Story from my dear Alrik Stark. This is the first in a series of 18 of her favorite pairings for her birthday.


Alfred sighed turning away from the house in front of him as soon as the paper he was holding left his hand. It had been a long night and he could finally head home, paper delivery wasn't exactly the most interesting job in the world but it made good money and people like reading it for some reason. It wasn't like there was anything interesting in the stupid paper anyway…

As he passed a bush in the yard he was walking through he felt a hand close around his wrist and pull him down into the leaves. He yelped and struggled against whoever it was, trying to pull free from them. He flailed his arms and beat his fists against the others chest until his arms were pinned to his sides. To hi dismay before he could muster enough air to call out for help his lips were covered in a demanding kiss. He continued struggling, kicking his legs around and trying to jerk away from whomever it was that had him to no avail. His captor was too strong for him to counter without help from somebody else and he had no way of getting that help.

His eyes widened as they locked with the cold purple ones above him. Alfred jerked harder trying to break free but the other just held him tighter, biting his lip harshly causing blood to trickle into his mouth.

"Alfred is happy to see me da?" the thick Russian accent rolled over him giving Ivan's identity away to the American then.

Alfred redoubled his efforts to get away as Ivan shoved a hand down his pants. The last thing he wanted was to be doing this right now, but he lost all sense of propriety as Ivan groped his dick roughly through his boxers and bit into his neck. He threw his head back and cried out softly as the sharp incisors dug into his delicate fles. Ivan grinned as he pulled back blood staining his lips and small droplets rolling down his chin.

Ivan stroked him quickly using his free hand to rip the American's pants off and shove two fingers into him. He stretched Alfred quickly, the other crying out as his prostate was abused by the invading fingers. He bit into his lip drawing even more blood, in an attempt to keep quiet as Ivan forced another finger into him briefly before slamming into him.

Alfred's nails dug into the Russian's back, sweat and blood mingling and painting Ivan's back red. He wrapped his legs around the others waist for leverage as Ivan pounded into him mercilessly hitting his prostate continuously.

Ivan growled quietly and ground into him twisting his wrist harshly pulling Alfred's orgasm from him. Ivan crushed his lips to Alfred's as he came Alfreds inner walls clamping around him and milking his orgasm from him. Alfred moaned deeply as Ivan came inside him, the semen burning his abused hole.

He clung tighter to the Russian as the cool night air broke through his sex induced haze. Ivan chuckled and wrapped his coat around the both of them to keep warm.

"You suck," Alfred said glaring at the Russian who just smiled back at him without a care in the world.

"Nyet, Ivan did no sucking!"