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Chapter 2 The life of the newbie

Another sunny day had passed in the city of Istanbul in Turkey. A certain blonde-haired girl who stood out from most Turks had been beyond grateful for the start of summer holidays. She'd been studying architecture for the past three years and she passed her last semester of the year just yesterday. She's been dying to get a decent sleep, since she wasn't able to for a while because of her lectures.

A unique American girl who grew up with a Turkish family was truly standing out from the rest of the citizens in the Asian part of Turkey. Having naturally blond hair and dashing green eyes wasn't something you see every day in Istanbul. The city was quite big, and even though she was a social butterfly, she could easily catch people staring at her – sometimes in amazement, sometimes in disgust.

Her name is Marina – and she'd lost her parents and a brother in a plane crash ten years ago. She was thirteen at the time, and even though she smiled often, that was the scar that failed to heal after all that time.

She was walking towards the family house where her family has been living since they moved in five years ago. Before that, they lived in Ankara, but Marina herself considered Istanbul better for living. She managed to find friends easily, and even though she was one of the few Christians in the country, Turks seemed to accept her just the way she is.

The house was very beautiful – she and Felix took care of that. He was another adoptive child of the Şener family. In his twenties, Felix was one of the few people that truly understood what she'd gone through as a teenager, and was willing to listen to her problems whenever she wanted to talk about them. He's been both her advisor and a punch bag for a while now.

The house was a light beige color, with dark chocolate brown window frames that curled around the windows' exterior, as well as a beautifully arranged garden behind the house that her adoptive parents greatly took care of. Bright red climbing roses were growing to the balcony of her own room, which she found amazing.

All the exterior doors of the house were painted chocolate brown so they match the window frames. The house had a marble fence on the sides, as well as two Corinthian style columns, but the front gate was made entirely out of black wire that curved into a bird which had its wings spread in a flight. Marina opened the gate and slipped inside the family land that'd been her home for the last few years.

She opened the hard wooden door and entered the nicely arranged living room. She took off her full-heel boots she refused to give up, even on a summer day like this, and went to the kitchen to her favorite object in the entire house – the refrigerator. Normally, she would greet her parents and adoptive sister first, but Elif and Ibrahim (her adoptive mother and father) said they'll be at a friend's house and Adalet (her adoptive sister) usually came back from her own university later in the evening.

She started digging through the fridge to find something edible. Her family ate mostly veggies, which didn't suit her at all, but thankfully Elif wanted to please everyone, so she gladly made something for Marina to eat as well. Elif was such a sweetheart, for which Marina was thankful. Since they haven't been in the house for the entire day, Elif hadn't prepared anything, so Marina sighed and wondered what to eat.

She glanced all over the kitchen, opened almost all of the cupboards and finally found – Nutella.

"Well hello, love! Long time no see…" she said as she took it out and placed it on the table along with some bread and a glass of warm milk. Just as she seated herself and started spreading a thick layer of Nutella on the white bread she liked the most, she heard someone enter the door. It was Felix.

"Evenin' mate." she said, faking an Australian accent. He was only two years older than her, which made him twenty-four, but the difference between them was obvious. With his 6'4 ft. of height and muscular form, he looked much older than he really was, while Marina, with her 5'1 ft. stood out with her tiny form. Despite that, she had a nicely curved body in the shape of an hourglass and firm muscles, even though she never did training of any kind. To say that she's clumsy in sports would be an understatement.

"Buonasera sorella." he said and smirked. He knew she hated it when he spoke his mother language, since she couldn't understand it. Sure she found Italian interested, but she would never admit it.

"You just had to do it, didn't you?"

"Yep.", he said as he seated himself in front of her. "Why are you eating that? Do you have any idea how bad that is for your health?" he frowned at the Nutella she'd been eating for the past few minutes. He was studying medicine in a Turkish university along with Adalet, and the two constantly gave Marina lectures about her broad appetite and eating habits.

"So? Let me enjoy a bit, will ya? The holiday's just started, I have three months to worry about my health." she said as she took another slice and spread even more Nutella over it.

"That's what you always say! That, that thing is 99% chemicals and 1% everything else!" he protested.

"And I care about that because…"

"Because it might just start growing in your stomach! Seriously, how can you eat so much of it?" he pointed at the half-empty Nutella jar.

"Easy. Here, let me show you." she said as she grabbed another slice of the white bread. She then took the spoon which she'd been using for spreading Nutella for a while. "Now listen carefully, this is very important."

"Uh-huh, and I have a tail."

She continued ignoring him. "See, now that you took a spoon – even though it already has Nutella over it – you take a bunch of it like this" she said and grabbed a huge amount of the creamy mixture, "and you spread it on bread like this. Here, now eat it.", she said as she handed him the Nutella'd slice of bread. Felix made a disgusted face as he refused to let it go anywhere near him mouth.

"No thanks, I'll pass."

"Is that a challenge? You think I can't make you eat it?" she raised a brow, which made him chuckle at his younger sibling's silliness. The two burst out in laughter as Felix finally took the slice and started eating it. He knew it was useless fighting with Marina – she would always find a way to win.

The two finished the Nutella jar soon, since Marina nicely asked – persuaded, in other words – Felix to take more. Their evening was full of light chatting and Marina acting out her college professors, which made Felix laugh so much his stomach started feeling the consequences.

"Enough…please…no more…" he said through laughs as he placed his hands over his stomach.

"But I'm not done… and YOU! Tell me the difference between an apple and a Corinthian column!" she said and pointed her finger at Felix, who kept laughing his guts out at the tone in which she said it. "What, you don't knoow? That is unacceptable! You – you…. dwarf don't knoow anything! Let me just write you a Corinthian failing mark!"

"No... please haha… please… stop…"

"God, you give up easy…" she said, folding her arms on her chest. "You couldn't make me move a muscle when it was your turn!"

"That's because I can only laugh at jokes!"

"That's a lame excuse."

"But it's the best I've got." he said shrugging slightly. He turned his head to look at the clock which clearly let them know it was already midnight.

"Do you by any chance have any idea where's the rest of the family? I know Elif and Abe are at a friend's place, but where's Adalet?"

"I'm sure she used the oportunity since those two aren't home… hey, don't make a face! So what if a girl wants some privacy with her not-so-secret-but-still-forbidden boyfriend!"

"I don't like that guy at all.", Felix frowned, his dark blue eyes gleaming with hatred. Adalet's boyfriend had been the guy she dated for a while before a misunderstanding happened. Ibrahim cought her daughter's boyfriend in a bar flirting with two girls. At first Marina wanted to knock his teeth out, but when it turned out that one of the girls was his best friend, and the other her sister, both Adalet and Marina were relieved. But Ibrahim never forgave him, and neither did Felix.

"Give him a break, will ya'? He's just trying to make things better."

"By having a 'private time' with her? I'm not sure if that's helping at all."

"Whatever Mr. Grumpy, I'm going upstairs.", she said as she climbed up to her room and threw herself on her bed. She arranged her room completely by herself, every single inch was the way she wanted it to be.

The walls were painted a lapis lazuli color, and a white tribal wolf howling on one of them. The light bulbs looked like starts, since they were tiny, and made the ceiling look like the Milky Way, and near her brush-shaped mirror stood a bookshelf that looked like a clef. Her bed was the most comfortable thing in her entire room, as it had so many pillows that a person could easily get lost among them, never to be found again.

She just lay there for a couple of minutes before something really weird happened. Just as she was about to make herself get up and prepare for bed, she suddenly felt as if she'd changed her perspective. For a brief moment everything seemed black, but after a second, she found herself pulled to the back of her bed with such a force that she couldn't control. She tried to yell, but couldn't. It was as if an invisible hand kept her mouth shut, and no matter what she tried, she couldn't figure out what was happening.

It was unnatural – there wasn't enough space to fit a mouse behind her bed, hence it was pulled to the wall entirely, but somehow she managed to squeeze in. Marina had no idea how – it just happened, and she was now looking towards her window that was just across her room. She tried to move, and found out that if she walked around like a normal person, she would be able to move at least a little bit.

And then it vanished.

She was returned to her original state, with a slight headache. A puzzled look crossed her face as she was trying to figure out what the hell happened.

'That's it, I've finally done it. I'm losing my sanity…', she thought as she slumped onto her bed and fell into a deep sleep.