Chapter 1

Return of Naruto Uchiha!

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"Character Dialogue"

'Character Thought'

'Telepathic Conversation'


"Demon / Monsters/Summon/ Angry God"

I was a dark and scary forest, filled with full of withered old trees, not a single leaf on them. The air was stale and rank. There was no sign of life anywhere; not even grass grew. There was no sun or moon. The sky was filled with the colour of dusk, not day and not yet night. Lightning bolts were flashing through the sky. This place wasn't exactly pleasant.

Yet, there was a girl in the forest, leaning her back against a giant pine tree's trunk. She was holding her hands close to her chest, crying in pain.

"Thalia!" a familiar voice called her name.

"Hey, Annabeth," Thalia said in a strained voice, looking up at Annabeth. "It's good—to see you here—Any news?"

"Sadly, nothing," Annabeth said. She knelt down on the ground in front of her. Then she took the green coloured healing crystal from her pocket and placed it on Thalia's forehead. It shone brightly to heal her body. "How are you feeling?"

Thalia felt the effects of the poison were quickly fading away. "Much better than before."

After shining brightly for a few minutes, the crystal had been reached its limit. It stopped shining and turned red.

"Good," Annabeth said. She turned and looked at the crystal in her hand. "It'll take some time to recharge it. But, it's still not enough. We'll have to find someone permanent solution on the poison." She placed the crystal back in her pocket and looked at Thalia. "I wish, Naruto were here with us now."

"Naruto, yes," Thalia said. A tiny smile and a faint blush appeared on her face as she thought about him. "He always knows what to do."

Annabeth smiled when she saw her face. She sat down next to her and started telling her about the camp's condition and the outside world.


Annabeth took her hand away from the Thalia's tree.

"How is she?" Chiron asked from behind her.

She turned toward him and said, "She is feeling better than before."

He breathed a sigh of relief. Things had gone downhill fast after Thalia's Tree had been poisoned. Annabeth did her best to relieve Thalia's pain by using her healing crystal, but it was only temporary.

"But it's only a temporary solution," she said in a defeated tone. "We need some permanent solution on this poison."

"Don't worry about it, Annabeth. We'll find it very soon," he said as he put a hand on his student's shoulder to try to comfort her. "Anyway, I'd like you to go and meet Percy tomorrow, and bring him back here."

She looked at him and nodded her head.

"Good," he replied, he gave her a small smile. "For now, go ahead and take some rest. You need it." He watched Annabeth made her way back to camp. Then he turned and looked back at the dying pine tree.

Thalia's spirit had reinforced the magical borders of the camp, protecting it from the monsters. The pine tree had been here ever since, strong and healthy. But now, its needles were yellow. A huge pile of dead ones littered the base of the tree. In the centre of the trunk, three feet from the ground, was a puncture mark the size of a bullet hole, oozing green sap.

"Naruto will not be happy after knowing about her condition," Dionysus said suddenly appearing behind him from nowhere.

Chiron couldn't help but agree with him. He didn't want to imagine what Son of Hades will do after knowing about her.


A far away from them, in the dimension of Shinto gods, Naruto stood in the training ground, wearing black armour, metal arm guards and fingerless gloves. His pant and shinobi sandals were just black as his armour. Under his armour, he wore a gray shirt. He had three ninja pouches on his waist, and had a black bracelet on his on his left arm.

He quickly jumped aside just in time to avoid the barrage of shuriken came from a tree towards him. Then he avoided a kunai that came from a tree towards him, doing a back-flip. He kicked the kunai into the air. As it fell back down; he caught it and threw it quickly at his opponent, who dodged it at the last second. But, in the meantime, Naruto had completed his last hand seal and called jutsu's name. "Blaze Release: Fire Dragon Flame Bullet!" He opened his mouth and exhaled a long stream of incredibly hot black-fire from his mouth toward his opponent. It had taken a form of a large Chinese dragon.

His opponent was a beautiful woman, wearing a red variant of the Konoha Jounin's uniform. She had alabaster skin that contrasted with her long and dark onyx hair. Her eyes were red with the Sharingan spinning rapidly in them. Her name was Hitomi Uchiha, the daughter of Madara Uchiha and his mother.

She quickly raised her hand and swatted fire-dragon away easily. "Your control over fire can easily suppress my father's. But," she said in an emotionless tone. Rings of black-fire formed around her, "it is far away from mine. Blaze Release: A Thousand Feeding crows!" She created one thousand crows out of black-fire that entered into a wall formation in front of her.

Naruto only thought one thing, 'Oh shit!' As all one thousand crows enveloped him completely.

Hitomi saw black-fire began consuming whole place, some dried twigs and leaves. Suddenly, she felt a tip of sharp metal on her back. "So you used your time power to slow attack," she said to Naruto, who was standing behind her. "You are good, but," She disappeared in murder of crows and reappeared behind him, holding a kunai to the back of his neck. "I'm still better."

Naruto didn't say anything. He just smirked before shattering like a glass into so many pieces.

'A genjutsu!' she thought, her dark blue eyes were searching him. Then she saw him standing on the top of lake-water not too far away from her. She disintegrated into a murder of crows and materialized in front of him on the top of the water. "Good Strategy!" She summoned beautiful nodachi with red-black handle into her right hand. Her normal Sharingan twisted into the form of a magatama; six tomoe arranged around the pupil.

"Thanks," he said, shifting his eyes in its Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan form.

The appearance of his Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan was somewhat unique. It had eight-pointed star with a symmetrical, more aligned rendition of Madara's Eternal Mangekyō tomoe in its centre, and had a black design and red background.

He held out his right hand as in a flash of black fire, a black-katana appeared in his hand. "Awaken, my Death-Princess!"

The whole lake echoed with the sounds of their swords clashing.


Back to the dimension of Greek Gods, Percy had found himself in a strange situation. He was standing on a deserted street in some little beach town in the middle of the night. A storm was blowing. Wind and rain ripped at the palm trees along the sidewalk. Pink and yellow stucco buildings lined the street, their windows boarded up. A block away, past a line of hibiscus bushes, the ocean churned.

'Florida,' he thought. He wasn't sure how he knew that.

Suddenly, he heard hooves clattering against the pavement. He turned to see his friend Grover was running for his life. He hadn't seen him since last July, when he set off alone on a dangerous quest—a quest no satyr had ever returned from.

Grover was hauling goat tail, holding his human shoes in his hands the way he does when he needs to move fast. He slipped past the little tourist shops and surfboard rental places. The wind bent the palm trees almost to the ground. He looked like he was terrified. Wet sand was caked in his fur. Like he had escaped from somewhere and was trying to get away from...something.

A bone-rattling growl cut through the storm. Behind Grover, at the far end of the block, a shadowy figure loomed. It swatted aside a street lamp, which burst in a shower of sparks.

Grover stumbled, whimpering in fear. Percy heard his mutterings to something, "Have to get away. Have to warn them!"

He couldn't see what was chasing Grover, but he could hear it muttering and cursing. The ground shook as it got closer. Grover dashed around a street corner and faltered. He ran into a dead-end courtyard full of shops. As the nearest door browned open by the storm. The sign above the darkened display window read: ST. AUGUSTINE BRIDAL BOUTIQUE.

Grover dashed inside and dove behind a rack of wedding dresses.

The monster's shadow passed in front of the shop. Percy smelled the thing—a sickening combination of wet sheep wool and rotten meat.

Grover trembled behind the wedding dresses. The monster's shadow passed on. There was silence except for the rain. Grover took a deep breath.

Then lightning flashed. The entire front of the store exploded, and a monstrous voice bellowed:



Percy suddenly shot up. He noticed that he was in his bed and there was no storm or monster. Morning sunlight filtered through his bedroom window. Then he saw something shadow flicker across the glass—a humanlike shape.



He heard knocks on the door, followed by his mother, Sally Jackson's voice "Percy, you're going to be late," she shouted from behind the door.

When he turned back to the windows, he saw nothing. 'It must be my imagination,' he thought to himself because it was a fifth-story window with a rickety old fire escape. There was no way someone was there in this early morning.

"Come on, dear," his mother called him again. "Last day of school. You should be excited! You've almost made it.'"



Back to Naruto and his mother, Hitomi. Their swords clashed together, sparks flew out. The force of the attack was so strong that you could see the air currents rippling, even with the naked eye. They parted and clashed again and again and again. They didn't move their feet at all, just their upper body.

After a couple of minutes of sparks flying, they broke apart and charged again. But this time they charged with a faster. They relentlessly clashed their swords, not giving each other breathing time. A smirk was plastered on their face, as they clashed with each other. They kept up the high-speed fighting.

A safe distance away from them, on a hill, above the training ground, Amaterasu, the Shinto goddess of the sun, was watching her daughter and grandson's battle. She wore a beautiful white kimono. Stood next to her was her brother, Tsukuyomi, the Shinto god of the moon, wearing silver armour just like a samurai over a simple black suit.

"If I don't know it is a training session, I'd think they are trying to kill each other," Tsukuyomi commented.

"Yes," Amaterasu said, looking at both Naruto and Hitomi, whom were brandishing their swords at each other without making a dent in each other's defenses.

"Impressive, but," He pointed area around both fighters, "at this rate, they're going to destroy the whole place."

And, he was right. Both fighters were trashing the place. The ground was completely torn up; Trees and branches were shattered or burned by black-fire, and there was a fair sized crater and burn mark where Hitomi's fire jutsu had exploded.

Both Naruto and Hitomi clashed their swords again. After a minute, they stopped fighting and backed up.

Hitomi raised her nodachi. "Solar Eclipse!"she shouted, slashing her sword in a forward arc. It sent a crescent shaped blade of black energy towards Naruto.

Naruto raised his hand in the air as the ground started shaking. A giant wall raised front of him protectively. The entire wall trembled when the blade connected with it. That resulted in a big explosion. The smoke cleared, there was a large cut mark on the wall, but the wall was still standing. He pushed his hand forward and the entire wall shattered into pieces. It formed into boulders and rolled toward his mother.

Hitomi held her hand up and muttered "Rising Sun!"A golden-yellow ball of light formed in her hand with lots of sparkles coming out of it. She threw it at the boulders, destroying all of them completely. She suddenly noticed Naruto had disappeared so she quickly scanned the arena. She swung her nodachi as her son suddenly appeared in front of her.

Their weapons met head on, again. Sparks crawled out of the weapons as they tried to force each other down. They parted and clashed again and again. After clashing their swords several times, they broke apart again.

Naruto looked at his mother and said, flaring his black-aura, "Time to end this!" He raised his katana as black- lightning formed around it.

Hitomi released her own purple-aura. "Very well." She coated her nodachi with black-flame.

They stood still for a moment, looking at each other in silence. An image of a large black dragon appeared behind Naruto while an image of big crow materialized back to Hitomi. They dashed towards each other with images of dragon and crow following behind them. As they were about to clash with each other—

"That's enough!" Amaterasu's voice rang through the training ground.

They stopped just a few meters away from each other. The aura around them completely vanished and their weapons returned back to normal.

"This training session is over," Amaterasu said as she and Tsukuyomi appeared in front of them. "Because this place can't take more damage." She waved her hand to change the place back to its original condition.

Tsukuyomi said to Naruto, "That was an excellent battle; I am impressed with your improvements."

"Thank you," Naruto said with a small smile on his lips.

"Anyway, it's time for your return back to the half-blood camp," Amaterasu said.

Naruto nodded his head.

"But before you go. We've to give something." She looked at Tsukuyomi, who nodded his head. Amaterasu placed a hand on Naruto's left shoulder while Tsukuyomi put his hand on his right shoulder.

In a flash of light, Naruto found himself in new clothes. He wore a black armour with red lining. It looked like an ordinary sleeveless leather body armour with steel shoulder plating on it. Under the armour, he wore a black sleeveless shirt. His pants were just as black as his armour and it had steel knee plating. He also wore fingerless gloves and steel toed black boots as well as a ninja pouch that strapped around his right thigh. His golden-black bracelet was still on his left arm.

"This outfit is special. Check this out," Tsukuyomi said as he put a hand inside Naruto's pouch and pulled out a long staff from it. "It's connected to the pocket dimension. You can store an unlimited amount of items of any size and shape in it." He added, placing staff back into the pouch.

"Wow!" Naruto said.

"But there is something lacking," Hitomi said. She snapped her fingers and a large, black hooded cloak with red lining materialized over his outfit. "Now, it's complete."

"Thanks mother."

"No problem, my son," she said. "And Karasu-chan!" A black bird, a raven, came out from her shadow and perched on her left shoulder. "Protect my son!"

Karasu replied telepathically. "Yes mistress."

"Good Luck on Your Journey," Amaterasu stated. "Go, your friends may need you."

Naruto nodded. "You're right, grandma," he said. "There is one thing I know about Percy, he is trouble magnet. He has worst luck that always puts him in danger, no matter if he is in the camp or in a dangerous quest."


Naruto wasn't wrong about Percy's luck. First, he had attacked by eight-foot-tall giants with wild eyes and pointy teeth. Second, he had blamed for setting school building on fire. It hadn't his best day.

At the moment, he was with his friend Tyson, who was the homeless kid at Meriwether College Prep. Tyson was so different. He was six-foot-three and built like the Abominable Snowman, but he cried a lot and was scared of just about everything, including his own reflection. His face was kind of misshapen and brutal-looking. His voice was deep, but he talked funny, like a much younger kid. He wore tattered jeans, grimy size-twenty sneakers, and a plaid flannel shirt with holes in it. He smelled like a New York City alleyway, because that's where he lived, in a cardboard refrigerator box off 72nd Street.

After walking few distance, Percy saw Annabeth waiting for them in an alley down Church Street. Her face was grimy and scratched. She had a ragged backpack slung over her shoulder, her baseball cap tucked in her pocket. Suddenly, she pulled them off the sidewalk as a fire truck screamed past, heading for Meriwether Prep.

"Where'd you find him?" she demanded, pointing at Tyson. She glared at his big friend like he was the problem.

In under different circumstances, Percy would've been really happy to see her. He had missed Annabeth probably more than he wanted to admit. But he hadn't in a good mood and he started to feel annoyed by her attitude towards Tyson, who had saved his life three or four times.

"He's my friend," he told her.

Annabeth asked, "Is he homeless?"

"What does that have to do with anything? He can hear you, you know. Why don't you ask him?"

She surprised by this. "He can talk?"

"I talk," Tyson admitted. "You are pretty."

"Ah! Gross!" Annabeth stepped away from him.

Percy was surprised at her rude behaviour. But ignoring her, he examined Tyson's hands, which he was sure must've been badly scorched by the flaming dodge balls, but they looked fine. "Tyson," he said in disbelief. "Your hands aren't even burned."

"Of course not," Annabeth muttered. "I'm surprised the Laistrygonians had the guts to attack you with him around."

Tyson seemed fascinated by Annabeth's blond hair. He tried to touch it, but she smacked his hand away.

"Annabeth," Percy said, "What are you talking about? Laistry-what?"

"Laistrygonians. The monsters in the gym. They're a race of giant cannibals who live in the far north. Odysseus ran into them once, but I've never seen them as far south as New York before."

"Laistry—I can't even say that. What would you call them in English?"

She thought about it for a moment. "Canadians," she decided. "Now come on, we have to get out of here."

"The police will be after me."

"That's the least of our problems," she said. "Have you been having the dreams?"

"The dreams...about Grover?"

Her face turned pale. "Grover? No, what about Grover?"

"Well..." He told her about his dream.

"Why? What were you dreaming about?" Her eyes looked stormy, like her mind was racing a million miles an hour. "Camp," she said at last. "Big trouble at camp."

"My Mom was saying the same thing! But what kind of trouble?"

"I don't know exactly. Something's wrong. We have to get there right away. Monsters have been chasing me all the way from Virginia, trying to stop me. Have you had a lot of attacks?"

Percy shook my head. "None all year...until today."

"None? But how..." Her eyes drifted to Tyson. "Oh."

"What do you mean, 'oh'?"

Tyson raised his hand like he was still in class. "Canadians in the gym called Percy something...Son of the Sea God?"

Annabeth and Percy exchanged looks.

Percy didn't know what to say. But he thought Tyson deserved the truth after almost getting killed.

"Big guy," he said, "you ever hear those old stories about the Greek gods? Like Zeus, Poseidon, Athena—"

"Yes," Tyson said.

"Well...Those gods are still alive. They kind of follow Western Civilization around, living in the strongest countries, so like now they're in the U.S. And sometimes they have kids with mortals. Kids called half-bloods."

"Yes," Tyson said, like he was still waiting Percy said something.

"Uh, well, Annabeth and I are half-bloods," Percy said. "We're like...Heroes-in-training. And whenever monsters pick up our scent, they attack us. That's what those giants were in the gym. Monsters."


Percy stared at his friend Tyson, who didn't seem surprised or confused by what he was telling him. "So… you believe me?"

Tyson nodded. "But you are...Son of the Sea God?"

"Yeah," he admitted. "My dad is Poseidon."

Tyson frowned. Now he looked confused. "But then..."

A siren wailed. A police car raced past alley.

"Here" Annabeth stopped on the corner of Thomas and Trimble. She fished around in her backpack. "I hope I have one left."

"What are you looking for?" Percy asked.

Around them, sirens wailed. It wouldn't be long before more cops cruised by, looking for a juvenile delinquent gym-bombers.

'No doubt Matt Sloan have given them a statement by now.' Percy thought.

"Found one. Thank the gods." Annabeth said to herself, pulling out a gold coin, drachma, and the currency of Mount Olympus. It had Zeus's likeness stamped on one side and the Empire State Building on the other.

"Annabeth," Percy said, "New York taxi drivers won't take that."

"Stêthi," she shouted in Ancient Greek. "Ô hárma diabolês!" She spoke in the language of Olympus.

Percy somehow understood it, she said: Stop, Chariot of Damnation!

She threw her coin into the street, but instead of clattering on the asphalt, the drachma sank right through and disappeared.

For a moment, nothing happened.

Then, just where the coin had fallen, the asphalt darkened. It melted into a rectangular pool about the size of a parking space—bubbling red liquid like blood. Then a car erupted from the ooze.

It was a taxi, but unlike every other taxi in New York, it wasn't yellow. It was smoky gray. There were words 'GRAY SISTERS' printed on the door, but in Percy's eyes it looked something like GYAR SSIRES.

The passenger window rolled down, and an old woman stuck her head out. She had a mop of grizzled hair covering her eyes, and she spoke in a weird mumbling way, like she'd just had a shot of Novocain.

She asked, "Passage? Passage?"

"Three to Camp Half-Blood," Annabeth said. She opened the cab's back door and waved at Percy to get in, like this was all completely normal.

"ACH!" the old woman screeched. "We don't take his kind!" She pointed a bony finger at Tyson.

"Extra pay," Annabeth promised. "Three more drachma on arrival."

"Done!" the woman screamed.

Percy got in the cab. Tyson squeezed in the middle. Annabeth crawled at last. They all strapped themselves in

Inside of taxi interior was also smoky gray, but it felt solid enough. The seat was cracked and lumpy—no different than most taxis. There was no Plexiglas screen separating us from the old lady driving. Then Percy saw there wasn't one lady, they were three, all crammed in the front seat, each with stringy hair covering their eyes, bony hands, and a charcoal-coloured sackcloth dress.

The one driving said, "Long Island! Out-of-metro fare bonus! Ha!" She floored the accelerator, and Percy's head slammed against the backrest.

From above building, a red eyes raven, who had been observing them, flew in the sky and began to follow the taxi.


Percy looked at three old ladies, whose name was Tempest, Anger and Wasp. Wasp was driving a taxi, while Anger and Tempest were arguing over drachma coin. They were also giving instructions to Wasp.

The middle one, Tempest, screamed, "Red light!"

"Brake!" Anger yelled.

Instead, Wasp floored the accelerator and rode up on the curb, screeching around another corner, and knocking over a newspaper box.

"Excuse me," Percy said. He was holding on to dear life like others. "But...can you see?"

"No!" Wasp screamed from behind the wheel.

"No!" Tempest screamed from the middle.

"Of course!" Anger screamed by the shotgun window.

Percy looked at Annabeth. "They're blind?"

"Not completely," Annabeth said. "They have an eye."

"One eye?"



"No. One eye total."

"Are you kidding me?"

Next to him, Tyson groaned and grabbed the seat. "Not feeling so good." His face was beginning to spot an ugly green colour.

"Hold on Tyson," Percy said. "Anybody got a garbage bag or something?"

The three gray ladies didn't pay any attention to him. So he looked over at Annabeth, who was hanging on for dear life, and he gave her a why-did-you-do-this-to-me look.

"Hey," she said, "Gray Sisters Taxi is the fastest way to the camp."

"Then why didn't you take it from Virginia?"

"That's outside their service area," she said, like that should be obvious. "They only serve Greater New York and surrounding communities."

"You are from the half-blood camp, right?" Anger asked.

Percy nodded.

Wasp asked, "Do you know Naruto?"

"Yes," Annabeth said. "He is our friend."

Tempest stated, "We want to meet him."

Anger said. "Yes!"

"Yes!" Wasp said. "We're his fans."

'Seriously, how many fans do Naruto really have?' Percy thought to himself, thinking about his friend.

"Well… We'll tell him," Annabeth said. She was also surprised by increasing numbers of Naruto's fan club.

"Anyway, we've had famous people in this cab!" Anger exclaimed. "Jason! You remember him?"

"Don't remind me!" Wasp wailed. "And we didn't have a cab back then, you old bat. That was three thousand years ago!"

"Give me the tooth!" Anger tried to grab at the Wasp's mouth, but Wasp swatted her hand away.

"Only if Tempest gives me the eye!"

"No!" Tempest screeched. "You had it yesterday!"

Soon the three sisters were fighting for real now, slapping each other as Anger tried to grab at Wasp's face and Wasp tried to grab at Tempest's. With their hair flying and their mouths open, screaming at each other. Suddenly, Percy realized that none of the sisters had any teeth except for Wasp, who had one mossy yellow incisor. Instead of eyes, they just had closed, sunken eyelids, except for Anger, who had one bloodshot green eye that stared at everything hungrily, as if it couldn't get enough of anything it saw.

Finally Anger, who had the advantage of sight, managed to yank the tooth out of her sister Wasp's mouth.

This made Wasp so mad she swerved toward the edge of the Williamsburg Bridge, yelling, "'Ivit back! 'Ivit back!"

Tyson groaned and clutched his stomach.

"Uh, if anybody's interested," Percy said, "we're going to die!"

"Don't worry," Annabeth told me, sounding pretty worried. "The Gray Sisters know what they're doing. They're really very wise."

"Yes, wise!" Anger grinned in the rear-view mirror, showing off her newly acquired tooth. "We know things!"

"We know all. Every road in Manhattan, the capital of every country and the location that you seek," Tempest said.

Immediately her sisters pummelled her from the side, screaming, "Be quiet! Be quiet! He didn't even ask yet!"

"What?" Percy said with a confused look on his face. "What location? I'm not seeking any—"

"Nothing!" Tempest said. "You're right, boy. It's nothing!"

"Tell me."

"No!" They all screamed.

"The last time we told, it was horrible!" Tempest yelled.

"Eye tossed in a lake!" Anger agreed.

"Years to find it again!" Wasp moaned. "And speaking of that—give it back!"

"No!" Anger yelled.

"Eye!" Wasp yelled. "Gimme!"

The three sisters then began to fight over the eye. Suddenly, something flew out of Anger's face. Anger fumbled for it, trying to catch it, but she only managed to beat it with the back of her hand. The slimy green orb sailed over her shoulder, into the back seat, and straight into Percy's lap.

Percy jumped so hard, his head hit the ceiling and the eyeball rolled away.

"I can't see!" All three sisters yelled.

"Give me the eye!" Wasp wailed.

"Give her the eye!" Annabeth screamed.

"I don't have it!" Percy said.

"There, by your foot," Annabeth said. "Don't step on it! Get it!"

The taxi slammed against the guard rail and skidded along with a horrible grinding noise. The whole car shuddered, billowing Gray smoke as if it were about to dissolve from the strain.

"Going to be sick!" Tyson warned.

"Annabeth," Percy yelled, "let Tyson use your backpack!"

"Are you crazy? Get the eye!"

Wasp yanked the wheel, and the taxi swerved away from the rail and they hurtled down the bridge to Brooklyn, going faster than any human taxi. The Gray Sisters screeched for their eye again.

Percy ripped off a chunk of his tie-dyed T-shirt, which was already falling apart from all the burn marks, and used it to pick the eyeball off the floor.

"Nice boy!" Anger cried, as if she was somehow known about it. "Give it back!"

"Not until you explain," Percy told her. "What were you talking about, the location I seek?"

"No time!" Tempest cried. "Accelerating!"

They were already out of Brooklyn, heading through the middle of Long Island.

"Percy," Annabeth warned, "they can't find our destination without the eye. We'll just keep accelerating until we break into a million pieces."

"First they have to tell me," Percy said. "Or I'll open the window and throw the eye into oncoming traffic."

"No!" the Gray Sisters wailed. "Too dangerous!"

"I'm rolling down the window."

"Wait!" The Gray Sisters screamed. "30, 31, 75, 12!"


Suddenly, Naruto blinked. '30, 31, 75, 12! What is this? I'll have to find about it,' he thought.

"Are you ok?" Hitomi asked.

"It's nothing." Naruto said. "My summon has given me some information about Percy."

"And what is it?" Amaterasu asked curiously.

"Percy is going back to the camp."

Hitomi looked at her son suspiciously. "There is more. Isn't it?"

"Yes," he admitted. "I've got something and I've to find out what it is."

Hitomi nodded, "Goodbye son," she said, giving him a hug.

"Thanks," Naruto said. He turned to his grandmother to give her a hug and said goodbye to Tsukuyomi.

He moved away from them as a dimension gate opened up under his feet and he disappeared in it.


If there was anything Percy had hated worse than trios of old ladies, it was bulls. Last summer, he and Naruto fought the Minotaur on top of Half-Blood Hill. This time what he saw up there was even worse: two fires breathing bronze-bulls size of elephants.

As soon as they exited the taxi, the Gray Sisters peeled out, heading back to New York, where life was safer. They didn't even wait for their extra three-drachma payment. They just left them on the side of the road, Annabeth with nothing but her backpack and knife, Tyson and Percy still in their burned-up tie-dyed gym clothes.

"Oh, man," Annabeth said, looking at the battle raging on the hill.

They saw the ten or so campers on the hill, decked out in full Greek armour trying to fend off the beasts and it was not working so well.

'This is not possible,' Percy thought. The camp's magic boundaries didn't allow monsters to cross past Thalia's tree.

One of the heroes shouted, "Border patrol, to me!" A girl's voice—gruff and familiar.

'Border patrol?' he thought. 'But the camp doesn't have a border patrol.'

"It's Clarisse," Annabeth said. "Come on, we have to help her."

Normally, rushing to Clarisse's aid would not have been high on Percy "to do" list. She was one of the biggest bullies at camp. The first time they had met, she tried to introduce his head in a toilet. She was also a daughter of Ares, and he had a very serious disagreement with her father last summer, so now the god of war and all his children basically hated his guts.

'Still, she is in a trouble,' he thought.

Clarisse's fellow warriors were scattering, running in panic as the bulls charged. The grass was burning in huge swathes around the pine tree. One hero screamed and waved his arms as he ran in circles, the horse-hair plume on his helmet blazing like a fiery Mohawk. Clarisse's own armour was charred. She was fighting with a broken spear shaft, the other end embedded uselessly in the metal joint of one bull's shoulder.

Uncapping his pen, making the bronze sword appear, Percy said, "Tyson, stay here. I don't want you taking any more chances."

"No!" Annabeth said. "We need him."

He stared at her. "He's mortal. He got lucky with the dodge balls but he can't—"

"Percy, do you know what those are up there? The Colchis bulls, made by Hephaestus himself. We can't fight them without Medea's Sunscreen SPF 50,000. We'll get burned to a crisp."

"Medea's what?"

Annabeth rummaged through her backpack and cursed. "I had a jar of tropical coconut scent sitting on my night-stand at home. Why didn't I bring it?"

Percy had learned a long time ago not to question Annabeth too much. It just made him more confused. "Look, I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm not going to let Tyson get fried."


"Tyson, stay back." He raised his sword. "I'm going in."

Tyson tried to protest, but Percy was already running up the hill toward Clarisse, who was yelling at her patrol, trying to get them into a phalanx formation. It was a good idea. The few who were listening lined up shoulder-to-shoulder, locking their shields to form an ox-hide—and-bronze wall, their spears bristling over the top like porcupine quills.

Unfortunately, Clarisse could only muster six campers. The other four were still running around with their helmets on fire. Annabeth ran toward them, trying to help. She taunted one of the bulls into chasing her, then turned invisible, completely confusing the monster. The other bull charged Clarisse's line.

Percy was halfway up the hill, but he was not close enough to help. The bull moved deadly fast for something so big.

"Hold the line!" Clarisse ordered her warriors.

Unfortunately, at that moment, the other bull lost interest in finding Annabeth. It turned, wheeling around behind Clarisse on her unprotected side.

"Behind you!" Percy tried to warn her. "Look out!"

But it was his wrong move and Bull Number One crashed into her shield, and the phalanx broke. Clarisse went flying backward and landed in a smouldering patch of grass. The bull charged past her, but not before blasting the other heroes with its fiery breath. Their shields melted right off their arms. They dropped their weapons and ran as Bull Number Two closed in on Clarisse for the kill.

Percy lunged forward and grabbed Clarisse by the straps of her armour. He dragged her out of the way just as Bull Number Two freight-trained beast, but he felt the heat of its metal skin. Its body temperature could've microwaved a frozen burrito.

"Let me go!" Clarisse pummeled Percy's hand. "Percy, curse you!"

He dropped her in a heap next to the pine tree and turned to face the bulls while Annabeth ordered the remaining heroes to attack. They tried to stop them, because all camps at risk if these bulls got past to them.

Percy took his sword and lunged toward bulls. He attempted to attack them, but he couldn't fight both bulls at the same time. He was already getting tired. He avoided another attack. But before he could feel too good about that, his foot caught on something and pain shot up his ankle.

Bull Number One glared at the Percy menacingly before it charged at him. Son of Poseidon tried to get back up, but with his sprained ankle, he didn't get very far.

Seeing Percy about to be trampled on by an elephant sized bronze bull, Annabeth shouted, "Tyson! Help him!"

Somewhere near, toward the crest of the hill, Tyson wailed, "Can't—get—through!"

"I, Annabeth Chase, give you permission to enter camp!"

Thunder shook the hillside. Suddenly, Tyson was there, barrelling toward Percy, yelling, "Percy needs help!"

Before Percy could tell him no, he dove between him and the bull just as it unleashed a nuclear firestorm.

"Tyson!" Percy yelled as his friend was engulfed in flames as it swirled around him like a red tornado.

When the fire died, Tyson was still standing there, completely unharmed. Not even his grungy clothes were scorched. The bull must've been as surprised as Percy was, because before it could unleash a second blast, Tyson balled his fists and slammed them into the bull's face.


His fists made a crater where the bronze bull's snout used to be. Two small columns of flame shot out of its ears. Tyson hit it again, and the bronze crumpled under his hands like aluminium foil. The bull's face now looked like a sock puppet pulled inside out.


The bull staggered and fell on its back. Its legs moved feebly in the air, steam coming out of head in odd places.

Annabeth ran over to check on Percy. She placed her healing crystal on him as he immediately started to feel better.


Suddenly, one of the heroes shouted, pointing in another direction, "This isn't good!"

To their horror they saw another bronze bull, but he wasn't alone. With him was one Hellhound and large black scorpion.

"We can't fight all of them, we need backup," Clarisse said slightly frighten voice.

"Shit, this time I wish Naruto was here with us," Annabeth muttered.

Percy heard her and he agreed with her. 'He always knows what to do,' he thought as he watched monsters were coming toward them.

Then something happened with all monsters. They stopped...They looked afraid...afraid of something or someone.

Light faded. Sound and colour drained away. A cold, heavy presence passed over a place, slowing time, dropping the temperature to freezing point.

A large dark portal appeared in between both monsters and heroes. A lone dark humanoid figure walked out of it.

The darkness lifted.

He wore a large, black cloak, the hood completely hiding his face. But there was a familiar bird on his shoulder.

"N-Naruto!" Annabeth said as she immediately recognised Karasu. There were happiness and hope in her voice.

"Naruto," Clarisse shouted happily. "He is back!"

The monsters weren't moving. They were afraid of him. A black aura tore out of Naruto's body, forming into an imposing skeletal figure with four hands. Ribs became sheathed in flesh, and flesh clothed in armour. The warrior towered over all monsters, heavy black chains wrapped around his right side of the shoulder and one hand. Glowing red eyes staring at all monster.

All monsters almost took a step back.

But with quick reflexes, the worrier caught both bulls and slammed them onto each other. They disintegrated like crumbling sand.

"Wow!" Clarisse said, she was clearly impressed by his power. "So, this is Susanoo!"

"He looks cooler and more dangerous than last time," a hero besides her said.

Both Scorpion and Hellhound tried to run away.

"No, you're not!" Naruto said in an emotionless tone. Susanoo placed his right hand on the ground as a large black-chains emerged from under both monster's feet and tied both of them down.

"Goodbye!" he said, setting chains on black-fire. Intently, his flaming chains turned monsters into nothing but ash.


Susanoo had vanished. Naruto pulled off his hood. They noticed he hadn't changed much. But he was now slightly tall and his face was angular and sharper, possessing no baby fat whatsoever. His outfit was showing off his athletic build body, well-built mussels, and strange crimson markings on his body and Prussian blue crescent moon symbol on his right arm. His slightly long black-hair was blowing in the wind.

"Percy," he said, "are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Percy said.

Annabeth gave Naruto hug and said, "Thanks for help."

"You are welcome!" He gave her a return hug, but he noticed the jealous look on Percy's face. "It's nice to see you again, little sister."

Percy relieved after hearing that.

"It's nice to see you too, Naruto!" Annabeth said, releasing him from the hug. She smiled at him.

Clarisse walked next Naruto. She pulled off her helmet and glared right at Percy. "YOU! RUIN! EVERYTHING!" She screamed. "I had everything completely under control until you came along."

Percy was too stunned to answer.

Naruto said, "Good to see you too, Clarisse."

Clarisse looked at him and smiled. "Welcome back, Naruto and thanks for the help," she said before looking back at Percy. She glared at him again. "Percy, don't ever, EVER try saving me again!"

"Clarisse," Annabeth said, "you've got wounded campers."

"Clarisse," Naruto said, "Go and check them. Karasu-chan will help you to heal them." He gave Karasu a nod as she flew from his shoulder and began to fly toward wounded campers.

Clarisse nodded. "I'll be back," she said, then trudged off to assess the damage.

Percy then saw his friend Tyson and said in awe and confusion, "You didn't die."

Naruto looked at Tyson and raised his eyebrows. "How did you cross the barrier?"

"My fault," Annabeth said. "I had no choice. I had to let Tyson cross the boundary line to save Percy. Otherwise, he would've died."

"Let him cross the boundary line?'" Percy asked. "But—"

"Percy," Naruto said, "Looked at your friend the face. Ignore the Mist, and really look at him."

Percy sighed before he looked at his tall friend, He saw the mist disappear around his face area and that made his eyes widen. His friend, Tyson had one eye. One large, calf-brown eye, right in the middle of his forehead, with thick lashes and big tears trickling down his cheeks on either side.

"Tyson," he stammered. "You're a..."

"Cyclopes," Annabeth said.

"A baby Cyclops," Naruto corrected her.

"Yes, A baby, by the looks of him. Probably why he couldn't get past the boundary line as easily as the bulls. Tyson's one of the homeless orphans."

Percy asked, "One of the what?"

"They're in almost all the big cities," she said distastefully. "They're...mistakes, Percy. Children of nature spirits and gods...Well, one god in particular, usually...and they don't always come out right. No one wants them. They get tossed aside. They grow up wild on the streets. I don't know how this one found you, but he obviously likes you. We should take him to Chiron; let him decide what to do."

"But the fire. How—"

"He's a Cyclops." This time Naruto answered his question. "They work the forges of the gods. They are immune to fire."

Percy just let his jaw drop at that, trying to figure out how he had never noticed that little fact about his tall friend.

Clarisse came back over and wiped the soot off her forehead. "They all are fine, Naruto. But we need help to carry the wounded back to the Big House."

"Don't worry about that," Naruto said to her. He waved his hand and all wounded campers sank into their shadow. "It's done. They are now in the Big House."

"Thanks," she said. "Anyway, I am going to Big House; let Tantalus know what happened."

"Tantalus?" Percy asked.

"The activities director," Clarisse said impatiently.

"Chiron is the activities director. And where's Argus? He's head of security. He should be here."

Clarisse made a sour face. "Argus got fired. You three have been gone too long. Things are changing."

"But Chiron...He's trained kids to fight monsters for over three thousand years. He can't just be gone. What happened?"

"That happened," Clarisse snapped. She pointed at Thalia's tree.

Percy's eyes winded after seeing the condition of three. Its needles were yellow and a huge pile of dead ones littered the base of the tree. In the centre of the trunk was a puncture mark the size of a bullet hole, oozing green sap. It was dying.

They suddenly felt a massive pressure settle upon them...It felt like a huge weight was pressing on their chest, making it impossible to breathe.

"Annabeth!" Naruto said angrily. His eyes were red. They had four concentric circles with nine tomoe in the three circles closest to the pupil. "Tell me everything!"


Far, far away from them...Deep down in the earth...Just above the Earth's inner core, it was a large cave, filled with frigid underground springs and bubbling, active pools of volcanic magma. The temperature of the cave was extremely high. It can easily match up with the temperature of the surface of the Sun.

There was a lone figure sitting on the top of the earth platform, floating two feet in mid-air. He appeared to be meditating and gathering energy from the Earth's core in his body. His whole body was hidden behind large dark brown cloak with hoods.

Its golden-brown eyes opened, showing its slit pupils like cats.

"So you're finally back!"


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