Brandon grabbed Valerie's hips, at the same she wrapped her legs around his waist, and they became one, kindly and furiously, with passion and tenderness, they made love, an overhelming, strong sex which got tired both of them.

They began against the wall on the stairs at Walsh, every part of their bodies joined together, their tongues dancing a slow tango, while their eyes got crazy with love. Valerie was deeply in love with Brandon, she tried to express the deepness of her feeling, every gesture, every movement was a symbol of how the young Walsh had changed and made full her life.

I can't believe this is really happening- said Valerie.

We should have done this before, despite quarrelling and losing with wrong people-

After a while of their lovemaking, a moan escaped Valerie's lips, frantically Brandon's thrusts became faster and faster, matching Valerie's own, and all of a sudden they found themselves lost in a long and incredible orgasm.

They made love for hours and hours, in the end every place, furniture or whatever could have said a lot of things about that night, the night where a great love blossomed and became real, years spent in the mist and in the fog got clear, a bright and shining sun enlightened their lives.

They got in bed to get a rest after that mad session of sex and love, with a great new, Brandon Walsh's heart had a new owner, the sexy, stunning and beautiful Valerie Malone.