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Chapter 6

Carlisle walks into the cottage mere seconds later; having been told by Alice that he was needed there. When Edward explains how the baby is not particularly tempting to either Rose or him, Carlisle is a bit concerned.

"So let me get this straight, this baby girl whom Rosalie has been holding for the past five hours at least, suddenly doesn't smell good? Did you check her diaper?" he questions with a small grin on his face as Esme chuckles in the background.

"It's just…" Edward pauses, struggling to find the proper words that will make Carlisle take him seriously. "You've been around babies before, have you ever smelled such a… pungent… scent on one of them?" Carlisle moves closer to Rosalie and immediately lowers his face to the baby's head, taking in a deep breath. The baby doesn't even move as Carlisle lets out a small gasp and steps away quickly. "See…there's something different."

"There is, but I'm not quite sure what it is. I will admit that I haven't smelt anything like that on a baby before." Edward sees a look of concern flash across Carlisle's face, but it's gone immediately, which only piques Edward's interest more.

Esme comes to Carlisle's side and wraps herself around him. She looks up at her husband with nothing but pure adoration as he kisses her temple. "Let's just count our blessings that the baby is fine, and none of us are attracted to the scent of her blood. When Isabella comes to, and things have settled down a bit, we'll get it all figured out, alright?"

Edward and Rosalie are both placated for the time being, but he can't help but feel like there is something he's not being told. When Carlisle leaves to hunt with Esme, Edward heads back into his bedroom to keep vigil at Isabella's side.


Three days later, there's still no change in Isabella. She continues to lie motionless on the bed and her daughter is thriving, thanks to the help of all of the Cullens. Due to the complete lack of craving when they are around the infant, everyone has bonded rather closely with the baby. Even Jasper has grown to adore her, forgetting his initial reluctance to be anywhere near her. However, Rosalie and Esme both have the most prominent motherly instinct of the family and are constantly caring for her.

Emmett and Jasper put together the bassinet when it arrived the day before, and though it's available for the baby to sleep in, Rosalie is always hesitant to put her down to rest. Of course, when Rose cannot stave off the urge to hunt any longer, Esme reassures her that everything will be fine and that the little one, who Emmett has taken to calling 'Tiny', will most likely sleep the entire time she is gone. It's with reluctance that Rosalie finally agrees to go hunt with Emmett, leaving Esme, Edward and Carlisle alone in the small cottage.

Edward is perched on a stool next to Isabella's bed, where he has been most of the past three days, still as a statue. He's often felt the urge to reach out and take her hand in his, but he never does.

As the days progress, Edward finds himself more intrigued with the woman whose breath he has taken. He's been watching the news and there has been no report of a missing person in Forks or Port Angeles. The news did report the death of Marcus Samuels and they said that no foul play is suspected in his death, assuming it was the result of an accident. However, Edward is also made aware that they are investigating Samuels for several unsolved murder cases in Washington, something which gives him cause for relief.

"You should take a break to hunt too, son," Carlisle states as he grips Edward's shoulder, offering him support. "She'll wake soon enough."

"Doesn't it seem like it's taking a while?" Edward questions as Carlisle shakes his head slowly before moving to the opposite side of the bed to check on Isabella's vitals. It's just his intuition as a doctor to want to care for his patients; however, he knows he will find a very faint pulse under her fragile skin. "It didn't take this long when you changed Emmett."

"Everyone is different, Edward. You know this. Even though Emmett's change was extremely fast, you may recall that Esme's change was a rather slow process. In what I know from my years in England, and even Italy with the Volturi, no two transformations are the same."

Edward hangs his head briefly before lifting it to stare once more at the body before him. Alice took it upon herself to change Bella from her ripped and bloodied pregnancy clothing, into a pair of jeans and a dark blue blouse. The curve of her pregnant stomach is completely gone and Edward can't help but notice that her skin is even paler than he remembered. He does a double take and also notices that the bruises on her body appear to be fading and her lips look red and full, no longer dry and chapped, like they were when he brought her to his home on the verge of death.

Suddenly, there is a jolt in her body and both Edward and Carlisle take a step back, looking at each other in amazement.

"Esme, take the baby up to the house please and send down Jasper," Carlisle calls across the house, as he hears the rapid movement of his wife and then the sharp closing of the front door. "I think maybe things are finally progressing. Are you ready for this? For the wrath you might face for having taken away her choice?"

"Not in the least," Edward admits as Jasper jogs through the bedroom door and pauses as he looks down at the still body.

"Well now, it looks like we have some fun ahead of us then." Jasper laughs, as all three men look down at the bed in anticipation.

There is an audible gasp of breath from the body as Isabella's eyes shoot open to reveal their new blood red color.