"Happy Birthday!" Yells Everyone At Once As The Light Is Suddenly On And Blinding Me. "Whoah, Careful With The Lights Next Year! Blinded Me!" I Say Jokingly.
"Happy Birthday, Bro!" Yells My Friend, leo. He Calls Everyone A Bro. But Before I Continue, Let Me Introduce Myself. My Name Is Seth Kunora, I Have White Hair, Blue Eyes, And I Wear Glasses Over Said Eyes. "Happy tenth Birthday Seth!" says My Mom Happily. "Guess What Me And Your Father Got You!" "Um... I Don't Know, What?" I Reply. "See For Yourself" Says Mom And Dad As They Reveal A Card With My Name And Photo On It. "Your Very Own Pokemon Trainer License! You Can Pick Out Your Pokemon Tommorow!" She Hands Me The Card And I Take A Few Seconds To Look It Over. "Your Parents Told Me You Were Getting A Trainers License So I Managed To Get To Viridian City To Pick Up These!" Says Leo Holding Out 5 Potions. "They Can Heal Your Pokemon! Just Spray Them And You Are Good To Go!" "How DID You Get To Viridian?" I Ask. If You Didn't Know, Between Our Happy Pallet Town And Thier Wonderful Viridian City Is Lots Of Tall Grass In Which Pokemon Like To Ambush People. "The Trees." Begins Leo, "The Trees Are Pathways Remember?" Ah Yes, The Trees. We Use Them To Get From Point A To Point B Quickly, And There's Lots Of Them Along The Way To The City. "Time To Cut The Cake!" Says Mom Bringing Out A Birthday Cake. She Sets It On The Table And Starts Cutting It With A Knife (MURDER). That Night I Just Couldn't Sleep, I Was So Excited About Which Pokemon I Would Choose. Bulbasaur? Squirtle? Charmander? Which One, Which One?! After A While I Just Fell Asleep. I Would Need The Energy, Tommorow Is A Busy Day.

M477 Presents...
The Project He's Been Working On..

All Like... 600 Of Them

What Do You Guys Think? How Is It So Far. I Think I Did Good. Keep Reading Because It's Bound To Get Better!