Brandon was single, his history with Kelly didn't work, and even his relationship with Tracy had gone wrong.

He still lived at his old house with Steve and Val, his best friend, whose life was a total mess in that moment. They had a one night stand, a few years ago, but they stopped before the classic ending.

They spent together a lot of time, much more than usually, and Brandon began to appreciate the girl

in other views, her attitude, sense of humour, and obviously, her beauty.

Valerie was in love with him, she knew it, and now she felt that they were sharing something more

than a mere physical attraction, but now she wanted him, she wanted to be his woman.

One night Steve was outside, Brandon wouldn't have arrived at home until late, so she prepared a

great night for the two of them.

Brandon arrived at home at about 11 p.m, afterwards a very hard day, the spotlights in the living

room were shut down, so he presumed that anyone else was at home.

When he turned on the lights, his heart missed a few beatings.. Valerie was on the sofa, wearing a

sexy negligee, she didn't say anything, she stood up, wrapped her arms around his neck,and gave

him a long, passionate, soultaking kiss.

He was astonished.. he felt pure awe for this fantastic girl, sexy and smart, this time anything

would have stopped them.. In the midst of their making out, he threw away her camisole leaving her

just in bra and panties, whereas Valerie looked at him adoringly.

Quickly both of them were almost naked, it was their first time, and the result was a mixture of

tenderness and pure lust.