Hotaru jumped onto the opened window pane from her flying contraption. As soon as her foot touched the floor, she took the alarm clock with the Dormir Amour potion in it and switched it with the alarm clock that is on top of the bedside table.

She activated the alarm clock and soon enough, a steam of Dormir Amour was emitted on the clock.

"Have a nice sleep." And she hurriedly left without leaving any evidence in the room.

The Next Day...

In Technical Ability Class...

"Pass your projects" Misaki-sensei commanded.

"Hai!" the students answered.

One by one, the pairs of technical students presented their projects to Misaki-sensei who was busy reviewing the specifications and technical properties of each work.

"Last but not the least, Hotaru and Nonoko" Misaki-sensei called out.

"Hai!" Nonoko answered.

The two stood up from their seats and proceeded in front.

Hotaru then held her invention. "This is our project" she said.

The room was filled with deafening silence.

After sometime, Anna raised her hand and asked "Hotaru-chan? Isn't it an ordinary alarm clock? How can it be beneficial to others aside from waking them up in the morning?"

"Good question, Anna" Hotaru replied. "As you can see, it is indeed an alarm clock but is not as ordinary as it seems..."

Whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper...

"That's so sweet of you, Hotaru! I didn't expect your work to be this great!" Anna exclaimed.

"Indeed. I didn't know that this is Hotaru-chan's intentions when we are conceptualizing our project" Nonoko added.

Hotaru flashed a quick smile "So, what's the verdict Misaki-sensei?"

"It's marvelous Hotaru and Nonoko. I must say that Dormir Amour is the 1st place in this project" Misaki-sensei said. "It's use is beneficial after all and it is made out of love"

Hotaru's face turned into beet red. "I'm going now" and she left the room.

"I never expected that Hotaru-chan will do this. I'm happy for her" Nonoko smiled.

"I totally agree with you" Anna said "And I'm glad that you became her partner for this project"

On a certain three-star bedroom...

"Oh no! I overslept! My alarm clock didn't alarm!"

"It's because I threw away your old alarm clock and replace it with the one on your hands."


"So, how's your sleep, Ruka?"

Ruka was stunned. "uhmmm... I can say that I slept well compared to the previous nights. What have you done?"

"Dormir Amour" Hotaru sternly said.

"Dormir...Amour? What is that?" Ruka asked in confusion.

"I made it for you because I am pissed off every time you go to class and all I see is your stupid panda eyes."

"You are...pissed off? I don't get it, Hotaru"

"I AM PISSED OFF BECAUSE I DON'T WANT YOU TO BE AN INSOMNIAC... I created Dormir Amour with the help of Nonoko's alice. It helps in treating insomnia. Plus, it improves one's sleep. Now, you won't' have any problem with your insomnia anymore"

"Why are you doing this Hotaru?"


Ruka was stunned. Hotaru's face was now beet red.


Hotaru just stood there. Ruka couldn't believe what he had heard. The Ice Queen was in love with him? Is it the end of the world? And, it is the first time that he sees Hotaru this...this...vulnerable.

Without any word, Ruka pulled Hotaru towards him and locked his lips on hers. Hotaru closed her eyes and responded to the kiss. Slowly, the simple kiss turned into a fiery and passionate one.

Ruka broke the kiss and hugged Hotaru tight yet gentle "I love you too, Hotaru. Thank you" and he kissed Hotaru's forehead.

Hotaru smiled. The most precious smile Ruka has ever seen from her.

"What's the meaning of Dormir Amour anyway?" Ruka asked.

Hotaru looked straight into Ruka's cerulean eyes and replied "It means Sleeping Love, mon amour"


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