Author's Rant: Well shit, aren't y'all just a horny set of pack rats lol. Enjoy the next chapters Loves. We'll see it through Grimmjow's eyes this time around.

Warning: Hetero and Homo sexual activities.


He first joined SinSation when he was twenty one years old, barely wiping the drool off his mouth occuring to the grown people who frequented there. About three years later he earned the mark of the number six; the mark of a sexual beast amongst the other ten.

When he'd gone inside the usher presented him with a brand new mask, like some of the few with a detailed design of an animal, and a key. He'd shrugged off his John Travatos leather jacket and eased down his ebony black jeans when a tap on his shoulder and his pectorals were massaged from behind, "Congratulations Six," Rangiku 'Jiggles' said in her smoke sultry voice in his ear. "SinSation presents you the key to Den Voluptatis. Your personal pleasure field to do with as you wish, invite whomever you please and use as often as you're here."

Grimmjow stared at the key like it knew the secret to unlocking the Da Vinci Code. Not only was he placed in the top ten, and at such a tender age of twenty four at that, but it was within his domain, the place he loved to get his nut off with a smile and a stroke.

Good ole Taboo Jungle knew how to treat him.

With a title like that dangling under his name, he was given the opportunity of being approached from every direction. Men, women, singles, couples, and sometimes more came to him purring as a lion would after licking its fangs clean. It was a minefield of lust from there. Grimmjow had his pick of whomever he wanted within the Taboo Jungle and it suited him just fine since he could awaken the highest screams in most of the tough ones.

Probably why he earned this position amongst the top ten.

It took him a full three months to work himself into the rank well and it earned him a reputation as a Freaky Beast. He had a taste for every flavor imaginable: Chocolate, vanilla, caramel, mocha, French vanilla, and those caught in between. It wasn't too difficult to capture his attention when it came to fucking. However, there was one particular trait he had a deep fetish for and it came with physical uniqueness. No, not being horrifically scarred, growing an extra limb or some shit like that.

He liked looking at exotic eyes, hair and skin tones, things like that. He was a super sucker for the eyes and hair especially. Grimmjow wanted a standout, someone he could remember based on their sexy differences. Harribel "Three" Tier was one such example. Her skin matched a freshly stirred cup of iced mocha, had sexy gold hair kept in many tied braids, and gorgeous green eyes framed with the same gold as her hair. She was the one to escort Grimmjow to his room that same night and taught him how to use it with her body.

What a lesson that'd been. She dominated him. She tore into him and lavished every single inch of his body with her Amazonian tongue. She allowed him the taste of her chocolate chip nipples, one lick of her wet juices and the squeeze of her pendulous 38DDDs. Harribel spoke to him through her fingertips, her eyes and the lap of her tongue, showing, teaching, reminding him that he'd been brought up to the ranks of sexual mastery and this was how he should represent it.

The night was Spelled only between them, Grimmjow discovering new words, the way his mouth salivated so much, and how his dick could reach new pen-straight angles. By the time Harribel rose and fell her smooth as velvet pussy on his dick, Grimmjow sung a new tune and lost the feeling in his legs. She was way out of his league because by the time she left, he was snoring up a hurricane and palming his dick for round four.

SinSation became his second home. When he wasn't attending classes, studying with his best friend Ichigo—a secret source of his day dreams— or practicing basketball, he was settled up right in SinSation, working off a nut like he couldn't do in the outside world.

Today he planned on having it all out after practice and before his study session with Ichigo. Coach Kensei had been riding his ass like nobody's business because they had a game next weekend against Georgia State. Grimmjow's executions slacked terribly during the beginning of practice and when it came to his turn for Mikan Drills, he seriously screwed up. He handled converting the layup with his right hand using the backboard just fine. It was the loss of his footing that fucked him up when he went under the basket, tried to rebound the ball before it came out of the net. He repeated the drill with his left the next go round, and did great, but Kensei didn't settle for second hand satisfaction.

He aimed to win.

The last straw was drawn during one on one touch drills. Grimmjow did a chest pass to the team's Shooting Guard, Kaien Shiba, and flew after him when he got into the triple threat position. Grimmjow played on defense three straight times when Kaien scored nine points each session, but he won only by a hair each time. Grimmjow had only recently taken the team's old Point Guard position and Kaien was just being the dick upperclassman who couldn't stand younger bucks in his territory. Grimmjow did manage to take the offensive on the last four interval switches to make up for loss play.

That didn't stop the shrill trill of a whistle from shooting off. Everybody's shoes came to a squeaking halt on the polished maple wood floor. All eyes swiveled around to the approaching source. Kensei had a death grip on his clipboard and the bill of his Florida State snap on lowered over his hazel eyes, veins bulging in his forehead like river gorges.

"Line up!" The silver haired coach snapped like a pit bull.

All ten players stood on the edge of the court line. Grimmjow wiped off the sweat accumulated on his face with the front of his red sleeveless tee. He pulled up his black jersey shorts after tying the drawstring. The team's center player, Yasutora 'Chad' Sado stood next to Grimmjow with a bottle of water in his hand.

"Thanks," Grimmjow took it, flipped the cap and took three long gulps. He was going to need it for how Coach Muguruma's red face was on the verge of popping off.

Kensei paced back and forth like a tiger behind a barred cage. He stopped at last in the front of the team, reaching up to squeeze the building tension between his eyes, took several long breathes and looked up. Kensei's hazel eyes traveled from player to player, glaring lasers on Grimmjow the longest before lingering on the others in turn.

"I don't have to remind you that we're number 11 outta 25 do I?" Kensei didn't wait for that answer and none of them were stupid enough to reply. "So what should do about that?"

Again, no answer.

Kensei lowered his hand to stuff in his left pocket, "I'm gonna expect more than these half assed plays come next Friday right? Some of you are skating on thin enough ice to get kicked off the team, so I better see some improvements Monday. I'll let this raggedy ass practice slide 'cause if I fuck up my blood pressure yellin' at you, my doctor's takin' me off court. And then I'm gonna be free to slap whoever I want." He said, voice tittering towards a meltdown. "Go home, get some sleep, ace your tests and come to next practice like you got the sense to win."

He glared at Grimmjow that time. The blue head felt a blush slicing across his nose and it only worsened when a palmed snicker erupted from the bleachers. Coach didn't have to make it so obvious that Grimmjow was the main fuck up of today. If they won next week's game it'd get the school back up in ranks. So Grimmjow made that his next purpose of life.

The team players disbursed in all directions. Grimmjow lingered around long enough to narrow his blue eyes up at the culprit having a laugh at his expense.

Ichigo sat astride the bleachers wearing a red mid-sleeve v-neck tee and dark grey washed jeans with high top Air Forces and had a pair blue and black Beats—Grimmjow's Beats to be precise—straddling his neck. A black Jansport book bag sat on his right and his right leg looped over his left to hold his notebook. The corner of his mouth tilted in an amused grin.

"Find somethin' funny Kurosaki?" Grimmjow growled from the court.

Ichigo dropped his chin on top of his knuckles, grinning stupidly, "Yeah, I thought Kensei was gonna flip a table. That vein on his forehead was throbbin'. You know what that means right?"

Yeah Grimmjow knew. Kensei had been three seconds from slinging his clipboard across the court and ripping the team's hearts out one by one. Grimmjow shook his head of the grisly image.

"Better do better on your next practice or suffer a clipboard to the noggin."

"Whatever," Grimmjow trotted to the other side of the gym to gather his navy duffle bag, book bag and books. He looked up when Ichigo came tumbling down the bleachers to meet him halfway, wide smile in place and cinnamon brown eyes crinkled on the edges.



His best friend had no idea how sexy he was. No clue what so ever. No wait, that's a lie. Ichigo knew he was attractive; he just had the attitude of knowing it but not caring. Grimmjow discovered Ichigo's sex appeal one night when he joined the orange head at a frat party wearing a black and white checkered polo shirt with khaki cargos and red Jordan's. He looked pretty damn good outside the V-neck tees and jeans he favored over anything else. He had one in every color except pink. Grimmjow never thought to let his eyes venture anywhere on Ichigo's body because, well, it was Ichigo. The same little knucklehead brat who cried with a simple word, was easy to tease and followed Grimmjow all over the place way back when.

Seeing him now with hooded hot chocolate eyes, a chiseled body encased in a fitted shirt nothing shy of squeezing every line and muscle for all eyes to see, a killer smile and that wicked orange hair bright as a cup of mandarin oranges. Damn, he was just an oasis. His pectorals gave each V-neck a gentle lift and whenever he laughed, Grimmjow's eyes were always drawn down to the gently peeking lumps.

"Grimm, ya feelin' alright?"

Ichigo's voice was the splash of cold water Grimmjow needed before the anchor in his pants made landfall. He blinked several times, plastered on a shark grin and ruffled Ichigo's cheeto orange hair, "I'm good. Just wonderin' how the hell ya got my Beats outta my closet."

"Oh these?"

"Yeah those."

Ichigo twirled the cord around his index, "I couldn't find my earphones so I borrowed yours. They're loud too. Why ya didn't me a pair?" Ichigo reached in his pocket to crank the music up.

Grimmjow chuckled when Nicki Minaj's Va Va Boom started pulsating loud as a mini radio. "Those cost me two hundred."

"Really?" Ichigo whistled, "Do you hear that? You might not get 'em back." He cupped the earphones over his ears, bobbing his head to the beat, singing way off key. "I-I-I wanna give you one last option, I-I-I wanna give you one last chance, I-If you're looking for the main attraction just hold on tight and let me do my dance." Ichigo, being the silly idiot he was, started shuffling his feet on the ground and rolling his legs like he saw on Sean Paul's music video. The rolling melted down to his hips, with a junking head bob and crooking his arms to his sides, "If you want it I'm gonna be Va va voom, voom, If you got it, you got it You got that boom boom, If you want it, I'm gonna be Va va voom, voom, If you got it, you got it, You got that boom boom."

Grimmjow grinned, rolling his eyes, "Ya mind? We gotta study in a couple a' hours."

Ichigo didn't hear a word. He was too busy doing his own version of Thriller with an added side swish moonwalk. His shoes slid across the polished maple wood like gliding over a pool of water. He whipped around, facing Grimmjow, face curved in the biggest, devilish grin. He beckoned with his fingers for Grimmjow to join while gapping his legs wide and swinging lower and lower to the floor. He made the mistake of biting his bottom lip between his teeth, rocking back and forth.

Grimmjow followed is best friend's silly stroll like an entranced witness to a belly dance, except this belly dancer was moving better than Pretty Ricky.

"This same roll, game down, Yes I play it very well, Come baby lay down, let me stay down, Lemme show you how I run take you to my playground, Come and get this va va voom VOOM," Around here is where Ichigo tossed his head left, right, dropped low to the ground and snaked his way up, with a roll of his hips and quick twitch-switch of his feet. "I-I-I wanna give you one last option, I-I-I wanna give you one last chance, I-If you're looking for the main attraction just hold on tight and let me do my dance."

Then Grimmjow laughed and laughed real hard when Ichigo's moonwalk nearly laid him out on the floor. He tried to play it off with whirl of his arms, but came up a failure. Tears moistened the corners of Grimmjow's ears when Ichigo had the nerve to pout and stuff his hands in pockets like a child who'd lost his toy. It was so funny and cute.

"You're an idiot," He sighed out, wiping at his eyes. His grin stayed wide when Ichigo flat out ignored him and started walking toward the hall leading to the double door exit. Grimmjow shrugged his stuff up and followed suit. Ichigo and pushed through the green metal double doors into the open cool night. Grimmjow caught the door before it slammed in his face.

Ichigo was a few feet ahead, stride slowed, hands in his pockets, browns eyes up and voice softly serenading to the sky of whisper thin grey clouds. It was a new sound this time, Starstruck by Lady Gaga and Flo Rida. The air was coolly crisp, just right for a walk to the dormitories. They walked alongside each other for a while, just a nice silence, Ichigo's attitude lessened and Grimmjow glad to be out of the gym. He'd been tense all practice, stressed from the upcoming tests and been considering pledging with Kappa Alpha Psi for a while. With so much on his mind, it was a wonder he had time for a life.


Grimmjow blinked when he heard Ichigo's disgusted snort. He looked to his side and saw Ichigo inching to the side, eyes narrowed in his direction, "What's wrong wit' you?"

"You," Ichigo snapped and stepped a whole foot to the left. "You stink. Why didn't ya shower before we left? Smell's burnin' my nose hairs."

"Whatever, I don't stink," Grimmjow pinched the front of his shirt, lifted it to his nose and took a whiff. He checked under his armpits and snatched his nose away. Damn, had his eyes watering and shit.

"See? You got it smellin' like an old pack of sausages. Damn, walk back there!" Ichigo waved his hand over his nose, smiling.

"Oh yeah? I smell huh?" Grimmjow snuck his meaty arm out to loop around Ichigo's neck and stuff his face right in the dip of his armpit. His cackling voice vibrated in his chest as Ichigo struggled to get free, gurgling and gagging all kinds of cuss words and scratching in vain at Grimmjow's arm. "Yeah, get a good whiff. Yeah, yeahhhh!"

Ichigo pounded his fists against Grimmjow's chest, "Alright, alright shit, I give! I give, shit! Damn it Grimm, let go! Ugh!" The orange received mercy and finally pulled away, coughing like breaking the water surface. "Dick," he spat half angry half amused. "Ya know how hazardous that is?"

"Wanna check again?"

"Hell no!"

"Didn't think so."

They shared a smile, a couple of playful punches and carried on to their shared dorm room closest to the Agricultural Building. It was silent all the way there and when they went inside the room. Ichigo went to the birch wood desk next to his bed. Florida State emblems flowered all over the room in banners, the rugs on the floor and on both of their comforters. Grimmjow and Ichigo vowed to be fans of the school until the day they died and even then, wanted the logos carved on their tombstones.

Grimmjow chunked his stuff on his bed and sat on the edge. His eye caught sight of the digital red clock on the nightstand. It read 7:19. Him and Ichigo weren't supposed to meet Rukia, Loly, and Hanatora until nine. That meant he needed to hurry up and shower if he wanted to have a little fun.



The two stared at each other and laughed.

"Go ahead," Grimmjow urged.

"Nah, s'fine you first."

"Go ahead Ichi."

"Ok," Ichigo strangely didn't meet his friends eyes as, opting to stare at the auburn and cobalt stitching of th on the floor. "I gotta head out somewhere for a while. Ya mind if I meet ya at Loly's tonight?"

"Yeah," Grimmjow slowly said then nodded. "Yeah, yeah s'cool. I was gonna tell ya I was headin' out too. I need to meet some people to handle some things."

"Oh," Grimmjow caught Ichigo's bright crimson blush before he hide it behind his textbooks.

Where the hell did Ichigo have to go off to? Was he blushing because he had a date? He usually didn't get all fire faced unless it was over some guy. Grimmjow knew Ichigo had a preference for men and women. He just knew Grimmjow had a taste for the same thing. It was a secret he wanted kept hush-hush so the campus didn't get all wet eyed over a gay Point Guard. Not that he thought Ichigo would blab. It was just a safety precaution.

But getting back to the subject at hand, "Where ya goin'?" Grimmjow asked before he could stop the words from growling out.

Ichigo turned in his leather seat, eyebrow cocked up, "To mind my business. I didn't ask where you were goin'."

"I'm grown."

"Pfft, you barely a year older than me Grimm. I'm just goin' out with a few friends."

"That isn't tellin' me anything Ich,"Grimmjow's frown hardened. "It ain't anything illegal is it?"

"Christ Grimm, yeah I'm goin' out to sell drugs. No, I'm goin' out to eat. There, satisfied? Damn," Ichigo huffed before swirling around to start on his homework. Then it seemed to drop on him like an anvil. "Since you playin' twenty one questions, where the hell you goin'?"

Grimmjow pushed up to his feet, stretching his arms overhead, "Like I said. I'm grown. I can take care of myself. Yer old man'd kill me if somethin' happened to ya."

"Yeah, try again."

"Just be back in time to study. No late night hacky pank a'ight?"

"I can say the same to you—Hey, hey you listenin' to me?!"

Grimmjow didn't answer and didn't feel he had too. So long as he knew where Ichigo was going, he didn't need to know what playground he played in. Grimmjow went to take a shower and by the time he came out, Ichigo was gone. A note on his desk said he'd be back in time for them to walk to Loly's together.

Grimmjow smiled. They'd both be back in time to head to Loly's.

Just as soon as he had his playtime.

When he pulled up to SinSation's parking lot tucked inside one of the spare warehouses adjoining it near the dock, Grimmjow put his 2004 Chevy Camaro and adjust the front of his khaki trench coat. He walked up to the front door, knocked the code for entrance and waited for those familiar crystal blue eyes to appear. He nearly forgot to slip on his jaguar mask and not a minute too soon.

Seconds later, the panel slide open, blinking blue eyes curiously looking at the visitor. "What's your pleasure?"

"Thick and Smooth."

Jiggles's eyes crinkled on the edges before the slide pushed closed and the door's locks clicked open. Grimmjow walked in, hands fondling the front of his trench coat buttons. The smell of sex and incense came roaring through the curtains like the fumes from an apple pie. Jiggles came toward him and tip toed to lightly kiss his lips. "Welcome back Six," She sashayed behind him to ease off his coat and folded it over her forearm. "Tonight is Midnight Gala. Are you a King or commoner?"

"I'm King ta'night," His voice huskily informed. "T. J. as usual."

Jiggles placed his coat in one of the wall lockers, secured his key, kept low in the file cabinet, giving Grimmjow plenty of time to admire her thick ass thighs made for squeezing a man to death, her freshly shaven pink lips—like the peelings of a rose bud— and her ample ass cheeks. Her purple and black butterfly remembered the way his tongue saturated her kitty cat and he knew of the way she tasted after a good fuck.

Jiggles, finally, finally straightened her back, peeking over her shoulder, eyes saying 'I know you're watching.' She held up the key attacked to a short royal blue wrist chain, "Here is your room key. Your room has been cleaned and stocked."

"Thanks," he took the key, winked and walked right on into Paradise.

His aim was straight to the back: Taboo Jungle, his royal domain, his skilled territory for pleasuring. And he was on the lookout for fresh meat or a familiar taste to kick off his night. As soon as he entered through the large sheer valley of Taboo Jungle, he was bombarded on both sides by men and women. Purrs, sexy growls cascaded over his ears like liquefied caramel. Fingertips skated over his muscles, danced across his stomach and shyly reached his dick.

One chocolate diva approached amongst the crowd, Jackie "Smokey" Tristan. Baby had it all over the place with her body. Her breasts had a slight sag to their heavy protrusion and her gum drop nipples added more character to the flaw. Her honey eyes dazzled behind her mask as she walked toward him, hands on her hips and lips plumped as raspberries. Grimmjow reached for her hips and pulled her in.

He loved the feel of her soft skin beneath his fingers, how easily her pussy coated around his dick when he'd sink deep into her rose garden. Her manicured nails stroked the swell of his pectorals, open and closing around his brown nipples. She was a tall woman, taller than most of them in there but she didn't quite reach Grimmjow. They met half way in a gut clenching kiss, tongues rolling and hastening to christen their mouths.

Grimmjow cupped her ample ass and knitted them apart, squeezing and ravishing the feel of the bouncy lumps.

His kiss with her was short and sweet. Someone else had staked their claim on her. When the next he opened his eyes, Smokey was pulled to the side by a woman his height and with equal domination. Her green eyes gleamed at him, and Grimmjow chuckled in his throat. Trust Harribel to make her status known while he was there. Three gathered Smoky in her arms, using her right hand to cup Jackie's large ass cheeks and her other to grip her jaw open. She swooped in and dove her tongue straight in, lapping and noisily making the soaked kiss sounds. "Mine," Her grave voice said loud enough for others to hear and never tearing her eyes from Smoky. She covered her mouth once more in a long, tangling kiss. "In there."

Everyone knew in there was Harribel's room. Jackie cast a heated wink Grimmjow's way before a slap to her ass sent her strutting to Number 3's room. Grimmjow didn't see the hand around his dick before he jumped and another hand came to play around his chest. They were smooth, slightly calloused hands. He tore his eyes away from watching Harribel's ass cheeks crease and fold, to see a pair of light brown eyes and a trio of colored feathers. Ebony hair fluttered near his shoulder and the dance of tan skin.

Yumichika "Beauty". What a fire cracker this one was and possibly the most flexible man on the face of the earth. You name it Beauty could do it. He let Grimmjow fuck him doing a handstand and that had been one of the most interesting sessions ever. When Beauty sauntered around, body nicely lithe and greased down in baby oil, Grimmjow gave him a soft shake of the head and a kiss on the forehead. He needed it a bit rougher and less glamorous.

He thought he found it when he saw a mini crowd gathering around a spectacle of moans and sultry noises. Grimmjow made his way to the gathering, squeezing through until he came across a scene that had his dick aiming dead ahead.

In the center were three men, Tattoos, Fox and one he'd never seen in this neck of the woods. He had orange hair, a lot of it too. His skin was deeply tanned with the added hue of red surfacing. His husky voice sent shivers down Grimmjow's spine, the way he wormed his body against Tattoo's and humped Fox's face was like a virgin begging for the punishment to come. His eyes were blissfully shut, mouth parted for his tongue to slip out and coat his drying lips.

Grimmjow knew his staring was bound to cause a reaction. The orange haired man opened his eyes and started searching around the crowd of onlookers, seeing nothing beyond witnesses until his gaze landed on Grimmjow. The visible eyes were dark brown, smothered to near black from so much lust. They rode over Grimmjow's body until he found the treasure vault.

"Oh fuck." Grimmjow heard him whisper. That voice did it for him. He'd only heard someone else have a voice that sensual and that was Ichigo. That orange had nearly threw him for a loop until smart thinking told him his best friend wouldn't be caught dead in this kind of establishment. Grimmjow grinned saucily and puckered an air kiss.

It was so easy to read the emotions flaring across those eyes and the lively shudders coming from the treatment of his body and the wanton growl he gave.

"I want you," Grimmjow mouthed, disappearing into the cluster. He didn't have to wait. From the way those eyes were molesting him, he'll come. The way this guy looked, strongly reminded him of Ichigo, back and forth and all over, something about him just screamed his best friend.

It'd be tempting to have a good fuck with this new found wealth and see how it went from there.

It went beyond anything he could imagine, anything at all. Grimmjow's orgasm rode through him like a bucket of boiled acid and caught in his leg. It cramped, he couldn't get rid of it for nothing but oh fuck had it been worth it.

It had been at least, until he was stopped before exiting by the orange headed beast and he kissed him

And spoke.

"Please, don't go yet."

Grimmjow had gone from hot to cold, shocked to angry in a matter of seconds. His muscles bunched as he snatched his face out of the guy's hands, "What the fuck—Ichigo?!"

The widened of the brown eyes couldn't have been more of an affirmative. Grimmjow's stomach melted into his toes when the guy wrestled off his mask and his hand dropped dead by his side.

"Grimmjow. . ."