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So, I couldn't wait any longer, and I just had to post this :) Here it is, the first chapter of my version of Mystic Force, Bringing the Magic!

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"Hey, look who's late...again," Madison Rocca noticed, as she pointed her camera away from Vida Rocca, who was working the DJ table, and onto 20 year old Dawn Evenson, who ran right into the shop wearing her ninja uniform and carrying a bag with her normal clothes.

"Sorry, I was stuck at the academy," Dawn apologized, as she ran towards the office. "I had to help Shane, Tori, and Dustin with some demonstrations," She explained, before she shut the door.

In the past year, Dawn had been traveling to different cities around the state in her spare time, and eventually came across the Rock Porium, a small record shop in the city of Briarwood, which was where she met some new friends: Charlie 'Chip' Thorn, Madison Rocca, Vida Rocca, and Xander Bly. Since she spent most of her free time hanging around there, Dawn was offered a job by the manager, Toby, and she accepted.

But since Dawn occasionally helped out her friends with teaching at the Wind Academy, she kept bouncing back and forth between Blue Bay Harbor. Dawn even ended up telling her new friends about the academy too since they were so curious to know where she spent the rest of her time. Only problem is that her ninja friends don't know Dawn told her new friends about it.

"You realize that's your excuse for everything, right?" Vida pointed out, as she stepped off the platform with the DJ table.

"That's cause it's true," Dawn stated as she stuck her head out of the office to look at Vida, before glancing over at Madison, whose camera was still pointed at her. "Now please get that camera out of my face," She said with a teasing smile, before shoving down the camera.

Madison just rolled her eyes and smiled, before Chip came running around using his jacket as a cape, and a stick like a sword. "Battling again, Chip?"

"Ha!" Chip grinned, as he ran off again and Madison laughed.

"Hey!" Xander greeted Madison, before showing his muscles to the camera.

Madison turned around and filmed the entrance of the Rock Porium, where Toby stood wearing scuba diving gear. "Toby!" Madison realized, as she shut her camera, and the others walked over to their boss.

"Hey, nice snorkel, boss," Xander commented, before Toby swatted his hand away.

Dawn walked out of the office wearing some normal jeans and her light red Rock Porium t-shirt, before she noticed Toby. "I thought you were taking the day off," She told Toby, as she walked over and joined her friends.

Toby tried to say something first, before he took his snorkel out of his mouth. "Yes, I-" He started, before removing his mask completely and putting it down. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I was at the beach, snorkeling with the little fishies, and one swam right up to my mask, and he looked at me with these big fish eyes, and he said," Toby stopped, before pressing his cheeks together. "Are your employees cleaning the store like they said they would do?" He continued, as the five employees stifled their laughs. "Now, I have to go back to the water, back to the reef, find the fish, and say no."

"Why don't you relax, Boss? Take a breather. I'll gather the troops and assign 'em things to do," Xander suggested, before facing his friends. "Alright, sweep the floor up, stock the merchandise, put out the trash, etc."

"Oh, you mean, do the jobs I pay you for," Toby rephrased. "Guys!" He exclaimed, before going into his office.

"Alright, you heard the man, snap to it," Xander ordered. "Chip, grab a broom, Madison, you and Dawn deal with the stock, and Vida, throw out the trash. Snap snap!"

Vida rolled her eyes, as she watched Xander jump into a chair and sit down, before snatching the pillow from under his head. "And what are you doing?" She asked.

"I'm glad you asked; I'm supervising," Xander answered, ignoring the annoyed look on Vida's face. "Hey, it's not as easy as it looks. I know it looks like I'm not doing anything, but I'm actually very busy up here," He explained, tapping his head.

Suddenly, the ground started to shake. "Earthquake!" Xander realized, as he hid under a table and put on a helmet.

"Everybody take cover!" Vida yelled.

"It's the end of the world!" Chip cried before grinning at Madison. "Just kidding."

"Chip!" Madison cried, as she pulled down Chip.

Toby's head stuck out of his office. "Don't panic! Don't panic!" He told everyone. "Remember, the safety procedures!" He reminded everyone, before running back into his office.

As Dawn hid behind the front desk, she could feel something was wrong. "This isn't an ordinary earthquake," She mumbled to herself. "It's something dark, something magical."

Eventually, the rumbling and shaking stopped. "Is it over?" Madison asked, as she, Chip, and Dawn stuck their head out from the front desk.

"I'm alive!" Chip realized, as he stood up.

"Aw great," Madison sighed, looking at the store. "The store's messier than before."

"You'd have thought that wouldn't be possible," Vida shrugged, as she and Xander came up from under the table.

"Well," Xander started as he stepped forward. "The good news is the worst is over."

Dawn sighed to herself. "You just had to jinx it," She mumbled.

The next day, the employees were outside the Rock Porium hanging out, while Madison filmed them. "After narrowly escaping death, the human species copes with it in very different ways," Madison said into her camera, before turning it to her friends. "Some use physical activity."

Madison pointed her camera at Xander, who picked up his skateboard and winked at the camera. "Others socialize," Madison continued, pointing her camera at Dawn, who was using her laptop to chat with Conner, Ethan, and Kira.

"...I wouldn't say being in an earthquake was as bad as falling in a giant sinkhole, but it hurt less," Dawn said, before looking up at Madison and smiling at the camera. "Having fun there?"

Madison smiled back, before pointing the camera at Vida, who was sitting on the back of her car, listening to music and reading a magazine. "There are a few who listen to music," She said, as Vida waved at the camera.

"And...some eat," Madison concluded, as she watched Chip grab a slice of pizza. "Tell me, Chip Thorn, what kind of pizza are you eating?"

"Shrimp, chicken, pepperoni, cheese...and chocolate marshmallows." Chip listed, before taking a marshmallow from his pizza and eating it.

Madison wrinkled her nose. "Eew," She muttered, before facing the camera again. "A fine example of the non-human species?"

"Somebody, please help me!" A old man cried, as he walked over. "Please, someone, anyone, I need help."

Dawn, Chip, Madison, Vida, and Xander heard the old man, before running across the street to see what he was talking about. "My brother, we were walking just up the road, and some creature grabbed him," The old man explained. "I fear the worst. It's just out of town, a creature him him into the woods," He continued, as some people already started shaking their heads.

"Can you imagine him?" Xander asked his friends. "Asking someone to go into the woods."

"Will somebody please help me?" The old man pleaded.

"I will," Someone offered, as everyone turned to see a guy with tanned skin and brown hair standing by a motorcycle. "I could use a break."

Xander looked at the guy, before walking up to him. "Hey, I'm Xander, you're new around here, aren't you?" He asked. "Probably don't know about the facts, but here's one. You go into the woods, you don't come out."

"Heard about it," The guy, Nick Russell, nodded. "But the man needs help, and no one in this city seems to care."

"I care," Dawn volunteered, stepping forwards. "I get lost in woods at Blue Bay Harbor all the time. My friends and I even fell through a sinkhole once at some woods in Reefside, and everything turned out fine," She told Nick. "I'm sure I can handle the woods in this town too."

"I'll go with you too," Vida decided. "Not everyone in this city's a coward."

"I'll go too! I've always wanted to go on a dangerous quest," Chip grinned, before glancing at Vida. "This is a dangerous quest, right?"

Vida just shrugged. "Perilous."


As Nick, Dawn, Vida, Chip, and the old man were about to leave, everyone started walking away, while Xander glanced at Madison. "Don't look at me," She insisted. "I'm the sister with a common sense."

Eventually, Nick, Dawn, Vida, and Chip arrived at the woods with the old man. "Are you sure you're willing to enter?" The old man asked. "You're about to enter a very scary place."

"You ask a lot of questions for someone whose brother is in danger," Nick noticed.

"Everyone's in danger," The old man stated gravely.

"Everyone's in danger?" Chip repeated, a grin appearing on his face. "Yeah!"

All of them then turned around to see Madison and Xander driving in Vida's car and pulling up next to them. "Xander!" Vida snapped. "I told you if you ever took my car I'd rearrange your lamps!"

"You're going into the woods, you'd never return it," Xander pointed out, as he and Madison got out of the car. "As if you're ever gonna see it again."

"He's got a point," Dawn realized.

"Besides, you're my sister," Madison added, looking at Vida. "Where you go, I go."

The old man started at the six teenagers. "So there are six."

It wasn't long until the all of them started wandering through the woods together. "It's creepy out here," Madison muttered, looking around.

Xander nodded in agreement. "Got that right."

"I've seen creepier," Dawn shrugged as they continued to walk, and Dawn got a weird feeling again as the woods seemed darker. "Hold on, I felt something back there. Did you guys feel something?"

"Wait," Nick stopped. "Where's the old man?"

"10 seconds in the woods, and we're already lost," Chip realized. "Alright! Maybe there's trolls, and goblins, and elves in the woods too! I've also heard that a witch lives here. She's hideous! With green skin and a black tongue with yellow drool that slowly drips from the corners of her mouth when she speaks."

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Okay, even if those stuff did exist, I doubt witches would be that ugly," Dawn stated, considering she was technically a sorceress.

"You've been reading too many fairy tales, my friend," Nick told Chip, as everyone turned around and looked at him. "Guys, there's no such thing as witches...oh, okay, so now you're playing with me," He realized, noticing the scared looks on everyone's faces, before he started teasing. "Ooh, someone's behind me. I'm so scared. Boo!"

"There is someone behind you!" Vida exclaimed.

Nick turned around and saw person behind him wearing a tattered black cloak, before he screamed a bit and staggered backwards as the person slowly walked closer. "Anybody wanna run?" Madison suggested. "Like now?!"

"Already tried, but my feet won't move," Xander said, as all of them continued to stay still.

Suddenly, an army of creatures jumped out of the trees and bushes, and surrounded the six of them. "She's got friends!" Vida realized.

"Why do I have a semi-good feeling where this is going?" Dawn mumbled to herself, remembering last year when she got detention.

The six teens watched as the witch took out a wand with a white symbol on top that glowed. "Mysto Aerotan!" She called, before six broomstick flew over and picked up the six of them, carrying them into the sky.

As Nick, Vida, Xander, Madison, and Dawn screamed, gripping their brooms tightly, Chip just laughed and looked as if he was having a good time. Eventually, the brooms dropped all of them together by a large tree before flying away again. "Okay, so new guy," Xander started, turning to Nick. "Now you know why no one goes into these woods."

"Actually, the name's Nick," Nick introduced himself.

"What is this place?" Vida wondered.

"I call it Rootcore," The witch said, as she appeared and slowly started walking forwards again.

The six of them started backing away, before running inside the giant tree through what looked like a dragon's mouth. Once all of them were inside, the eyes of the head glowed red, before its mouth closed up.

Nick, Vida, Xander, Madison, Chip, and Dawn stumbled through a door, before staring at the room they were in. You could definitely tell they were inside a tree since everything looked like it was made from bark, but there were some dim lights on the ground and walls, and there was a round table in the middle of the room with a large orb on top of it.

"I thought it was best that you were brought here," The witch called from the second floor, shocking the six teens.

"Uh, hi, I'm Xander," Xander introduced himself. "This is a nice place you go here. It's, uh, it's really...woody."

The witch's hand sparkled white, as the six of them turned around to see the brooms appear in some small chambers behind them. "I," The witch continued, as she removed her black cloak to reveal a red haired woman. "am the sorceress, Udonna," She introduced herself, as some more lights turned on. "Welcome to my home."

"Wow," Dawn mumbled, as she looked around.

"When the six of you entered the forest, you entered a magical dimension," Udonna explained.

"A parallel dimension outside of Briarwood?" Chip gasped. "Do we live in a great city or what?"

Udonna then appeared behind the group. "Many decades ago, there was a Great Battle in our world," She started, making Dawn frown at the mention of it. "Dawn, I'm sure you've heard of it."

At this, everyone turned to look at Dawn. "Uh, how could I forget?" Dawn nodded, ignoring everyone's stares. "I don't remember much about it, but from when I heard, dark magic conquered magical realm, and was about to enter our dimension, but they were finally defeated and sent to the Underworld...my mom died in that battle."

"Your mom was a sorceress?" Madison asked, raising her eyebrows.

"It's a long story," Dawn said, looking down. "And it's not as crazy as the whole ninja academy thing."

"Your mother was a strong sorceress and fought well in the battle," Udonna told Dawn, before facing everyone else again. "The Gate to the Underworld was sealed with a powerful spell. However, during the recent earthquake, a crack appeared in the gate, and evil has slipped through."

"Remember me? Xander?" Xander asked, raising his hand. "Well, just wonderin', what does that have to do with us?"

"Yeah," Nick shook his head. "None of us are buying this fairy tale."

As Udonna walked up some steps, she looked down at Nick. "This is not a fairy tale," She insisted. "What I tell you is what happened."

"Look, let's just hear what she has to say," Vida suggested. "We can always leave after that."

"The Xenotome, the Book of the Unknown," Udonna gestured to a large book on a pedestal, as the six of them walked up to look. "In here, is everything we do not know."

Madison looked down at the book, as some writing and images appeared. "What kind of language is that?" She asked. "I've never seen it before."

"It is the Language of the Ancients. You will soon learn it," Udonna assured them. "It says that when evil rises again, six mystical warriors from the human realm will step forward. You are those warriors. You are the Power Rangers."

A small smile appeared on Dawn's face, as she let out a deep breath. "Here we go again."

"Nice!" Chip grinned.

"Sorry, but there must be some mistake," Xander insisted. "How are we gonna defeat evil? Our high school hasn't even won a football game in 6 years."

Udonna then pulled out six sticks, each one with a colored symbol on top. "These are your magic wands," She said, as she handed them out. "Never go anywhere without them."

Dawn's wand flashed amber, and had the symbol of a dove on it. Chip's symbol was a garuda, that flashed yellow was it was handed to him. Madison was handed a wand with a fish tail symbol that flashed blue. Vida received a wand that flashed pink and had a butterfly symbol. Xander's wand had a bull head symbol that flashed green. Finally, Nick's wand flashed red and had the symbol of a phoenix.

"Udonna! Udonna!" A blonde girl called, as she ran up some steps and noticed the six teens. The girl's hair was a little messy, and her clothes were similar to rags in a way. "Oh, hello, nice to meet you. Uh, excuse me," She told them, before facing the white sorceress and whispering something to her.

"You must stay here until I return. Do not go in the woods by yourselves," Udonna instructed the six teenagers, before she snapped her fingers and disappeared in a flash of white light.

The girl sighed, as she snapped her own fingers. "I wish I could do that! I practice, and I practice but...nothing!" She grumbled, before facing everyone else. "Oh, um, hello again! Um, I'm Claire, Sorceress-in-Training here at Rootcore. My friend, Jeanne, she's out right now, so you can't meet her, but you probably will eventually."

"Okay, that's it, I'm outta here," Nick decided, as he started walking.

"No, you can't go. Udonna said you have to stay here until she returns," Claire insisted. "Oh, I know! I'll conjure a spell that will freeze you where you stand until Udonna gets back," She said, as she tried to concentrate. "Um...Corum Oviat Distrum!" Claire chanted, before she ended up getting turned into a sheep.

Claire watched as everyone put their wands on top of the Xenotome before leaving. "Oh boy," Claire sighed. "Udonna is gonna be maaad at me."

Eventually, the six teenagers left Rootcore and ended up finding a destroyed village. "Who are they?" Xander wondered, as he and the others looked at all the villagers, which were all fairy tale creatures.

"I should've known you wouldn't stay at Rootcore," Udonna said, as she noticed the six teenagers and walked up to them.

"What happened here?" Madison asked Udonna.

"The woodland village was destroyed, tomorrow it will be another village," Udonna told them. "The darkness destroys everything within their path until they find what they're looking for."

"What are they looking for?" Chip asked.

"Me," Udonna answered, as the six teenagers faced her. "And then they will go after you."

Dawn sighed to herself. "I had a bad feeling that would be her answer," She mumbled.

"Wait," Nick interrupted. "I never asked to be a part of this."

"It is them!" One of the villagers pointed, as a hopeful smile appeared on his face. "It is them! The protectors are here!" He called, before he and the other villagers got on one knee and bowed. "Hail the Mystic Force!"

"I always wondered what it would be like to be worshiped," Xander said, as a small grin made its way onto his face. "It's not so bad."

Suddenly, a large black creature appeared in front of the Mystic Force and roared down at them. "Okay, that's bad!" Xander stated, his confidence turning into fear, as the villagers screamed and fled.

"Take out your wands," Udonna instructed.

"Uh, we kinda left them back at the tree," Chip told her nervously.

"Alright, then stand back," Udonna said, as the six teenagers stood back and she looked up at the monster. "You leave me no choice," She said, before she took out her wand, as the snowflake symbol on top glowed white.

"Magical Source, Mystic Force!"

"Flurry of Snow, White Mystic Ranger!"

All of them watched as Udonna transformed into the White Ranger in a flash of white light, and her wand transformed into a staff weapon. "Now that's cool!" Vida grinned.

Udonna jumped and blasted some cold air at the creature, but unfortunately it didn't do any damage. As the creature brought down his giant fist on the ground, Udonna flipped backwards and landed safely on the ground.

Meanwhile, some foot soldier creatures, Hydiacs, arrived at the scene and spotted the six teenagers. "Guys," Nick started, as he and the others backed away slightly. "We have company."

"Okay, looks like we have either two options," Chip realized. "We can surrender and be destroyed..."

"...Or fight?" Madison finished.

"You're the ninja, you deal with it," Xander said, as he tried to shove Dawn forwards.

"Stop it, you coward!" Dawn snapped.

"Well I say we fight," Nick decided.

Xander held up his hands to stop Nick. "Actually, there's a third option: Plan Xander. I'll just reason with them," He suggested, before stepping forwards and closer to the Hydiacs. "Hi, I'm Xander. We're not really from this party, so if it's okay with you, we'll just be heading off-"

One of the Hydiacs responded by kicking down Xander before he could finish talking. "Guess we fight," Xander realized, as he stood back up.

Unfortunately, two Hydiacs fired purple blasts of energy that exploded behind the six teenagers, who screamed and fell down. Once all of them were back on their feet, the Hydiacs started attacking them. The only one that was really making any progress with defending themselves was Dawn, but in the end she was thrown into a tree and grabbed by some Hydiacs.

"Just remember," Udonna called to them. "To use magic, all you have to do is believe in magic!"

"Then I believe," Dawn stated, closing her eyes and focusing on her powers. "I believe in magic!" She cried, before she started glowing amber, and she became so bright that it blinded the Hydiacs and made them fall down. "Whoa, that was cool...and really bright," Dawn said to herself, as she rubbed her eyes.

Meanwhile, Chip was backed up against a tree and was able to see Dawn. "To use magic, you have to believe," Chip repeated Udonna's words. "Well I do! I believe!" He stated, and just as the Hydiacs were about to attack him, Chip glowed yellow and zapped lightning at them, which knocked out all of the Hydiacs. "Wow, it actually worked," Chip realized. "Guys, the magic really works! Just believe!"

"I believe, I believe in magic," Xander nodded, as thick vines shot out from a tree behind him and attacked the Hydiacs.

Madison squeezed her eyes tightly. "I believe in magic," She said to herself, and when she opened her eyes again, she saw several Hydiacs on top of giant streams of water that shot up from the ground.

"I believe, I believe!" Vida chanted, before she started spinning around super fast. "Whoa! I'm a tornado!" She realized, as she transformed into a tornado with pink streaks. Eventually, Vida stopped spinning and grinned to herself. "I like...well, all except the color."

Udonna charged forwards at the large creature, avoiding the multiple blasts of energy that were fired her way. "Snow Staff!" She called, before she shot more cold air at the creature, eventually freezing it in ice. "You're iced," She said, as she turned around and the creatures exploded behind her.

Suddenly, Nick screamed as he leapt into the air and avoided an explosion behind him, before falling back down on the ground. "Okay, I guess I believe too," He gave in as the Hydiacs got closer to him, but he knew that he didn't really mean it since nothing happened.

Just as the Hydiacs were about to strike, Udonna fired blast of mist at them and made them disappear. "Power down," Udonna commanded as her ranger suit disappeared, as she looked down at Nick with some disappointment.

Eventually, Udonna regrouped with Dawn, Vida, Xander, Chip, and Madison. "Well, you are truly the ones," Udonna realized, smiling slightly at the five teenagers. "Are you up to the task? Are you now ready to accept your legacy?"

"Oh yeah," Chip nodded eagerly. "Bring it on!"

"You can count on me," Dawn assured Udonna with a smile. "To hell with normal. I'm ready to become a ranger again."

Madison glanced over at Dawn. "Again?"

"Another long story. I'll tell you later."

"I'm in," Vida decided. "I kicked some serious ass back there!"

"This is so unlike me, but I'm sticking with my sister," Madison stepped forward and smiled.

"Well someone's gotta look after these guys, right?" Xander pointed out.

After everyone decided, they turned and looked at Nick. "You know, we have almost all the colors...but we're still missing one," Dawn told Nick. "We still need a red ranger."

"Me? No way," Nick shook his head. "I'm outta here."

"Are you sure this is what you choose?" Udonna asked.

"Look, the 'I believe in magic' thing? It didn't work for me," Nick insisted.

"Try believing again," Madison suggested. "Maybe it didn't catch on the first time."

Udonna glanced over at Nick seeming a little disappointed. "He is a non-believer," She realized. "I can do nothing for him. Claire will lead you out of the woods safely," She assured Nick. "Claire!"

"Here I aaam," Claire baaed, as she walked over still in her sheep form.

"Oh my dear child, when will you get your spells right?" Udonna said, looking down at Claire. "See him safe passage out of the woods."

"Yes, Udooona," Claire responded, before she started walking with Nick. "Follow meee."

After Nick and Claire left, the rangers turned around and saw an evil-looking warrior with blue armor. "You may have defeated my Hydiacs, but you will not defeat me," He insisted, as he drew his sword from his shield. "Wolf Attack!" He cried, as the eye on his shield glowed red and shot blasts of energy that made the rangers scream and fall back.

As the rangers sat up and glared at him, the warrior laughed. "It is the end for you."