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Chapter 9

Her body runs, almost effortlessly, through the forest leaving behind the small stone cottage that she woke up in. Bella can unmistakably make out the footfalls behind her, which are approaching quickly, even though her speed is off the charts. 'This guy runs like a madman,' Bella thinks to herself as a pair of stone-like arms wrap around her and lift her up, causing her to stop running.

Bella flails her arms and legs, desperate to be released, but she is unable to get a good enough grip on Edward to get away from him. "Stop fighting," Edward insists. "Jasper has trained me on fighting newborns. You really have no chance against me right now."

Bella stills in his arms, effectively giving up. It's not that she doesn't want to run from him again, but she realizes that he will catch her regardless of her efforts. He's shockingly fast, given her own unnatural speed. When Edward puts her down on a nearby fallen log, he sits beside her, not wanting to give her the chance to get away again.

"How am I supposed to live like this?" Bella asks quietly as Edward feels his stomach drop. Though he assumed she wouldn't approve of her new self, he was hoping for the best. Then again, it's not like he thought she would ever jump around excitedly, pleased at her new vampire self. "How do you do it?" she asks again, breaking him from his reverie.

"Every day is a challenge, believe me," Edward answers honestly. As each second passes, he's growing more nervous about Bella's reaction to her transformation. Will she accept her fate or will she curse the day Edward Cullen ever set eyes on and decided to save her? "I can read minds, but I can't read yours."

"Um… what?" Bella asks, taken aback by his very random comment.

"All day long my mind is jumbled up with the thoughts of every person within a mile of me. I don't even have to see them, but I can hear them. You… are the exception and I can't figure it out." Though this wasn't really what Edward wanted to discuss, he felt the need to be open with her.

"So is that why you changed me? You want to find out why you can't hear my thoughts? I can tell you right now, my only thought is that you are a selfish asshole," Bella retorts angrily as she moved to stand up, but Edward grasps her wrist tightly. Her immediate instinct is to turn towards him, baring her teeth, but she gives pause.

"You are unlike any newborn I have ever seen, Bella."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"

"Most newborns don't think twice about violence and can easily give themselves over to the blood lust that courses through them, but you didn't attempt to harm me a moment ago. Why not?" Though Edward has only seen a few newborns in his hundred years, he knows they all reacted very similarly in their early days. They were obviously beautiful, like all vampires are, but they all harbored a deep desire for blood. Bella doesn't even seem particularly hungry and she's been awake for almost an hour. "Aren't you hungry?" he asks, deciding to go for the obvious question.

"Nothing seems appetizing. If I was human, I would usually jump at the chance for a burger or pizza, but they both sound horrid right now. Can we go back to the thing about you reading minds?" Bella questions, frustrated.

"I think that if I could have been able to read your mind, I would have known what you wanted me to choose for you – to live or to die – but without my ability to rely upon, I made a quick judgement. Sadly, I don't think you approve of it," Edward admits remorsefully. "You said back at my cottage that neither you nor her father wanted her. I had no way of knowing that."

"You should have stayed out of it."

"I couldn't let Marcus abuse you and then kill you. You have no idea the things that man did."

"And you do?"

"Yes, I do. Remember," Edward states with a smirk as he taps his temple, "I can read minds. Well, most of them."

Bella sits back down beside him, unnaturally fast in her movements as Edward grins, and she looks at the ground. If Edward could see into Bella's mind, he would surely get a headache from all the jumbled thoughts swirling around.

"I got pregnant by a man who was engaged to be married. Of course, I didn't know he was engaged at the time; I thought we were happy in our relationship." Bella stands again and she paces in front of Edward, kicking rocks and sticks from the ground and watching them fly several feet into the air. "I don't think I will ever get used to this strength."

"It fades a bit as you get older."

"Define 'older'?"

"In a few hundred years," Edward answers bluntly before he motions with his hands for her to continue.

"Wonderful," Bella replies sarcastically. "Anyway, after my father died, things began to fall apart. He was in financial ruin because he refused to let me take out any loans for college, and the money I had left from my mother's estate didn't last as long as we'd hoped." Edward can see Bella's hands begin to shake and she's obviously anxious. He can read her emotions like an open book, but her mind remains shut like a vault. "The bank foreclosed on his house when I couldn't make the payments, and even though I found a job after college, I got fired because I wasn't focusing on my position. Every day was a struggle to survive and then I met Jared, who promised me the world."

Jared. Edward doesn't know the man, but already he hates him for ruining this girl. For a moment, he imagines Bella attacking Jared the way that Rose decimated the men who left her for dead back in Rochester after raping her. "Don't smile, this isn't a funny situation," Bella scolds.

"I agree, it's not. My mind just wandered away to something else," Edward replies, his voice stoic. "So, without a solid job, you struggled to make ends meet and Jared made it seem like everything would work out, correct?"

"You're good," Bella counters as Edward shrugs his shoulders. "I know, it's a story often told. Sadly, I believed him. Unfortunately, when I went to Forks one weekend to visit my father's grave, I found out at the local diner that our relationship was merely an affair. Kim, his fiancée, was gushing about him and showing off her ring to her friends."

"What did you do?"

"I confronted him the next time we were together and threatened to go to Kim. Of course he didn't want his fiancée to know about the baby. We got into a huge fight just days ago because he saw me in Port Angeles and was under the assumption I had gotten an abortion."

"So, if you didn't want the baby and neither did Jared, then why were you still pregnant?" Edward asks, curiously, as Bella hangs her head and stares at the moss on the forest floor.

"I was going to give her up for adoption and then leave."

"You were going to leave town?"

"No, I was going to kill myself."