Island Fox

Chapter 2

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The site that greeted them was not a pretty one. Four of the nine chimera animal's, which were knocking down trees, look like various animals; a squirrel, a dog, some kind of bird, and a very large snake. All of them stood at least twenty foot tall. Three more Chimera animal's that look like plants were near the fountain relaxing and watching the others do all the work. There were only seven Chimera's in sight.

Just then a whole line of trees were knocked down casing all the birds to fly away and the ground to shack. They would have to do something soon before the whole park was destroyed.

"Where are the last two monsters?" Pudding asked putting a hand over her eyes like a visor and looking around.

"Up there." Zakuro said simply pointing at the sky.

The three aliens and two humanoid chimera animals turned toured them. One of the monsters looked like it was a gumball machine for a head and was wearing a clown outfit; the other seemed to be a very sad woman that resembled a cougar in a teachers outfit.

"Those are—" Lettuce began but didn't bother finishing because everyone already knew how those chimera animals had been created.

Ichigo started looking around franticly getting angrier by the second. After a few seconds of searching she saw two lifeless bodies' laying on the ground at the edge of the woods. It was the bodies of a young boy no older than four and an older woman, most likely his mother.

"Well well look who finally decided to show up. You're a little late for the show, but I'm sure we can still keep you entertained." Kishu said smiling down at them. For some reason he didn't really feel like tormenting them, not even his Ichigo. He must be getting sick that was the only explanation.

"Taruto! How could you do something so mean!?" Pudding the youngest Mew yelled up to him.

Taruto blushed, something Kishu found funny and cute and Pei tried to ignore. "What are you talking about you big baby!? I'm evil; I enjoy doing these kinds of things." He smiled down at her. He would show her. "Now my plants ATTACK!" The plants lazily looked up at him before shrugging and doing as he said.

"How could you do something as low as attacking a mother and her child!? For the future of our planet we will fight to save the day-nya!" Ichigo said striking a pose. Pudding was already in action, attacking the planet monsters with Mint shooting the ones that tried to come up on her from behind. Ichigo looked at Lettuce and Zakuro. "You two take care of the animal chimera in the woods."

"What about you?" Lettuce asked.

Ichigo looked up at the aliens. "I'm going to get those poor people's souls back." With that she summoned her strawberry bell and jumped high into the air.

"Wait!" Mint shouted reaching out to her, but Zakuro stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

"Ume will join her when she gets here; we have other things to worry about."

"Right I forgot about Ume." Mint said with relief. The girl had only been in three battles before now but she had more than proved herself to them. Between her and Ichigo they would stand a good fighting chance.

"Kishu!" Ichigo yelled angrily.

"Hey Koneko-chan." Kishu smiled but he didn't look as happy as he normally would and the endearment sounded forced. Pei and Taruto looked at each other and shrugged before turning back. Taruto's eyes were wide and watchful while Pei's face was set in stone, but underneath he was slightly worried.

"What are you guys up to this time, using so many chimeras?"

"Oh we just got so bored, and you know me, anything to see my Koneko-chan." Kishu flow over to give her a kiss, but as soon as he touched her face he jerked away as if burned, and stared at his hand. Ichigo, Pei, and Taruto looked to, her finger tips had a little black smudges on them as if he had indeed gotten burnt. They all stared wide eyed at his hand for a moment, totally ignoring the fight going on around them.

That is until Ume showed up. Ume landed right outside the tree line and quickly took in the scene around her. Mint and Pudding were fighting one large chimera animal, and Lettuce and Zakuro had three surrounding them. They looked like they were having a very hard time, but where was Ichigo? She looked around wildly before hearing a shocked shout from above. Looking up she saw Ichigo surrounded by the aliens, Pei and Taruto looked angry and Kishu shocked, and two soul fused chimera animals. She would need major help, but first things first.

Ume ran to the fountain and quickly took out two of the chimera animals that were attacking Lettuce and Zakuro. "Ribbon Plum storm!" a shower of stars and purple flower peddles surrounded the monsters like mini tornados and when the tornado's disappeared the chimeras were gone and a flower and bush were left in their place.

"Thanks Ume!" Lettuce said gratefully.

"No problem, I'm going to help Ichigo good luck with the last two." Without waiting for a response, she took a running start and jumped high into the air to join Ichigo.

When she finally got there Kishu had gotten over the shock of being burnt and started to lung at Ichigo with an anger crazed look in his eyes. Right as Kishu was about to reach Ichigo Ume tackled him out of the air and they both went crashing into the ground.

"Ume!" Ichigo screamed and was about to go after them when one of the humanoid chimeras blocked her path, forcing her into a fight.

The force of Ume slamming Kishu into the ground caused a huge crater to form around them. Kishu wrapped his arms around the girl before the impact, but as soon as he touched her his body started to feel all worm and tingling-like it was going to sleep. It was a little painful, kind of like his whole body was shutting down on him, but for some strange reason he welcomed it. This is also what caused him to take the full impact of blow and try to prevent her from getting hurt, when just a few seconds ago he was going to turn them around so she would take the blunt of the impact. He landed with his arms around her but let go to lay spread eagle when his arms hurt too much to hold them up. She lay silently across his body, probably to stun to move.

A few seconds or a few minutes; he didn't know, the fox mew put her legs on either side of his hips and set up only to be stopped short by him putting his arms back around her his pain no longer that important. Without saying anything she scowled and pulled back her fist and punched him across the face. For some unknown reason he still didn't let go, he didn't even look that mad. She was just pulling her fist back again, this time to punch him in the nose, when Pei showed up and grabbed her arm in a painful grip. Ume looked back at him and glared which meet with his own glare before turning to Kishu totally dismissing her and her attempts to get her arm back. Taruto appeared on her other side grinning as always.

"Get off me!" Ume growled trying to pull her arm out of Pei's unbreakable hold; he was a lot stronger than people gave him credit for.

Taruto laughed in his own annoying way as he floated down to Ume's side. "Give it up old hag you're not going anywhere."

Ume went to swing at Taruto, but right before she made contact Pei caught her other arm; and then wrapped his arms around her middle with her arms at her sides, restraining her.

"This is our chance; she's not the leader but with her out of the picture we should have no problem getting the next mew aqua." Pei said and Taruto summoned his weapon, a set of clackers and started spinning them really fast as he smiled evilly. This would prove to Pudding how evil he was. His smile dropped a little when he thought about Pudding being mad at him for hurting one of her friends, but he shook his head, he didn't care what she thought about him.

The sound of the battle around them was being totally ignored. Zakuro and Lettuce were now helping Pudding with the last three chimera animals; while Mint was helping Ichigo with the humanoid chimera. So far they were winning.

Ume's eye's widened in fear of being trapped but then her growled and started struggling. "Do you really think this will work? You guys always lose that's never going to change!" she snapped, one of her fangs resting cutely on her bottom lip. Kishu couldn't stop staring at it; he wanted her to bite him. Then he wanted to kiss her plump lips and never stop.

Pei scowled and before she could blink she was being electrocuted. She through back her head, staring up at the blacking sky as she screamed. In the back of her mind she could hear a kind of growling noise, but she was in too much pain to really think straight or worry about anything but the pain. Then just as she thought she would pass out everything stopped.

She felt Pei release her and she fell forward into Kishu who was now sitting upright. His only available arm wrapped itself tightly around her which was good because she didn't think she could hold herself up at the moment. After she caught her breath she finally took notice of the panicked gasping coming from behind her. Ume looked behind her still slightly dazed only to see a panicked Pei gasping for breath and a scared Taruto trying to pull a large hand from around Pei's throat. She looked at the hand calmly; it was large, red, and had throbbing veins popping. Her gaze followed the hand, up to the arm, and then up to its owner. Her eyes, that had only been half opened like she just woke up, widened. It was Kishu! And he looked even more crazed with anger then he does when Ichigo makes him mad; his eyes were wide and slightly red, her teeth were clenched together in a scowl, and he was shacking with fury.

"Kishu, what are you doing!?" Taruto yelled, sounding close to tears.

Pei tried to talk but the only thing that came out was a painful gasp. He was starting to turn red and his eyes were beginning to bug out. She didn't like Pei, and he would do everything in his power to kill the mews and everyone on Earth, but her conchies(sp?) wouldn't just let her sit back and watch him die. Especially by his own team mate.

Ume turned to Kishu, raised her fist, and swung. But with paranormal speed, even for Kishu, he caught her fist. He didn't even bother to look at her, only stared at Pei with extreme hate.

"Kish—Kishu?" Ume said slightly nerves. It could have been her imagination but she could have sworn that Kishu's scowl lightened and his eyes turned a lighter color red. He was really starting to scare her, that wasn't easy. When Pei stopped fighting and started turning purple she knew it was time to become forceful. "Kishu! Stop right now!" she snapped.

Kishu jerked back to himself in surprise, he let go of Pei without taking any notice, and looked down at her like he was seeing her for the first time. They just stared at each other, Ume scowling and Kishu in curiosity, as Pei tried to catch his breath behind them. Taruto stayed far enough away that Kishu couldn't grab him like Pei, but close enough to help if it happened again.

Kishu suddenly smiled happily and trapped Ume in his arms much like Pei had. Her scowl deepened, more because of herself than him and struggled against him, her strength was slowly returning to her. She only stopped when he unexpectedly buried his face in her hair. She heard him inhale deeply before he groaned and moved to hide his face in the junction where her neck and shoulder meet. Looking back she should have done something, like fight back or scream, but she had done nether. The other mews where all banded together about 40 feet above her fighting the last chimera animal and it didn't look like they would be finished any time soon, they were getting tired. She sighed. 'Great, now what?'

Unaware of her internal struggle Kishu began licking her neck causing her to be jolted back to the present and pulled a shocked squeal out of her.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!?" Ume screamed, drawing Pei's attention after he caught his breath.

Her only answer was Kishu grabbing her hair and pulling her head to the left exposing the right side of her neck. Then, before she could comprehend what he was doing, she felt sharp teeth biting into the junction between her neck and shoulder. Her fox ears and tail stood high at attention and she could feel blood running down her chest as Kishu slowly released her and tried to lap up what blood escaped his mouth.

'Oh my god, Kishu's a vampire!'

Hope you liked this chapter guys, have had it done for a while but haven't had internet long enough to post it. I also have about 1/4th of chapter three done but having writers block so I may work on 'Just another Pokémon journey' a little bit.