What if Scott had an older sister instead of Alex? What if she came to live in the mansion? What if she was also a mutant with extraordinary powers? And what if she fell in love with our favorite wolverine? Would the two guys she cares about most ever learn how to stand each other?

Pairings: Jean/Scott, Rogue/Remy, Logan/OC, Kitty/Pitotr/Kurt triangle...gulp...please don't kill me...

DISCLAIMER: You just HAVE to remind me that I've never created or owned any X-men characters except my OC, don't you?

You're my myth

Chapter 1 The senseless dream

Bleeding. Defeated. Desperate.

That's how he felt running through the dark forest which provided him a hideout for the last few months. Oddly enough, he didn't know what he was running from – he just knew he had to get away from it. The monstrous creature that's been on his tail for long now has been howling in the distance, and he knew it was catching up. He managed to hurt his leg seriously after a huge wolf tried to bite it off – and that was really slowing him down.

He didn't want to hurt the thing that chased him – it was an animal of some sort, he would say a wolf, but its howl was far more horrific and terrifying than anything he'd heard in his entire life. He continued to run through the dark path when the creature jumped in front of him.

He never heard it move – and now he was facing probable death.

The enormous creature started to growl and opened its long jaw as if it wanted to show him his faith. Opened one of its three jaws, actually.

Scott just stared at the creature, eyes wide open underneath his shades. He had never seen such a monster in his life; a huge wolf-like creature with blood spread all around its muzzle and its malicious yellow eyes gleaming at him. It let out one last howl to his pack members before jumping onto him, claws out, all three strong jaws open, and its blood-thirsty eyes full of hunger.

Scott opened his eyes widely and practically jumped off his bed, rubbing his temples. 'That was weird. I don't remember having a dream like that before…' he thought to himself as he started dressing up for the morning DR session. The nightmare he had had woken him up earlier than he would normally – it was 7am in the morning, which meant that he would usually sleep at least 3 hours more, since it was Saturday.

He did his morning routine of brushing his teeth and showering and headed down to have some breakfast. He met his red-headed crush on his way down. The two were real 'high school sweethearts' – only they haven't confessed their feelings for each other yet.

"Morning Scott! What are you doing up so early?" Jean asked her emerald – eyed almost-boyfriend. She gave him a heart-warming smile that would melt even the coldest heart, and she was hoping that he noticed it. She frowned a bit when she saw his uniform.

"Why are you wearing that? It's Saturday!"

"Hey… Well, I just thought I could go grab something to eat before we head…wait, it's Saturday?" Scott raised a brow as he looked at the calendar on the kitchen table. "I totally forgot." he said as he went through his brown hair with his fingers.

"Oh my God, is it snowing outside? Scott Summers forgot that it's weekend today! We're not on the DR session duty today!" Jean teased him as she put two plates of omelet and toast on the kitchen table.

"Hey, it can happen to anyone!"

"Not you! You never forget about break times!"

"You forget to do homework sometimes, too. Right?"


"Darn, I'm out of arguments." Scott chuckled to himself, as he was digging into his breakfast. Jean was a remarkable student and never forgot about her school obligations – not when she was sick, not when she had DR sessions, not ever.

They continued eating their breakfast and teasing each other, when they heard someone muttering something that was supposed to sound like a greeting.

"Mornin' guys.", they heard a sleepy voice say. It belonged to the team's gothic girl, Rogue. She and Kitty walked into the kitchen half-asleep. Storm must've woken them up to lead the danger room session for the younger recruits. They both literally dragged themselves in and slumped onto a chair, eyes closing and yawning.

"Wow, someone's sleepy today…", Jean said, and on a normal occasion, Rogue would probably throw a comeback answer back to her, but she was far too tired to bother. To tell the truth, she never really liked Jean – probably because of her crush on Scott – but now that it was slowly wearing off, the two became a bit closer.

"Yawn, I know, yesterday it was like totally awesome! We went to a lot of clubs and danced all night long and…yaaawn now I'm like so tired that I can't even lift myself up…", Kitty mumbled and fell asleep on the kitchen table. Rogue gently nudged her roommate to wake up and help her wake up the younger members for the session. Kitty wanted to eat something at first, but when she figured that she'd probably feel sick from all the running and phasing, she refused breakfast of any kind.

She and Rogue had a girls' night out to celebrate the start of summer holidays and today she had a hangover and a massive muscle pain. The worst thing is that she had almost no memories of what happened, since she let her mind forget about her own name with drinking. Poor Kitty probably had to drag her all the way to the mansion herself.

Jean watched the two as they slipped out of the kitchen door, leaving her alone with Scott once more. She looked into his eyes and noticed how close the two were standing – he seemed to notice too, so he backed away a bit and faked a cough, while she seemed to find the wall behind him amusing.

Suddenly, the Professor's voice could be heard from the speakers, which was so loud at the silence that fell between the two, that made Jean jump from her own skin.

"Jean, Logan and Storm, please come to my office. I need to discuss something with you.", the Professor's voice sounded, for the first time Scott has ever heard, glum and frowned. Charles Xavier usually had a happy tone while he was speaking, but something must've gone wrong today.

"Um, I better go…", Jean said insecurely. What did the Professor need her for? Sure she was one of his first students and among the ones with which he worked the most, but she'd never expected him to call her to a discussion of some sort with Storm and Logan. They were his most trusted allies and long-time friends and she was just a teenage girl…so what was all this about?

"Yeah…how long do you think it's going to last?"

"I have no idea. Why?"

"I was thinking that we should go out with Kitty, Rogue, Piotr, Kurt and others to play baseball. It's sunny out.", he said and gave her a small shrug. Sure he had something else in mind as well – but it wasn't time to tell her yet.

"I'll text you if it's supposed to take long…and where did this sudden enthusiasm for baseball come all of a sudden?"

"I just thought that we should do something like a big happy family again."

"Oh. Okay then, I'll see you later. Yeah and Scott? Wash the dishes while I'm at that meeting!", she said and smirked at him. No doubt, she knew how to turn situations to her own benefit.

"Oh sure, let the man in the house do the dishes!", he mocked her, but started to wash the dirty plates obediently. She didn't need to compel him to do anything.

When he was done, it was already 8:50 and he wondered what's taking Jean so long. She said she's text him to let him know if it was going to take time. Confused, he decided that it probably will take long, so he went to change from his uniform that he'd put on before to his workout clothes and go out for a jog.

He went out before it was too hot, since he would probably collapse if he went out exercising at 2 or 3.

At the meeting

"So, do you all clearly understand why this must stay between us?", the Professor asked and looked dead serious when he said it.

"Yes.", Storm said. "But Charles, don't you think he should know?"

"Yes Storm, but if we tell him now, the shock will be too big on him… he is still very sensitive when it comes to his family.", the man with the British accent said.

"I just don't know why you decided to tell me Professor.", Jean said, looking quite upset with what she'd recently heard. She couldn't believe it – one of the members of Scott's family was alive – and she was forbidden from even mentioning it.

"My dear, you are the closest person Scott's ever known. Now that you know the truth, you must help him overcome his sadness over the loss of his parents and sister… and eventually, he'll be able to accept the fact that this girl is his sister.", he said and pointed to his flat screen computer on which stood a photo of a young girl, probably not a lot older than Jean herself.

"When are we going to pick her up, Chuck?", Logan asked in his grumpy tone. He did not like to find out this kind of top-secret the first thing in the morning.

"Wait, what do you mean pick her up?", Jean asked, all puzzled now.

"Jean, Scott's sister Marina is a mutant.", Charles said and with that last piece of information let the stressed-out Jean go out and recall everything that'd happened in the last hour.

Not only that Scott had a sister he didn't know was alive, she was also a mutant and was coming to live here in a shirt while. Could this day get any better?