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"She's beautiful," Jim Beckett breathed, caressing the side of her face with one finger. "And she's ours." A tired Johanna Beckett gazed happily down at the tiny bundle in her arms.

"She's ours," she echoed. "For ever and ever."

"When can we go home?" the new father turned to the doctor, who watched on in amusement.

"Mr Beckett, feel free to go when you'd like. I would like Mrs Beckett to stay for the night, however. Just to keep an eye on the baby. Have you thought of a name yet?"

The two young parents turned to each other. "I think we decided on Katherine?" Jim ventured, searching his wife's eyes.

"Katherine Houghton," Johanna agreed.

"Katie for short."

"And Kate to everyone else."

"Katherine Houghton Beckett. Has a nice ring to it," the doctor complimented with a smile. All three adults laughed as the tiny Katie Beckett let out a gurgle and squeezed her mother's finger, before closing her eyes in contentment and going back to sleep.

So this might not work at all. Basically, I had this idea after finishing my maths (yes, I'm British) exam before Christmas. Hopefully, it'll be a collection of one-shots of varying length based on Kate's name, like the first time she was known as Beckett, and the first time someone called her Katie without permission, etc. but only if you guys like it :D

So let me know: continue, or abandon?

wolfergirl :D