~Matthew's POV~

Matthew sighed, opening the front door. He had to admit, it was nice seeing his brother Alfred. Although the visit might have been more enjoyable if one thing had been different.

As it was, Arthur had been hanging over Alfred the whole time, never leaving him alone. Matthew had just found out his brother was pregnant. Arthur seemed constantly worried, hoping it wouldn't end in miscarriage like MAtthew's first had.

The thought brought slight sadness to the Canadian's mood, but that was soon replaced by joy when he heard the small voice of his son yell. " Momma!"excitedly. The small, white haired child ran up to him, smiling happily.

Matthew smiled and knelt down to pick Kristoff up, resting the child on his hip and walking into the house. " Hey Gil." He called out. " I'm home." Kristoff blinked, tugging the collar of Matthew's shirt. " Shhh." He mumbled, putting a small finger over his own lips. "Papa's sleeping."

Matthew sighed, setting Kristoff down and going into the livingroom. Gilbert was, as the child had said, sleeping on th couch, snoring softly..

The Canadian smiled slightly, genty=ly shaking Gilbert's arm. " Hey... Gil wake up." Matthew urged, resting on his knees in front of the couch, he leaned forward and kissed Gilbert's eyebrow, then his forehead, his cheek. Soft, almost ghost-like kisses. Eventually they led to the Albino's lips, and Matthew lightly his them, smiling slightly when the gesture was returned.

After a moment Matthew pulled away and stood back up. " Come on Sleepyhead. You were supossed to be watchin Kris." Gilbert blinked sleepily, sitting up. " Huh? Where is the little ankle-biter?"

Matthew laughed. " He's back in his room." Gilbert looked up at Matthew. " You think your brother will mind watching him for a few days? Doesn't your Heat start soon?" Matthew blushed, but nodded slightly. " I'll give him a call soon and find out..."

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