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"Well, isn't that what you wanted?" Tess asked, confused.

"Well, yes and no." Sadie replied.

"Of course I wanted Frankie" she sighed, carrying on. "But, she still loves Cat and I'm just gonna be another side project until Cat lets her in again."

Tess pulled Sadie into a hug. "Do you want me to talk to her?"

Sadie nodded and pulled away from the hug. "Yeah, I don't exactly wanna be near her, I'll go and shower."

"Okay" Tess smiled.

"So, what happened with you last night?" Sadie added, before standing up.

"Nothing...I fell asleep, Lexy had work so"

"Shame" Sadie smirked.

Tess found herself blushing and shooing Sadie out of the room before going to knock on Frankie's door.

She knocked gently and opened the door when she heard Frankie groan.

"Frankie?" Tess asked, knowing that her friend was rarely a morning person.

"Morning" Frankie smiled, not lifting her head off the pillow.

"So, I heard someone had a busy night." Tess sat on the edge of Frankie's bed.

Frankie's head whirred into action and she stayed silent for a few seconds before sitting bolt upright.

"Fuck." she whispered loudly.

"Something wrong?" Tess asked innocently.

"Cat.." Frankie mumbled.

"Frankie..." Tess said slowly as Frankie began to get up off the bed and get dressed.

"No time Tess." Frankie replied, still getting dressed.

"You're not leaving."

"Watch me." Frankie walked to the door and opened it, walking into the hallway.

"Frankie!" Tess called as Frankie walked out of the front door and closed it behind her.

Lexy sighed and glanced at the clock, her break was over.

As if she didn't already know, her supervisor popped his head round the door to confirm that she had to go back to work.

"I'm on it." Lexy smiled.

She walked back to the reception desk to pick up her next folder when the receptionist stopped her.

"Someone's here for you" the receptionist smiled.

"Um, okay..." Lexy laughed, confused.

She scanned the room until her eyes fell upon the familiar police officer, who strided towards her.

"Hi Sam."

"Lexy" Sam smiled. "Mind if I have a word?"

"Sure" Lexy smiled back "Unless you're gonna arrest me?"

"No" Sam laughed

"Okay, well, what did you wanna talk about?" Lexy asked, going back into the break room, which was now empty.

Sam sighed "Cat. You're the only person I can talk to this about, I know you're not on any sides."

"Oh, okay." Lexy replied, it was true, she hadn't taken a side.

"I just need to ask you something..." Sam moved towards Lexy.

"If you hear anything, about it carrying on or anything like that, please let me know." Sam pleaded.

"I will, no worries." Lexy smiled, placing a hand on Sam's shoulder, "I don't think it would carry on anyway."

Lexy's mind suddenly flashed back to last night, when Cat came in, she wondered whether or not to tell Sam about that.

"Something on your mind?" Sam asked, Lexy realising she had obviously completely zoned out.

"" Lexy laughed.

Cat shook as she ran through the events of the previous day, had she really told Frankie it was okay to carry on?

She became paranoid that Frankie would turn up anytime, especially since Sam was at work.

Cat stood up and locked the front door, breathing a sigh of relief.

She walked back to the bedroom and froze on the spot when she saw the figure creeping through her window.

"Hey, front door was locked." Frankie smiled as she straightened up.

"Frankie" Cat choked up "What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Well, I didn't think you were in, but seeing as you're here, I was gonna give you this." Frankie took out a small black box from her pocket and handed in to Cat.

"I was gonna give it to you on your birthday, but you took off" Frankie explained as Cat opened the box.

Cat remained silent as she closed the box and placed it down on the bed.

"Oh fuck, you don't like it, I'm sorry it's just I didn't know what el-" Frankie's babbling was cut off as Cat caught her in a heated kiss.

Cat broke the kiss eventually and cupped Frankie's face. "I love it Frankie, and I love you."

Frankie leaned in to kiss Cat again but Cat pulled back, still staying close to Frankie.

"Say you love me too Frankie." Cat's voice was shaking.

"I don't need to" Frankie responded, staying calm.

"Why not?" Cat began to panic, wondering if she had thrown her marriage away for a quick fling with a girl who didn't even love her.

"Because I never stopped from the first time" Frankie smirked as Cat moved closer towards her, wrapping her arms around Frankie's back and hugging her tightly.

"Why would you scare me like that?" Cat asked blankly.

"Because you're so adorable when you're scared." Frankie joked.

"Frankie" Cat scolded jokingly.

"Yes?" Frankie smiled.

"Shut the fuck up" Cat sighed and kissed Frankie deeply, pushing her onto the bed.

Tess sat on the sofa and began to panic, how would she explain this to Sadie? How would Sadie take it?

Sadie slumped into the front room, her hair still wet.

"So, how'd it go?" Sadie sighed, sitting down next to Tess.

"Um..uh..okay, I guess." Tess stumbled over her words, hoping Sadie wouldn't notice.

"She doesn't have any feelings for me does she?"

"I think she might" Tess protested "But, it's just..."

"Cat?" Sadie sighed.

Tess nodded silently.

"So, where is she now?" Sadie asked.

Tess remained silent until Sadie got the point.

"Cat..." she repeated, slower this time.

"You know what, I give up." Sadie sighed "I'll be gone by later this evening."

"No Sadie" Tess pleaded "Don't give up on her, if I'm not allowed, neither are you."

"Tess..." Sadie whispered, trying not to cry. "She obviously doesn't want me here."

"You don't know that." Tess pulled Sadie into a hug. "She's a bad place."

"Yeah, under Cat." Sadie scoffed.

"She'll be home soon, just, talk to her, please? One last chance?" Tess pulled back.

Lexy got through the rest of her shift and arrived home, trying not to let herself think of Sam being upset.

She had a thing for people who were hurt, she just wanted to help them, and she was determined to help Sam.

She should've told Sam about Cat coming round the night before, but for some reason, she didn't, she felt that something was stopping her.

Lexy sighed as she stepped into the hallway at home.

She was shocked as a teary-eyed Sadie ran out into the hallway, before stopping to look at her.

"Oh sorry" she smiled "I thought you were someone else."

"Um, that's okay." Lexy laughed "Did you think I was Frankie?"

Sadie nodded before bursting into tears again.

Lexy walked over to Sadie to hug her.

"Uh, Tess?" Lexy called, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

Tess appeared in the living room doorway, still in her pyjamas.

"You're still in your pyjamas?" Lexy laughed.

"You don't wanna know" Tess whispered.

"Sadie, come on, let's go sit down." Lexy pulled back from Sadie and led her into the living room, sitting her down on the sofa.

"She's not gonna be back for ages is she?" Sadie cried.

"Why, where's she gone?" Lexy asked, confused.

"Where do you think, she's having sex with Cat!" Sadie slumped back on the sofa.

"Shit..." Lexy turned to Tess. "Is anyone gonna tell Sam?"

"No" Tess laughed.

"Why not?"

"Because it would just make things worse, Frankie and Cat need to just, get over this thing and both move on." Tess explained, moving closer to her girlfriend.

"I just think Sam needs to be told" Lexy replied.

"If it carries on after today, I'll tell Sam myself." Tess smiled, knowing Lexy was worrying.

Lexy smiled, leaning in to kiss Tess before she was interrupted.

"Where's Sadie?" Tess asked.

Sadie had gone, and all that was heard was a slam of the front door.

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