moony snarled before Remus could control himself.


"Said that Dumbledore suggested it, something about needed to focus on their special Rosie and it was better for Harry to be away from the fame." Sirius explained more heatedly than he had wanted but he was just so outraged, he saw Remus eyes flash amber and the werewolf ran off. Sirius knew where he was going, he was going to check to see if his cub was there or not. Remus floo'd straight to Potter manor striding purposefully to the living room, James rose to greet him but paled when he caught sight of the flashing amber eyes.

"Is it true?" Remus snarled, coming to a stop right in front of his friend.

"Moony it was for the best he-" James was cut off by a fist, a sharp crack rang out and blood spurted from the now broken nose.

"You have no idea what you have done." He hissed before forcefully moving himself back towards the floo before he lost control and attacked James Potter. Sirius was waiting for him with a drink, which Moony was only too happy to knock back in one gulp.

"What did he say to you?" Sirius asked and Remus looked a little guilty.

"I may have hit James before he could offer an excuse." He admitted and Sirius' eyes went comically wide.

"Hit him?" He repeated weakly and Remus nodded sheepishly.

"And broke his nose."

"He deserved it."

"Yes he did. Now we just have to work out how to get our little cub back." Remus said rationally, even if on the inside he was anything but. Moony was howling in the back of his mind and it was only the fact that his mate was stood in front of him looking as determined as both he and Moony felt that he kept his control.

It was time to embrace the House of Black.

The old man and the child flashed back in to existence outside a pair of large iron wrought gates, which swung open to admit him as he approached. He walked up the grounds, admiring the grand castle he was moving towards with a fond smile. The doors opened for him and he walked through the entrance hall and up the moving staircases to the seventh floor, he came to a stone gargoyle.

"To the Headmaster if you will." The old man requested. The stone came to life and the old man stepped on to the moving staircase, he looked at the sleeping child and sighed. He was breaking so many laws of the universe but he couldn't see the world fall to the pit in which it was to fall, should the timeline be kept as it was. Unfortunately, he didn't have the power nor the legroom left to bring the child's Godfather with him. The old man knew that the Godfather and his mate were going to suffer ten long years without the boy, but their suffering had the chance to save the world and they would see the child again. The old man walked in to the office and came face to face with four people; two men and two women.

"Merlin!" One of the men exclaimed. He had long dark red hair that flowed like a mane around him, a trimmed beard, red robe falling to his knees while jodhpurs covered the rest of his leg to his brown boot show he had been riding recently. His belt held a bright gold buckle and his red cloak was lined with golden silk and had gold embroidered lions on its hem. His name was Godric of Gryffindor.

"This is a surprise." The other man drawled. Like his fellow he was dressed for riding, only his robes were of emerald green and his lining silver, however that was where the similarities ended. He had black hair that fell straight to his mid back and it was pulled in to a silver strap, his beard was precisely cut in to a goatee, he was slimmer and taller than the other male also and his name was Salazar of Slytherin.

"I come with a plea." Merlin admitted coming further in to the room.

"Is that a babe?" The women gasped.

"Yes. Would you take him for me?" He asked and the petit woman with long curling red hair that was left resting to fall down he back, she was dressed in a flowing black and yellow gown stepped forward and to the sleeping boy. "Thank you Helga."

"It is of no trouble." She assured him, "He is quite the treasure."

"Allow me a closer look?" The other woman asked, her inky black hair was pulled in to intricate braiding and patterns away from her face. She held a statuesque beauty and she was dressed in a gown of blues and bronze.

"Of course, Rowena."

"What plea do you bring to us?" Godric questioned and Merlin sighed.

"This child's name is Harry James Potter, born to this earth eighteen months prior but a thousand years from now, and he is one of Fate's chosen." Merlin began and there were sharp inhales of breath.

"His destiny is locked within a prophecy but I have witnessed what will become should he remain on the path he was placed. There is a divide, in the future, where the orientation of magic are categorised in to good and evil, light and dark."

"That is stercore!" Godric exclaimed and Rowena sent him a spell that mimicked the feeling of having a wand rapt on the back the person's hand. "Circe, Rowena!"

"I shall not remain while such language is being spoken." She warned him and he scowled.

"The leader of the light is a fool, he had made many grievous mistakes and he had just made one which will send the world in to peril. If this child were to remain on his path, should he fulfil the prophecy magic shall die for it cannot live without balance, should he fail and die, those fighting shall destroy themselves, revealing magic to those without it and causing a war that will destroy the very earth in which we live." Merlin told them all gravely.

"What is to be done?" Salazar demanded and Merlin folded his hands over his stomach.

"This boy's magic will far outreach any magical born to this world, except one. And so I bring him to you, the four greatest magical people of your generation and many generations to come, to teach him all the magic you know and all the magic he can achieve. Teach him to be strong and sure, to battle and to endure, but also teach him how to love and to laugh and more importantly how to live." Merlin said to them softly. "I bring him to you to change the worlds fate by changing this boy's life, and when the time comes and he must return to his own time he will have received the best preparation that he could possibly have and hopefully alter the balance of the fates."

"Is it even achievable?" Helga asked, her voice no more than a whisper.

"It is my last option." Merlin admitted and the four shared a look.

"We would be honoured to offer our aid." Godric decided and Merlin smiled slightly.

"I have broken numerous laws in doing this, and my powers are low. The boy has a Godfather and his mate who care very deeply that I was unable to bring with me, I have opened the bond they share between Godparent and charge so he will subconsciously feel their love and worry. When you begin his control and Occlumency training, it will need to be explained to him. The connection will close when he returns." Merlin informed them and they nodded.

"We shall see to it." Rowena assured.

"I have also given the four of you the dialect of the child's time, you have not noticed it and you will not until Harry is returned. Should he interact with others, he will hear it in his dialect and they will hear his speech in theirs. However, this does not work for foreign languages, he will have to learn those, unless he has been gifted with any speech." Merlin explained, "He will not be able to learn otherwise."

"I see, that is an extraordinary piece of magic. Another law broken, perhaps."

"Yes, a necessary one."

"Most definitely."

"I will also like to come and help train the boy, I believe he will have an aptitude for some of my magics." Merlin mused.

"You know you are a welcomed guest." Helga said with a smile.

"The world and I are in your debt." Merlin stated seriously, "I must leave you now, and I shall be gone for quite the while. I must accept the punishments of the laws I have broken this eve."

"Be well, friend." Salazar said, "And return when you can." Merlin offered them a bow and disappeared in a flash.

"We will need to divide our times to look after the boy." Rowena said, "And we shall have to keep him from the students until he can begin his control training, it is imperative that he learns to focus and control all aspects of his emotions before we begin teaching him. His wild magic shall forever act beyond his reach otherwise."

"Excellent suggestion," Godric said brightly, "Until that point we shall monitor his magical outburst and decided a course following that."

"Very well. I must return to my pit, I have four possible advances that must be reviewed before the number of trial subjects needs to be sent." Salazar told him, "Inform me of my duties when you are able."

"As you must," Godric allowed and Salazar swept from the room.

"Oh, he's awakening." Helga whispered.

"Look at those beautiful eyes." Rowena gasped, catching sight of the piercing green irises hiding behind pale lids.

"Such loveliness." Helga murmured, "We must have him fitted and have the castle provide a room for him that we are able to access from each of our domains."

"I shall immediately begin." Rowena volunteered and Helga nodded.

"I will order the necessary furniture from the craftsmen, and have it delivered as the quickest convenience." Godric said.

"Let us return with our bearings here and Rowena may lead us to the rooms."

Godric led the two women out of the office and down through the castle, each of them thinking of the burden in which they agreed to bare. It would be worth it, should they succeed and they each knew they would give their very all.

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