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"What made you want to marry me?" It was a question Hermione had asked every year since he proposed, but Draco swore he wouldn't tell her the real reason until their tenth anniversary.

They laid in bed the morning of their anniversary when she asked. Draco smiled and kissed her. It was finally time to tell her. "Do you remember the first time I came to see you?" he asked. "I told you I quit drinking, and then rambled on and on about how I was so happy to see you smile?"

"You didn't ramble," she interjected.

"I woke up from a dream, a dream about you," he continued. He explained it all to her - from the day he woke up with no memory of seven years of his life to their last morning together. "Blaise slipped a potion into my drink, and I saw a life with you. It was bad. I drank too much, worked too much, upset you too much. I fell in love with you in that dream, but I knew something had to change. I had to change."

She stroked his cheek. "And you have," she replied.

"And I got to be with you," he said. "I got Ayla and Leo. I can honestly say that I've never been happier."

"So, you really pursued me because of a dream?" she asked. "What made you so sure that I'd go along with it all?"

He shrugged and tucked a loose curl behind her ear. "I didn't," he admitted. "I almost gave up a few times. Of course, you asked me out first, so that boosted my confidence a bit. I was terrified when I proposed to you though. That dream kept playing through my mind. I could turn out just like that, be just as horrible. And then I remembered what you said to me before I woke up. You told me to take a chance."

Hermione pressed her lips to his. "I'm glad you did," she told him.

"The strangest part of that dream was Leo, though," he shared. "He knew I wasn't really me. And yet he didn't speak to anyone but me."

She giggled. "That is strange. That boy does not stop talking," she replied. "Neither of them do. No idea where they could have gotten that from."

He laughed, ready to tease her for her know-it-all, have an answer for everything ways, when the bedroom door opened. Draco turned to glance behind him and grinned when he saw his children. "Get in here," he said to them. Seven year old Ayla, with flying dark blonde curls and expressive gray eyes, dashed ahead of her brother and climbed up on the bed. Leo was more reserved, taking his time crossing the room. When he finally reached the bed, Draco ruffled his brown locks and helped him up. The youngest Malfoys settled in the middle of the bed between their parents.

"Did you think, ten years ago, that this is how you'd be spending your anniversary?" Hermione asked, wrapping her arms around her son.

Draco fingered one of Ayla's curls and smiled. "I hoped so," he replied. "This, the four of us, is what I dreamed about. It's exactly what I wanted."

Hermione shifting, trying to hide a smile. "And what if I told you that in nine months, give or take, there will be five of us?" she wondered.

Ayla groaned, but Draco ignored her. "Really?" he asked, finding it hard to contain his excitement. "We're having another baby?"

She nodded. "And your parents are watching the kids today so we can have some alone time," she added.

"Are you sure this isn't a dream?" he joked.

She sat up and leaned over the kids. "It's real," she promised.

The End.