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"Hey,'Baria?" The woman turns, eyes tired and anxious. Just moments before they were locked on the screen, watching a dark-haired girl and a sun-kissed boy travel through the forest. "Yes, Gloss?" The man sighs, running a hand through his already messy blonde hair. "Come to our room, they've found him." The woman's eyes light suddenly and she dashes out of the room, into the quarters in the next room. Her eyes lock with the screen for just a moment, just long enough to see the dark-haired girl crumple to the forest floor, a spear in her ribcage. Enobaria's eyes fill with pain-but not tears, no never tears- and she cries out, knees giving out. "Clove! C'mon, get back up. Get back up!" They eventually have to sedate her, having grown hysterical.

But that's not long enough for her to have seen Cato cut open the boy's stomach open out of pure rage, him call out for his district partner weakly, dropping to his knees. "C-Clo...don't go. You can't! You can't!" And then he too grows hysterical, gripping her body and bringing her cold lips to his warm ones over and over. He raises his head to the sky, screeching. "Bring her back! " And then, desperate, he begs. "I need her! I love her!" Sadness turns to rage and he walks to the bleeding boy on the ground, who's smiling a sick smile. Before the boy can even utter a word, Marvel does first. "Shut the hell up,Cato. She's dead. She's never coming back." The boy decapitates the other cleanly, his head rolling away. And then he sobs, crawling over to Clove. "Open your damn eyes! You're not dead! You can't be!" Then, a single voice booms over Cato's. "Congratulations to Cato Maren, the Victor of the Seventy- Fourth Hunger Games!" And then, Cato screams. Ironically, the same time as her world goes black.

hours later:.

She wakes in a hospital bed, eyes red and bloodshot. Seeing Gloss at her side she immediately asks him the question running through her sedative-induced nightmares and into her head: "How's Cato? Insane? Hysterical? Dead?" Gloss sighs, green eyes dull. "Yes to the last one. But only inside." She sighs in relief, nodding. "Can I see him?" Gloss nods tiredly, handing her some clothes, Capitol-soft and the color of his eyes. She raises an eyebrow slightly at the color. "I'll explain later." She pulls them on and heads down to his room, approaching him with caution. "Cato?" She whispers softly, stroking his blonde hair gently. He wakes with a start, looking around with panic clear in his eyes. "Clo?" She shakes her head, sighing- they always did say mentor and said tribute looked alike-"No, it's Enobaria, your mentor. Clove's dead. Marvel killed her. " His eyes register her face and he growls threateningly at Gloss, whose peering over her shoulder. "Oh, stop that, Cato! You're not in the goddamn arena anymore! This is Gloss, Marvel's mentor." The two blondes stare, with caution as well as tension clear in the air, when Cato finally speaks. "Damn your tribute. He killed her." And Gloss bites his lip gently, nodding.

"He did it to break you." Cato turns away for a moment, laughing bitterly. "Well he did a damn good job, that's for sure." Enobaria sighs, then finally speaks. "You want me to bring in Brutus? I'm sure he'd like to see you." Cato sighs, nodding. "Sure, bring him in." And after she and Gloss have left the room and are peering through the cold glass as both victors, new and old, see other after the arena, she sees Cato cry. And it's desperate, painful, and purely heartbreaking. "I loved her, Brutus! It's not fair!" And then, she is reminded that Cato is still a child as he screams desperately, Brutus whispering quietly in his ear. "Life isn't fair, Cato. She's. Not. Coming. Back." "But why?! We were star- crossed lovers just as much Ashes and Loverboy!" A sigh. A whisper. A needle. And then he's gone (maybe with his sanity).

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