Gilbert yawned, groaning and resting his forehead on his desk. Why did Matthew have to be sick This week? History class was so unawesome without his Canadian friend there to entertain him. 'At least this is the last class of the day...' Gilbert thought to himself, his mind wandering to his currently absent friend. Why was he always sick. for the same week every year?

The albino assumed it was because of something having to do with the blonde being an Omega... but Gilbert had no idea what that could be, seeing as he was an Alpha. He vaguely remembered his Mutti telling him something about some yearly thing with Omegas, but he hadn't really been paying attention at the time. Eh, he'd figure it out eventually.

Gilbert was startled out of his thoughts by the school bell ringing, as well as his phone vibrating in the same exact moment. He sighed, looking at his cell phone as he gathered his things.

2:30 pm

Message recieved

Mattie Williams

Hey Gil? Do you think you get go get me my wallet from my locker? I accidentally left it in my locker the other day...

Gilbert smiled, happy for a chance to see his friend. He replied with a positive answer, escaping the room and going to get the wallet.

Gilbert ran into his bruder on the way out, and let him know he was going to be home late, telling him he was going to Matthew's house. Ludwig gave his brother a surprised look. " Going to finally claim his as your mate?" Gilbert shot the German a strange look. " What are you talking about?" Ludwig raised an eyebrow at the other. " You don't know? Alfred's been complaining all day about it."

"About what?"

"... Matthew's in heat..."

ummm... Ja...

I heard about this omegaverse thing... so I looked into it, read a few fanfictions...

and promised myself I'd never have anything to do with it EVER again.

But then this idea came into my head, and wouldn't let me sleep until I wrote it.

So... here ya go.

OmegaVerse PruCan.

tell me what ya think, and If ya guys want more of this story...