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Chpater 3

Let's Cherish the Moment

Sam P.O.V.

"Do you really have to go?" Gracey asked as she hopped up onto her child-sized hospital bed and swung her small legs over onto the comforters. "I don't want you to leave just yet," she admitted as she pouted, gaping up at Quorra and I with persuasive eyes.

Today was the first Saturday that Gracey had a freer schedule. She was now allowed to be checked out of the hospital for a five hour period three times a week. Dr. Reid suggested that we spend the day with her so she could get out of the hospital for a while. She had spent the last couple months of her life in a hospital and I knew that she was eager to get away for a while. Anyone would be.

Normally, Quorra and I would visit her two to four times per week, usually coming to drop by after work at ENCOM or to spend the day with her entirely during the weekend. We would play board games, bring little surprises for her, and do the various things that she loved to do.

Gracey had grown on Quorra and she was always excited to drop by and spend time with the little five year old. She wanted to learn more about children and Gracey gave her that opportunity to do so. I enjoyed watching the two of them interact. They seemed to understand one another without even speaking, which sort of infuriated me at times. I had no idea if it was the link that they had to one another but even if that wasn't the case, they still enjoyed one another's company.

She was a complete joy to be around. She was so energetic, so happy, but still so polite and sweet that it melted my heart. She was like the perfect example of the flawless child that people can deal with without problems.

We had taken her to the park, Build-A-Bear, American Girl, and a candy shop that had practically all types of candy imaginable. She met my dog, Marvin, and the two of them were fast friends. She walked him and played fetch with him until my poor dog was exhausted. It was funny, really.

She was so easy to take care of and be around. Those reasons made me more confident in the decision that Quorra and I had made about five days ago. We were going to adopt her.

Quorra had first thought of the idea and at the beginning; I had completely disagreed with her. We were both so young and Gracey was a kid that wanted a real family that knew what they were doing, which we couldn't give her. After a while though, Quorra started to convince me, as well as Lora, Alan, and Dr. Reid that this was the best idea for Gracey and for Quorra. They would be safer if they stuck together. It was better than trusting a new family with the secret that Quorra wasn't really human and that Gracey was a miracle child.

We would bring her home next week, after the apartment had an evaluation to make sure that it was child friendly. Quorra had been obsessing over that all week, looking things up online, reading articles and books, until she was sure that everything was okay.

We were working on her bedroom still which used to be the spare room that we didn't know what to do with. The main colors of the room were a light purple and yellow. Quorra picked out a white bunk bed set that had an adjoining desk to it, Lora picked out a few pieces of furniture that kids like but we could use as well when we were in her room, and Alan and I took care of the lighting and electronics that we wanted in her room.

Quorra and I were going for something that she would love without a doubt but also have the qualities of a young child's bedroom. I think we nailed it though.

Gracey had no idea that we had adopted her. Dr. Reid wanted it to be a surprise for her and he didn't want her getting too excited because her body was still, in some aspects, kind of weak even though it had been over a month since she had begun recovering.

Quorra's trilling voice brought me out of my thoughts. "We'll be back next week, I promise," she murmured as Dr. Reid stuck her with a needle so he could draw blood. "Maybe even before then if we can. I had a lot of fun today," she added with a large grin.

Gracey huffed. "Dr. Reid said I have a surprise coming my way but won't tell me. Do you know what it is too?" she asked, her tone slightly accusing.

I chuckled and nodded briefly. "Sorry, doctors' orders, Gracey," I said as I wrapped an arm around Quorra. "But I will say that you'll like the surprise, hopefully," I added.

She rolled her eyes. "Not helpful at all, but at least it's something compared to the silent treatment that Doctor gives me when I bring it up," she stated as she crossed her arms and stuck her tongue out at him.

Quorra and I laughed aloud as Dr. Reid stood. "You two need to hurry off, visiting hours ended about fifteen minutes ago. The staff doesn't like it when I keep my out-of-hospital patients here after hours. "Gracey, say your goodbyes. You need to be off to bed soon."

Gracey sighed but got off of the bed and waltzed gracefully over to the two of us. "Thank you so much for taking me out today, I had so much fun!" she said as she looked up at me and then Quorra. She lifted her arms up towards her and Quorra bent down a bit awkwardly and picked her up. She was still getting acquainted with that gesture. Gracey whispered something in her ear and Quorra laughed shyly.

"I promise, of course," she said happily as she looked over at me with her beautiful blue eyes. Gracey looked over at me too with a similar expression and it almost floored me at how similar they looked. If I didn't know either of them, I would think they were directly related.

She reached out for me then and I carefully pulled her from Quorra's arms. It was amazing at how comfortable with her I was. "Tell Marvin I'm sorry for almost giving him chocolate," she quipped with a small grimace.

"You didn't know, it's alright," I assured her easily. She wiggled a bit in my arms and I set her down, moving closer to Quorra once more.

"Bye bye," she said as she waved her fingers at us. "Please come back soon, it's so boring here. No offense, Dr. Reid."

Dr. Reid laughed. "It's quite alright, my dear," he said before he directed his attention to us. "Let me walk you two out. Gracey, I'll be back soon. I'll send a nurse in to give you your medication."

After a minute, the three of us were walking down the hall to the main level. "Everything will be ready by Tuesday, so theoretically you could take her home then but you'll take her home on Friday because I'm going to run a few more tests on Wednesday and Thursday."

I nodded as I squeezed Quorra's hand. I could feel excitement rolling off of her in steady waves.

"The two of you will do fine, and I know that she will behave for you two," he added with a smile as he stopped at the front desk. "Her paperwork and medications will be sent when the two nurses come for the evaluation. I'm going to try and get her off of a few of them so it will be less of a burden on you two and I think that she will be fine without them," he said as he started writing things down. "We can go over things more next week, but I do have to go, have a nice evening," he finished as he picked up the clipboard and took a step backwards.

"You too," Quorra and I echoed at the same time before we turned and strode out of the main entrance of the hospital.

Quorra and I walked in silence to the car and I got into the driver's seat as Quorra got in on the other side. "You know, I'm not as tired as I thought I would be after today. She's really easy to handle," Quorra commented as I started to drive down the busy streets of Los Angeles. "And oh my goodness…chocolate is so good!" she squealed with a delighted sigh. "I've never had that type of chocolate before."

I chuckled as I continued to drive. "I'm glad you liked it," I said to her. "You're becoming more and more like the typical woman, you know?" I pondered as I glanced over at her.

She raised her eyebrows at me. "Typical as in?"

"Women like chocolate…not big fans of surprises, love to cuddle, yes, I have noticed that," I added with a sly grin in her direction. "You're practically obsessed with your appearance," I murmured.

"I am not," she said in defiance as she looked out the window. "And anyways, it wouldn't be such a big deal if people I don't even know are watching me and then making false accusations about me," she murmured with a sniff. "I'm not pregnant…why do they say that I'm showing a baby bump? Does that mean I'm getting fat or something?" she asked me.

When Quorra had been reading a new magazine in the lobby earlier today, she had come across an article about the two of us, showing a picture of her holding her stomach. The headline read: CEO Couple Heir-Bound?

I shook my head at her. "They're just rumors and no, you're not getting fat, I've seen that cute little four pack of yours on occasions to attest to that," I answered with a smile.

She giggled and leaned up against the window. She frowned suddenly as she peered outside of it. "Where are we going?" she asked me. "You missed the turn to our apartment."

I nodded slightly. "I know," I answered with a smile.

"Well…?" she asked as she turned her head towards me. I saw her eyes narrow a bit as she half glared at me.

"A place," I responded with a shrug.


"Not telling."

She let out a frustrated groan and then whined aloud. "That's not fair," she told me as she pouted. "I don't like surprises," she mumbled.

"We'll be there soon," I said as I continued down the streets, slowly leaving the Los Angeles boundaries. "And stop pretending that you don't like surprises. When have I ever disappointed you, baby? You know you're about to get spoiled rotten," I drawled smoothly, giving her a quick dashing smile.

She laughed and shook her head, settling back into her seat and relaxing once more. The remaining car ride was silent for the most part, until we pulled into the hotel complex that I had booked for the night.

We got out of the car and I grabbed the small suitcase from in the trunk. "So what is the occasion?" Quorra asked as I took her hand and led her inside. "I don't believe that May 24th holds any significance," she murmured.

"It doesn't, but it's my last weekend with you all to myself, did you know that?" I asked as we walked up to the front desk. Our conversation stopped momentarily as we stopped in front of the desk.

A man that looked like he was in his early twenties turned around to help us. I held back the glare towards him as he gaped at Quorra for a couple of seconds. I quickly checked the two of us in and then briskly led Quorra to the elevator.

Quorra raised her eyebrows as we walked into the elevator. "Yes, I know that but I didn't know that was important," she said in a confused tone.

We rode up to one of the top floors and stepped out of the elevator. "Stop putting so much thought into everything, I just wanted to surprise you. We haven't done anything really fun in a while," I told her with a smile.

"That's true," Quorra agreed softly before she giggled. "But I think that's because you were so busy this week at ENCOM."

I nodded but gritted my teeth in slight annoyance. "It would've been a little more helpful if Dillinger informed me that he was going out of the country instead of leaving everyone hanging for a week," I grumbled.

I stopped in front of the hotel room and pulled the key card out of my pocket before opening the door. We walked into the large hotel suite and I let the door close shut as I set down the suitcase. I grinned as Quorra walked into the room. "Sam…" I heard her breath from the other room before I came in to join her.

A dozen roses rested on the bedside table while a blanket that I had gotten custom made rested on the bed. The blanket was a scarlet red and read 'I love you' in golden cursive letters. "I have one more thing for you," I said as I pulled a velvet box out of my pocket.

She frowned in confusion. "I already have an engagement ring though, I don't believe I'm supposed to get a wedding ring yet, right?" she asked a bit nervously.

"No, other pieces of jewelry come in small boxes too," I said as I popped it open to reveal a golden charm that read 'Mom' on it.

She smiled as I took it out and took her wrist in my other hand, fastening it on the bracelet right next to her book charm.

"I've needed to fill this up," I murmured as I leaned in and kissed her cheek. "I love you," I breathed against her soft skin.

"I love you," she whispered back as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She looked up at me with her wide blue eyes. "Why do you insist on spoiling me rotten?" she asked me.

"Because you deserve to be given everything that you're heart desires and much more," I answered easily as I picked up a few strands of her hair. "I like spoiling you anyways, if you haven't noticed."

She laughed and leaned in to kiss my cheek. "I do kind of like it, it's sweet. It makes me feel…um…bad sometimes though because I never know what to get you," she admitted honestly.

I leaned my head against her own and wrapped my arms a bit tighter around her waist. "You have given me everything I could've wanted and more."

"That sounds very…cheesy, you know?" she asked me with a small laugh.

"It may sound cheesy, but it's more than true. I'm marrying you in less than half of a year. I love everything about you. You're so perfect; so genuine, so loving, and not to mention this sexy body that you come wrapped up in," I told her as I kissed the tip of her nose. "And those wildly provocative clothes that you wear that will get you into major trouble after you say the words 'I do.'"

She beamed up at me very innocently. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Samuel Flynn," she stated as her eyes seemed to flash in the dim lighting. "And that sounds like a threat but I know that you wouldn't dare," she teased me.

"Oh, but I would, it's called payback, my lovely ISO," I murmured as I hugged her to me. She giggled again but then sighed and I felt her body seem to relax even more.

"You think I'll be a good mom?" she asked me softly.

I lowered my head towards hers. "Of course I do, I wouldn't doubt that for a second."

"I hope you're right."

"I know I am."

She hugged me then, her soft and slim body pressing up against mine gently. She let her head rest against the left side of my chest and I heard her breathe a sigh. I wrapped my arms around her torso and placed my chin on top of hers softly. "You're right, I do love cuddling," she said with a giggle as she tilted her head up to face me. "I feel so warm…so protected," she went on. "By you."

I picked her up bridal style then and quickly tossed her onto the large king sized bed before she could wrap her arms around me again. She yelped in surprise as she went airborne and then landed on the soft comforters. She turned onto her side so she was positioned in the center of the bed and grabbed the plush blanket, wrapping herself into it. She gazed at me expectantly and I took off my lightweight jacket.

"So much for feeling protected," she told me with a fake saddened expression.

"You know I'll always protect you," I reminded her as I joined her on the bed and lay on my side as well so I was facing her. She reached her hand out, running her fingers through my blond hair. She leaned in and kissed me then, letting her hand fall to rest on my neck.

She pulled away from me after a few moments and turned so her back was facing me. She pushed herself up against my chest and I wrapped my arm around her out of instinct. "Will you tell me a story?" she asked me softly as she turned her head upwards so she could stare at me.

"About what? I've told you so many," I responded as I kissed the top of her nose.

She twined her fingers with mine and pressed them against her side. "I don't know, Sam Flynn. How about…" she trailed off in an unsure tone and I wondered what she was going to say next. "Tell me about your mother. You never talk about her," she murmured.

I sighed and shook my head. I ran my fingers through her soft hair and then found her hand once more, waiting for mine as usual. "I never really knew her, Quorra. I was two when she died in the car accident."

"Is human memory really that bad?" she asked me quizzically. "Do you remember anything about her?" she continued.

I shook my head again. "I used to remember her voice…but that slowly left as I grew older. We had pictures of her and my grandparents told me all about her but I don't remember anything for myself," I sighed. "It's so messed up…"

"No, it's not," she told me with a light hint of defiance coloring her tone. "It's not like it's your fault, you couldn't do anything about it. You were young," she murmured as she turned around again to face me again, letting her hand move down the length of my arm in the process. "Accidents happen."

"That's the thing…" I started as I looked away from her and moved to rest on my back so I was staring up at the ceiling. "Those so called 'accidents' keep happening to all of the people around me. I don't even know why it always happens to me, it just does," I mumbled. "I'm surprised you're still here," I breathed. "Originally, I wanted to keep my distance from you so I wouldn't get close to you. I couldn't just destroy my father's last miracle just by being around you," I started. "But I didn't want to be rude or mean, I didn't want to push you away, I didn't want to hurt you. I've been that guy before and you deserved better than that.

Quorra was silent so I just continued talking. "So…I decided to protect you instead…but I'm not doing a very good job, am I?"

"I don't need to be protected," she whispered as I felt her breath tickle my neck. I brought her hand up to my lips and kissed it gently before letting my hand fall over her stomach.

"Whether you think you do or don't, I still will. I don't want to lose you, I can't lose you. I can't imagine what things would be like if I were to lose you, it's-"

"Then don't try to," she told me in a sudden tone. "Please? I'm going to be here, I'm not going to disappear on you. Where would I go?" she asked me.

I looked over at her to see her frowning, her porcelain white face pursed and creased as she seemed to ponder over something. I studied her for a moment before wrapping an arm around her. "I'll stop, I'm sorry, we're supposed to be having a good time and here I am worrying you," I said.

"No…you're not. I like talking about everything with you. It's just…so strange for someone to care about me this much. At times, it's a bit hard to understand," she told me with a soft smile.

I chuckled softly. "You deserve to be cherished and to be cared for to no end."

"I still can't believe that I never knew that any of this existed at one point. Then I read all of those books that Flynn had and I could understand, at a mental level, about the complexities of feeling and emotions, but I could never understand them myself physically or emotionally until I came here. I could feel…so much more…" she breathed with wide eyes. "Understand everything first hand, I could see it and…react…"

I smiled over at her. "So…you really couldn't feel things on the Grid like you do here?" I asked her.

"No, I don't know if it was because of my lack of knowledge about the unknown or that my circuitry didn't allow for such complexities for emotional state…it's amazing," she murmured. "And I don't know how we went from talking about your mother to this," she added with a light grin.

We both laughed aloud. I got on top of her then and gazed at her for a few seconds. She gazed back at me with the same expression and I could see the corners of her lips turning into a larger smile. "What would you like to do? I brought you here so we could do something different together, not lay in bed all night…not that I don't mind," I added before kissing her chin gently.

"This bed is so comfortable though and after all, this is your last weekend all alone with me….all alone," she murmured as she wrapped her hands around my neck. "We've been so busy this week too," she added with a small pout.

She didn't have to say anything else, of she didn't, she knew that. I leaned down and kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her chin, and finally her lips, lingering there for a few seconds before pulling away. She moved her hands from around my neck to underneath my shirt, pulling it up and over my head in one quick easy motion. "You know what I think?" I asked her as I popped two buttons open on her blouse.

"That you should just keep your shirt off?" she asked me with a giggle as she ran her cool fingers over my chest.

I chuckled and kissed her quickly. "No," I murmured as I flicked open to more buttons. "You wear too much lace," I commented as I noticed the white colored lace bra that she was wearing.

"You don't seem to mind," she shot back lightly as she helped me pull herself out of the blouse.

I wasted no time in kissing her again, letting my hands trail over her exposed skin. I let my fingers trail over the fabric of her bra and then move towards the zipper to her skinny jeans. She tangled her fingers in my hair as I undid the zipper and started pushing the fabric down her smooth legs. She helped kick them off and I tossed them to the side of the room as she straddled her legs on either side of me.

I pulled my lips from hers and I chuckled as she let out a frustrated huff. I moved my lips to her neck and spent a good few moments kissing and gently nipping at the soft and smooth skin there. She giggled as I kissed the spot behind her ear and I felt her shiver slightly.

After a minute or two of her body wrapped around mine and our lips twined together, I rolled off of her and onto my side. She smiled over at me softly before I sat up and leaned against the headboard to the bed. She copied me but came to position herself in my lap easily. I wrapped the blanket around her half bare body and leaned in to kiss her cheek. "You're so beautiful," I told her as I wrapped my arms around her form.

She laughed somewhat shyly and ducked her head a little bit. "I like that you take me places. I get to explore this world," she murmured as she leaned her head onto my shoulder.

"This is just the beginning, I have so many things planned for us later on this year," I stated as I turned on the entertainment system to play some background music. "We're going to go on a summer vacation in mid-June I believe. I'm thinking Florida, Hawaii, The Virgin Islands, or Costa Rica. Maybe a combination of a few," I added with a shrug. "And I'm going to absolutely spoil you rotten on our honeymoon. I'm going to take you all around the world, sweetheart."

She gasped happily. "Really?"

"Yeah, I'm slowly getting that planned but I know that we'll love it," I said to her.

"Oh, that's so exciting!" she squealed happily before leaning up to kiss my lips quickly. "We should take Gracey to Disney Land sometime," she went on. "I really want to see that place too. There are so many commercials about it!"

I chuckled and tightened my arms around her. "I'll take you anywhere," I murmured. "Would you like something to eat? We haven't had dinner yet," I reminded her as I let my fingers caress her right cheek.

She shook her head at me. "I'm not hungry, Sam Flynn," she answered with a soft smile.

"Anything to drink?" I prodded as I picked her up off of my lap and set her onto the bed. I stood and walked over to the wet bar.

"What did you think of me when we first met?" she asked me suddenly as I was bending over to grab a bottle of champagne and sparkling cider.

The question caught me a bit off guard and when I turned to face her, all I could see was the sexy woman sitting on the bed barely wearing any clothes with a blanket draped lazily around her. "What do you mean?" I asked her curiously as I moved closer to the bed again.

"On the Grid, what did you think of me then?" she asked me with a inquiring look. "Did you love me then?" she asked me as she looked off to nowhere in particular. "Did you have the feelings that you do now for me, then?" she went on.

"No," I said all too quickly and then I grimaced as her eyes widened a bit in what seemed to be hurt. "I mean…it doesn't happen like that, you know that. Of course I thought you were attractive but I didn't know you, Q," I answered her softly. "And at first, when you had that helmet thing on, I sort of thought you were a guy," I added sheepishly.

"Why would you think that?" she asked me with a tiny laugh.

"This may sound sexist so…don't get mad," I murmured as I sat down on the bed and then fell back onto it. "Most girls don't drive like that…the way you did and still do."

I heard her laugh and then I heard movement as she neared me. The next thing I knew, my head was in her lap and her fingers were massaging my head softly. "You're right, that was very sexist," she agreed as she tugged on my hair lightly. "No, but really, what did you think of me after that?" she prodded.

"Why do you care so much, miss?" I asked her as I turned my head and breathed against her thigh. I heard her breath in sharply and then flick my head as she laughed. "You seemed like a trustworthy person and you brought me to my father, why wouldn't I have liked you?" I wondered softly. "Why didn't my dad tell me immediately what you were?"

She sighed. "No one knew except him. You could've been an imposter, Sam Flynn. Things were starting to go awry when you came there. Something could've been wrong," she stated. "He always took extra precautions with me even though it was completely unnecessary," she murmured with a shrug.

"I'd never hurt a single hair on your pretty head," I mumbled as she continued to work her fingers through my hair.

"That may be so but we didn't know that."

"That's understandable."

She moved her hands from my hair and then moved them down my bare chest, repeating the motion a few times. "You were so fascinating, another human on the Grid than Flynn. Although you gave off an attitude that was a lot more careless than your father," she told me as she looked down at me evenly. "But I see why now and you don't really have that attitude anymore," she went on with a light grin.

"It's very hard to listen to you when you're barely dressed, you know?" I asked her softly as I let my eyes swoop over her body and then meet her eyes again.

She laughed and then hopped off of the bed lightly, bending down to grab my dress shirt. She threw it over her shoulders and then buttoned it up. She turned around once she was done and smiled. "Better?" she questioned as she moved so she was on top of me.

"Not at all," I answered simply as I rolled the tow of us over and pinned her to the bed. "You look really adorable wearing this," I murmured as I lowered my head to kiss her neck.

She closed her eyes and sighed. "We need to get married already, Sam Flynn," she breathed.

"Indeed we do."

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