The Hobbit is sensational, Bilbo is adorable and I am in love with Martin Freeman, as such I have come to the conclusion…. There is a serious Bilbo/OFC shortage and so I thought I'd join the fun.

This roughly follows the Hobbit film. Some bits in the beginning may not make sense but will be explained later. And no disrespect to the great Tolkien but I created another Middle Earth peoples... and Bilbo's 37-ish not 50... I think those are all the disclaimers for now

I hope you enjoy this!

There was a knock on the door again.

Bilbo almost didn't hear it because the noises from within his house were already so bustling and loud, annoyingly so, that all other sounds had been drowned out completely. Dwarves running in every which way to find the last scarps of food, before settling in his dinning room to their meeting with Thorin who was silently taking sips of his soup whilst thinking.

The knock came at an oddly precise moment, just when the singing had ended and the plates were back where they belonged, Ori ran to take his seat, being last as usual and not till then did Bilbo hear the faint knock against his door.

Thought if he's completely honest, he would've rather not heard the door.

But he did and thus slowly made his way to it 'Alright, I don't know who you are, or why you're here, but would you please be so kind and get lost!' he yelled before opening it.

'I- umm, would you like me to come back tomorrow?' Niamh asked slightly frightened, the small figure moving her hair behind her ear to see his reaction.

His face fell into relief 'Niamh, thank god' he said to his dear friend when he heard another burp coming from the kitchen and he cringed revolting

'Bilbo, what's going on, what's that noise?' she asked, seeing figures dance across the walls opposite his kitchen.

'Dwarves have infested my house' he told her 'Maybe it would be best if you came back tomorrow'

Dwarves in the Shire? She cocked her head to the side and made her way in

'Niamh, I don't think this is a good idea' Bilbo called after her as she made her way to the dinning room.

The dwarves were sitting around the table, watching and listening to the person sitting at the head of the table with his back to her.

Everyone looked up when she entered 'Why hello there. Who is this Bilbo?' a large grey wizard asked, getting up to greet her properly

She looked at him for a moment then opened her mouth again to speak 'Aren't you Gandalf, the Wandering Wizard?' she asked him, and then turned to Bilbo then back to him

Gandalf's lips tucked into a small smile and bowed his head lightly ' Why yes I am.'

'This is Niamh, she's a friend' Bilbo announced, looking at Gandalf then the others. The way he said friend made Balin's lips twitch to the sides in a hidden smile, no one else noticed the tone though, maybe this was just because Balin was older and knew to pay attention to details.

'`Evening Miss Niamh' Bofur was the first to say, getting up from his chair to bow his head lightly. Niamh smiled, long had it been since anyone greeted her like a lady rather than a friend.

Everyone else followed soon after with their 'evening's' and the dwarf at the head of the table turned to her and nodded his head slowly 'Good evening Niamh of the Shire, I am Thorin Oakenshield'

She smiled her response and he quickly went back to talking about the task at hand and her attention turned to Bilbo

'Bilbo?' she started, a smile still on her face as she grabbed his sleeve and pulled him a bit further out of the room

'yes?' he said, his tone suggesting he had no clue what question would come, though the tinkle in his eyes made the Hobbit incapable of lying.

'Why are there dwarves in your house?' she asked, pointing to the dinning area

'It's an incredibly complicated story' he sighed, looking over at the dwarves again

'I have time' she insisted

'W-well' he started and then took on a confused expression rather signature to him, eyebrows scrunched together and rather thoughtful of his words 'They want me to join in an adventure'

She didn't know what question popped into her head first; why Bilbo or why a Hobbit at all?

She looked at the group of dwarves and raised an eyebrow confused before looking back at Bilbo 'You realize this sounds mental'

He chuckled, nodding 'Well aware'

'What kind of…. adventure?' she asked, oddly intrigued, it had been a while since anything interesting happened in the Shire, some stolen cabbages and a few small pranks that were pulled by the children of the village were enough to stir commotion now a days.

She adored the Shire for its simple life, but hated that it seem to be filled with a group of people who's hearts never rose, nor sang or skipped a beat. The Hobbit's simply were and they were happy, but she knew of a much larger world and she sometimes wished that more would have the courage to see it, especially Bilbo.

'We are recruiting him to help us take back our home' Bofur said as he passed her by to head to the kitchen for more drink.

'Your home?' she asked, still having the large question of how Bilbo had even gotten involved in this above her head

'Erebor' he called from the kitchen as though they were speaking about how lovely the weather was

Niamh looked back at Bilbo, eyes wide 'Isn't there… a dragon guarding that place?'

'A-a what?' Bilbo asked, turning to Gandalf who had paid more attention to their conversation than Thorin's

Gandalf looked at the little figure standing a good two inches shorter than Bilbo intrigued, how did a Hobbit know something like that?

'Yes, a dragon has been residing there for 60 years now. How does a Hobbit like you know about this?'

Niamh merely shrugged, looking down and pouted 'Heard about it, can't remember where' she lied and hoped that would be enough to settle Gandalf's nerves

It didn't but he merely nodded and let her pass with that statement 'I suppose stranger things have happened. Now dear Niamh, would you happen to know where Bilbo keeps his brandy?' he asked and she knew this was a way to get her out of the room. This quest did not concern her and the wizard didn't want a fragile Hobbit to get too worked up about it.

He would soon realize she was not one to need looking after, but she nodded and went to the next room to find some, giving Bilbo's shoulders a gentle reassuring squeeze as she passed him.

Through the walls Niamh only heard half the conversation between the dwarves, but what she could understand is that there was a door that couldn't be opened, with a dragon that's lived there for years, a key to a door that cannot be found and other people who may steal their gold.

In gold and riches Niamh wasn't very interested, her whole life she's only seen people crumble and fall to the power that riches gave them.

When she came back into the room Gandalf thanked her politely and she looked over his shoulder unnoticeably at the map and frowned 'And how do you plan to get into the mountain and slip by undetected?' Niamh asked, looking at the map in confusion and she could see out of the corner of her eyes Thorin grunt under his breath, obviously not very enthusiastic to have an uninvited outside party take place in their meeting.

'Master Baggins is to be our Burglar' Nori said, looking hopefully at Bilbo

Niamh's head cocked to the side 'Bilbo? Bilbo's never stolen a thing in his life' she said and Bilbo pointed to her and nodded in agreement 'There you have it'

'Master Baggins is a Hobbit, they are quick on their feet and can be unseen if they choose. Also while dragons are use to the scent of dwarves, the scent of Hobbit will seem undetectable. You have asked me to find the 14th member and I have chosen Mr. Baggins. There's a lot more to him than can be seen, even by himself'

Niamh smiled and looked at Bilbo out of the corner of her eye, at least the Wizard speaks the truth.

Balin got up then to give Bilbo a contract and looked at Niamh with a smile 'help him look over that deary, make sure you catch the fine print'

The contract was long and in some cases difficult to understand, as most contracts are. Some parts made sense while others vaguely did and the scratched in bit that all food not a necessity for survival will go to Bombur was ignored all together.

Bilbo muttered a few things under his breath, profit not exceeding 14 per cent, if any, things along those lines, but when Niamh read silently ahead, three words stood out rather quickly and soon Bilbo caught them as well

'Incineration' he asked, the panic building in his being and Niamh saw the colour of his face pale

'Think furnace, with wings!' Bofur said as though that was suppose to reassure Bilbo in the slightest. Niamh gave him a look and his smile slightly faded and he sat back in his seat and she turned to him

'Are you alright?' she asked with a faint smile on her lips, trying to lighten the fact he looked as though someone had punched him repeatedly in the stomach.

'Fine.' He said far too quickly, resting his hands on his knees and took deep breaths

'I need air' he said, trying to focus on his breathing and when Niamh heard Bofur try to 'encourage' him again she turned to him and suggested he let her handle it with as polite of a smile as she could muster.

Though in that moment there was a thump and Niamh quickly turned around to see Bilbo on the ground, passed out

'Shit' she said loud enough for a few dwarves to chuckle and made her way to Bilbo, kneeling next to him

'Bilbo? Bilbo wake up' she said and gently slapped his cheek a few times before she saw him begin to stir

'Incineration' she could hear him mutter a few more times under his breath as he slowly gained consciousness.

She gave off a halfhearted chuckle 'Bilbo Baggins, you gave me a fright'

'I think we should bring master Baggins to a chair' Gandalf said, an almost amused look on his face as he helped Niamh get Bilbo to his feet

Bilbo's head lolled to the sides a bit as he slowly regained conscienceless, flopping into the chair and Niamh looked at Gandalf

'Mr. Gandalf, are you sure Bilbo is the right choice for this?'

Gandalf looked at Bilbo for a moment then turned to Niamh 'How long have you known Master Baggins?'

She bit her lip and squinted an eye closed to think 'Hmm, roughly 20 years? We met 20 years ago, we've been friends for something like 10, good friends for 7' she said in detail

'Do you remember when he would get into all sorts of trouble around here. He use to be obsessed with getting out of the Shire' he sighed and looked back down at Bilbo 'When did Bilbo turn boring?' he asked hopelessly and Niamh smiled slightly

'He isn't boring Mr. Gandalf, this is what the Shire does to Hobbits. They start to believe the world is no more than the hilltops and houses of Hobbiton'

He sighed again and nodded to himself as Bilbo was slowly coming back to himself 'I believe there's still some Took in him, I suppose'

'There is' she insisted, making her way to the kitchen to make him some tea 'You just need to smoke him out of this bloody house first' she smiled and went to the kitchen

When she returned a few moments later Bilbo was awake, speaking to Gandalf about the Tooks and Gandalf telling Bilbo about adventure's and how'd he'd have plenty of his own to tell when he returned.

'Can you promise I will come back?' Bilbo asked, looking up at Gandalf as if hoping he wouldn't know the answer

'No, and even if you do, you won't be the same'

Bilbo looked at the ground for a moment then met Niamh's eyes from across the room and held her gaze for just a moment

'That's what I thought, I'm sorry Gandalf, I can't sign this' he said and got up and made his way out of the room.

The room was silent for a moment as Niamh still stood behind Gandalf and watched the hall Bilbo had disappeared into.

'Will you speak to him again?' Came the low grumble from the wizard sitting in the chair before her.

'I do not know if he will listen to me' she sighed, crossing her arms in front of her chest and stood to face him

He looked up at her with an observant expression on his face 'Do you believe he should go?'

Niamh paused for a moment, she wasn't sure if Bilbo was cut out for something like this, a life like what the Dwarves have come to see as normal. But Bilbo has grown too accustomed to the habitual life of the Shire and maybe he really needed an adventure...

'Give me till morning, I'll try my best though I can't make any promises' she said, nodding her head with a smile to bid him a goodnight then disappeared down the same hallway Bilbo had.

She knocked on his bedroom door carefully, but she could hear the annoyed sigh through the thick door

'Bilbo it's me' Niamh whispered, looking around as though worried someone might want to help with the convincing, but all the dwarves had left for the living room to discuss their plans.

'Come in' he said almost reluctantly and she entered before he could change his mind. He was lying on his bed, on the far side but facing her, he looked tired and troubled. 'Have they gone?' he asked, pinched the bridge of his nose.

'No they're in the living room plotting, I think they're forging up a plan without you now' she smiled weakly, making her way to the bed to sit at the end of it. There was a pause, no more than a second, but present, before Bilbo merely nodded 'oh, good good'

'Are you sure you don't want to do this Bilbo?' she asked, watching him as his eyes fixated on the door 'you've spent your whole life in the Shire. Are you sure you won't regret letting this go?'

'I'm not risking my life for an adventure. I know you had yours before you came to the Shire but I'm not cut out for this'

She sighed and laid herself down next to him, facing him and his eyes redirected to meet hers.

'My adventure's weren't anything as memorable as helping the Dwarves take back their home. I would take this chance in a heartbeat but they want you' '

Bilbo looked at his hands and thought for a moment, lips pressed in a thin line

'Just... promise me you'll sleep on it?' she begged, green eyes shining in the faint light coming from his window and he sighed 'I will.'

She smiled and got up 'You're not leaving me alone with them are you?' he asked a bit more panicked than needed be and she chuckled 'You're far too frightened of what you do not know... Master Baggins' she mocked, bowing her head as Gandalf had.

'And you're not as funny as you think, Niamh of the Shire' he said and pulled her back on the bed by her arm. She laid on the bed next to him and rubbed her eyes

'Going to make me stay here till the mean Dwarves go away?' she said, eyes already falling closed

'Perhaps' he smiled down at the little creature in his bed. A faint smile stayed on her lips till sleep claimed her and silence swept over the room.

Bilbo sighed and moved the covers over the two of them. Would this be with any other Hobbit, Bilbo would feel incredibly awkward sharing his bed, but this was Niamh, and Bilbo had feared that he was no longer seen as anything other than a brother, not a potential partner.

He closed his eyes and thought of going on this adventure, the stories he could tell when he returned. But Bilbo belonged in the Shire where nothing ever happened and no one was ever hurt and though this meant he would live the rest of his life with no real stories to tell and not feel courageous enough for the girl he had admired for her bravery for years, it was better this way... wasn't it?