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GALACTIC POSITION » Imperial Palace; Coruscant

SITUATION » Celebrating victory


»» SITUATION UPDATE: The galaxy is once again at peace. It is a relief to record this statement and I know it is one that is in the forefront of almost every being in the New Republic. I repeat: the galaxy is once again at peace.

»» It all happened so suddenly, it made my circuits spin. In the wake of the successful outcome regarding the mission to Mount Tantiss, there was a Noghri uprising on every ship where they had been assigned. The most important casualty of this uprising was Grand Admiral Thrawn, killed by his own Noghri bodyguard. What became of the Noghri commandos after this is unclear at this point, but I believe they are skilled enough to have gotten away. As a reward for their service, the New Republic has offered the Noghri people a brand new world to relocate them.

»» As for the Empire, the sudden void in leadership caused them to retreat from all their endeavors and seek refuge in some corner of the galaxy. How long they will remain there is anybody's guess, but I have calculated the odds and believe this is not the end of the story. They will return eventually.

»» But for now, we celebrate our victory. Well, at least everybody else celebrates our victory. I am instead searching for Master Luke; he has once again evaded my vigil. Bleeping kid! Doesn't he know I made a promise to never let him out of my sight again?

»» I believe he came this way.

»» Ah, yes… there he is… but he is not alone. Hmm…

»» I guess I should not be surprised to find him with Mara Jade. He follows her around like a puppy. I wonder what are they talking about?

»» Oh, wait a minute… what is that he is giving her? Is that his first lightsaber?

»» I should explain: that lightsaber is the same one that belonged to Anakin-Senior and that Master Luke lost on Cloud City, along with his hand, years ago, and has now been recovered. Apparently C'baoth (or the Emperor, we are not quite clear on that) used Master Luke's hand to create the clone he fought on Mount Tantiss; the one Mara Jade killed. And the clone was using Master Luke's lightsaber, which is how we got it back.

»» And now he is giving it to Mara Jade. Interesting…

»» Now, as far as I know, most females do not consider a lightsaber to be a proper romantic gift but since Mara Jade is not like other females, she might appreciate it.

»» And she did accept it… oh, bleep, they are coming this way, I need to hide.

»» I think this is the beginning of a very interesting relationship.