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Chapter 19:

Harry went straight to his room to shower and throw on more presentable robes for an evening dinner, when he was done he went to the family lounge where Remus and Sirius were sat in decent robes talking with Severus who was dressed out of his usual black and in dark blue.

"Hey, cub, how are you?"

"Hi Moony, Dad, Sev," Harry greeted taking a seat, "I'm good, it's been brilliant today. Me and Draco-,"

"Draco and I," Remus automatically corrected, Harry rolled his eyes.

"Draco and I went to the castle to speak to Sal and then we've been practicing Quidditch."

"Of course, I have to get you a new broom to replace your other one." Sirius remembered, "We might have time to go through the alley after the hearing tomorrow."

"Its tomorrow is it? I couldn't remember if it was definitely tomorrow or not." Harry said,

"Yes, its tomorrow." Sirius confirmed, "Depending on how long it last and the outcome we should be able to go through the Alley."

"That'll be good,"

"I'm glad your changed cub, the Malfoys are coming for dinner,"

"Yeah, Narcissa mentioned it as she was telling us off for missing lunch." Harry rolled his eyes and then winced when he was pinned with a look from both Sirius and Remus.

"Why did you miss lunch? Are you hungry? Do you want a small snack before dinner?" Remus asked his quickly and Harry held up his hands in a calming gesture.

"I'm fine, we missed it because we honestly forget the time when we were in the air. I'm actually not that hungry, and dinner is being served within the next hour anyway." Harry placated and Remus nodded.

"You will have to stop missing meals pup, its not healthy."

"I know, it was an honest mistake though,"

"You seem to be full of those lately," Severus drawled and Harry winced again at the look he was sent from the Potions Master.

"Yeah about that," He began sheepishly, "I honestly didn't know, and if I would have known I wouldn't have done something so stupid. I know exactly what I did wrong and I will make sure I don't do something as stupid as that again, I can assure you." Harry told him sincerely, Severus looked at him for a few seconds before nodding.

"See that you don't, mistakes such at that will see your Mastery completely out of reach."

"I won't, I can't believe I did it in the first place." Harry shook his head, "I have to go to the alley to hand in my list of ingredients that I need, I've made an inventory of my labs here and the ones Sal reserved for me. I also have to check the greenhouses here and at the castle because I have cuttings and seeds of plants and herbs which are now extinct that I can replant."

"Oh, what do you have?" Severus asked interested, Harry snapped his fingers and brought his lists to him, he handed them over to the Potions Master.

"If you manage to replant and re-grow these then it would open up so many opportunities." Severus mused and Harry nodded.

"I know, which is why I want to check the greenhouses because I don't want to ruin them."

"Yes, I see what you mean," the wards pulsed and Harry flew down the stairs and in to the floo room just as Draco was stepping through the grate.

"You're here, finally."

"I know, mother wanted me to change twice." Draco shook his head.

"Honestly, you saw each other less than an hour ago." Narcissa said and they shrugged,

"Hello Uncle," Harry greeted as Lucius stepped out of the grate following his wife.

"Good evening, Harrison,"


"Every time, Black," Lucius sighed.

"Lucius, you should just accept that Sirius does not have any self-restraint." Severus said with a smirk, the Black Lord sent him a withering look and punched Remus when he began snickering.

"Come on," Harry said to Draco, "Are we using the family room or the bottom lounge?"

"Bottom one until after dinner, then we shall retire to family room." Sirius said pompously and Harry grinned, he led Draco through the grand halls to the lounge as threw himself down on a sofa.

"What do you mean by family room?"

"Well because the Blacks really like to show off, they have a formal lounge, lounge and family lounge, the family one is on the top floor with the family suits."

"Wow that's excessive,"

"Yes, I know,"

"I thought it was just Slytherins?" Draco said and Harry shrugged.

"Apparently we Blacks have a touch of it too."

"So what are your plans for the hearing tomorrow, Sirius?" Lucius asked when entering the room, drinks were passed out and the adults took their seats.

"I am merely hoping for a guilty verdict, that way it will be the public response which will be the true punishment." Sirius answered,

"You will have to get to the public first," Lucius warned and Sirius and Harry both smirked.

"Rita Skeeter," they answered together.

"Black v Potter, she is going to go for Black every time and her articles are the most cut throat." Harry said.

"And with a gracious invite to the elusive Black Manor for an exclusive interview with the Lord and Heir of the Noble and Most Ancient house of Black, I think she will be all too willing to come to us first." Sirius finished with a flourish and the others mirrored their smirks.

"I might even offer a photograph," Harry mused.

"You'll have the public eating out of your hand." Severus said and they nodded.

"That's the hope." Harry agreed.

"It doesn't matter what trouble Potter and his daughter get in to if the public still love them, if we can get the public behind us then her status goes down. And each thing she does is going to seem worse and worse until they are left with nothing." Remus said.

"We merely have to hope that justice is done tomorrow," Narcissa sighed. An elf popped in alerting them to dinner.

"I do so love this manor Sirius, grandfather did do a good job on the décor." Narcissa said as they walked through to the dining room.

"Yes, grandfather used all of the original features and yet made it so much better." Sirius agreed, "Grandfather Arcturus was like that,"

"When did he pass?" Harry asked curiously, Arcturus Black was someone always spoke highly off and he interested Harry, he hadn't gone to the wall of portraits since he got here, but they were up on the family floor and had a whole corridor dedicated to them, and he had every intention of going to speak to them.

"Only back last year actually, he passed with his wife so I think he was happy to go at that point." Sirius said softly, "He taught me everything I know about the Lordship, he never deemed my father worthy so he passed it straight to me."

"A good choice," Lucius said, "Orion would have crashed your name in to the mud, especially with Walburga at his side." Sirius grimaced.

"Don't I know it," he shuddered.

"Your parents?"

"Yes, and you are lucky you never have to meet them cub." Remus stated and Harry blinked, they must have been bad if Remus thought so, the man had the patience of a saint. They sat down at the table where Harry took his fathers right opposite Remus with Draco next to him and then Severus, Lucius and Narcissa took seats next to Remus and the food appeared in front of them immediately.

"This looks wonderful Sirius," Narcissa complimented and Harry had too agree, it seemed as if the elves were showing off because they had guests.

"Dad, what time is the hearing tomorrow?" Harrison asked, "You never said,"

"You know, I don't actually know," Sirius said with a frown, Harry face palmed as Remus groaned.

"Padfoot," he sighed, "Jip," the elf popped in,

"Yes, Master Moony,"

"Bring me the letter from Madam Bones please," the elf popped away and was back in a second with the envelope, Remus flicked through the parchment and smirked.

"We've got the first morning appointment it seems, 9:00am." Remus told Harry.

"Looks like we're going to the alley, hopefully we'll run in to Rita,"

"Oh we will definitely be running in to Rita," Sirius said with a smirk.

"What did you do?"

"I may have sent her an owl saying she would benefit from browsing the alley on the 10th," Sirius said lightly and the rest of the table smirked.

"When the hat put you in Gryffindor it made a very grave mistake," Lucius commented and Sirius pretended to look horrified.

"Well I never,"

"And there's the Gryffindor," Severus drawled amused, Harry and Draco snickered at Sirius' wounded look.

"You should show the Head of this House respect, sirs." Sirius sniffed pompously, everyone looked at him in disbelief before the children cracked up with Remus and Narcissa, Severus and Lucius shook their heads with grins.

"Oh dear Merlin," Lucius sighed and Sirius snickered.

"See, I've got this whole Pureblood thing down."

"Surprisingly, you have," Lucius agreed,

"Yes, it is rather astounding how you handle yourself now. Especially given how you were when we were in school." Narcissa added and Sirius grimaced.

"I always knew what I was supposed to be like, and Grandfather Arcturus taught me everything, I just hated my parents." Sirius sighed shaking his head.

"Its not hard to see why, aunt Walburga left a lot to be desired." Narcissa said with distaste.

"Were they that bad?" Harry and Draco asked alarmed, the adults shared a look.



They finished dinner and it was quickly replaced with a range of deserts, Harrison blinked around and turned to his dad.

"What did you do to the elves?" He asked shocked and Sirius shrugged.

"I told them we were having guests and they went berserk, there was tears, screams, shouts and lots of jumping. I was practically thrown out of the kitchen in their haste to prepare." Remus said amused,

"I thought it was just me," Sirius said, "When I spoke to the other elves about having guests it was like someone had just offered them clothes, I swear one of them had a panic attack."

"What in Magic's name?" Harry exclaimed.

"I haven't had guests to this place in a while, actually, I haven't had guest since I moved in which was about six years ago when I fully accepted the Lordship and Grandfather wished to move to his 'cottage', I took up the actual status about two years ago now." Sirius told them scratching his head, Harry rolled his eyes.

"That explains it, they're getting it out their system." He said, "And what's with the 'cottage'?" he imitated his father's air quotes.

"You've seen this place, what do you think the cottage looked like?" Sirius deadpanned.

"Got it,"

When the deserts were clear, Harry excused him and Draco and led his friend up the multiple flights of stares to the family lounge where they flung themselves on to the nearest sofa.

"Wow, this place is huge." Draco huffed and Harry scoffed.

"Yes because your Manor is oh so small."

"Of course," He replied primly, Harry rolled his eyes.

"We both know that the Ancient and Noble Houses of Black and Malfoy have to have the best." Harry said arrogantly, adopting the correct posture which Draco mimicked.

"Obviously," He drawled, "Us heirs have to show one how to behave accordingly." They looked at each other before collapsing in laughter.

"You know, every time we see Rosina we should act like that." Harry said and Draco smirked.

"Every time we're in public we should act like that." Draco countered.

"I wonder how long we could keep it up." Harry mused.

"What, act like the rich Pureblood Heirs that we are? I think we have that down, Harrison."

"Agreed," They heard the adults approaching and Harry snapped for an elf to bring drinks.

"I doubt Amelia will allow this to go without a fine, she is one of the fairest people I've ever me." Sirius was saying to Lucius.

"Yes, she is rather straight when it comes to the law."

"You just have to keep your cool when confronted with Potter, you know that he will bait you when he loses." Narcissa reminded.

"I don't think its my temper we have to worry about." Sirius pointed out taking his seat.

"The same goes for you Harrison, you must keep your temper." Narcissa told him,

"Of course aunt Cissa, I will try my best. But there are other things to factor it, and if it comes to it I shall pull my shields up to their full ability." Harrison replied and she nodded.

"I know,"

"Tomorrow, you can meet us in the alley after the hearing so the kids can go shopping and I can organise a meeting with Rita Skeeter." Sirius suggested and Lucius nodded.

"Yes, that will be acceptable. We shall wait at the café Magick on Celestial Alley."

"I haven't been there yet." Harry said and Draco grinned.

"You will love it, its where all the high end restaurants and bars are within the central wizarding world. They have loads of places there, and they have a shopping plaza which is pretty exclusive." Draco explained excitedly.

"Brilliant, you will have to show me around."


"And we have to go to Diagon because I have to get a broom, I want to go to Gringotts and I have a list at least a foot long of potions things I need to get." Harry said,

"The broom is the most important because we have practices to do." Draco pointed out.

"You'll get on to the team anyway," Harry waved him off.


They both tuned back to the adults conversation where they were discussing what they were going to be saying to Rita.

"As long as we seem irrevocably thankful that the right thing has been done it should be ok," Sirius said.

"Yes, but you should also be a little disheartened that nothing more serious happened because of the severity of the crime." Remus added.

"Yes, but if you keep it so you are merely dropping hints opposed to making comments then it will keep you in public favour." Severus suggested.

"Rita is going to eat this up." Harry said gleefully.

"Oh yes,"

"I have to take my leave," Severus said rising to his feet, "I need to finish your potion, Remus,"

"Of course, Severus," Remus said, "Thank you for coming," Snape nodded.

"Do inform me of the outcome." Severus said.

"We will, let me see you out." Sirius went with Snape down to the floo and Harry felt as the wards allowed someone out of the manor.

"Yes, we shall have to leave after our drinks." Lucius said, "I intend to be at the ministry tomorrow to see what is being said before meeting you."

"No doubt Potter will have his supporters," Remus scoffed.

"Unfortunately, and I want to see what Dumbledore is up to. He's been oddly silent so far,"

"That is true, but I think he will have something to say this coming Wizengamot meeting." Sirius said coming back in to the room.

"It is going to be interesting."

"Father, when is it acceptable for you to take Heirs in to the wizengamot." Draco asked and Harry perked up at that.

"Most induct their Heirs formally in to the wizengamot when they're 13/14 because they are of the age where they can begin their Heir duties."



"Yes, mother,"

"We have to wait until next summer that's all, its not too bad and it gives us a chance to perfect everything so we can show people and Rose up." Harry said and Draco nodded.

"I suppose, but it's a shame we can't be there for Potter's and Dumbledore's reactions."

"We can't have it all," Harry sighed.


The adults shook their heads at them and the Malfoys got to their feet.

"We shall see you tomorrow,"

Harry said goodbye to Narcissa and Lucius before running of with Draco to the floo room.

"See you tomorrow," Harry said.

"Yes, and good luck,"

"Potter is going down." Harry stated and Draco nodded, Harry watched as he flood away just as Narcissa and Lucius got there.

"Dad, I'm going to the castle." Harry told him, "I forgot to tell Marvolo,"

"Be back before 9 please cub, you need to select your robes for tomorrow so the elves can have them laundered and pressed for the hearing."

"Got it," He stepped through the floo hissing the address and he brushed himself off. He snapped for his elf who popped in joyfully.

"What cans Coco bes doing for Master Harrison?" She asked,

"Take me to Marvolo, please," Harry said to the creature, he was led through the many halls and corridors and up many stairs to a study which was as tucked away as possible, but at the same time it was close to the library, Harry rolled his eyes.

"This is the Master's study,"

"Thanks, that will be all,"

She popped away with a bow, Harry knocked on the door and waited to be called in. He stepped in to the study and blinked; it was huge. The large, spacious room was in the original Slytherin colours with dark wood furniture, there was a black leather sofa across from the marble fireplace and a chair opposite, book shelves lines each of the walls and there was a grand desk opposite the door with a liquor cabinet behind it.

"Nice," Harry said looked around.

"Yes, I am rather partial to it," Came a drawling voice and only by the fact that Harry had already felt the magic did he not jump.

"Have you seen the Heir study yet?"

"No, I decided to let you deal with your section of the castle however you wish it." Marvolo said and Harry finally turned to look at the man; he was sat in the other leather chair supporting a tumbler filled with an amber liquid, he seemed to have an effortless elegance about him that Harry couldn't help but be impressed with.

"Thanks, I should check it out before Sal has a go at me for not being grateful for his work." Harry shook his head amused and took the seat offered to him.

"What can I do for you?" Marvolo asked.

"I thought I would tell you that there is a high chance the next Wizengamot meeting will be extremely interesting for you." Harry said and Marvolo raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, and why is that?"

"I have a hearing tomorrow about the Quidditch incident, and its being held by Amelia Bones." Harry told him and Marvolo smirked.

"Potter is going to have a rather large blemish come tomorrow afternoon, I see."

"Oh yes, and obviously Dumbledore is going to be less than pleased."

"The old fool will be fuming because he failed to contain the situation of his prized pawn." Marvolo drawled and Harry grinned.

"Definitely," Harry agreed and then the smirk he flashed was nothing short of malicious, "And the exclusive interview that is going to be given written by Rita Skeeter is only a bonus." Marvolo released a low chuckle.

"Oh you do impress me, Harrison,"

"What can I say," Harry brushed invisible flint from his robes.

"Potter will take a serious blow tomorrow within the eyes of the public, especially seeing as there is no way that she isn't going to be found guilty, Amelia Bones is the most law abiding Head of Department in the ministry."

"I know which is why we have everything already set up, we are solely in the right here which is why it is going to go in our favour." Harry said,

"This is going to be the first time I'm going to enjoy seeing Dumbledore." Marvolo said with a smirk.

"I thought as much," Harry laughed, "We have the first appointment tomorrow so when I get back from the Alley I will come and inform you of the happenings so you can properly prepare for Dumbledore's disgruntlement."

"Indeed do, and once this is out in the open it will give us ample opportunity to begin movement."

"Yes, you've been planning recently."

"I have, I need my most faithful removed from Azkaban." Marvolo said, "But, I want them out silently."

"There's no chance I'm getting out of this one is there?" Harry asked warily and Marvolo smiled a shark-like grin.


"Ugh, so unfair,"

"Think of this as an opportunity to show of all your supposed skill." Marvolo suggested and Harrison's eyes narrowed.

"I know exactly what you are doing, and I hope you're happy that it's working."

"I am,"

"Damn Dark Lords." Harry grumbled much to Marvolo's amusement.

"We shall go over the plans soon,"

"Fine, if you insist. I will clear some of my valuable time in my atrociously busy schedule to assist you." Harry sighed in a really put upon manner.

"You are unbelievable." Marvolo said in disbelief.

"And you agreed to work with me, bindingly,"

"Yes, I remember that, I, at the time, forgot that parsel was completely binding apposed to just truthful."

"I know," Harry said smugly, "That was the point,"

"Very sly,"

"Of course, I'm a Slytherin. Did you expect me not to play on another's weakness to get what I wanted?"

"I would have done the same so I cannot complain, however much I wish to."

"Awh, don't worry. You haven't seen anything yet, it will sink in that this is a perfect comradeship."

"So you keep saying,"

"I speak the truth, just ask Sal. Now, I have to go home to prepare for tomorrow and I shall see you at the earliest convenience." Harry said and left Marvolo to, yet again, contemplate the mystery that was Harrison Black.

"Dad, will you please stop fiddling, you're making me nervous." Harrison snapped, throwing up his hands. They were sat in the parlour waiting until it was acceptable for them to leave for the ministry and they were all on edge. Even though they were practically guaranteed a win, something could happen when dealing with Dumbledore and Potter and it was setting them off.

Sirius kept pacing the room and fiddling with his robes. He was dressed to perfection like the others in black robes with the Black family crest proudly on display, he looked like the perfect Pureblood Lord and was intimidating as hell. Remus was dressed in another of the Black colours and was in pressed, deep blue robes with the family crest printed on his right arm, he was also pacing on the other side of the room of the Black Lord and was equally as stressed. Harrison seemed to be the only one who wasn't stressing visibly, he was dressed in Heir robes of black with touches of blue and silver with the crest on show too, he was sat in the chair and appeared to be calm even if on the inside he was pacing just as frantic.

"Sorry, pup, but this is the day the world will see that Potter isn't as perfect as they make out to be." Sirius sighed and Harry smirked.

"I know, but wearing a hole in the carpet won't change that, it will only set the elves on you."

"You are right," Sirius sat down and so did Remus,

"How are you so calm, cub?" Remus asked in exasperation and Harry smiled slightly,

"Very tight Occlumency shields," He answered and then watched as they both pulled up their own shields to their maximum degree. They sat in a somewhat tense silence until 8:45 when Sirius rose and nodded.

"Let us leave," He said in an emotionless voice, his expression was blank and he had drawn himself up.

"Lead us," Remus said in the same tone rising to his feet and Harry mirrored them. They floo'd to the ministry and walked through the morning crowds, the people seemed to part for them when they realised just who was there and many whispers broke out about the reason for their visit. The people had never seen the entire Black family out together, especially in the ministry, and it was causing a slight stir. Harry fought his smirk. They moved gracefully through the atrium as one and Harry carefully admired the grandness of the building, he bit back a scoff at the fountain because he highly doubted a goblin would ever look at a wizard in such a way.

Sirius stopped at the desk and handed over his wand to be scanned before it was handed back, Harry and Remus followed suit and then they made their way towards the elevator queue. Harry spotted Lucius in a different queue, the blond was deep in conversation with some unknown wizard and Harry covered his smirk with his hand; the Malfoy Lord didn't waist much time. When the next elevator came, Sirius took it despite the queue and no one raised question when they saw who it was. When the doors shut all three of them breathed a small relief and Sirius grinned.

"You know, this whole Lord Black business isn't all that bad." He said and Harry and Remus laughed,

"That's because you have no patients, Pads," Moony said and Sirius shrugged unashamed,

"Right, now remember, no trying to kill James."

"I know, dad, the same applies to you." Harry said and Sirius nodded.

"I know we've been over this, but please keep it in mind. Amelia Bones knows the law like the back of her hand, she is fair and she cannot be bought so anything that happens today is off her own back." Sirius said to Harry.

"Ok, I know,"

"Let's go," Remus said and all three of their masks went up. They stepped out of the elevator of the DMLE and walked swiftly to the secretary's desk, there was no sign of Potter yet.

"How can I help you this morning, Lord Black," She asked formally.

"We have an appointment with Madam Bones at 9am." Sirius told her and she nodded, she vanished through a door and returned just as quickly.

"If you could go straight through please, sir,"

"Thank you,"

Sirius, who knew the ministry more than the others, led them through to Madam Bones' office, he knocked sharply on the door three times and a stern voice called for them to enter. The office was large, perfect size for a Head of a Department, and it was simple, there was a window, some filing cabinets and a desk, but it screamed professional. The woman sat behind the desk, that Harry presumed was Madam Bones, was a severe looking woman, she had dark auburn hair which was greying slightly in some parts, she was sat with a stiff posture and a stern expression, she had a monocle hanging around her neck and she was dressed in black robes.

"Lord Black, Mr Lupin-Black, Heir Black have a seat," She motioned to the right side of the room where there were three seats.

"Thank you, Madam Bones," Sirius murmured and just as they sat down the secretary was at the door announcing the arrival of the Potters. Harry made sure his shields were up tightly and he corrected his posture, he didn't glance around when they entered, but he could tell it was three of them by their magic.

"Lord, Lady and Heiress Potter, have a seat." Madam Bones said to them and they went to the opposite side of the room. There was a tense silence before a knock sounded at the door and three more people entered, Harry looked around slightly to see a talk, dark skinned man step in followed by an average looking man with a main like hairdo and a scowl and a young woman with bright pink hair, they were all dressed in auror robes indicating their purpose.

"I have called Head Auror Scrimgeor, Senior Auror Shacklebolt and trainee Auror Tonks to witness this hearing." Bones told them, "Are there any apposed?"

"Where's Dumbledore?" James questioned and Harry spotted Madam Bones' eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

"This is not Dumbledore's jurisdiction, Lord Potter. If you require the presence of the Chief Warlock, then maybe you wish this to be held in front of the Wizengamot." She said to him with a slight bite, James didn't look happy, but he didn't say anything more.

"Head Auror Scrimgeor, seal the door if you will." Bones commanded and Harry felt the wards surround the room, they were very powerful and they wouldn't be interrupted. Madam Bones tapped a sheet of parchment on her right and a quill stood poised waiting to transcribe, she pulled out a file and placed it in front of her before looking at the assembled group.

"Disciplinary hearing for the assault of an Heir to an Noble and Most Ancient House, 10th of July 1992; Black v Potter, leading the hearing Madam Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, witnessed by Head Auror Scrimgeor, Senior Auror Shaklebolt and Trainee Auror Tonks." Madam Bones started the hearing, "Lord Black, present your case."

"Thank you, Madam Bones," Sirius said graciously, "I am pressing charges against the Heiress of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter for the attack of my son and Heir Harrison Regulus Black. Heiress Potter did knowingly attack my son, she did it with intention to harm, showed no remorse for her actions and with the help of Lord Potter and Headmaster Dumbledore denied her actions and claimed false pretences." Sirius explained the situation clearly and sat back down, Harrison kept his face blank as he saw Potter's expression get angry and Rosina looked furious, his eyes glanced over Lily and his eyes narrowed slightly, she was looking down at her hands and was sat completely still.

"Your case has been heard, Lord Potter, present your counter case."

"Lord Black is presenting a bias case, he did not have accurate line of sight of the accident. As flying instructor of the school, I did not believe Heir Black was fit for the air, but he was given the position of seeker against my professional judgement. During the accident, he tried to perform a stunt that he was not qualified to perform and failed and is now blaming my daughter and Heiress, Rosina Potter." James sat down and threw a smug look at Sirius, who didn't react at all.

"I have reviewed this case carefully and have my collected my own evidence away from each of your knowledge. Now, hearing your cases, there is only one verdict I can give," Amelia stated looking at them before looking through her papers, "While you may not have believed Heir Black was fit for the air, multiple eye witnesses state otherwise. Furthermore, there is indisputable evidence to suggest foul play here."

"What!" James exclaimed furious, "Amelia-,"

"Therefore, I am finding Heiress Rosina Violet Potter guilty of assault against the Heir of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, she is hereby sentenced to a two year flying ban which includes all sporting games and social flying and 1.5 million galleons in fines in compensation for damages and medical costs; case closed."

"This is wrong, they've obviously bought this." James fumed standing up, Madam Bones pinned him with an icy look.

"Are you accusing me of taking a bribe?" She demanded and James faltered, recognising what he just said.

"No, but-,"

"Unless you want a harassment charge following the ones your daughter has just obtained I would leave quietly, the fine is set to be paid within a week and the ban starts henceforth. Aurors, escort them out." Scrimegeour and Shacklebolt led the Potters out and Rosina threw Harrison a filthy look, Harry smiled politely and watched her leave, satisfaction surging through his veins. When the door shut, Sirius turned to Amelia with a grin.

"Thank you, Amelia, truly." He said sincerely.

"No thanks necessary, Sirius, this case is one of the clearest I've seen in a while. I'm surprised this wasn't taken as a criminal case." She replied and Sirius grimaced.


"That man should learn when his nose is needed." She sighed and Sirius scoffed.

"Never truer words spoken,"

"Well, you are free to go. The full fine will be paid within the week, if not then it will gain interest." She assured the Black Lord who nodded.

"Have a good day, Amelia,"

"It was nice to meet you, Madam Bones," Harry said politely and Amelia smiled slightly.

"The same to you, Heir Black,"

"It was good to see you, Amelia,"

"You too, Remus. Trainee Auror Tonks, will you escort Lord Black and his family out."

"Yes, Madam Bones," Auror Tonks led them out and when they were out of hearing and sight distance from everyone, Tonks turned around and threw herself at Sirius in a hug, Sirius stumbled at the force, but grinned and wrapped his arms around her.

"Hey, little Nymphie is all grown up." Sirius cooed and she hit him.

"Don't call me that!" She groaned her face, and her hair much to Harry's alarm, went a bright red in her embarrassment.

"What's going on Kiddo, you're an auror now?"

"Yes, just passed and on the first level in office now," she said proudly, Sirius patted her on the back.

"Congratulations, I know how difficult to get in."

"I passed under Moody, I was his last apparently, and I got 96%."

"That's impressive," Remus said impressed, she grinned.

"Thanks, Remus,"

"So what did you get for passing?" Sirius wondered, "This is a very proud moment." Tonks' whole demeanour went down and Sirius raised an eyebrow.

"My mother hates the fact I'm an auror. She doesn't care how hard I worked or what scores I got, and to top it off, she's pissed at me because I'm dating the Rosier Heir. She hates the fact that it's a pureblood and is under the impression that I should follow in her footsteps and marry a muggleborn." Tonks ranted before getting it together. "Sorry about that," Sirius waved her off.

"That's disgusting, I never knew Andy turned in to someone like that. I was surprised when she didn't write and asked to be put back on Black family tree."

"Oh good Merlin no, she hates the fact that she's even associated with the Black name, she keeps reminding me that I'm a Tonks and not a Black and I should be thankful for that."

"What? That's ridiculous. The Black name is something to be proud of, I am." Harrison stated and Sirius grinned, Tonks shrugged,

"Try telling my mother that, she's in her own little world. Hell, she told me to leave if I was going to keep up my auror training, I've got my own flat now." Tonks said and Sirius blinked before a scowl marred his hansom features.

"It seems I'm lacking on my Head of House duties, I will have to pay Andy a visit." Sirius growled before grinning at Tonks, "Leave this to me, I've been meaning to pay you a visit for ages, but with Harrison here and Potter being a complete dick (ouch Moony) I got distracted."

"Yeah, your new kid," Tonks grinned at Harrison who smirked, "Yeah, he's a Black alright."

"Thanks, Harrison Regulus Black,"

"Nymphadora Tonks, but don't call me Nymphadora," She warned and Harry grinned.

"How about Dora, or Nym?"

"My Father calls me Dora, so Nym will be fine," She agreed, "And its fine, Sirius, you've been writing so its ok."

"It's still no excuse, and as a Black, you have to be gifted for such an achievement. Hell, even my parents gave me something for getting in to the auror department and my mother disowned me, granted I quit after 81, but they were dead by then."

"Thanks Sirius, you don't have to,"

"No, its my duty, besides, I want too. We will have to continue this another time, I want to know exactly what's going on and then I'll go and see Andy."

"Ok, well owl me or something, I can usually be found here, I'm working double at the moment because I'm new to this whole living alone thing." Tonks grinned and led them out, all masks went up when they came to the main section of the auror office and Tonks led them to the lift.

"See you again, Harrison,"

"Bye, Nym,"

"I'll owl you," Sirius said as Remus waved his goodbye. As soon as the lift shut Harrison and Sirius were overcome by mad jumping in celebration and Remus laughed at them.

"Have that Potter!" Sirius cheered.

"Did you see his face," Harrison laughed, "And when he accused Madam Bones of being bought."

"I didn't even think Potter was that stupid," Sirius said chuckling.

"I wonder how long he's going to fight the fine until he realises he's going to burn through his fortune?" Remus asked with a sly grin, Sirius and Harrison smirked.

"Ages," They all shared a laugh before adopting their masks again to leave the ministry.

So what do you think? I hope everyone likes it and I'll update as soon as I'm up and running after the holidays! Again, Merry Christmas everyone and have a happy new year!