Number 2 of 18 in the series of Alrik's favorite pairings.


Antonio looked out at the calm waters silently. He could feel the sand beneath his feet and hear the wind roaring in his ears but all he could focus on was his ship slowly sinking lower into the ocean with each passing moment. Red staining the beautiful blue water before his very eyes. His crew was all gone sinking, along with the ship, to their graves.

The English had come out of nowhere and caught the unawares. By the time the Spanish had started fighting back half the crew had been slaughtered by the British that continued to multiply.

He had managed to escape mostly intact but now he was all alone and stranded, wishing he had gone down with the rest of the crew. A feeling of emptiness surrounded him as the last of his beloved ship sank below the surface of the water. As he stared out at the endless expanse of blue the emptiness faded slowly to the background as his rage overcame him.

Britain had taken his friends and his ship and he wanted revenge. He didn't want just any Brit to pay though; he wanted Arthur Kirkland served on a silver platter. They had been enemies for longer than Antonio could remember and there was no doubt in his mind that the blonde was behind the day's events. Without further hesitation Antonio set off to find his prey.

The hard part was getting off the island he had nothing but the clothes on his back with him. It was difficult but not impossible, he managed to make a raft with some difficulty and set off in search of Arthur. He sat for hours out on the open water thinking of nothing more than his hatred for the English pirate.

He finally found his destination as his anger reached its peak. He quietly hoisted himself aboard the silent ship and crept across the deck to the captain quarters. He let himself in and his eyes immediately landed on the prone form of Arthur, fast asleep and completely unaware of Antonio's presence.

The Spaniard smiled to himself and moved closer to the blonde. The man in question mumbled something to himself and rolled over but made no indication that he was going to wake up. Antonio climbed onto the bed and straddled him startling him awake.

"What the bloody hell is going on?!" Arthur snapped jerking around in an attempt ot get out from under the Spaniard.

Antonio smirked and pressed Arthur into the bed more firmly. He ran his hands down Arthurs back stopping to squeeze his ass firmly before yanking his sleep pants off.

"Get away from me you wanker! This isn't proper behavior towards your captain!" Arthur yelled trashing more and blushing a deep red as he was exposed to the other man.

Antonio ignored his protests and thrust his dick into Arthur's unprepared hole. The blonde cried out in pain as he was torn, the Spaniard giving him no recovery time before he began pounding him into the mattress, stabbing his prostate over and over again. He reached around and groped at the blondes dick stroking him quickly.

Arthur cried out blood rushing to his groin from the stimulation. Antonio stroked faster and twisted his wrist biting into the Englishmen's neck at the same time.

Arthur cried out as he came, Antonio continuing to thrust into him for a while longer before coming as well.

Before the blonde could turn and see him Antonio punched him as hard as he could knocking him out and sneaking back off of the ship.