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"Where should I put this?" Misaki asked as he eyed the brown box he was carrying with great interest. A few minutes ago he had been sweeping the teddy bear collection room when he stumbled on a few stacks of carton boxes underneath some of the large teddy bears. His curiosity peaked once he saw the stacks of boxes. In his four years of living at Usagi-san's condo he never knew of the existence of these boxes, so of course, it was natural for him to be curios.

The twenty year old man heaved a sigh as he contemplated where to put the boxes. Respecting Usagi-san's privacy, Misaki didn't dare to open a single one. He had considered asking Usagi-san what the contents of the mystery boxes were but the idea was quickly struck down when he remembered that Usagi-san was sleeping.

Usagi-san had stayed up for three straight nights; Misaki definitely didn't want to wake the poor man now.

"Maybe I should just wait for Usagi-san to wake up and then ask him about this mess." Misaki mumbled and nodded to himself but quickly erased the idea again. Waiting for him to wake up would be a long time. Misaki couldn't wait to clean the room; his sense of making the whole-apartment-spotless-and-organized was kicking in.

Misaki closed his eyes and groaned. It was hard to fight his neat-freak attitude.

After a few minutes of thinking, he sighed and gave up. He decided to wait for the older man to wake up.

"I'll just go and catch a nap." He said to no one as he reluctantly left the room and went to the nearest room that could provide him a soft bed. That room was none other than Usagi-san's room. A few years ago, Misaki would have refused to sleep on the older man's bed but he had outgrown that attitude. Now, he didn't mind lying on the man's bed -hell he didn't even mind sharing a bed with the man, as long as Usagi-san didn't do anything weird to him. Though, he knew that was impossible. Usagi-san always wanted to try things with him.

Misaki stifled a yawn as he entered his landlord's room.

The room was dark.

The green-eyed man plopped down on the bed and he sighed in content as he inched closer to his landlord's body, wanting more of the warmth. He lay on the bed face to face with his lover. Unconsciously, the still sleeping Usagi-san wrapped his arms around him as though his body had recognized Misaki's presence.

Misaki smiled and began drifting off to sleep, ready to be claimed by the land of dreams.

Ring. Ring.

Misaki's eyes snapped open. He groaned as he felt the larger body that was pressed to him shift but still didn't get up.

Ring. Ring.

"Usagi-san, please answer your phone." Misaki grumbled as he closed his eyes again. He heard the silver haired man groan.

"Alright." The other man said. He lifted one of his hands and groped for his phone. It didn't take him long to find the phone considering that it was placed on the bed – just above their heads.

Ring. Ring.

"Just wait!" Akihiko hissed, clearly annoyed now.

Misaki opened his right eye to peer at the man.

"Oh. It's just that annoying pest." Usagi said uninterestedly as he read the caller's I.D.


Ring. Ring.

"Stupid Isaka." Usagi answered and he was about to press the end call button when Misaki interfered.

"Wait!" Misaki shouted as he stopped Usagi-san's hand from ending the call.

Ring. Ring.

"It could be really important if he wants to call you." Misaki insisted. "Answer the call."

Usagi frowned at his lover's request but complied anyway. He sighed and answered the phone.

Immediately, a high pitched energetic voice greeted him.

"Yo! Usagi-san~ How are you today? I think you'll be interested in what I'm about to say."

"I'm not feeling well and I'm not interested in whatever you are about to say. Good day."

"Hold up! Oh Great Usami Akihiko! I bring you good news!" Usagi rolled his eyes at Isaka's flattery.

"Cut to the chase. I haven't had a goodnight's sleep for days."


"Well? Why did you call me at such ungodly hour?" He asked sarcastically, his patience running low.

"I heard that you were having a major writer's block! I saw Aikawa-san going crazy on a colleague of hers because a certain author that she is handling hasn't written anything yet. Also, it's only 9:40 A.M."

"Did you just call me to remind me of my temporary incapability to submit a story to that woman?"

"What? No! No! Why I would never say that! I just called to say you that Marukawa had recently installed surveillance cameras."

"And this concerns me, how?" Usagi answered, uninterestedly.

"You have a writer's block! You need inspiration for your new BL novel. I just happened to have the material that you need."


Kisa Shouta smiled as he reread the latest e-mail he had received. It was a sweet yet simple message from Yukina. Kisa hummed to himself as he looked at his phone with adoration.

"Let's meet at the Street corner of Kuroko and Hikaru. Around seven o'clock. I made reservations. :D Love you!"

"You're hopelessly falling in love with me." The man said with a blush as he shut his e-mail window tab. What Kisa had said was true. Yukina Kou was indeed falling for him –hard. But that didn't mean that Yukina Kou was the only one falling in love. Slowly but surely the petite young looking man's feelings of hard lust had turned into a gooey pile of pure love.

Kisa Shouta was falling in love with Yukina Kou.


"Sa-saga-senpai, I-I have something to tell you." The cute fifteen-year-old stuttered, his voice gradually becoming softer and softer as he played with his hands. He was trying to avert his gaze away from me. I watched him calmly as he squirmed before me.

I smiled and then enclosed him in a gentle hug. I patted his head delicately, helping him ease the nervousness he was feeling.

"I-uhm-you see…this." He stammered cutely, looking down on his feet as he struggled weakly to get out of my embrace.

I kissed him on the forehead and his face turned cherry red. He ceased his struggles and stood stiffly in my embrace.

"Tha-that's." He whispered incomprehensibly, burying his flushed face in my chest. I chuckled and loosened my hug on him as I slowly lifted his chin and looked him in the eyes.

"Ritsu I-"

"Takano-san! Don't sleep!" An annoying voice shrilled, waking the tall man sleeping in his own chair.

Takano grumbled. "I was having such a nice dream."

"Please Takano-san wake up! I know that it's only the second day of the cycle but please don't slack off." Onodera whined as he looked at the slumped man.

"Maa~ maa~ Ri-chan! Takano-san looked like he was having a nice dream maybe you shouldn't have woken him up. He was even smiling while he was sleeping." Kisa said good-naturedly.

"I agree with Kisa-san." Mino said as he looked up from his paperwork, his signature smile still present on his face. "I'm curious Takano-san. What were you dreaming about?" The ever smiling man asked, curiosity evident in his voice.

Takano didn't speak for a few moments. Instead of replying to Mino's question he locked his gaze on a slightly infuriated Onodera.

"But if you don't like to answer we-" Kisa said but stopped speaking when Takano held his hand up.

"No. It's alright I'm willing to answer your question." Takano said. "I dreamt about my first love. We broke up a long time ago but I still can't forget about my first love."

There was a moment of silence at this sudden confession and then Kisa broke it, "Eh? Really? How romantic but it's so sad too!"

"Romantic but tragic indeed," Hatori said as he nodded his head enthusiastically in agreement.

"I know right? I met the person I have loved all this years a few months ago again but now that person didn't want to be courted,"

"Whatever! Takano-san, please stop talking about your personal life! Start working on your storyboard please." A flushed Onodera complained. "You guys should get back to work too!" The brunette said as he pointed an accusing finger at his co-workers. Reluctantly Mino, Kisa, and Hatori got back to their work.

"You are such a killjoy." Takano said as he stretched his arms above his head. "Aren't you interested to know a little more about my love life?"

Onodera's face turned a shade brighter. "Wh-why would I want to know about your love life?!"


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