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Chapter 20:

The sun was rising slowly, casting its warm rays upon a beautiful white manor that stood on stretches of land. The manor was large, standing three stories high and eight windows wide, it had a set of double doors that were coloured in a proud red and they were surrounded by pillars that lined the front of the building. The lands that the grand manor stood on stretched miles in each direction and a Quidditch pitch could bee seen behind the building, there was a set of gates that welcomed people in to the estate and on them was a crest that held a griffin with open wings with two crossed swords behind it.

It was the Potter crest.

The manor was the Potter Manor which had been in the Potter family for centuries and it was still standing tall housing the latest generation of Potter; the Potters in question were Lord James Potter with his wife Lady Lily Potter nee Evans and their daughter Heiress Rosina Potter. The Potters were currently sat around their dining room table eating a breakfast and Rosina less than pleased at being awoken at such an hour.

"But why couldn't I stay in bed, it's the holidays!" She complained.

"We've been through this Rosina, you are booked in to have your Heir robes fitted." Lily sighed.

"I don't care! I'm tired, we could have gone later. Why did you book me in this early?"

"You wanted the store to close while you were in there, Madam Malkin only does private fittings in the mornings."

"Its not fair! I'm the Girl-Who-Lived, she should work around me." Rose stated and Lily sighed again.

"She had a business to run, Rosina. You cannot expect people to work around you all the time." Lily told her sternly. She wondered how her child had become so conceited enough to believe that she could have anything at the click of her fingers.

"Don't worry Rosie, afterwards we can go around the alley and you can have whatever you want." James soothed and Lily rolled her eyes – that answered her question.

"James, she can't behave like that and be rewarded." Lily tried and James pinned her with a look that almost made her wince.

"She is fine, you were the one who booked her in to early instead of asking her." James stated with no room for argument, Lily just nodded knowing it was pointless to argue; it would only bring bad things to her. Lily quickly finished her breakfast and went up to put her robes on, she selected her favourite green and gold ones, she had always loved dressing in green and gold ever since Severus had told her that it looked the best on her. Oh how she missed her best friend. She regretted parting ways with him more than anything in her life, the only thing that could have topped it was marrying James Potter and allowing Harry to be taken away from her care. She knew that was a mistake within the first month.

And she had tried to get him back, she had tried her best to convince James that they should collect their son because it was their child and they should be the only ones to raise him no matter what the circumstances; but it had been like talking to a wall and when she had gone to get him herself James had stopped her; it was the first time he ever hit her. Lily had been stunned. The man she loved, the man she had sacrificed so much for had struck her, but she had forgiven him because he had been so remorseful, he had apologised repeatedly and showered her in gifts swearing it would never happen again and so it was forgotten. But it did. They were fighting about Harry again, Lily wanted her son back, she told James that it had been a mistake – that they weren't a family without both of their children and he had lashed out splitting her lip and giving her a black eye.

It had only escalated from there.

They would argue and James would hit her, he'd apologise and it would happen again, and by the time Rosina was six Lily knew that he would never change. It wasn't a marriage, she was just a trophy that was paraded around to finish the perfect family image, and she had tried to leave him, but James had pointed out that if she left now no one would believe her, she would be going against a Noble and Ancient House as a Muggleborn, it didn't matter what evidence she had she would loose and because of James she didn't have any friends to help her. And so Lily learned to keep quiet, she remembered everything Severus had taught her about hiding her emotions and thoughts and applied it to her life and they became the perfect happy family for everyone to see. It worked for years, she learned to act and behave in a way that caused her the least amount of pain, and then the day came where she would finally see her baby again. She couldn't have been more excited and she had paid for it, but she didn't care, her son was coming back.

It didn't go to plan though. She had known it was a bad idea to send him away, she had said that he would resent them for it and she didn't blame him. James and Rosina didn't help, they were so wrapped up in Rose being the Girl-Who-Lived that it was sickening, but she couldn't do anything about it and so she continued to play her part. She had tried to get to know her son, but it always seemed to go back to Rose one way or another and she was forbidden from spending time alone with him by James. Then Christmas came and Harry Potter had become Harrison Black and James had taken the loss of his male spare out on her, from then on it got worse and it was like it was at the beginning and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

Lily knew she had to get out and she tried, she had decided, after James' brutal reaction to Harrison, that enough was enough and she was going to the on person that she trusted with her life despite not talking in years. She had made it half way in to the dungeons before James had caught her and dragged her back to their rooms, he accused her of being a whore and sleeping around despite the fact that he had had multiple affairs – Lily hadn't slept with him in years, and that night it was the first time the attacks had escalated beyond the norm. It was like a part of her died, and she gave up, it was over for her and he made sure that she knew that. It was the same again when James had caught her looking at Severus in the Great Hall. She had always believed that Severus was handsome in his own right, he had a dark way about him, but when she had seen him that day she was stunned speechless; he was gorgeous. He had caused enough damage that he had left her alone and Lily was thankful, she had managed to heal herself to a degree and glamours worked wonders for the rest, and she was lucky enough that James wasn't around her until the Quidditch game happened.

Lily couldn't believe her eyes as she watched her daughter try and kill her own brother, and then to find out that it was going to be covered over as a accident was beyond her, it was then the reality his Lily; she wondered what had happened for it to come to this; a loveless marriage and a daughter she was disgusted in. She had wanted to stay with her son, but it just wasn't going to happen with James there even if Narcissa said she could stay – and James had been angry that she had hesitated, but he had been so wrapped up in keeping Rosina happy that she was left alone. Everything was fine until the duel, she had been disgusted and horrified at what James had said and it ended in another argument, one of the more violent they had got in to for a while and then when he had saw that she was pleased that Sirius had one it had been hell for her.

She was terrified that James was going to kill her, he didn't care if he used his fists or his wand – whatever was convenient worked for him. She had given up, she had nothing to lose and that was why she had taken Harrison's side when I came down to his summer placement, she knew she had lost her son, but she would spend the rest of her life making up for that, it had been practically suicide on her part and despite his words in the corridor he had still lashed out when they got back to their rooms. Lily had been stunned when Harrison had appeared her classroom, and she had felt a slither of hope enter her body when he had given her an emergency portkey – she had a way out now! But even as school ended and James didn't let up, she didn't leave because she had a daughter to look after and she didn't want to have abandoned both of her children; it was getting harder however, Rosina wasn't recognisable as her daughter anymore and there was nothing between them; Lily interacted with her mechanically and whatever she told the girl was overruled or changed by James.

Lily shook her head to clear her thoughts, she clutched at the pendent and sighed. After one last glance in the mirror to make sure her glamour was secure and she looked presentable, Lily left the room and made her was through the beautiful manor to the entrance hall, it was beyond her how someone with such an ugly personality could own such a stunning manor. James was stood waiting and when he caught sight of her his lip curled in distaste.

"What are you doing dressed like that?" He demanded and Lily blinked.

"What do you mean?" She asked bewildered.

"Green and gold, I thought I told you about wearing things that he likes." James snapped.

"I like these robes, James." Lily tried and he hissed.

"Well I don't, go and change." He ordered.

"I don't want to change, and we haven't got time." Lily said, and received a sharp slap across the face, James grabber her and got in her face.

"I told you to go and change." He growled and Lily whimpered, a lone tear trailing down her face. Rosina came down and didn't even turn a hair when she saw her parents, James released Lily and turned to his daughter with a bright smile.

"Hey Rosie, you ready to go?"

"Yes daddy," She replied. Her eyes drifted to her mother and Lily caught the brief flash of disgust, it made her flinch.

"Your mother isn't coming with us today, so it's just me and you." James said eagerly and Rose beamed.

"Ok, lets go."

Lily's head dropped and it felt as if someone had physically kicked her in the stomach, she didn't bother to fight or argue – it was pointless – she just went back upstairs and curled up on the bed.

James happily took his daughter in to Diagon alley and it came as no surprise that the public went made as soon as they stepped out, Rose was beaming at them all and had her face tilted so they all could clearly see the lightning bolt scar she had on her cheek. They made their way slowly through the Alley and entered Madam Malkins where the shop was shut up for Rose,

"Why do we have to do this again?" Rose sighed as she jumped up on to the stool.

"Because that fool Black forced us, we have to go to the hearing tomorrow and we have to make a good impression." James told her.

"I hate them all, they're ruining my summer."

"I know Rosie, but I'll make it up to you. I'll buy you the new Nimbus when it comes out." James said and Rose grinned.

"You're the best daddy ever," She said and James laughed. The first layer of her robes were a deep red and then they were layered up in with different shades of gold as per the Potter colours, it was finished with the Potter crest and Rose grinned,

"These are nice, I like them."

"That's good, these are your Heiress robes."

"Have you got to get your robes?" She asked her dad as the robes were removed to be stitched in to place.

"Yes, but luckily my size and style are already noted. I only need the colours done." James told her and took the stool Rose had just stood down from. James had the opposite of Rose, he had gold under layer followed by reds on top,

"Can I have those delivered by tomorrow morning?" James asked Madam Malkin who nodded.

"Of course, Lord Potter," She answered.

"Right, lets go Rosie. We can shop now, but I have to be back to see Professor Dumbledore." He reminded her and she nodded. James let her lead him through the alley buying anything that caught her eye and a few extra things in secret because her birthday was at the end of the month.

"Daddy, would it be ok if I went over to the Burrow when we got home?" Rose asked him as they walked passed the apothecary with identical looks of disgust on their faces.

"I'll have to come over to make sure it's ok with Molly first."

"That's fine, Ron says that Mrs Weasley said it was ok I could go over whenever." Rose waved him of with a grin.

"Still, just to be sure."

"You just want to see if she's cooked anything." Rose said and James laughed.

"You've caught me."

They made their way to the Quidditch store where Rose bought the new Harpies poster.

"I think Ron is going to invite Hermione to stay at his for the summer, that way we can all get together." Rose said in excitement.

"That will be fun for you,"

"And Ginny is coming to Hogwarts this year, so we can tell her all about it."

"Ready to go then?"


They went back to the cauldron and floo'd back to the manor after getting through the crowds of people. Rose threw her things down to be put away by the elves and ran all the way up to her room to change in to her summer clothes, her room was decorated in pink, red and gold – her favourite colours. She darted back down the stairs and to the nearest fireplace, James smiled at her eagerness and followed behind.

"The Burrow," She shouted and disappeared in the green flames. She stumbled out of the grate in the kitchen of the Burrow where Mrs Weasley was busy pottering around making lunch.

"Oh hello, Rosie dear." She greeted when she turned and saw who it was.

"Hello Mrs Weasley,"

"Ron's outside, go on out."

"Thanks," She said with a grin and ran out the door just as her father stepped through the grate.

"Afternoon, Molly."

"Hello James,"

"I see my daughter has vanished," He noted and Molly laughed.

"Yes, she's out playing with Ron."

"You don't mind her staying for the afternoon do you? She's been right wound up about tomorrow."

"Of course not, she's always welcome here." Molly said easily, "Do you want to stay for lunch, its nearly done."

"Go on then, I can't say no to your cooking." James agreed and Molly flushed.

"Oh you." She waved him off and set a bottle of butterbeer in front of him.


Molly flicked her wand and moved all the food to the table.


There was a massive amount of thudding that made the whole house shake as all the children in the house ran for the kitchen and James laughed; it was always loud at the Burrow. Ron and Rose entered first and they were both complaining loudly about the Blacks.

"I mean can you believe the nerve of them!" Rose exclaimed.

"They are obviously after your fame." Ron agreed seriously and the twins, who had entered behind them, snorted.

"That is definitely what they are after." They said together.

"Shut up you." Ron said furiously glaring at them.

"You don't know what you're talking about." Rose snapped looking down her nose at them. She had never liked the twins, they always took her spotlight with their stupid pranks, and they thought they were so funny.

"Our apologies your majesty,"

"How rude of us,"

"Fred, George, stop being mean you your brother and Rose." Molly chided them and the twins rolled their eyes.

"Yes mum." They sighed.

"When are you two going to Lee's anyway?" Rose demanded.

"When we feel like it."

"You should hurry up." Ron stared with a mouthful of food.

"When your opinion matters-," Fred began,

"We'll let you know." George finished. Percy and Ginny finally got to the table and Ginny immediately attached to Rose's side and started prattling on, Rose was all to happy to indulge her and grinned. Despite the amount of food made, the meal was clear pretty quickly and the kids dispersed.

"So how are you feeling about this hearing tomorrow?" Molly asked James, "I was saying to Arthur last night that this has been blown up out of proportion, I always said Sirius Black had a flare for the dramatics."

"I don't think its anything to worry about." James said breezily, "Dumbledore says he has it covered and I'm meeting with him when today."

"Good, the Headmaster is a good man."

"Yeah he is." James checked the time and yelped, "I have to go, Molly, I'm supposed to meeting Dumbledore in about 10 minutes. Just send Rose home later, I know it won't be too late."

"Don't worry about Rose, she can have dinner here and then I'll send her through."

"Thanks," James vanished in a swirl of flames and walked in to the entrance hall just as the floo flared and Dumbledore stepped out.

"Good afternoon, James." Dumbledore greeted.

"Hello Headmaster," James led him through to the lounge and offered him a drink.

"I think I shall have a nice cup of tea," Dumbledore decided and James ordered the elves to serve them.

"Rose is at the Burrow, this whole thing is stressing her out." James told him and Dumbledore nodded sadly.

"I have no doubt," He agreed, "Its so much needless worry for someone so young."

"I don't know what Black was thinking,"

"Sirius, I believe, has lost his way." Dumbledore sighed, "I had thought that, back when he was 11, he was different than the rest of his family, but it seems as if I was mistaken."

"You think that Black has gone dark like the rest of them?" James said.

"I am not certain of course, but with his continued relations with the Malfoys it doesn't show him in the best of lights. The renewal of the Black/Malfoy allegiance almost speaks for itself."

"Plus he was all buddy buddy with Voldemort in the Wizengamot." James said darkly.

"Yes, but there is a high chance that Sirius does not know his true identity, Tom was always good at hiding in the open," Dumbledore pointed out.

"It wouldn't take a genius to work it out," James muttered.

"That is neither here nor there, but I fear you may have lost the boy."

"Its better of that way, I don't want him tainting my Rosie." James stated and Dumbledore nodded gently.

"You are right, if the boy is dark it is best that he stays away of course. Young Rosina's training is crucial now, with Voldemort alive again it is only a matter of time before he makes his first move and he is going to come after the person who stopped him last time." Dumbledore said to him and James scowled.

"That damn monster is going to have a fight on his hands if he thinks he's getting near my daughter." He growled clenching his fists.

"It is understandable that you wish to protect Rosina, but remember she is the only one who can defeat him."

"I know Headmaster, but there was nothing in that prophecy that said I can't help her." James pointed out and Dumbledore nodded.

"Of course, and I would expect nothing less of you." Dumbledore agreed, "But this is not the reason I am here today. The hearing is tomorrow and it is in front of Amelia Bones which causes a slight problem."

"Why, Amelia is as light as they come." James said confused.

"Yes, but Amelia and I have never quite seen eye to eye on certain parts of the ministry way."

"But surely she would know that Rosie, as the Girl-Who-Lived, would never do what they are accusing her of. I mean, attempted murder – what are they thinking?"

"You need not worry, James. I will be there to smooth things over to make sure that everyone understands that accidents happen." Dumbledore reassured, "But you will need to present your case in the best light."

"What do you mean? I'm going to tell Amelia that Black is lying."

"This is a formal hearing, James, and you know Amelia has always been strongly for the correct ways. You will need to present your side of the story better than the opposition or you will not be listened too. Now, I know you have never put much in to traditions and formal behaviours, but now, more than ever, is a good time to remember the lessons Charlus taught you."

"I've gotten us new formal robes for tomorrow, I remember my father saying they were used in hearings as well as the Wizengamot." James said running his hand through his unruly hair.

"That is good." Dumbledore said, "You need to remember your customs, this is a formality so you cannot forget your Lords and Heirs."

"Black doesn't deserve the damn title in the first place." James muttered, "But I will remember, if only to make my point."

"Good, now you will have to make sure Lily doesn't speak out like she did before the summer." Dumbledore told him and James' expression darkened.

"Don't worry Headmaster, Lily won't be doing anything like that again, she knows what's at stake."

"That is good," Dumbledore nodded.

"Has there been any movement from the dark?" James asked and Dumbledore sighed.

"No, it seems that Voldemort is working at his best – from the shadows."

"But he's crazy, I saw that myself so its only a matter of time until he's out killing people, right?"

"You are correct, Voldemort has never had much self-control when using dark magic. After so many years without it he will begin to crave it and then it will become common knowledge that he had returned."

"I'll start Rosie's lessons again, she won't like it, but she understands." James sighed, "Why couldn't that monster stay dead?"

"He was never dead, James."

"I know, but he should have died on Halloween." James grumbled, "Do you know how he came back yet?"

"No, I have only theories, each of which more complex than the last."

"What about, you know, the stone?"

I had hoped to bait him out while he was still weak, but he didn't take the bate it seems. The stone, when I checked, was still inside the mirror."

"How long are you going to keep it there?" James asked.

"I shall remove it from the mirror when I return it to Nicolas at the end of the summer." Dumbledore answered before he stood, "I shall see you tomorrow, at Amelia's office." James rose to his feet.

"Thank you, Professor Dumbledore." He saw the Headmaster out and then went to fine his wife.

"Lily, Lily," He called walking in to their room.

"In here," Lily replied from the dressing room, James walked in to see his wife in a simple red day robe.

"Do your formal robes still fit?" He asked.

"Yes, I have the gold ones."

"Good, you'll need them tomorrow so have the elves clean them." James told her.

"I will,"

"And I'm warning you, if you do anything to compromise this hearing tomorrow you don't want to know what will happen." He threatened, Lily nodded hurriedly and swallowed hard; she prayed that everything went ok tomorrow.

"Stop worrying Rosie, everything will be fine. I've spoken to Professor Dumbledore and he said he is going to smooth everything out." James soothed his frantic daughter, who was pacing the lounge in a fit. She was dressed in her Heiress robes and her previously neat hair was all over the place from running her hand through it. Lily stood of to the side dressed in soft gold robes, they were like Rosina's only the red was a pale blue, she didn't comment on James' words because it would have been futile, but she was pretty sure Albus Dumbledore would be nowhere near this hearing today – not with Amelia Bones in charge.

"Ok, I know." Rose nodded and stopped.

"Lily, fix her hair." James ordered and Lily stepped forward and manually fixed Rose' hair; James hated it when she used magic because it reminded him of the Pureblood women.

"Let's go, it's down on Level 2." The Potter family floo'd to the ministry and, as usual, caused a stir with the arrival of the Girl-Who-Lived. Lily couldn't help her lip curling in distaste; oh how she hated the fame. Sure, at first, she could understand, the feared Dark Lord had been vanquished and people wanted to celebrate – and that was fine – but then James started encouraging it and exploiting it; it was disgusting! And soon enough, when she was old enough to understand, Rosina revelled in it, she would go with her father and play for the crowd and it only gotten worse.

Lily pushed through the crowd, a fake smile adorning her face as if she wouldn't rather be elsewhere. James and Rose were only too happy to smile and talk to the people that swarmed them, Lily sighed; if they wanted to make a good impression then they were going about it the wrong way; they were going to be late. It was a pointless hearing, Lily knew that, there wasn't a law abiding citizen that wouldn't find Rosina guilty. Finally, James pushed his way through with Rose and they headed toward the elevators, and Lily bit back the sigh that wanted to escape when the doors shut and pushed everything she was feeling behind the mask she wore so often.

"I don't want you saying anything, let me do the talking." James muttered to Lily low enough for Rose not to hear; Lily nodded.

"Now, Rosie, when we get in there I want you to ignore them, don't take any notice of them, they are below you." James told her and Rose nodded.

"I know, Blacks are dark and evil."

Lily very nearly scoffed at that. She didn't believe in evil any more, and if there was such a thing then she was sure she was married to it. The hypocrisy of it all was beyond her, the 'light' claimed that the 'dark' were the evil ones and yes they did monstrous things, but she was sure women and children were not treated as she and Harry had been. James, and Dumbledore, preached about how the old traditions were horrible, how arranged marriages and contracts were taking away someone's will, but she had never seen a Pureblood wife be treated with anything less that the utmost care; even in public James didn't treat her as well as she had seen Lucius Malfoy treat Narcissa. The elevator opened and James led them out, he nodded and spoke to the aurors he was friendly with and he flashed a crooked grin to the girl behind the desk.

"Hello Jenny," He greeted his voice oozing in 'charm'.

"Hi, James," She returned, blushing, "What are you doing here?"

"Ah, unfortunately not a social call." He sighed, "I have a meeting with Amelia."

"Oh, is this to do with Black, because he's here with that kid of his." She said with a scowl and James grimaced.

"Yeah, just a formality," He waved it off.

"I'll let Madam Bones know." She simpered and Lily looked on in distaste; no doubt this was on of James' many women.

"Madam Bones will see you now," The receptionist told them, James walked past with a wink leading Rose in and Lily followed with a mute sigh. When they entered they could see the Blacks already in attendance, they were dressed out to the max and each of them held a cold elegance about them. They were asked to sit down and, as per formality, they waited for the witnessing aurors to arrive and it was one of the tensest silences Lily had to sit through. Once they arrived, Amelia sealed the doors and James kicked up a small fuss about the fact that Dumbledore was absent, Lily nearly rolled her eyes. James didn't like the fact that Bones said Dumbledore wasn't to be there, the Headmaster was supposed to be there to smooth everything out – to make sure Black didn't try and press Amelia to his view.

The Potter Lord shifted and took a deep breath, it didn't matter, Black's charges wouldn't stand, no one in their right mind would convict the Girl-Who-Lived. When Black presented his case James scowled, he was twisting the situation to his needs and trying to implicate Dumbledore too, he heard Rose mutter under her breath and gently soothed her with a gesture. Lily knew instantly, as soon as Sirius had stopped speaking, that whatever James had to say was null and void, it was obvious in Amelia's body language and James' argument wasn't even decent. Hundreds of people had seen Harrison fly, his word against all those was not going to stick and it was stupid for him to even try. It didn't take long for Amelia to tell them that Rose was found guilty and Lily was honestly surprised that the punishment wasn't worse, she cringed slightly when James accused Amelia Bones, of all people, of being bought; it could only get worse. With a great amount of reluctance, Lily left when they were escorted out and followed James in to the elevator.

Rose was crying desperately and James was trying to sooth her the best he could while in a towering fury, he cast a notice-me-not spell on them so no one bothered them while leaving the ministry and he apperated them out when he reached the atrium. They landed in the entrance hall of Potter Manor and Lily stumbled when James shoved her away from him, he snapped for an elf who popped in immediately.

"Fetch Rosie an overnight back and a change of clothes for today, quickly." He barked and the elf disappeared. James kneeled down and wiped away Rose' tears soothing her,

"Hey, calm down. I will sort this out," He told her, "I'm going to send you over to the Weasleys for the night or two and I'll work something out, Ok?"

"Y-yes daddy," She hiccupped. The elf popped back in with a back and James turned to Lily with a deadly glare that made her flinch.

"Do not move." He growled before turning on the spot and disappearing. Lily stayed paralysed in fear before bolting up the stairs, she threw of the robes and dumped them on the bed and hurriedly pulled on a black day robe. She quickly grabbed a bag and packed all of her favourite things such as the green and gold robes and the jewellery that was sentimental to her, like the Lily pendent Severus had given her or the locket her mother had left her before she died cursing the fact that he had taken her wand.

She did thank her stars she had the forethought to case undetectable extension charms on all her small bags, enabling her to use what little wandless magic she could to shrink it and stuff down her bra, running back down as she did so. She had just made it back to the entrance hall and was about to apperate when James appeared, he looked livid and advanced on her.

"I told you not to move." He roared backhanding her with enough force to send her to the ground with a yell.

"James, please." She tried but it fell of deaf ears. She looked up at him and saw a look in his eyes that she had never seen before; it was a crazed spark which sent her blood cold.

"This is your entire fault." He yelled with a kick, "Bringing that damn kid back when he was better off dead."

"No James please, don't do this, please." Lily begged crying out at the curse that hit her. She knew it was too late, it was over; he was going to kill her.

First off, I, in no way, agree with domestic violence, this is like a rather personal experience that didn't happen to me, but a person very close to me and I would like to say that the relationship seen between Lily and James is wrong and no one should be in that situation.

Secondly, I know, I'm sorry, I've left it at a very bad cliff hanger and you will have to forgive me! I hope I got all the characterisations right for you and I would love it if you let me know what you think.