Island Fox

Chapter 1

~Kishu's Prov~

Kishu was practicing his sword skills in the training room at the far end of the ship away from their living quarters where Pai and Taruto currently were. The further away the better in his opinion; he had been feeling restless lately, with no clue why, and didn't feel like being around anyone. He could go to Earth . . . but not even thoughts of his beloved kitten, Ichigo, seemed to raise his spirits.

Just as he finished destroying three of the practice dummy's Taruto appeared behind Kishu, floating in mid-air with his arms and legs crossed and a scowl on his face. Kishu, with a burst of unexplained rage, throw a predicate at him which would have seriously injured him if he hadn't ducked in time. The predicate hit the wall behind him and exploded, it was a good thing that the ship was built to with stand their own attacks.

"What is the matter with you!?" Taruto yelled in Kishu's face once he had gotten over the initial shock.

Kishu's scowl didn't falter as he stared into Taruto's enraged face, and didn't bother explaining his bazar actions. Hell he didn't even know what was wrong with him so how could he explain why he just tried to kill the twelve year old. He had never really liked Taruto or Pai, but he would never try to kill them unless they got between him and his Koneko-chan. Yep there was definitely something wrong with him.

Taruto huffed. "Whatever, Pai wants all of us to go to Earth. Meet us at the water fountain in the park where Café Mew Mew is." With his message delivered he disappeared in a ripple of space.

Kishu huffed and tried to calm himself down enough to the point where he didn't feel like he was about to go on a rampage. After a few minutes he disappeared and reappeared over the water fountain in the middle of the park where most humans conjugate. He hated humans, they did nothing but destroy the Earth after his people left and he would do anything to get it back. He just hoped that he would be able to keep his Koneko-chan as a pet once they took over the Earth.

"About time Kishu!" Taruto yelled from above him, Kishu looked up to see Taruto scowling at him, clearly still made about his attempt to kill the younger boy. 'Oh come on it wasn't like I meant to do it! . . . . Well ok maybe I did, but it wasn't like I haven't done it before!'Pai was just staring off into the distance ignoring the both of them, most likely to make sure they weren't attacked by the Mews before they could put their plan into action.

"Brat." Was all he said before floating up to them and ignoring the other two began restlessly looking around for something, but what he wasn't sure. He was feeling very uneasy and like there was a part of him pulling at his insides trying to get out too find what it wanted. Whatever that something was it was close by, he could feel his fangs growing with the need to bite into something. Something tender.

"Kishu," Pai said to get his attention, he got it very reluctantly before explaining his plan. "We're going to do something a little more extreme today, I found the next Mew aqua location but I want to get at least one of those mews out of the picture first." He looked at Kishu with a steely face. "Most likely there leader. Even with their latest member if we take down their leader they are likely to be useless against us."

Kishu's face gave nothing away; he didn't want his little koneko-chan to get hurt, it would be very difficult to find another cute toy like her, but for some reason he could really care less about her. His eyes narrowed. 'What's wrong with me? Just last week the mere thought of someone hurting my Koneko-chan would make my head spin with rage, and now I don't feel anything.' Something very weird was going on. It was one thing to attack Taruto, but to not care if his toy was broken by someone other than him?

He opened his mouth to tell Pei that he didn't care and that maybe he was sick, but he was cut off. "I don't want to hear it Kishu, we need to make some head way or Deep Blue is going to kill us. Now then we're each going to make three chimera animals, that way they will be out numbered six to nine. One of them is sure to get so beat up that they will still be recovering when we go to acquire the Mew aqua."

"Roger." Kishu and Taruto said together, Taruto saluted while Kishu crossed his arms and growled.

"Alright then let's get started."

~Ume's Prov~

"Man my feet are killing me." Ume groaned as she set down at an empty table with the rest of the girls, clenching a broom to keep herself upright in her set.

'Hi everyone my name is Ume Chokichi I'm a freshmen at Nagasaki junior high school. I was a normal junior high student till last week when I made my first visit to Café Mew mew and became a part of the team. I live alone; I'm fourteen years old and have an older brother and sister, both of them live far away so I don't see much of them. I didn't always live alone, I used to live with a friend of the family, but I quickly learned after moving in that he was no friend. I don't like talking about him and haven't had anything to do with him since I ran away. I don't like big cities, noise, or people really, there is quite a long list of things but I don't want to bore you. I love animals, nature, reading, writing, singing, and dancing. Before I became a Mew I never really had any friends, so I'm trying very hard to adjust to having five great friends to fight beside.'

'It was very weird being a Mew, especially when your ears and tail keep popping out. So far that only happens to me and Ichigo, and only when we get excited, scared, or mad. Ichigo was a testament to all three where I have only been mad enough to make them pop out. But then I wasn't in love with anyone like Ichigo was. Like the other Mew's my Mew mark was clearly visible over my left breast, it looked like a wreath made of ribbons with a crescent moon under it. But more about me later for now let's get back to the story! '

"I know what you mean it was so busy today." Mint said sipping her tea. She had done nothing but sit in the corner of the room at a single table telling Ichigo what to do and doing nothing herself. But Ume had come to realize that this was a normal everyday thing for the both of them. Mint very rarely worked.

"What are you talking about!? You did nothing!" Ichigo screamed angrily at her. Ichigo was her first friend and the leader of the Mews. Within the week that she had been working at the café she had learned the most about Ichigo and her boyfriend Masaya Aoyama. Not that she really cared to know about what they did together, but once Ichigo turns on it's very hard to turn her off.

Pudding, who couldn't be older then twelve years old, was looking from one girl to the other. Zakuro was leaning against the wall ignoring all of them. She had learned very little about Zakuro other then she couldn't come to work all the time because she was a model.

"Please calm down Ichigo." Lettuce said sitting down a large tray on the table that had five cakes and six cups of tea on it. "Here are the cakes." She got alone better with Lettuce than any of the others; this was mostly because of her love for books. She spent most of her time at the library when she wasn't working or fighting the aliens—something she's only had to do once before now.

Ryou and Keiichirou had filled her in on everything that they knew about the aliens so far, but she had only fought the youngest one that was probably around Puddings age. It wasn't hard to tell that Ryou had a personal reason to not like the aliens, but she wasn't going to pry, it wasn't any of her business.

She liked Keiichirou right off the bat, he just seemed like a person you could talk to about anything. He was also very dependable when it came to work or in a fight. Ryou on the other hand could be very annoying and she had tried to keep her distance from him if she could. He picked on her like he did Ichigo, but that could be because she always got into his face like Ichigo did to.

"Yay cake!" Pudding yelled happily getting her piece before anyone else.

"Thanks Lettuce." Ichigo said and before long all but Ume was eating. Ume set back drinking her tea and looking out the window and the late evening sky, it was going to be getting dark in a couple of hours.

"I can't believe that you don't like sweets Ume, and you're so good at baking!" Lettuce commented as she slowly ate her cake.

"It's just something I've never liked." She shrugged. Her grandmother cooked everything with sugar in it when she was little and she was so burnt out on it she couldn't stand to eat the stuff.

They all fell silent looking at her before Ichigo finally spook. "Wow Ume, you're not normal even by Mew Mew standards." She laughed. Ume and the others started laughing to; but really she didn't find it very funny, she had never wanted to be normal but now that she was a Mew mew it didn't seem like there was anything normal about her. This was why she didn't really have many friends outside the Mews. The one thing she remembered about her mother before she died was she always said that you could count your true friends on one hand.

Ume's café uniform was like everyone else's but orange, the same color as her Mew outfit. She has long brown hair that goes to her hips in waves, and dark hazel eyes that change color with what she's wearing and feeling. When she's in her Mew form her hair is pulled up into pig tails and her eyes turn orange. (I'll go into better detail later.)

"Ume! Ume!" R2005, who she nicknamed Daichi, flu up to her from the basement with Keiichirou and Ryou following close behind looking panicked. This put all the girls on alert because they never panicked. "Alien! Alien!" Daichi looked like a plum with cute little fox ears and a puffy tail. Ichigo's Masha was close behind Daichi screaming along with him.

"Girls get to the center of the park now, there are nine chimera animal destroying everything in sight." Ryou ordered. "Tokyo Mew Mew, Go!"

At this no one, not even Ichigo argued, but got up and raced for the exit transforming on the way.

"Mew Mew Minto—."

"Mew Mew Lettuce—."

"Mew Mew Pudding—."

"Mew Mew Zakuro—."

"Mew Mew Plum—."

"Mew Mew Strawberry—."


Their transformations happened in a flash of multicolored lights and were over in a matter of seconds. Ume's outfit looked like a strapless orange sundress that went to mid-thigh and the bottom had small slits on both sides, she had on knee-high boots like Ichigo's only a dark orange color, she had arm bands, a leg band with a ribbon (like Berry's) and choker like everyone else. She also was wearing black fingerless gloves that went to her elbow and tied up from end to end with orange ribbons. Two black ribbons with two bells on each of them tied her now black hair up into pigtails leaving her bangs and two long strips of hair to cover her ears. Two large black fox ears popped out of her head (like Ichigo). Last was her bushy black fox tail that at this moment was swaying happily behind her.

"Ahh!" The Mew Mews stopped to let the screaming crowd of people leave, the less people there the better.

"You guys go on a head, I'll make sure theirs on one else in the park." Ume said. She hated to see people get hurt and she knew that if she got everyone out of the way then they wouldn't have to worry about them being used against them.

"Right." The others said back before they went their separate ways. Ume began her searched of the perimeter of the park as the others headed toured the center of the park where they could just make out five human like shapes floating in mid-air.

Please let me know what you think, I another chapter or two of this story done-just don't have typed up yet. This is more or less a huff draft; I have already added a lot that I didn't have in this chapter to begin with so I hope it turned out alright.