I told you I'd be back in the New Year! This is some vamp I've had in my head for a few months. It's as canon as I can ever get, and even plays along with some of the themes from Midnight Sun, the half-written EPOV of Twilight, by SM. If you've read Midnight Sun, you should be able to tell those themes rather early on in this story.

This will not post daily, I know a lot of you enjoyed that with The Life Aquatic, but it will post as frequently as I can. Each chapter will also be between 700-2,000 words. I can't do a 100 word drabble, or a 12k chapter. It's just not in me. These little chapters mean more frequent updates for you, so let's enjoy that, shall we? This is also darker than I usually write, unless you count Love Will Come Through, which had that stalker storyline going on.

Any questions? Feel free to ask, but I don't generally give away plot or shit like that. Yes, the title of the story refers to the song from the BD2 soundtrack. Who else loves it?

It's not beta'd. My life mate Risbee did read this back when I first started writing it and she gave me a thumbs up, so thank her for recommending I continue on with this.

Sorry for the long AN. I don't own Twilight, but this is as close as I will ever get to it.

Chapter 1

Can you keep a secret

Will you hold your hand

Among the flames

Honey you're a shipwreck

With your heart of stone

-Heart of Stone, by Iko

The late December air is freezing cold, but he feels nothing, not even the snow as it lands softly against his permanently cool skin.

It's dark outside and though a human would have trouble seeing properly, everything is crisp and exact to his eyes. He remains stoic as he watches from the shadows for the man to exit the rundown bar at a little after two o'clock in the morning.

His prey is named Marcus, and he's not a very nice man. Unfortunately, no one realizes this.

Edward Cullen is the exception. He's been watching him fastidiously and listening to his immoral thoughts for three full days. Edward doesn't sleep, eat or drink, his only focus is to see Marcus, and men like him, brought to justice.

Three days ago, while running aimlessly in the woods surrounding Port Angeles, Washington, Edward heard the errant thoughts of Marcus Samuels, a 29 year old grifter, who had just arrived in town from Seattle. Marcus' thoughts contradicted his personality, which was bright and polite. His mind was with dark and destructive images, many of which were aimed at the helpless women of Port Angeles.

The next night, Edward sat in the same dingy bar he was currently observing, listening to Marcus wax poetic to the old bartender about the last woman in his life. What he failed to mention, was that he left her for dead on the side of the US 101 just north of Sequim. Edward called the local police from the pay phone in the bar and provided them with the information on where to find her body, and that a man was boasting about the crime at the bar. When they arrived, Marcus was taken in for questioning and Edward felt a sense of relief that he was off the streets.

Until he found out very late the next night that Marcus was released because they had no evidence to hold him. Edward pretended to befriend the deviant and the more he drank, on Edward's dime of course, the more Marcus revealed about his unsavory past.

Denise, the girl left on the US 101, was the fourth in a string of women he had brutally raped or attacked in Washington State. Though Marcus spoke as though all the women were willing and eager, his memories proved otherwise. The moment Marcus's mind showed one of the women beaten to death in a shower, only to be disposed of like trash in a dumpster in Bremerton, Edward decided to leave because he was unsure of what to do next.

He bristled internally as he left, wishing he could just snap Marcus' head off and be done with it, but he couldn't do that in a crowded bar without revealing his true self. To channel his frustration, Edward ran like a maniac through the woods outside of town and listened for Marcus, waiting for the moment he decides to leave the bar. When the visions running through Marcus' head implied he would be leaving, Edward went to stand in the darkness outside the bar to wait for his prey.

When Marcus steps out though, he is not alone. The short figure at his side is a very pregnant woman, and his hand is gripping her forearm fiercely. For some unknown reason Edward can't hear her thoughts, only his, and they are disturbing to say the least. Edward steps out of the shadows and follows them, eager to get the woman away from his grasp, and even though he has super-human speed, Marcus is quick to lead her around the corner and force her head against the brick wall, choking the air from her lungs.

The long haired brunette struggles and tries to cry out, but she's unable to from the force of his grip on her throat. Marcus slams her head back against the brick and watches, a satisfied smirk on his face, as she tumbles to the ground lifelessly.

Edward pounces forward, his arm wrapping around Marcus' neck as he flies through the air, twisting until a loud crack is heard. Edward shows no remorse as he drops the unresponsive body to the ground and checks for a pulse, a twinge of satisfaction coursing through him when he finds none. Though his throat burns slightly for the taste of human blood, Edward refrains.

He can't let himself be tempted.

Instead, he turns his focus to the brunette at his side, effortlessly picking her up into his arms. The burn in his throat increases tenfold when he realizes she's bleeding from a gash in her head. Without a second thought, he darts into the edge of the inky black forest and races for home, desperate to save her and her unborn child.