Chapter 3

The Zeus' Daughter, Thalia!

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"Character Dialogue"

'Character Thought'

'Telepathic Conversation'


"Demon / Monsters/Summon/ Angry God"

"What?" Chiron shouted. "Naruto, I don't think, it's a good idea. It'll give Titan lord another chance to control the prophecy."

"I don't believe in the prophecy or fate, Chiron. Not everything is set in stone. Things can still be changed, the future is ever-changing," Naruto said, he had his sharingan active. "And, I promised her that I will save her."

Chiron didn't say anything more to him. 'You are right, Naruto, can't ignore the Titan lord.'

"What are you going to do with Tantalus, Naruto?" Percy asked, hoping his friend would have a plan for new activities director, who was worse than Dionysus.

Naruto turned towards him and said, "Leave him to Karasu-chan. She knows how to handle someone like him." He took a step forward, about to walk away but stopped. He turned to look at everyone. "Meet me tomorrow early morning near the Thalia's pine tree," he added before he vanished from there.

"You've to admit, Chiron," Dionysus said, "It's never dull with him around."


Naruto was standing on the top of a lake water, practicing his swordsmanship with a black katana in his hand. It was an elegant style, and blazing fast, focusing on speed and centrifugal force to deal damage.

Far away from him, on a tree, Karasu was watching him. "Master," she said telepathically.

"Yes, Karasu-chan," Naruto replied as he slashed at his imaginary opponent.

"How are you going to free Thalia?"

He quickly spun back to cut his imaginary opponent in half. "I'm going to use my new technique Edo Rinne Tensei to create a new body for her."

"Edo Rinne Tensei?"

"Yes." He stopped, he placed his katana back to his pocket dimension. Then he turned to her direction. "It is the fusion of the Gedō: Rinne Tensei, Edo Tensei and my new complex seal array."

"Is this technique safe?" She flew from the tree and landed on his left shoulder.

"Theoretically, it is safe, but practically, well...See this."

He clapped his both hands together as a complex seal array materialized on top of the lake water. A few second later, a brown coffin rose from it. Then it opened to show inside the person's face.

"What?" Karasu said in a shocked tone, looking inside the coffin. "Is this..."

Naruto nodded. "This is a first result of my new technique. At that time, my technique was new and incomplete, but now my technique is complete and ready to use for Thalia." He made a gesture of his hand and the coffin disappeared in a black-smoke.

"Hey, Naruto!" a gruff female voice called his name from the lake corner.

He turned around to see Clarisse. "Hello, Clarisse," he said as he began to walk toward her. After taking two-three steps, he disappeared and instantly reappeared front of her. "What can I do for you?"

"What!" His sudden appearance front of her scared her. She took a deep breath to calm down and asked, "W-would you like to be my partner for chariot race?"

"Hmm, sure."

She smiled. "Cool, thanks Naruto," she said happily and she walked away from there.

"What is in your mind, Master?" Karasu asked. "I thought you didn't like kid's games."

"Yes, however, I don't know why, but I've got a feeling, this game would help us to achieve our goal."


Percy had a strange dream. He heard Grover's voice.

"It's here."

"He likes sheep."

"Percy! Percy, wake up!" He heard a familiar voice calling his name.

When he opened his eyes, he was staring up into the gray eyes of Annabeth. It was very surprising to him to see her here, considering the fact yesterday they had an argument over Tyson.

"Annabeth," he said. "What are you doing here in this early morning?"

Annabeth sighed, "Don't you remember, Seaweed Brain?"

"Remember, what?"

"Naruto, Thalia's tree… Remember something?"

He looked at her for a moment, then something clicked and his eyes went wide. "Shit!" He hurriedly stood on his feet. "Sorry, it's just—"

"Whatever, let's go," she said. "Don't waste more my time."

He nodded. "Give me five minutes," he said, looking at her. "And, what about Tyson?"

"He is kind of busy, now." She pointed at Tyson.

He sweat dropped when he saw his new half-brother in deep sleep, snoring loudly on his bed.


It was time of early morning and very few minutes left for sunrise. Both Annabeth and Percy reached at the Half-blood Hill, near the Thalia's tree to see Chiron and Dionysus were already there.

"Where is Naruto?" Percy asked.

Chiron pointed at the pine tree, where Naruto was writing strange symbols on the ground.

Annabeth asked, "What is he doing?"

"He is writing a special seal array for his jutsu," Chiron told her.

She turned toward Naruto to see he had completed his drawing, and was doing strange hand seals.

After finishing some hand seals, Naruto opened his eyes, snowing instead of his normal white sclera and purple irises, his eyes were blood-red with black circular rings and nine tomoes in them. He made a last hand seal, a dragon seal, and slammed his hands on the array. "Edo Rinne Tensei!"

As Thalia's tree and seals around it lit up by the first rays of the new rising Sun.

Inside of the Limbo world, Thalia was leaning against a tree, when suddenly the whole forest lit up and glowed with a bright light.

"What's going on here?"

She heard a familiar voice calling her name.


She stumbled forward, following in the direction it came from.


She decided to respond to it. "Naruto!"

Then she saw him, holding out his arm towards her with his hand wide open. "Let's go!"

She smiled and took his hand. They disappeared with a flash of light.

Due to the early morning light show, most of demigods, satyrs and nymphs, gathered near Half Blood Hill. A few of them were making their way toward the hill, satyrs and nymphs and heroes in a weird mix of armour and pajamas.

"What is happening here?" Tantalus shouted. The early morning light show had woken him up.

"Just wait and watch," Dionysus said.

When the light died down, they saw there at the base of the tree, a girl was lying unconscious and Naruto was kneeling next to her. The girl had short black hair and freckles across her nose. She was built like a long-distance runner, lithe and strong, and she wore clothes that were somewhere between punk and Goth—a black T-shirt, black tattered jeans, and a leather jacket with buttons from a bunch of bands they had never heard of.

As soon as Annabeth saw them, she ran toward them. "Is—she—alright?" Her eyes were streaming with tears.

Naruto smiled at her. "Don't worry Annabeth. She's just unconscious," he said. "Anyway, we have to move her in sickroom." The girl nodded. He quickly enveloped her, Thalia and himself in the shadows, and they vanished from there.

"Who is she?" Clarisse asked Chiron, who was standing near her.

"She is Thalia," Chiron said, "Daughter of the Zeus."

"What?" Tantalus shouted as he heard them.


Dionysus, Percy, Chiron and Tantalus were in the big house, they were waiting for Annabeth and Naruto. Both of them were with Thalia in the sickroom. Naruto was doing Thalia's check-up and Annabeth was helping him in it.

"This is outrage!" Tantalus shouted in angrily. "I...I am Camp Activity director and he didn't take my permission for this."

"Don't yell near the sickroom, Tantalus," Naruto said, coldly, as he walked there. "As for permission, I took it from Mr. D, so I didn't need your permission for this. He is above you."

Tantalus turned toward Dionysus, who nodded his head.

He turned back to Naruto and shouted, "But as a camp activity director, you also need my permission to do anything in camp. You can't—"

He cut off by a large skeleton hand that caught him and held him tightly.

"Now, listen to me, Idiot," Naruto said, releasing large amounts of killing intent as a skeleton hand held Tantalus at his eye level. He had his sharingan active. "Do not yell at me again because next time, there will be no next time for you." He squeezed him tightly. "I'm not any regular half-blood kid. I can make your life a living hell, where my father's hell will look like a heaven for you."

Tantalus looked at Naruto's red eyes fearfully before falling unconscious.

"Weak," Naruto said as he dropped Tantalus on the ground. He turned towards the others. "Let's go!"

No one said anything.

'Finally, someone puts Tantalus in his right place,' Percy thought. He was happy from inside.


When they entered in the sickroom, they saw Thalia lying on a bed and Annabeth was standing beside her.

"Welcome to the world of living, Thalia," Naruto said as he smiled at her and held her hand tightly.

"Thanks, Naruto," Thalia said. She blushed a bit at the real skin contact.

'Son of Hades with Daughter of Zeus... Well, this is not going to end well,' Chiron thought when he saw their closeness.

"Thalia," Annabeth said to catch her attention towards her. "Meet Chiron." She pointed at the centaur next to her.

"Welcome, My child," Chiron said. He gave her a small smile.

Next, she pointed at Dionysus, who was standing next to Chiron. "Mr. D, Director of Camp Half-Blood!"

"Well," Dionysus said in his as usual voice, "welcome to the camp."

Pointing at Percy, she said, "This is—"

"I am Percy Jackson," Percy said, introducing himself to her.

Thalia nodded.

"I'm happy. It's finally over and you're safe, Thalia," Annabeth said happily.

"I hate to say this, but it's far from over," Naruto said.

Annabeth asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I have one good news and one bad news, which you want to hear first?"

"What is good news?" Thalia asked.

"You're free from limbo, but the poison is not full purged out from your body. It's weak, but it is still in your body," he said, shocking everyone. "If I'm correct, it will take less than ten years to kill you."

"This is good news?" Annabeth asked, looking at him."Then, what is bad news?"

Walking near the window, he pointed at Thalia's old prison, the pine tree. "This is bad news." Nothing had changed, its needles were still yellow. The tree was still dying. "The tree is a medium. It had been using Thalia's life energy to reinforce the magical borders of the camp," he said, "but now, it's using my energy for that work. Now, think about it, if the pine tree died..."

"Then there will be no magical border to protect the camp," Annabeth completed him, her eyes winded in horror.

"We need a cure to save the tree and camp," Percy said.

Naruto said, "I'll talk with my father. Maybe, he knows something about this poison." He looked down at Thalia. "Sleep, you need rest." Then he to Annabeth.

"I'm with her," she said.

He nodded and walked out from the sickroom with others following him while Dionysus just disappeared from there.


Three hours had passed since the early morning incident on the Half-blood Hill. Naruto walked into a room of the Big House to see Dionysus was laying on a bed. Behind him, two nervous looking satyrs were peeling the skins off the grapes and feeding them to him.

"Mr. D," he called.

Dionysus looked up at him before saying, "Well, what can I do for you, Naruto?"

"I want to talk to you...alone."

Dionysus made a gesture with his hand and all satyrs left the room. "What do you want to talk about?" he asked.

"It's about Tantalus and Chiron," Naruto said. He went to straight point. "Thalia is now free, so they can't blame on Chiron. This camp needs him because Tantalus is an idiot."

"I didn't know you cared about Chiron and the camp."

"This is for Annabeth. Chiron is like a second father to her," Naruto said. "And you also want this."

"Very well," Dionysus said. "I will try, but it will take some time and I need more proof to clear Chiron form all suspicions."

Naruto nodded and he turned to walk away.

"Naruto, you handled Tantalus very well, but," Dionysus said, "How will you handle my father when he will get news about his daughter?"

Naruto stopped and turned towards him. "Don't worry about it," he said with a smirk. "I've already taken care of it."


It was Mt. Olympus, the home of Greek gods. Currently, Zeus, Lord of the Sky, was sitting on his throne alone. He had long dark gray hair with a gray-and-black beard. He had matching gray eyes with a grim but handsome and proud face. He wore a dark blue pinstriped suit.

Suddenly, Hermes, Messenger of the Gods, appeared front of him. He resembled a middle-aged man with an athletic figure-slim and fit with salt-and-pepper hair, as a jogger. He had a muscular build, curly black hair, blue eyes, elfish features, and a sly grin.

"Lord Zeus! Lord Zeus! I have news for you!"

"What is it, Hermes?"

"It's about your daughter," Hermes said that caught Zeus' attention. "She's came back to life."

"What?" Zeus shouted. "But, how is this possible?"

"It's Hades' kid. He brought her back."

'It's him again,' Zeus thought. "Anyway, you can go now."

Hermes nodded and disappeared from there.

Zeus just sat there, drumming his fingers against his throne impatiently.

"Zeus, why are you angry?" a soft feminine voice said.

Turning towards the voice, he saw Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth, Home, and Family. She was in appearance of eight year old girl with mousy-brown hair and "warm and cosy" eyes of red fire. She wore a simple brown dress or robes with a scarf wrapped around her head.

"Hestia," he said. "I'm not angry. It's just..."

"Zeus, do you remember the Great Prophecy that Oracle made?" she asked, Zeus merely nodded. "Well, think about it what if your daughter is the Child of Prophecy."

It was then a flash of realization hit Zeus like a herd of charging Minotaur. "Yes, you do have a point, Hestia," he said. Then he thought about something before narrowing his eyes at her. "But what about Poseidon's son and your adopted son Naruto, they are also part of the prophecy?"

"I don't know about Percy, but I know, Naruto isn't that child," she said. "Because he is not from this dimension."

" are right."

'It's done,' Hestia thought. She took a deep breath of relief. 'Naruto was right.' She remembered her conversation with her adopted son.

(Flashback Start)

A day before Thalia came to life. Naruto was waiting for someone away from camp on the hill. He was looking at camp when he felt a familiar presence behind him.

"Hello, Aunt Hestia," he said without turning back.

"Why did you call me here, Naruto?" Hestia asked as she stood down near to him.

"I'm going to bring Zeus' daughter back to life."

"What?" she said. "Naruto, Zeus will not like it."

"I know," he said. He turned towards her. "That's why, I want you to convince him that his daughter is the child of Prophecy."


"Trust me. It'll calm him down."

(Flashback End)


It was Kamui's time–space dimension, an endless void of space that stretches on forever. It was Naruto's personal space that was linked to his Mangekyō Sharingan. It looked a lot different than before. The circular platforms were still there, but in addition, there were fragments of broken mirrors. They were different in sizes, shapes and colours, and their numbers were seemed to be infinite. Each mirror held something special inside them, like hidden passage, weapons or a door that was opened up to another side mirror. Some of them were actually fake and if you touched it. The place was actually like one infinite maze with constantly changing stuff.

It looked beautiful and dangerous.

One of the mirror in the all of infinite mirrors held a secret passage of Naruto's lab. Currently, Naruto was in his lab, working on a cure of the poison, which he had taken it from Thalia's tree. He was looking at the poison's sample under a microscope. He had a book of all of poisons he had ever seen. This substance didn't match up with any of the lists he had. He began to slowly zoom in and noticed many different particles. Different elements were in it that could probably be used.

'I can duplicate it,' he said. 'But the way the poison is look. It would be nearly impossible to make a cure.'

He looked at poison one more time.

'It seems the poison has many different elements. The only thing that stumps me is the particles in the poison. Each particle has a different genetic makeup. I can cure one particle, but then there is another. This poison has something like a backup just in case,' he thought, 'maybe, if I can find something similar in every cells then I can create an antidote.'

He took a deep breath. Whatever had created this poison was amazing. The only person who could probably be able to find a cure would be the creator of the poison or him. It would take a long time to find that one thing that each particle had in common.

'I'll have to talk with father.'

He made a gesture with his hand as a large screen appeared in front of him. It went dark before it showed Hades was sitting on his throne. He had an albino white skin, intense black eyes and shoulder-length black hair.

"Hello, Father," Naruto greeted.

"Hello, My son. It's good to see you again." Hades said.

"Father, can you—"

"But first, there is one thing I would like to ask you," Hades said, cutting him off mid-sentence. "I've heard an interesting rumour about you and Zeus' daughter," He narrowed his eyes at his son, "Tell me. Is it true?"

"Well, yes."

"Why?" Hades asked, looking in his eyes. "Don't tell me you love her." Naruto said nothing. "In all twelve Olympians, why did you fall in love with Zeus' daughter? There are many cute girls in Aphrodite's cabin, why didn't you choose one of them?"

"Oh! Really, Father," Naruto said, suddenly. He smirked. "Did you forget your wife is also one of Zeus' child?"

"Whatever," Hades said, trying to change the subject. "What do you want?"

Naruto told him everything he knew about the poison.

"Hmm, it's an old poison from Tartarus. Its ingredients are also rare to find now," Hades said. "You can use my library, if you really want to find more information about it. There are many books on poison inside of the library." Naruto nodded. "I'll send Melinoe to show you the library."

As soon as their conversation finished, the screen disintegrated into smaller light particles that dispersed into the atmosphere.


Next day in the morning, Naruto teleported himself in the sickroom room of the Big House. After appearing in the room, he saw Annabeth was already there with Thalia.

"Good Morning, Ledies," he greeted both of them.

"Hello Naruto."

"Good Morning."

Both of them greeted him back.

"Thalia, I'm here for your daily routine check-up," he said. He held his hands over her and ran a quick diagnostic Jutsu. A few minutes later, he put hand away from her. "Well, you are recovering fast, but you need cure to get back to normal."

"Anyway, goodbye, I have to do work on my chariot," Annabeth said.

Thalia said, "Goodbye and good luck for race, Anna."

"Good luck, Anna, you'll need it because I'm participating in the chariot race," Naruto said with a smirk.

"What!" Annabeth cried. She quickly turned to look at him. "With whom?"

"Clarisse," he answered.

"The kids of War and Death together. You guys are going to be tough to beat," she admitted.


"Well, I better get back to the others if we want to get our chariot done." she said. She left the room after giving both Naruto and Thalia hugs.


Thalia turned her head and Naruto tilted his face to look at her. She pressed her lips on his, kissing him with passion and affection. He kissed her back passionately. He held her waist in his arms.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and ran her hand through his hair. He took it one step at a time. His tongue pushed forward lightly, begging for entrance. She opened her mouth a little wider, giving him full access. His tongue massaged hers lightly, challenging her to the battle of tongues. They licked all around inside mouth for a few minutes until they pulled away.

"What was that for?" Naruto asked.

"Thank you for saving me," Thalia said.

"You're welcome," he said with a smile. "Anyway, I'll start your training from tomorrow onwards."

"But what about your chariot?"

"Don't worry, I can handle it. I've my way."


The next couple of days, Percy tried to keep his mind off his main problems.

In this time, Silena Beauregard, head of the Aphrodite's cabin, gave him his first riding lesson on a Pegasus. She explained to him that there was only one immortal winged horse named Pegasus, who still wandered free somewhere in the skies, but over the eons he'd sired a lot of children, none quite so fast or heroic, but all named after the first and greatest.

Being the son of the sea god, Percy never liked going into the air. Because of Zeus, he tried to stay out of the lord of the sky's domain as much as possible. But riding a winged horse felt different to him. It's because first, his dad had created horses out of sea foam, so the Pegasi were sort of neutral territory to him and second, he can understand their thoughts.

But his problem was that Tyson wanted to ride the "chicken ponies," too, but the Pegasi got skittish whenever he approached. Percy told them telepathically that Tyson wouldn't hurt them, but they didn't seem to believe him. That made Tyson cries.

The only two people at camp who had no problem with Tyson were Naruto and Beckendorf from the Hephaestus cabin. Naruto didn't care about it and the blacksmith god had always worked with the Cyclopes in his forges, so Beckendorf had no problem with him. Beckendorf took Tyson down to the armoury to teach him metalworking. He said he'd have Tyson crafting magic items like a master in no time.

Percy also worked out in the arena with Apollo's cabin. Swordplay had always been his strength. People said he was better at it than any camper in the last hundred years, except Naruto and maybe Luke. People always compared him to Luke and he hated it.

Percy thrashed the Apollo guys easily. He wanted to test himself against the Ares and Athena cabins, since they had the best sword fighters, but he didn't get along with Clarisse and her siblings, and after his argument with Annabeth, he didn't want to see her.

Percy wanted to test himself against Naruto, but he knows he was out of his league. Naruto was the best fighter in camp. He was his friend, but now days he hardly ever saw him.


While Percy was facing his own problem, both Naruto and Thalia were busy in their training.

A far away from camp, Thalia was in the Naruto's secret training ground, practicing her sword katas with wooden sword. After watching her sword katas correctly in a row, Naruto decided it was time to begin teaching her new technique.

"Your training comes in well enough. It's now time for you to start learning something new," he announced to her.

Thalia's eyes lit and fixed on him. If there was one thing she liked, it was learning a new move.

They went over to a large training post, which was a log with a rope wound around it at the top. "Use sword to practice cutting a training post over there," he told her.

"What?" she shouted. "But this sword can't cut a thing! Is wood! Not steel!"

He sighed in defeat and said, "Give me the sword." Taking the sword from Thalia's hand, he looked at a targeted. He closed his eyes as he readied a stance. Within split seconds, he swung his blade upwards and launched a wave of energy blast towards a post, slicing it into half.

He threw the wooden sword back to her. He couldn't help but smirk at the look of dumbfounded awe on her beautiful face.

"You have to learn to draw your energy out from your body, and then channel it into your sword. As you swing the blade for a strike, you release them naturally. Don't be forceful," he explained to her.

She nodded. "Okay!"

"Then get practicing."

She walked over to the other training post and took the wooden sword in his left hand. She swung her wooden sword at the training post...only to have it stop halfway through and move no further. She strained her arm to the right, trying to follow through on her slice, but that sword wasn't going anywhere.

'Come on! Why didn't it go through?' she thought in disappointment.

Again, she centred herself, staring at that obstinate training post. She slashed at the post again, the result was same.

"You need to concentrate on your inner energy," he said. "Now close your eyes." And she did. "Relax and try to draw your energy. Try it again. "

'Relax,' she thought.

When she felt ready, she opened her eyes and slashed at the post. This time wooden sword shined brightly, when it stuck the post a small cut appeared on it.

"Well, you did it," he said as he pointed at a small mark. "But you need more practice."

'This is going to be a long day,' she thought to herself.


It was the night before the race. Tyson and Percy had finished their chariot. It was wicked cool. Tyson had made the metal parts in the Armoury's forges, and Percy had sanded the wood and put the carriage together. It was blue and white, with wave designs on the sides and a trident painted on the front. After all that work, Tyson was going to ride shotgun with him, though Percy knew that horses wouldn't like it, and there was Tyson's extra weight, which would slow them down.

As they were turning in for bed, Tyson said, "You are mad?"

"Nah. I'm not mad," Percy said.

Tyson lay down on his bunk and was quiet in the dark. His body was way too long for his bed. When he pulled up the covers, his feet stuck out the bottom. "I am a monster."

"Don't say that."

"It is okay. I will be a good monster. Then you will not have to be mad."

Percy didn't know what to say. He stared at the ceiling. "It's just... I never had a half-brother before." He tried to keep his voice from cracking. "It's really different for me. And I'm worried about camp. And another friend of mine, Grover... He might be in trouble. I keep feeling like I should be doing something to help, but I don't know what."

Tyson said nothing.

"I'm sorry," he said. "It's not your fault. I'm mad at Poseidon. I feel like he's trying to embarrass me, like he's trying to compare us or something, and I don't understand why."

Then he heard a deep rumbling sound. Tyson was snoring.

He sighed. "Good night, big guy."

And he closed eyes.

It was another Percy's dream, but this time he saw something strange. Grover was wearing a wedding dress. It didn't fit him very well. The gown was too long and the hem was caked with dried mud. The neckline kept falling off his shoulders. A tattered veil covered his face. He was standing in a dank cave, lit only by torches. There was a cot in one corner and an old-fashioned loom in the other, a length of white cloth half woven in the frame. And he was staring right at him, like he was a TV program he'd been waiting for.

"Thank the gods!" Grover yelped at him. "Can you hear me?"

Percy didn't respond. He was still looking around, taking in the stalactite ceiling, the stench of sheep and goats, the growling and grumbling and bleating sounds that seemed to echo from behind a refrigerator sized boulder, which was blocking the room's only exit, as if there were a much larger cavern beyond it.

"Percy?" Grover said again. "Please, I don't have the strength to project any better. You have to hear me!"

"I can hear you," Percy replied. "Grover, what's going on?"

From behind the boulder, a monstrous voice yelled, "Honey pie! Are you done yet?"

Grover flinched. He called out in falsetto, "Not quite, dearest! A few more days!"

"Bah! Hasn't it been two weeks yet?"

"N-no, dearest. Just five days. That leaves twelve more to go."

The monster was silent, maybe trying to do the math. He said, "All right, but hurry! I want to SEEEEE under that veil, heh-heh-heh."

Grover turned back to Percy. "You have to help me! No time! I'm stuck in this cave. On an island in the sea."


"I don't know exactly! I went to Florida and turned left."

"What? How did you—"

"It's a trap!" Grover said. "It's the reason no satyr has ever returned from this quest. He's a shepherd, Percy! And he has it. Its nature magic is so powerful it smells just like the great god Pan! The satyrs come here thinking they've found Pan, and they get trapped and eaten by Polyphemus!"


"The Cyclops!" Grover said, exasperated. "I almost got away. I made it all the way to St. Augustine."

"But he followed you," Percy said, remembering his first dream. "And trapped you in a bridal boutique."

"That's right," Grover said. "My first empathy link must've worked then. Look, this bridal dress is the only thing keeping me alive. He thinks I smell good, but I told him it was just goat-scented perfume. Thank goodness he can't see very well. His eye is still half blind from the last time somebody poked it out. But soon he'll realize what I am. He's only giving me two weeks to finish the bridal train, and he's getting impatient!"

"Wait a minute. This Cyclops thinks you're—"

"Yes!" Grover wailed. "He thinks I'm a lady Cyclops and he wants to marry me!"

"Under different circumstances, I might have laughed at you," a familiar voice said from behind both of them.

They quickly turned around to see Naruto.

"Naruto?" Grover asked. "But, how?"

"It is because of the mental block. I've created it for Percy to keep Kronos out of his mind," Naruto said. He looked at Grover. "So, where are you? Because I can't pinpoint your location. Something or someone is blocking my sensor."

"The Sea of Monsters," Grover said. "I don't know exactly where!" Then he looked at Percy. "And look, Percy...urn, I'm really sorry about this, but this empathy link...well, I had no choice. Our emotions are connected now. If I die..."

"Don't tell me, I'll die too!" Percy shouted.

"Oh, well, perhaps not. You might live for years in a vegetative state. But, uh, it would be a lot better if you got me out of here."

"Honey pie!" the monster bellowed. "Dinner time! Yummy yummy sheep meat!"

Grover whimpered. "I have to go. Hurry!"

"Wait! You said 'it' was here. What?"

But the Grover's voice was already growing fainter. "Sweet dreams. Don't let me die!"

The dream faded and Percy woke with a start. It was early morning. Tyson was staring down at him, his one big brown eye full of concern.


A second later, Naruto opened his eyes.

"What happened maser?" Karasu asked.

"It's Grover," Naruto said. "He has found out the location of the Golden Fleece and the Cyclops."

"The things you want most."



The morning of the race was hot and humid. The fog lay low on the ground like a sauna steam. Millions of birds were roosting in the trees—fat grey-and-white pigeons, except they didn't coo like regular pigeons. They were making metallic screeching sound.

The racetrack had been built in a grassy field between the archery range and the woods.

There were rows of stone steps for the spectators—Tantalus, the satyrs, a few dryads, and all of the campers who weren't participating.

"Right!" Tantalus announced as the teams began to assemble. "You all know the rules. A quarter-mile track. Twice around to win. Two hours per chariot. Each team will consist of a driver and a fighter. Weapons are allowed. Dirty tricks are expected. But try not to kill anybody!" Then he smiled. "Any killing will result in harsh punishment. No s'mores at campfire for a week! N—" Suddenly, one satyr gave Tantalus a paper. After reading a paper, he announced once again, "There is a new rule added in Chariot racing...No Teleportation." He gave the paper back to the satyr. "Now ready your chariots!"

Beckendorf led the Hephaestus team onto the track. They had a sweet ride made of bronze and iron—even the horses, which were magical automatons like the Colchis bulls.

Next was Naruto and Clarisse's chariot. Their chariot was pure black. It had a large dragon mouth on his front side and bats like wing both sides. Dragon's eyes were blood red. Its mouth was holding a red crystal. The chariot wheels were burning with black flames and two skeleton horses were pulling the chariot. Their eyes were blood red and their bodies were coated with black flames. The chariot looked dangerous. It was releasing a black sinister aura, making Percy and a lot of other pale.

Then Apollo's chariot was trim and graceful and completely gold, pulled by two beautiful palominos. Their fighter was armed with a bow, though he had promised not to shoot regular pointed arrows at the opposing drivers.

Hermes's chariot was green and kind of old-looking, as if it hadn't been out of the garage in years. It didn't look like anything special, but it was manned by the Stoll brothers.

That left two chariots: one driven by Annabeth, and the other by Percy.

Before the race began, Percy tried to approach Annabeth, but he stopped by a Karasu's voice in his head.

"Don't Percy," she said. "Without proof, she isn't going to believe in you, so wait to tell Annabeth and others about Grover."

Percy nodded and returned back to his own chariot.

The conch horn sounded.

"Charioteers!" Tantalus called. "To your mark!"


As for Thalia was standing in the audience all alone. Looking at Naruto's chariot, she thought, 'This chariot is perfectly fit for Son of Hades.'

Then she turned towards the audience to many campers mostly girls, were holding a good luck board for Naruto. They were loudly cheering him.

"Who are they?" she murmured.

"They are Naruto's fan club," a voice said from her back.

Turning back, she saw the head of Aphrodite's cabin, but she couldn't remember her name. "You're..."

"Hi, I'm Silena Beauregard, Head of the Aphrodite's cabin," Silena said with a smile, holding out her hand in greeting.

Thalia nodded mutely, reaching out and taking her hand. "I'm Thalia, Daughter of the Zeus."

"Everyone knows that."

"Okay, so they are really Naruto's fan club?" she asked, pointing her thumb at the girls.

"Yes and most of the girls are from my cabin."

"I didn't know, Naruto is that famous."

"You have no idea. Naruto is the most famous, handsome and desirable man in the camp and Mount Olympus."


"Yes, his rating is higher than most of the gods."

They heard Tantalus voice.

"Charioteers!" Tantalus called. "To your mark!"

"Look, the race has started," Silena said.


Naruto and Clarisse got ready to the race to begin. Naruto was driving while Clarisse was fighting for them.

"Interesting birds," Naruto said as he saw a multitude of odd-looking pigeons on the edge of the track, surrounding them. Other than him, Percy was the only one that noticed them.

"They are called Stymphalian birds," Clarisse said. "Just ignore them. They won't attack unless provoked."

"Very well," he said. He knew about them. They were evil, man-eating birds with beaks of bronze and sharp metallic feathers, they could launch at their victims.

'They can enter camp's borders because the pine tree is dying,' he thought.

"Charioteers!" Tantalus shouted. "Attend your mark!"

He waved his hand and the starting signal dropped. The chariots roared to life. Hooves thundered against the dirt. The crowd cheered.

Almost immediately there was a loud, nasty crack! The Hermes' chariot had rammed into the Apollo's chariot and the riders were thrown free, but their panicked horses dragged the golden chariot diagonally across the track. The Hermes team, Travis and Connor Stoll, were laughing at their good luck, but not for long. The Apollo horses crashed into theirs, and the Hermes chariot flipped too, leaving a pile of broken wood and four rearing horses in the dust.

Two chariots down in the first twenty feet.

'Idiots,' Naruto thought.

"Shit!" Clarisse shouted as she pointed toward the woods and Naruto saw what she was worried about. The pigeons had risen from the trees. They were spiralling like a huge tornado, heading straight toward the track.

"Don't worry, Clarisse," he said.

She quickly turned to him and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Just watch!"

As their chariot moved toward pigeons.

"Naruto, what are you doing?" Clarisse shouted, but her jaw dropped on the ground when they just passed through it. "You can make our chariot intangible."


Suddenly, they heard the screaming. They saw the pigeons were swarming—thousands of them dive bombing the spectators in the stands, attacking the other chariots. Beckendorf was mobbed. His fighter tried to beat the birds away, but he couldn't see anything. Their chariot veered off course and plowed through the strawberry fields, the mechanical horses steaming.

It was basically the same for the other chariots except for Percy and Annabeth's. They seemed to be planning something to get rid of the annoying birds. They headed to the Big House to get something.

Seeing that most of the competitors were gone from this little race and were fighting for their lives, Naruto decided to help out a bit. "Clarisse, take the controls," he said.

Clarisse nodded and took control of chariot from him.


The spectators weren't so lucky. The birds were slashing at any bit of exposed flesh, driving everyone into a panic.

"Oh no! Stymphalian birds!" Silena yelled.

Thalia said, "They'll strip everyone to bones if we don't drive them away!"

"Yes, but first we need to save ourselves," Silena said as she pointed at the birds which were heading at them.

Before Thalia could do anything, a familiar raven landed on her left shoulder.

"Shadow Shield!" Karasu said, creating a barrier of shadows around them.

"Thanks Karasu," Thalia said. Then she pointed at campers. "We need to help them."

"Don't worry," Karasu said. "Your friends have plans."

Looking at race, Thalia saw Annabeth and Percy heading toward the Big House while Naruto was doing something.


Holding his right hand up, Naruto muttered "Rising Sun!" A golden-yellow ball of light formed in his hand with lots of sparkles coming out of it. He threw it toward Pigeons. A loud booming of multiple explosions sent shockwave through the ground as demon pigeons began to drop like flies, but there were still more.

"I need more practice."

At that moment, Percy and Annabeth came back with Chiron's collection. Percy pressed PLAY and started up Chiron's favourite—the All-Time Greatest Hits of Dean Martin. Suddenly, the air was filled with violins and a bunch of guys moaning in Italian.

'Good Strategy, using Chiron's music to scare them,' Naruto thought. 'Hercules' sixth labor was to beat the Stymphalian birds. He did it by using brass bells to scare them into the air, and when the birds took off from the swamp that they rested in, Hercules shot many of them down with his bow and arrows.'

The demon pigeons went nuts. They started flying in circles, running into each other like they wanted to bash their own brains out. Then they abandoned the track altogether and flew skyward in a huge dark wave.

"Now!" Annabeth shouted. "Archers!"

With the help of Apollo's archer, within minutes, the ground was littered with dead bronze-beaked pigeons, and the survivors were a distant trail of smoke on the horizon.

The camp was saved, but the wreckage wasn't pretty. Most of the chariots had been completely destroyed. Only thanks to Karasu no one had wounded seriously. But the kids from Aphrodite's cabin were screaming because their hairdos had been ruined and their clothes pooped on.

"Bravo!" Tantalus said, but he wasn't looking at Percy or Annabeth. "We have our winners!" He walked to finish line. Then Percy noticed Naruto and Clarisse had already crossed the finish line. "The winner of Chariot race is Naruto and Clarisse."

Then he turned to Percy and Annabeth. "And now to punish the troublemakers who disrupted this race."

"It is unnecessary," Naruto said.

"What?" Tantalus shouted, but he took steps back when Naruto narrowed his eyes at him.

"They saved camp. They did use music to scare the Pigeons away, just like Hercules did with his brass bells," he said to him. "You can't punish heroes."

Most of campers nodded their head. They did agree with him. Tantalus gritted his teeth.

Annabeth smiled. "Thank you," she mouthed silently.

Naruto nodded.

"Congratulation, Naruto," Thalia said as she and Silena walked to him and Clarisse. She gave him huge before she turned to Annabeth. "Nice Anna, A strategy worthy of Athena."

Annabeth blushed and gave a smile.

"Good game, Clarisse," Silena said to Ares' daughter.

Clarisse said, "Thanks, Silena."

As many campers came there to congratulate both of them.

Suddenly, a heavy, uncomfortable silence spread in camp. Many campers felt an evil presence.

"What's going on?"

"What is happening?"

Naruto smirked when he sensed a familiar energy.

With a blast of black light, Melinoe, Goddess of Ghosts, materialized front of them. She was a strange goddess, and her appearance was frightening. Her left side was black and hardened like a mummy, to represent her father, the dark god of the Underworld, Hades. Her right side was pale and chalky as if she were drained of all her blood, to show the bright Persephone, her mother. She wore a golden dress and a golden shawl, and her eyes were empty black voids, but because of the illusion to many campers. she looked like a ghost.

Seeing her many campers covered in fear.

"Who is she?" Percy whispered in Annabeth's ear.

"She is Melinoe, Goddess of Ghosts," Annabeth answered.

He became nervous when heard the word Ghost.

"Ahhaaaaa," Tantalus screamed after seeing her.

Naruto sweat dropped when he saw fear in Tantalus' eyes. He turned to his half-sister and asked, "What did you do to him?"

"Hmm...Tantalus," Melinoe said as she recognized the man. "Well, he was my guinea pig for testing my new illusion."

"You!" Tantalus shouted as he pointed at Melinoe. "You're evil." He ran away from her.

"Oh, he still remembers me," she said. Then she saw Percy and Thalia. "Well, well, well. Look, who's here! Children of Oath breakers."

"Oath Breakers?" Percy and Thalia said same time.

"Hey, what about Naruto?" Percy said, trying to defend father's honour. "He is Hades' son. It means Hades is also oath Breaker."

"Well, the flow of time between the elements nation and this dimension is different, so technically, I was born before the oath," Naruto said. 'Same goes to those Hades' kids from the casino.'

"You mean..." Annabeth said in a shocked tone.

"My Father has never broken the oath concerning the birth of demigod children of the Big Three," Melinoe said, shocking everyone again.

"Why did you think my father is angry at you two?" Naruto said to both Thalia and Percy.

"Anyway, let's go Naruto," Melinoe said.

Naruto nodded.

"Where are you going?" Thalia asked.

"I'm going to the Underworld to find any useful information on the poison. Please inform Mr. D about this," Naruto said.

After that both he and Melinoe vanished in black flames.

"It's ironic. In the Big Three, Hades, who is supposed to be an evil, is the only god keeping his oath," Silena said.

Others couldn't help but agree with her.


After the race nothing importand had happened. It was a normal day to every camper. At night, they were going to celebrate Naruto and Clarisse's chariot victory, but seeing Naruto wasn't with them, they postponed the plan.

Now, it was a late night, most campers were peacefully sleeping in their own cabins while some volunteers were doing border patrol.

"Hmm," a camper said, who was volunteering for border patrol duty.

"What?" his partner asked.

"It's too quiet in here."

"Now, you mentioned it. I have a feeling about that. Something bad is going to happen."

Suddenly, they heard a rustling sound coming from the bushes that were close by their location.

"What was that?"

"Let's check it out," his partner said as he took a bow and attached an arrow it while fist camper pulled the sword out.

When they reached near bushes, they heard another sound again. The camper with a bow shot an arrow at the bushes.

"What's that for?" his partner asked him.

"I saw something there," he said and a mouse came out from the bushes.

His partner couldn't control his laughter after seeing a mouse, so he started laughing loudly.

"Shut up!" he shouted at his partner. "Let's go!"

Before they could turn back, huge blasts send them flying away. The last thing they saw before they lost consciousness was a person, whose whole body was hidden behind large hooded dark brown cloak and its golden-brown silted eyes.


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