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"Umm... Isaka-san I don't think that should be..." an employee said but quickly shut up when Isaka threw a dirty leer at her.

Satisfied with her silence, Isaka nodded his head as he ejected a memory card out its slot. "Have you made a copy made of this Len-chan?" The daddy-coat-rider asked, the grin on his face never leaving.

"I ...did."

"That's good! Now... make sure that no one will ever –and I mean no one will talk about this!" Isaka commanded, wagging his finger as if the woman in front of him was a three year old child.

"Understood Isaka-san." The woman said uncertainly as the grinning man left the monitoring room. Once the man was gone, she let her body collapse on the nearest chair. "This would cause so many headaches." The woman said as she massaged her temple, attempting to brew out the incoming forming headache, but to no avail after a few seconds the headache started to come. "He didn't even get my name right." She whispered as her eyes landed on a monitor, where all members of the famous Maiden Club, was viewing. "My name is Lee not Len."


"Good Morning everybody~" Isaka greeted with cheery grin as he waved at everyone inside the office. Most of the employees greeted him while others bowed their heads.

"What brings you here?" Takano Masamune asked he placed feet on top of the table. Exhaustion and lack of sleep was evident on his eyes as he regarded the newly arrived black haired man. It was common knowledge that when The Isaka-san personally visits your department chaos would surely follow.

Now that was something Takano didn't want. Chaos. He and his co-workers had just finished the cycle, meaning they were at least temporarily out of chaos, it was a custom for them –the Emerald members to take the first three days after the cycle easy. It was something that everyone agreed on.

Well... almost everybody.

Takano's eyes wandered towards a certain brunette. The said brunette was talking animatedly on the phone, his hand flying on every direction as his face made cute funny expressions.

Takano chuckled as secretly as possible but he didn't let his amusement let him take away. He grabbed the nearest magazine to him, rolled it and then threw the rolled magazine with deadly precision. The flying magazine hit the brunette's head. Dead on.

"OW! THAT HURTS!" the brunette yelled all eyes turning towards him. "What did you do that for?" the assaulted complained as he robbed his sore head, "You enjoy seeing me in pain that much?" he said as he threw a glare at Takano.

Takano took the glare as a challenge. He glared back at the brunette. "Oi! Remember that I'm your superior, Onodera." Takano reminded as he pointed his pointing finger at Onodera. "And I'll also remind you that Isaka-san is here and that he is also your superior so greet him properly!" He scolded as he intensified his glare.

Onodera, not wanting to beaten on their glaring contest, glared harder. After a few more seconds Onodera broke the glaring contest. "Geez, I'm sorry then. Good morning Isaka-san." Onodera greeted as he turned his office chair around so that he would be facing Isaka who was standing behind the space between Onodera's and Kisa's.

"Good morning to you too!" Isaka greeted. "How's your talk with the publishing office?"

"Talk?" Onodera asked, slightly tilting his head to the side. "Ack! I forgot! Please excuse me!" with that he picked up the phone and then continuously apologized to person he was talking on the phone. No one paid much attention to him after that. Instead eyes focused on Isaka.

"Again... what brings you here?" Takano asked as he took off his reading glasses. "Don't tell me you're checking on your workers since we all know that you won't do that this way."

"My my Takano-san have you no faith in me? I was actually going to do that but since you have kindly said that I don't usually do that then I guess I wouldn't do it." Isaka said as he shrugged his shoulders. The entire Emerald department became silent except for Onodera's girly voice and the wall clock. "But you know what? I think there would be a better way to do something here. Something more interesting." He said as he moved his hands like Gaston, from the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, would usually do.

"Uh-huh. And that would be?" Takano asked flatly as he stared at the man with a bored expression.

"Well you see... I read everybody's profile once in awhile." Isaka said a dangerous grin forming on his face. "And I just happen to catch a wiff of some very interesting things." By now, some members of the other department were starting to eavesdrop. "Like for example~ Hatori-san!" At the mention of his name the man jumped a little on his seat. "You've been friends with Chiharu-san since you were kids!"

"What's so interesting about that?" Hatori asked as he raised a brow. "Not to be rude here Isaka-san but my co-workers already know that."

"True. True." Isaka said as he grabbed the nearest near chair which was unfortunately Onodera's chair. The sudden pull of the chair made Onodera lose his balance and fall on the ground. A protest was heard from the brunette but no one paid heed to him. The possibility of Isaka-san telling the juiciest of all the juiciest information about the Maidens was off the charts. Between Onodera falling off his chair and Isaka's new information, it was clear which was more interesting. "But! You left the fact out that you along with Chihiro-sensei are classmates with the handsome freelance artist, Yuu Yanase!" Isaka proclaimed which caused most of the female eavesdroppers to squeal.

Oh my... Hatori did so not want to think what those women are thinking.

"How did you get that information? That wasn't written at my resume. And please don't let your imagination run wild. I already love someone else." Hatori said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Have you been spying on me?"

Isaka cackled. "Nope! I just really have good eyes and excellent deduction skills. Ahem... on another matter I would like to talk about you Kisa-san."

"Eh? Me!" Kisa asked before blinking twice.

"Well I didn't get much from you... but you see I just happened to be scouting for student artists. So I went to a university school fair and then just happen to come across this splendid fashion show. The clothes that were displayed were a masterpiece! But the main event is really something else, see I even got the picture." He said as he held up a picture in hand. Everyone, even Onodera, leaned on to see what Isaka had to show. Unfortunately, before Isaka could raise the picture a little higher, Kisa had already snatched the picture from Isaka's clutch.

Isaka's eyes twinkled on Kisa's reaction. "Well that was a very interesting and strong reaction from you, Kisa-san!" Isaka said as he got up from his –Onodera's- seat. "I just actually came here to tell you that I installed security cameras inside and outside the building. We wouldn't want crazy fans from breaking inside Marukawa Publishing Office, now wouldn't we?" Isaka asked rhetorically.

"You installed security cameras for security purpose?" Onodera inquired.

"Yes." Isaka confirmed as he nodded his head. "But that isn't my main purpose! My main purpose is to monitor the moves of my employees so-" Isaka smiled and then wagged his finger. "-no monkey business!" and with that said he skipped out of the Emerald department.

Takano narrowed his eyes as his co-workers weird visit as unimportant. Of course, it was natural to post security cameras inside and outside of the office. Especially when the office is publishing house. Marukawa had already encountered of fangirls and fanboys breaking inside the building just to get the latest issue of their favourite magazine/book or ask for an autograph of their favourite author.

Yep. Takano would've been at ease right now if that was the only thing he had noticed but then being the observant man he always was. Takano didn't miss the way Isaka's eyes twinkled as he gave out his speech. He didn't like the twinkle that Isaka had on. It only promised mischief.


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