Part One

"You will behave yourself boy while we are here. Your aunt and cousin are sweet normal folk and you are not to disturb them!"

Harry nodded quietly. He had spent the last month in a cram school with Dudley to learn Japanese in order to meet his 'cousin'. Of course he had picked it up flawlessly (thanks to the small helpful translation spell) while Dudley had struggled through the basics. Putting on his best and sweetest smile he watched as his uncle answered the door and a tall red headed woman answered the door with the sweetest smile.

Her warm brown eyes glowed with happiness, "Oh you must be the Dursleys. How very wonderful it is to meet you and Petunia you look lovely"

Petunia stepped forward and hugged the woman gently, "Sister it has been awhile"

The embrace lasted only a few moments before they were hurried inside and into a large spacious sitting room. Harry smiled as the scent of a wonderful meal drifted from the connecting kitchen and a tall red head stood in front of the counter scooping up rice and forming them into small buns shapes with seaweed stretched along its middle. Bright intelligent green eyes glowed from beneath the fringe. To many it might have appeared like a female but Harry noticed the way the male held himself and by the way he moved.

Speaking up he turned to his Aunt, "You have a very handsome son"

Eyes turned and fixed on him until Vernon cleared his throat, "Harry watch your tongue"

The red headed male smiled and stepped from behind the counter his voice warm and masculine, "Thank you very much. Am I to guess you are Aunt Lily's son?"

Harry nodded before back away almost shyly letting himself blend into the back ground as others were introduced and he was forgotten. Part of him didn't mind after all this side of the family would learn to hate him just as much as the Dursley's did. So what was the point in getting to know them?

Gazing out the window into the large garden he smiled at the lively roses that seemed to stretch around most of the fence line, their buds larger than his fist and ranging in bright and exotic colors. Harry always loved plants and gardening, it was one of the few chores he enjoyed during the summer. Even weeding was more of a stress reliever than a chore. Harry turned back to watch his relatives go sit for the small supper that had been made by his Aunt's son, Shuichi he recalled. He felt his stomach clench and he slipped out the door and into the garden, knowing if he tried to sit with the family he would get nothing but grief. Yawning he fell back near a few rose bushes leaning forward to smell the sweet buds. Smiling gently he lay back in the grass letting his hand gently stroking the vines and leaves of the large bush as he tipped his hat to shade his eyes.

Harry let his eyes fall shut as he absorbed the smell and warmth about him. He was actually kind of glad Dumbledore let him have this year off from school. Granted he had to keep up his studies and take exams but it was a full year of school here in Japan. The Headmaster had thought it would be a good experience for him and best of all he got to skip the horrible England winter. Harry frowned as a shadow passed over him blocking the warm heat of the sun.

Opening his eyes he met a pair of leaf green eyes and a head of bright red hair. Harry sat up looking at his newest cousin, "Shuichi?"

The red head smiled warmly and took a seat next to the startled wizard, "Aunt Petunia said you had a fragile stomach, so I made you something a little different, and I see you have befriended my roses"

Harry blinked and turned his head to see his right hand entwined with small vines and he smiled gently carefully dislodging them and removing his hand, "Yes I have always enjoyed plants and thank you for your consideration on the food"

Shuichi shrugged, "I enjoy cooking, one of the few pleasures of life." A small plate was handed over with small sized rice buns and what looked to be fresh broccoli and carrots, "Your Aunt mentioned you where vegetarian"

The wizard shrugged, "Mostly, I'll eat fish occasionally but that's about it. Sorry if that causes you any problems," His voice soft as he took the plate and the strange eating utensils, chopsticks.

The two sat in relative silence as Harry ate the small portions his stomach could hold. Harry smiling brightly as he heard a small snake slither through the rose bush complaining about the lack of mice in the area. The comment though made Harry frown, "You don't have mice around here?"

The red head blinked and looked at his cousin, "What a strange question, and no we really don't why do you ask?"

Harry shrugged before thinking a moment, "Well it's just you know snakes eat mice and I noticed a snake burrow in your bushes but no mice holes"

Shuichi nodded, "Well then I am sure the snake will simply move on."

Harry nodded before silently finishing his meal. Setting his hand back near the bushes he watched as his cousin stood to take the dish back inside before softly whispering to the snake, "Hello little beauty, can't find any mice today?"

The snake let out a surprised hiss before Harry felt it slide onto his hand and up his arm a bit, "A speaker, here?"

"I am a speaker yes. You can call me Harry if you like"

"I am called abomination I believe by your species. Tell me speaker why are you here?"

Harry looked down and his eyes widened. Wrapped innocently about his arm was a dark red snake, his scales almost black with how dark they were. He could make out the gold slitted eyes and sweeping pattern of the tail, "I should be asking you the same. I thought Tokara-Habu resided in the islands"

The snake let out a menacing hiss of laughter, "A human thought to keep me as a pet"

Nodding the wizard extended a hand to stroke the beautiful snake along its small eye ridge, "You are very beautiful. I can see why they would seek a lovely creature such as you. Perhaps abomination isn't the name for you" worded Harry carefully. The last thing he needed was to die from a Habu bite.

The snake hummed gently and slid further up the teens arm, "I would not mind a new name, and would you name me speaker?"

"Atsuko Sawamatsu how do you enjoy that?"

"It is pleasant perhaps we shall still to just Atsuko speaker"

Harry nodded before laying back in the grass once more the snake moving to curling up on his chest, the dark red scales standing out against the white shirt the wizard wore.

-Switch Views-

Dark red eyes watched the full exchange between boy and snake with interest. He knew that Kurama's family was coming to visit but for such an intriguing human to be a relative excited the small speed demon. The boy spoke such a bizarre language to understand snakes to such a degree. He wondered if the fox knew of his cousin's ability or the strange power that surrounded him. Shrugging the small demon jumped up to Kurama's window slipping in quietly.

Kurama looked up from putting a new sheet on his bed and frowned, "Hiei, I asked you not to come here while my relatives visited."

The demon smirked, "Fox you know they will not see me if I don't want them to. Who is the small mortal at your roses?"

The fox frowned and walked over to the window peering out, "By Kami why does my cousin have a Habu snake on his chest?"

Hiei shrugged, "I watched the boy speak to it and it responded. I believe they have formed a kind of companionship. The boys and snake's energies surrounded them, mixed and then settled once more."

"Energy? He has spirit energy? I did not sense it"

"You wouldn't because it isn't spirit energy; it is more raw and unharnessed than that. Almost like a heightened amount of life force."

Kurama nodded, "I will watch him more carefully then. Perhaps he would like to meet Genkai and the others?"

Hiei nodded, "Bring him by the shrine. The old hag will know what to do with the whelp and you never did give me his name, perhaps I should ask him?"

The fox growled lightly before shooing the demon from his room and going down to get his cousin away from the Habu.


Harry sighed and let his fingers slowly slide over the backs smooth cool scales, "Part of me wishes you would stay Atsuko"

The snake raised its large head, "If you wish me to stay with you young speaker. You have but to ask but I require two mice a week and no less!"

Harry laughed gently and nodded slowly sitting up and letting the snake slide up onto his shoulder wrapping itself snuggly about his throat. The young wizard looked up just to see his red headed cousin come out of the house and over to him.

"Harry I think you should put the snake down. It could be poisonous."

Harry smiled gently, "Atsuko is poisonous but he won't bite me. He is rather docile don't worry"

Kurama knew this type of Habu was anything but docile but let it slide giving a naïve smile, "Alright Harry if you're sure. You are bunking with me so I moved your trunk to my room. Mother thought Dudley might want his own room. So sadly you're stuck with me."

Harry nodded and followed the older teen into the house and up the stairs to a medium sized bedroom with neatly painted green walls, the carpet a rich brown that resembled fertile soil. There was only one desk and bed but a large dresser and window seat both lined with potted plants of the exotic kind. Harry took a deep breath of the rose scented room before noticing his trunk had already been brought up.

The wizard smiled, "Your room is very nice"

Kurama nodded, "Yes I tend to like earthy colors. I hope you don't mind but we will have to share a bed."

Harry nodded and yawned looking out the window at the slowly dipping sun. Looking back he noticed his cousin already changing into bed clothes. Quickly unlatching his trunk with magic he pulled out a pair of sleep pants and shirt he had purchased along with a several potion bottles. Closing and sealing it he slipped out of the room and into the empty bathroom, locking the door securely behind him. Sighing he drew a warm bath and declothed setting them off to the side. Smiling he helped the Habu snake to the side of the bath so the snake could be close to the warmth. Setting the three potions on the tiles next to the bath he slid into the warm water relaxing.

Reaching over the side of the tub he pulled up a light green potion bottle pouring the minty concoction into the water settling back into a relaxed position soon after. He knew this potion would come in handy. He had seen it when he went shopping for his Japan trip. It was meant to help a person with pain and tension. Even now the rough marks along his back and arms felt better. He was glad that this trip meant he wouldn't get as many beatings. After all you wouldn't want to upset the relatives housing you.

He dipped his head into the water letting his hair cloud the water around him. He was glad he had worn a hat all day, easier to explain how his hair suddenly grew several inches overnight. He surfaced and reached back over the side of the tub this time pulling up a silvery potion pouring the concoction into his hands and rubbing it into his short hair feeling the black tresses lengthen the more he rubbed in. This was his chance to change the way he looked. To let loose and have fun. Finally he dipped his hair back into the water washing off the potion and diluting it into nonexistence, his hair now falling to the small of his back.

He looked over at the Atsuko who simply watched him in curiosity, "The water feels nice and the potion shouldn't hurt you if you want to swim around"

"I am not the type of snake to swim. Though the warmth is nice"

Harry shrugged and reached over for the last potion, deep blue in color, He poured a fourth of the potion into his hand before threading his fingers through his hair being careful to not get it everywhere before quickly dipping his hair in the water once more. Upon surfacing bright silver and green highlights were scattered through his hair and he drained the tub and climbed out disposing of the two empty bottles while slipping the other into his discarded hat. Giving a yawn he dried off and clothed in the silk shorts and tank top before gathering his things and Atsuko, returning to Shuichi's room confidently.

Shuichi looked up and his eyes widened at the long black, green, and silver tresses his cousin sported. He had never noticed how the hat had covered so much hair, "Harry, your hair, its rather lovely."

Harry smiled brightly and tucked a small glass bottle into his chest before tossing his clothes into the hamper his aunt provided, "Yes, Aunt Petunia doesn't like it, she says it is an unnatural color so she makes me cover it in public."

The red headed nodded, "Tomorrow I was thinking of visiting a few friends, would you like to come along?"

The small teen paused tapping his chin with a chewed on nail, "I guess I could, if my Aunt doesn't want me to do anything."

The two gave one another soft smiles before climbing into bed. Their backs touching as the bed side light was cut off encasing them in darkness. It was going to be a long night but at least the bed was warm and comfortable.

-Later That Night-

Harry's eyes opened as he came out of the nightmare and he took slow even breaths trying to calm his bitten nerves. Looking over he noticed his cousin still sleeping peacefully, unaware of his frazzled mind and fears. He pulled himself out of the bed and walked over to the window up at the full bright moon. Smiling he walked out the door and out of the house into the garden. Nights like these reminded him of Moony. He and the werewolf got along so well ever since the night he marked Harry as his pup. He would sneak out on the nights of the full moon and meet Remus in the Forbidden Forest to play and romp about. Granted Harry was human but that didn't stop him. He loved the feel of the rough carnal energy.

He let his eyes close as he held his hands up to the moon letting its energy wash over him. Not aware of two sets of eyes upon him, one red and one green. A small growl caught his attention and he turned his head to stare into a set of deep yellow globes. Taking a hesitant step back as the large canine stepped into the area of the gate. Harry slowly took to one knee extending his hand to the large dog like creatures, still not being able to make out exactly what it was.

The large creature stepped out of the shadows carefully taking the full form of a hulking wolf, its massive paws indenting the hard soil of the ground. The wolf easily came up to Harry's chest and though he was only about 5'6" that was still pretty big for a normal wolf. Its fur was murky silver and two tails twisted and swayed behind it. The cold nose touched the palm of his hand testing the air and scent about it before looking at the boy its yellow eyes glowing. Suddenly it goes down on its front two paws tails wagging behind him.

Harry laughed lightly getting down onto all fours as well. The wolf recognized his marking as being a wolf pup. The wolf rammed into his chest knocking the teen to the ground yipping. Air wooshed out of Harry's lung and he rubbed his chest looking up at the wolf, "Ok big guy don't want to bruise me to badly do ya?"

The wolf tilted his head and began to sniff at the teen's body stopping at the bruise along his hip his uncle had made before the flight here. Harry turned his head at the soft growl and patted the soft fur, "No worries big guy, I am used to it"

The wolf gave a small woof before licking along Harry's neck and cheek. Groaning Harry shoved the large creature off him, "Oh that is gross."

The wolf let out a low bark grabbing the shirt collar with his teeth tugging on the thin fabric.

"Hey careful you will rip it you silly beast."

The wolf growled and tugged harder and Harry stumbled forward to follow the beast, "What on earth do you want. Ok I will follow you just stop tugging"

The wolf released his shirt and Harry followed the creature out of the gate and down the path to a small cut off forest just outside of town. Looking around he jumped when the wolf howled a soft call. Harry knelt next to the wolf letting its fur run across the bare skin. A soft rustle and two more wolves came out of the bushes both smaller than the wolf he was with. The both had beautiful russet fur and a single thick tail.

Harry looked at his new furry friend as it stepped up to the other two and slowly began to shift and change. The small wizard fell backwards onto the grass as the wolf's body stood up and shifted. The fur shedding leaving tanned skin. The wolf now man turned his nude frame back dropped by the two other wolves. His wild yellow eyes and silvery hair unchanged from the change.

Harry swallowed before standing, "I knew you couldn't be normal but you're not werewolf."

The man smiled flashing hardened fangs, "No I am not a moon shifter. I am just a simple demon and you are very unique my new friend. I smelled your scent and just had to investigate. I don't get to many marked pups around these parts, especially marked pups that are alone without their Alpha or parent around to protect them."

The boy smiled shyly, "Remus isn't welcome by most of my relatives and thanks to the laws of my people he can't officially adopt me either. The pup mark is all he could do"

He nodded and walked closer, leaning down to look into the bright emerald orbs, "It's too bad, if you had been unclaimed I would have taken you in myself, but I will not step on another's territory in that fashion. But I will state this, if you have need of me or any of my pack wolf childe you have but to call and I or one of my pack will come to you. We roam the entire mountain and this city, so one of use will always be near."

The man held out a small corded wolf head totem and Harry took it carefully, "Wear it at all times pup"

The teen nodded and placed the cord about his neck letting the totem smack gently on his chest, "Thank you…"

"Okami is all you have to call me"

Harry nodded, "Okami, thank you. Your kind words mean more to me than you know."

The wolf gave a toothy grin before tugging down the teen's sleeve, "I smell the bruises and cuts on you. Does your family not care and heal you?"

"Why would they heal what they created?"

The taloned hand gripped his shoulder, "Perhaps I should rethink my crossing territory"

Harry smiled and hugged the man, "No, Remus would be heart broken. It's just my aunt, uncle, and Cousin Dudley. They don't like me much"

Okami grinned, "What's not to like? Alright childe go back home and to bed. It may be a full moon but even a cub like you needs rest. Sleep well and know I will be watching over you"

Harry hugged the man one last time before leaving the small forest and walking back through the cities. Half way home a hand touched his arm and Harry whirled around coming face to face with a man only a few inches taller than him. His hair spiked up and eyes a dark red.

The man smiled viciously, "You should be at home, Shuichi would be worried if his cousin where to get hurt on these dark streets"

The teen raised an eye, "You know my cousin"

He nodded, "Hiei and your name?"

"Harry, how did you know he was my cousin?"

"I saw you at his place. I left while you were in the garden, did not get a chance to say hello."

Harry nodded before walking in the direction of his cousin's home, "Well thank you for your concern"

"Don't thank me, I'm only helping because you are a curious creature and it would be a shame for you to get killed before I discovered all your secrets."

The teen looked back and frowned, "Well thank you regardless"

Harry left the man at the gate quietly stepping into the house and curling back into the bed with his cousin. The clock read 5:23 and luckily the red head was still dead asleep. Curling up he let out a small sigh and let himself finally drift off to sleep.