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Twins; A different life,

Warning: none for this chapter,

Prologue and First Chapter;

"Quick Lily, he's coming take the twins and run." James Potter yelled frantically as he felt the wards trigger. The Dark Lord blasted down the door and hit James with a stunner before the man knew what was what. He continued up the stairs opening the locked doors with a careless flick of his wand.

"Not my baby's please. Take me instead." Lily cried and Lord Voldemort sighed, he didn't have time for this, he threw a stunner and Lily Potter slumped to the ground. He stepped carelessly over her still form looking in to the crib where two children, one was supposed to be able to defeat him, sat gazing up at him. One, the girl, with plain brown eyes and auburn hair, he shook his head and turned to the other. The boy, Harry Potter if the rat was correct, looked upon him with glaring green eyes that shone with power, the Dark Lord closed his eyes and felt the waves of magic rolling of this child, and he opened his eyes.

"You are a powerful child, the one to defeat me. I would keep you alive if I knew you would join me, but of course with your family there would be no chance." The man murmured more to himself than anything, but unknown to him the child, Harry Potter, heard every word. Voldemort levelled his wand and cast the killing curse, it struck the boy square on the forehead but rebounded at speeds unknown causing a magical backlash ripping the Dark Lord from his body and caving in the ceiling. Harry was thrown back unconscious bleeding from the lightning cut on his forehead and a piece of wood hit Rose Potter on the cheek creating the same mark.

When Sirius Black fell in to the ruins of the Potter cottage he cried out when he saw the still form of his best friend, he cast and 'Enervate' and was relieved when James stirred. James leapt up and dashed up the stairs with Sirius behind him and ran in to the room. He took in the scene, Lily's fallen figure, the pile of smoking robes and the trail of blood running down Rose's face. He awoke Lily and picked up his daughter.

"She destroyed him Lil's our Rosie has destroyed the Dark Lord." Only Sirius noticed the stirring form of the Potters eldest child and he scooped him up in his arms as James and Lily went to celebrate.

"It seems that Rosina is the prophecy child." Dumbledore told Lily and James as they sat in the elderly headmaster's office.

"We must train her so she is ready when Lord Voldemort returns."

"What about Harry?" Lily asked looking at her son.

"I think it would be best if someone else were to look after him or he will be forever bitter at the attention young Rose will get as she grows."

"What!" Lily gasped.

"Think Lil's Rosina is famous we won't have time for another child." James reasoned with her.

"Your right but where shall he go?"

"Your sister would be the perfect candidate therefore when he returns to the magical world he will have a humble upbringing and won't be bitter to Rosina's fame." Lily nodded and handed over her son to Dumbledore who ended the meeting and took baby Harry to the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive, as soon as he left the street an elderly man with a long white beard appeared in a flash of white light.

"That fool is wrong again and I shall not let you grow up in this home." Merlin told the child and picked up the bundle and disappeared in the same fashion he arrived. Harry Potter would not be seen in that time for 10 years.

Meanwhile Sirius Black was making walking through the Potters floo at Potter manor to see his godson unaware of the happening in Hogwarts. He walked in to the sitting room where James and Lily were sat playing with Rose, he swooped in and picked her up bouncing her around before placing her back with her toys.

"Hey guys where's my godson?" He asked and their reactions worried him Lily stilled and James smile vanished, James cleared his throat.

"Um well we sent him to live elsewhere." He said in a rush, Sirius froze.

"I'm sorry what did you just say?" Sirius' voice was deadly calm.

"We sent him to live somewhere else so we can concentrate on our little Rosie." James told him.

"You sent your child away to live to focus on your other!" Sirius exclaimed outraged.

"Rose is famous, Dumbledore said it was for the best if he went to live with my sister." Lily put in and Sirius went pale.

"You sent my godson to live with muggles." He roared.


"I don't care what that old fool said! You got rid of your own child! Did you not once think of giving him to me if you were so set on throwing him away?" James looked sheepish.

"We didn't think we just knew we had to concentrate of our special girl, after all she did defeat the dark lord."

"You disgust me, both of you. Did you not think for a second what this will do to Remus as well?" Sirius snapped.

"Remus will be fine." James said waving his friend concern off.

"Harry is his cub this will tear him up, just tell me where he is and I'll take him."

"No Sirius it's done now, Harry will be at Hogwarts when he's eleven leave it." James closed the conversation.

"You make me sick; I don't want anything to do with you we're through." Sirius span on his heel and stormed out ignoring the shouts of his ex-best friend. He floo'd home and collapsed in to his favourite chair pouring himself a large fire whiskey; he drank it back in one and poured another. He was on his eighth when the floo flared green and Remus tumbled out, the werewolf took one look at his friend before rushing over.

"Sirius what happened, where's Harry?" Sirius burst in to tears and Remus grew scared; Sirius didn't cry.

"They've sent him to live with muggles." He told Remus in a dead voice.


"Said they had to focus on their special Rosie." Remus eyes flashed and a snarl ripped from his throat. He stood up and floo'd straight to Potter manor striding purposefully to the living room, James rose to greet him but paled when he caught sight of the flashing amber eyes.

"Is it true?" Remus snarled coming to a stop right in front of his friend.

"Moony it was for the best he-" James was cut off by a fist, a sharp crack rang out and blood spurted from the now broken nose.

"We're done." And he left heading straight back to Sirius.

"Where did you go?" Remus looked a little guilty.

"I uh kinda hit James." Sirius' eyes went comically wide.

"Hit him?" He asked weakly, Remus nodded.

"And broke his nose."

"He deserved it."

"Yes he did," Remus sighed, "We shall find him ourselves, we, well you, have contacts and power, we can hunt for our cub."

"You're right Moony, that way he will know that we care for him!" They shared a meaningful look and their eyes filled with determination.

Merlin flashed in to a grand room with 4 people in it, all of them jumped up startled.

"Merlin, what are you doing here!" Exclaimed Rowena Ravenclaw, Merlin held up Harry.

"Is that a babe?" Helga asked walking forward.

"This is Harry Potter. This child is from the future, he is a prophecy child destined to fight for the light, but I have seen the so called light and it is more corrupt that the dark. The leader of the light coerced this child's parents to give him up and send him to live in an abusive family if I would have allowed that he would have self-destructed. He has power that outstrips you all so I bring him here to you for you to raise him to be strong so when he goes back to his time he won't suffer and can make his own choice; be it light or dark." Merlin handed over the child and flashed away. The four founders of Hogwarts looked in to the bright green eyes of Harry Potter and knew that they would do they're very best.

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