A/N I just sort of thought of this as I finished the first day of my ERB testing for school. It is sort of based off of To the Beautiful You, but it will be different. I promise. Tell me what you all think!

Chapter 1

Konoha was reduced to chaos as the word spread around. Hinata, the daughter of one of their rulers, was gone. Missing. With no idea where she was.

Her father was devastated, but he had still managed to hide the news for a few days as their police force looked for her. But there was not a trace where she had gone. By the time a week had past, the entire village knew. And he could finally let his composure crack as he pleaded for his daughter's safe return. But there was not a reply.

But on the very same day the news had gotten out, another strange event happened. A new student appeared at KAA, Konoha Academy of Athletics, in the middle of the year. And nobody ever comes in the middle of the year. Ever. So it was a pretty big event. All of dorm three stood to watch the scrawny little boy, who they were supposed to believe was 15 and a track star, walk up the path to the door. Neji and Shikamaru took the responsibility as dorm heads to greet the boy and show him around, but neither could believe this kid actually got into their school. Their elite, all-boys, school of athletics.

He was scrawny, too small for a 15 year old boy, no matter how small his parents were. His height was just a little over 5 foot, 5'4" at most. He looked like he had never run before in his life, yet he was supposed to be a track star. And his hands, they looked like the hands of a girl who had never had to do anything before.

"Kid, what did you say your name was?" Neji said after the three sat down at a table in the main room of the dorm. Many other dorm members were crowded around the table, staring at the new kid like he was a piece of meat or a new toy.

"Hitachiin Kaoru." He looked at the table, tracing the water rings with his eyes.

"Isn't that the name of a character in a manga? Something about a club?" A blonde boy leaned forward, examining Kaoru.

"Yeah, it is. The writer used to know my mother and always said she liked my name enough to use it in one of her mangas." He still didn't look up from the table and a few of the students scoffed at his demeanor. Some left, finding him boring, while others tuned some of their attention out to focus on other things. Only a few continued to pay full attention.

"Well then, Kaoru," the blonde got closer to the boy, slinging his arm over Kaoru's shoulders, "I'm Naruto. These guys are all my friends. There's Neji, Shikamaru, Kiba, Shino, Choji, Lee," he pointed out the people and Kaoru tried hard to remember who was who, "and… Where's Sasuke?"

Something seemed to pass through Kaoru's eyes as Sasuke's name was mentioned, but only Neji, Shikamaru, and Shino seemed to catch it. They shared a look; all wondering exactly what it was they saw. Sasuke appeared in the doorway as Naruto was speaking, walking silently up to the group with a gym bag falling off his shoulder. "I was training. Who's this?" He glanced over Naruto to the new kid, who stared back with a look that could rival Sasuke's own apathetic one.

"Kaoru. Hitachiin Kaoru." Naruto patted the small boy as he spoke, hitting him harder than really necessary. He barely held back a flinch at each pat.

"Hn." He turned to walk away, but turned around at Neji's call. "What?"

"He's in your dorm." If looks could kill, Kaoru would have been dead.

"I don't want him." As to not leave room for any more conversation, he stalked away, as quickly and quietly as he had come.

"Ignore him. His just pissy. Like, all the time." Naruto gave Kaoru a little punch on the arm. "Come on. I have a key, I can let you in." Without waiting for a reply, he grabbed Kaoru's arm and pulled him up. He walked off, dragging Kaoru and his luggage behind him. Shikamaru and Neji looked at the kid they were supposed be showing around as if to protest, before Shikamaru mumbled something about it being too troublesome and to leave them be. Neji just sat back, still looking at the space where the new kid had left from. He couldn't shake the feeling that he knew him.

The girl ran through the woods, wind blowing her black hair back as she ran as fast as she could. Her pack bounced with each step, but she did not stop. It wasn't until she came to a stream that she finally slowed, before sitting down on a rock to rest. She stared at the moon reflecting on the water, high in the sky and bright as could be. And under the full moon, she crouched by the water. "It's now or never, Hinata," she whispered before reaching into her bag and pulling out a pair of scissors. Grabbing her hair in chunks, she chopped them off, letting the loose strands float down the stream as they fell.

Using the water as a mirror, she fixed up her hair so it was shaggy but not too bad looking, and very boyish. When she decided it was good enough, she stood up again and looked around. Seeing nobody nearby, Hinata quickly took off her shirt and the underclothes she wore; only to replace them with an ace bandage around her chest and a tank top over that. Her pants were quickly changed to sweats and she threw a T-shirt on once she dug it out of her bag. Looking at her reflection once again in the water, Hinata placed a hat on her head and threw a hoodie over her shirt to fight off the chill. "Goodbye Hinata. Hello Kaoru."

Kaoru jolted up from his bed, having just awoken from a nightmare. But it must have been better than reality, because Sasuke was standing at the foot of his bed, just looking at him, completely apathetic. "Do you need something?" He wiped the sleep from his eyes before reaching over to the table next to him and grabbing some glasses. After putting them on, he could finally see Sasuke as clearly as possible in the darkness.

"You talk in your sleep." He didn't say anything else, just stood there staring at his roommate. After a few seconds, he sighed. "Get up and be on the main floor in a minute." That said, he turned heel and descended the curled stairs leading to the half of a second floor the bed that was now Kaoru's was on.

The boy wasted no time in listening, scrambling out of bed and taking the stairs two at a time. Sasuke held back a chuckle as Kaoru stood in front of him in seconds. "Here are the rules for staying in this dorm. No noise over a whisper from you. No leaving your things lying around. No touching my things. Do not bother me. Listen to everything I tell you to do. Don't do anything that can get me in trouble. Got it?" Kaoru nodded. "Good. Now show me what you got into this school for. Be changed and at the track in five minutes." Sasuke stared the boy down as he stood there. It took a clearing of his throat for Kaoru to jump into action and race back upstairs to get changed. . Without bothering to wait for him, he left the room, leaving Kaoru to find the track on his own.

"Crap crap crappity crap crap." Kaoru ran through the school grounds as fast as he could, and it was quite fast. His running shoes were slung over his neck, a pair of beat up sneakers on his feet. With each step, the shoes bounced against his back, reminding him of running through the woods not so long ago. When he was still Hinata.

He shook his head as he started thinking about his life before. "No, I have to do this," he muttered, sprinting as soon as he saw the track. Sasuke stood in the middle, looking at his watch, and barely hid a smirk as Kaoru came running up with seconds to spare.

"You're lucky, kid." He clicked off the timer, before looking at Kaoru on the ground, already putting his correct shoes on. Mentally, he checked off the first thing he was testing Kaoru for-readiness. "Ten laps. Now."

Kaoru did not seem to react to the large order, instead nodding and taking off faster than Sasuke expected. Maybe he actually will be good. His stopwatch was timing Kaoru, and Sasuke leaned back to relax a little, expecting some time to rest. Too soon it seemed, Kaoru was in front of him again. A glanced at his stopwatch almost gathered a reaction from him. 12 minutes? That's better than our lead runner now. And this kid didn't even warm up yet. "How did I do?"

"Could be better." Sasuke shrugged and watched as the younger boy's shoulders fell slightly. But anything could be. You're pretty good kid. "What's your average mile?"

"Five minutes." Pretty good.
"What do you normally run?" He gestured for Kaoru to change back to his normal shoes, and after the boy did so, they began to walk back to their dorm.

"Short distance." Yet you're not winded from that. Maybe you are as good as they said.

Sasuke nodded to himself, but Kaoru saw it. "You can stay in the dorm," he said suddenly.

"What?" Kaoru tripped in surprise at the random statement and barely caught himself.

"I said you could stay in the dorm. If you did badly on my test, I would have kicked you out." He shrugged, as if his logic was normal. "Just remember the rules."

"So you're saying I'm good?" That seemed to be all Kaoru got from what Sasuke had just said.

"No." He watched as the boy's shoulders fell once again. "I'm just saying you're not bad." By then they had reached their dorm and Sasuke walked inside, leaving the door open for Kaoru to enter as well. "I'm washing up first. And here's your key." He threw it with one hand as he walked towards the bathroom, leaving Kaoru to scramble to catch the unexpected object flying at him.

"Huh? Washing up?" He glanced at the clock, only to realize they had less than a half hour until breakfast. Great.


Kaoru had planned on eating breakfast on his own, so it was a great surprise to him when Sasuke sat down at the table next to him instead of walking off to his friends. He glanced at the older roommate, but didn't say anything as Sasuke just focused on his food, pushing it around and eating some. Eventually, Kaoru began to eat as well, neither speaking and the only noise being the sound of utensils hitting plates. Sasuke finished first and threw his trash away, returning the plate to the counter. Kaoru had expected him to just leave for his first class, and had to bite back a yelp when he glanced up to Sasuke sitting in front of him again.

"Hurry up. If you continue to eat so slow, we will be late for class" Kaoru only nodded, shoveling food into his mouth as fast as he could to obey the command. In less than a minute, he was finished.

He copied the actions Sasuke had done with his finished plate before jogging to catch up with the boy that was already leaving. Most of the cafeteria was empty by now, and they walked faster than normal to reach class on time. "Get in." Sasuke nodded for Kaoru to go in, holding the door with one hand as he did so.

"Thanks." He didn't take the kindness for granted and ignored the surprised looks from a few students. Taking an empty seat, it came to a shock to the whole class when Sasuke sat behind him. However, he said nothing and Kaoru followed suit, keeping quiet.

The lessons passed quickly, and soon Kaoru found himself filing out of the classroom with the other students. "Where are we going?"

Sasuke glanced at the boy following behind him. "Gym. We're swimming today." Kaoru's eyes widened slightly. "What? Afraid of water?"

"No." He shook his head. "I just…"

"What?" Sasuke led the way through the twisting halls. They entered the dressing room and he showed Kaoru to his locker, right across from his own. "Don't like being shirtless?"

"Sort of." He glanced in the locker, wincing slightly when he saw there was already a uniform and swimming trunks. "I had a bunch of chest surgeries when I was younger so I have a lot of scars."

The reasoning made Sasuke feel like an ass for joking about it, but he wouldn't admit it. He searched in his own locker as Kaoru changed into the trunks, never taking off his shirt. "Here." Sasuke held out a black t-shirt. "Wear it."

"Oh." Kaoru took it. "Thank you." But Sasuke didn't respond, only changing quickly and walking away, leaving Kaoru as one of the last students.

However, as he stepped out of the door, he grabbed the necklace on his neck and cursed, turning back around. As he walked slowly back to his locker, he heard talking. "You think you're so cool because you're buddies with Uchiha?" A yelp came as Sasuke rounded the corner to the strip of lockers his and Kaoru's were in.

In front of him were the four last students all standing in front of Kaoru, grabbing him by the front of his half-opened shirt, his black t-shirt dropped on the ground as Kaoru tried to stopped the next punch.

But it never came. Sasuke grabbed the boy's hand, pulling him backwards until he released Kaoru. "Don't touch him."

"Why shouldn't I? He's just like a puppy following you around; you can't possibly like him either." His three friends backed him up, one of them grabbing Kaoru and yanking him forward. "You want your puppy back?"

Kaoru stumbled when the person holding him pushed him forward suddenly. Sasuke barely caught him before he face-planted into the tiled floor but the older still didn't look at Kaoru. Instead, he was glaring at the four that caused all of this. Without warning, he let go of trying to steady Kaoru, pulling his fist back and smashing it into the face of the one smirking at him.

The boy's nose crunched under Sasuke's knuckles and he flew back into the locker with a loud bang. His eyes filled with fire aimed at Sasuke and he jumped forward to hit the boy back. Kaoru tried to stop the fight, but one of the friends grabbed him again, the same one as before.

No matter how hard he tried, Kaoru couldn't get out of the grip of the larger boy. An arm tightened on his throat, cutting off airflow. A fist buried itself in his stomach and his body tried to crumple in on itself like a piece of paper, but he was still held up by the boy. Another followed after, and through the black dots slowly covering his vision, he could see Sasuke doing fine against the now-three trying to punch him, dodging all the punches and not throwing another of his own.

As the black started to take over Kaoru's vision, a man he could only guess was the coach stormed in, taking in the whole scene in less than a second as the three aiming at Sasuke stopped trying to punch him and the Uchiha slowly relaxed, slinking out of his snake-like dodging stance. The arm stopping Kaoru from breathing loosened and he sucked in air now that it was available. The dots floating in his vision disappeared as the grip continued to loosen, only for him to be dropped to the ground, still too weak from the punches to stand.

Sasuke was there in a few steps, helping him up easily. The coach glanced between the six before sighing. "Uchiha, get him to Kakashi then both of you come to the principal's office. Yakushi, Abumi, Kinuta, what's-your-face, come with me." He stalked out, the four following behind him with their heads down like convicts being led to their cells. Outside, he yelled something about class being cancelled. Before any students could enter, Sasuke helped Kaoru limp out, walking past the boys as they did so, leaving everyone wondering just what happened in the locker room before class.


"Kakashi," Sasuke helped Kaoru sit down on the bed in the medical room, looking around for the ever-lazy doctor. The man appeared from behind his desk, dropping a book on top as he walked to the two students, straightening his glasses on the way. "There was a fight."

"And I'm guessing you lost." He looked right at Kaoru, who only looked to the floor. "It's not like you to get involved, Sasuke." He said nothing too, and Kakashi sighed. "What happened? Where are you hurt?"

"I'm fine. Really." He went to get off the bed, only for Sasuke to push him back on.

"He's not. Abumi grabbed him in a chokehold as Kinuta punched him repeatedly." Sasuke leaned on the wall, ignoring Kaoru's glare. Knowing Kakashi's next question, he answered before it could be asked. "In the stomach. Hard. Even for Kinuta."

Kakashi sighed before turning to Kaoru. "Lay down. Sasuke, out." The boy went to argue before thinking about what had been spoken between the two of them in the locker room and left, standing right outside the door.

"I'm fine, really. You don't need to do anything." Kaoru tried to sit up, but now it was Kakashi holding him down.

"Put this on your cheek. It's swelling already." He held an ice pack he had managed to get at some point, placing it gently and having Kaoru hold it in place.

"I'm really fine. Honestly. You don't have to do anything." He tried once again to get off from the bed, and Kakashi let him sit up at least.

"Come see me if something doesn't feel right." Kaoru nodded and went to jump off the bed, already expecting Kakashi's arm grab that came. "I just have one thing to ask you."


"What is a girl doing in an all-guys school?"