Before I knew it, I was writing this before I could start on other chapters. My attention span can sometimes be almost as bad as Luffy's. Anyway, this is supposed to be a side story to It's Time For A Change (Not really a spoiler since it's already pretty darn obvious where it'll lead to) but I wouldn't mind anyone treating this as an independent fic.

I know I'm probably going to get whacked around or possibly flamed for coming up with such a pairing but... come at me, bro!

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Dawn was approaching and the Strawhat Pirates (now in an alliance with the Whitebeard Pirates) were in for another day of a crazy adventure!

Even the Whitebeard Pirates themselves couldn't keep up with the daily insane activities that was usually brought about by the Strawhat Pirates (mostly by Luffy, to no one's surprise). The early riser of the day was Usopp who was the first person to be on lookout for the Thousand Sunny. Even though it was probably unneeded since their boat was secured with the Moby Dick… old habits do die hard and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Luffy had asserted his point that it would be fun. Everything pointless to him would be fun anyway and thus, the crew just followed his orders after rounds of kicks and punches. If it weren't for the fact that they were Luffy's crew and very best friends, they might had gotten their asses kicked by Luffy's overprotective brother and lover, Ace.

Sanji would probably be spared but everyone else was pretty sure that they hadn't signed their waivers yet.

With the dangerous and epicness of an adventures they were-forced-to partake, it was a wonder how they hadn't get around to their wills yet. Apparently, the number of victories and zero number of losses they had emerged from said adventures had made them feeling pretty confident about themselves. And Luffy wouldn't hear anything about making detours unless more meat are offered. To think that Nami was getting irritated with their expenditure and Luffy himself even dared to lecture them about budget, which didn't last for more than five seconds before the rest of the crew took charge.

There wasn't a use to ponder about the past. Making himself useful, Usopp got himself off the bed reluctantly and walked into their bathroom. His eyes were half lidded as he strutted lazily across the mirror…

For a moment there, Usopp could've sworn that he had seen something that shouldn't had been there at all! He quickly backtracked his steps and stared in the mirror with a very pale color on his tanned face (not that it made any sense). He quickly pulled off his top to confirm his assumptions and holy mother of god-He is a freaking girl! Everybody can start screaming right now!


Okay, okay. Calm down. Maybe he shouldn't get overly sensitive about this since nothing was hundred percent confirmed yet-Who was he kidding?! Males don't suddenly grow breasts over the day! At least, Yasopp had never taught him anything about this. Only one more way to find out, off with the pants!


"Guys! Guys! Something weird is happening to me!" Usopp screamed as he shoved everyone off their beds one by one.

It wasn't such a good idea and Usopp only realized it when a drawn katana and foot covered threateningly over his-her head.

"What the hell is this about, huh?" Zoro asked maliciously.

"You just interrupted my luscious dreams, you bastard," Sanji said in the same tone.

"Wait, wait! I have a good reason for this, I swear!" Usopp defended him-herself. When the dangerous weapon and limb were still hovering over his head disbelievingly, Usopp turned around quickly and pointed at himself. "Look at what happened to me! I woke up and… uh… guys," Usopp suddenly stopped himself when he realized that something was very off about them too.

Zoro, with his green hair grown longer, had also sprouted breasts overnight. Usopp wasn't sure about anything underneath the pants but frankly speaking, he didn't want to find out either so that would be up to Zoro to check it out for himself. Muscles wise, they seemed as though they had retracted into his body and took their places on his chest-at least, Usopp did pray that it was muscles instead of fats there. Is it even humane to have such a large pair of muscles there?

Sanji, on the other hand, also had his hair longer but it was only until shoulder length. Usopp didn't have to repeat about the sprouting breasts part since it should be pretty obvious why he was at loss of words as well. Sanji's body figure was already the most feminine one in the group (Even Luffy grown muscles after two years of training) but it might also contribute to the fact that he wasn't a show off. Maybe Marco would know something about it-No, Usopp was not interested!

"What?" Zoro and Sanji asked in unison before they looked down at themselves and let out a perfectly synchronized sceams.

"Man, what's with all this screaming? Is it time to eat already?" Luffy asked lazily as he slowly got himself up from the floor. Before he knew it, Usopp, Zoro and Sanji were also looking at him with very weird looks. "What's with you guys?"

"Y-You," Usopp started off while pointing a finger nervously at Luffy.

"Breasts…" Zoro continued.

"You have breasts," Sanji completed the sentences for the both of them.

Luffy raised an eyebrow at them and crossed his arms underneath his… large breasts (which was the largest among the four). "What the heck are you guys talking about?" Wow, Usopp didn't imagine Luffy to be this dumb; even he realized that he didn't have the bits that he should! "And come to think of it, the three of you looked kind of… weird."

"You are too!" The three of them shouted back in chorus.

It took a lot of effort to convince Luffy that all of them were having bits that they shouldn't have and lost bits that they should have. What had the kid been living with all these times that he couldn't figure out the difference between a female and a male body? Maybe that was why Luffy had never gotten attracted to anyone other than Ace… which was a fine exception because Luffy had been known him the longest other than Garp. Before mulling any longer, all of them decided to take the discussion to somewhere else whereby they would have more sensible people to talk to and things might finally start to work out.

Sadly to say that they were horribly wrong.

First of all, Ace was dumbstruck when he saw his brother-turned-sister and lover when a meeting among as many people as possible was demanded on the Moby Dick. Maybe he wouldn't have made a great contribution even if he could talk. After all, he had a few people to beat up for looking at Luffy with an obvious pair of perverse eyes. Ace was another exception though since he had the right to look at Luffy even when she was a man.

"So you mean these aren't normal?" Luffy asked while groping her own breasts which struck paradise in the highly populated males in the Moby Dick.

"Don't grope yourself!" Ace shouted and put Luffy's hands to her sides while glaring at his men. "At least… maybe when we get to be in private."

"Ace!" Sabo cried out in exasperation.

Zoro groaned and slapped her forehead. "Not the time. Anyone have any idea how this happened before I go and cut something up?" she asked impatiently as her hands were already twitching in an urge to hold her katanas against some of the men.

"Hmmm, there is something different about you guys that I can't quite put my finger on," Brook commented.

Zoro looked at him in horror. Of all people. Of all people who should've been the wisest about the wonders of genders other than Sanji didn't have a fucking clue what had happened to them or what they had turned into which made Zoro wanted to dissemble his bones! He had to be fucking kidding her.

"Don't you see anything? We've grown breasts!"


"Yes, breasts! You know, the thing that you and the love-cook drool over in girls which guys weren't supposed to have!" Zoro snapped.

"What in the world are you talking about?" Brook asked, remaining very oblivious.

"What am I talking about? What in the world am I talking about? What else could I be talking about?" Zoro had really sounded very hysterical at this point. "What I am talking about is that the four of us had changed into girls! That's what I was freaking talking about!"

Chopper raised his-her hands.

"Okay, five of us!"

"Calm down, marimo. There is no use blowing up your little head over this," Sanji persuaded from her position next to Marco. Figures that she would be calm; she was smoking a cigarette. "Now Brook, do you understand?" she asked pleasantly.

"…What is a girl?"


"Ohohohoho! I get it! Girls! The fine creatures who were born with lovely parts. But uh, you guys are guys, right?" Brook asked.

"We were guys!" Zoro was still keeping the urge to scream although she might lose it very soon.

Brook stared at the five of them for a moment before everything clicked in. "Aha!" he finally exclaimed in realization. "So may I see your panties?"

A few kicks and punches had possibly shut Brook up forever.

"Back to the topic," Sanji started off while dusting off her pants. "We can't stay like this forever."

"You don't say, love-cook," Zoro muttered sarcastically.

"What was that, you bitch?" Sanji threatened dangerously while holding up a fist.

"I said, you don't have to point it out, Captain obvious," Zoro retorted and brought her katana out.

"You're going to get it, marimo!"

A hand was placed on Sanji's shoulder and pulled her back to her original spot before she and Zoro would start an eye-pleasantly catfight. "Calm down, yoi. You're going to give these guys a lot more benefits that they should," Marco pointed out while motioning to the men who had turned away and whistling innocently.

"…" Sanji paused for a moment before turning on her heels and looking at Marco as though he was the finest person on earth. "Yes, Marco-kyun!"


Sure, the both of them are indeed lovers. But Sanji's ways of showing her affections towards men and women had been very different. While she used to become exaggeratedly loving towards every women she could find, she did love Marco in a way which was of a more normal level. And not to mention that it was actually more romantic and less goofy as well. After all, Sanji may have loved every single women (beautiful ones) on earth and only fell in love with a man.

"Did the hormones messed her up too?" Zoro commented while raising an eyebrow at the sight.

"That's not fair, Commander!" "Yeah! I want to be loved by a hot chick too!" "You always get the good stuffs!" "I should've been there when the Commander and Sanji were fighting together!"

At least they were lucky that it wasn't Luffy they were bolting for but a huge reason to that was because Ace was holding Luffy very close to him and glaring dangerously at every single men in the ship other than Whitebeard (who was actually thinking of a solution), Sabo (who would never wished to lay a finger on Luffy) and Marco (who already had Sanji clinging onto his arm). Were the guys on this ship had always been perverted? They did want to set up a party after finding out that Nami and Robin would be joining in the deal as well. But everyone had to admit that the guys-turned-girls had developed very curvaceous body.

Luffy giggled from her position in Ace's hug with her back against her brother's chest. "This is pretty funny!"

"No it isn't!" Usopp protested.

"Why? I find these quite fun too," Luffy remarked as she started groping herself again.

"Lu! Stop that!" Ace groaned as he used his arms to cover Luffy's chest from the drooling perverts this time.

"Come to think of it… there are some handsome guys on this ship," Sanji murmured while eyeing everyone until a hand covered her eyes.

"Don't think about it, yoi."

Handling Sanji after being turned into a female wasn't easy for Marco. Although there was the increase in affections that came along with the baggage, the way Sanji showed her love when she was a male was much more different. Other than the fact that Marco wasn't used to it, Sanji's gender policies had been completely overturned. He couldn't deny that he disliked the attention, in fact Sanji in either forms was still kind of adorable and suave in their own ways, but Marco really felt like he was dating a completely different person. However, Marco couldn't find himself disliking either since Sanji was, in the end, still Sanji.

Come to think of it, no one would've expected them to get together and as of how still remained a mystery to himself. It was weird for Marco's crew when they had first found out that the both of them were lovers while the Strawhat Pirates were surprisingly calmer about it (They should since their relationship was considered nothing compared to the strange things the crew faced). It was a huge shock indeed that some of the men even put in bets that their commander was playing a trick on them.

That would most likely be Ace and Tatch's job seeing how many times Marco had fallen to their smartass ideas.

"Marco-kyun! I made desserts for you! A special banana cake with chocolate syrup," Sanji said when she came beside him.

Marco lowered the newspaper in his hands and stared at her for a second. "Uh… thanks, yoi."

"I'll feed you so you don't have to move too much. Say ah~"

"W-Wait, yoi!"

"Food!" Luffy cried out as she dove forward towards the pair but was stopped by Sanji's foot.

"Uh, uh. Yours is in the kitchen."

Normally, it would be like…

"Yo, Marco. I just made some desserts. Hurry up and eat it before Luffy snatches it away." Sanji put the plate beside him and lit up a cigarette.

"Thanks as always, yoi."

Sanji glanced at him as he blew out the smoke. "Ah. Put down the book already or do you prefer me to feed you, eh?" he teased with a smirk.

"I actually don't mind, yoi."

"Food!" Luffy shouted in delight and rushed towards them but was stopped by Sanji's foot in his face.

"Get yours in kitchen, dammit!"

Huh… maybe there wasn't that much of a difference.

Whenever Sanji tailed Marco almost everywhere, the latter's men would look in jealousy and envy while Whitebeard only surveyed in amusement.

Sanji, when a male, wouldn't follow Marco around that much. They did spend alone time together but the both of them gave their affections equally seeing how Marco hadn't really been in love for a long time due to his duties while Sanji was more openly affectionate towards women but still had feelings for the First Commander of the Whitebeard Crew. Neither of them knew much about love or loving the same sex initially but they still managed in the end. Right now, it was still as a strange sight to see as always whenever Marco and Sanji got into their moments. It was always a fun material to share with Zeff whenever they passed by the B

"Marco-kyun, are you done? We're nearing the village soon," Sanji asked as she laid on Marco's bed lazily while reading another book of recipes. The Moby Dick's library really had many different kinds of materials for reading.

"Yeah. Don't worry, yoi. Neither ships will be leaving until we get everything done," Marco assured as he finally emerged from the bathroom.


Dripping in water.


"Oi! Your nose is bleeding a lot! Are you alright, yoi?! Someone get the doctor!"

Whitebeard only laughed when Marco had rushed up the deck with an unconscious Sanji in his arms while Chopper panicked and proceeded to give her blood to her system. It seemed that the effect of the 'hell' that Sanji visited was still that much of a trauma for him/her. No one could blame Sanji though since that place had neither males or females who looked decently nice. And that Marco must have given her as much of a shock when Sanji, when he was a male, was faced with mermaids.

"If she is like that, how are the both of you ever going to have sex?" Ace joked while dodging a punch from the embarrassed phoenix.