Hello everybody! This is the first time I have written/published a story on this site or any other site! So, I am really sorry if you don't like it, but I hope you do! This story is about a group of teenagers, trying to survive in the new world. The new world has Zombies in it. In the story, the zombies are referred to "Walkers" (Sorry walking dead) The story takes place a few months after everything has happened. I will try to get a new chapter up as much as I can, but I go to my dad's house some weekends... so some weeks it will be a lot, some not so much. But anyways, I hope you enjoy! :D


"Shh, stay quiet" Chandler said, He motioned to a walker, that was just sitting there, minding its own business, he pointed at me then at the walker. He wanted me to take it out. I nodded my head, "Yes." I walk over to the thing with my Fire-Axe, I sneak up behind it, and slam the axe into the back of its skull. It didn't go all the way through though for the kill. The walker turned around, with the axe still in its head, and jumped on me. I lost grip of the axe though, so I now had no weapon in my hand, I had the knife that I always carry around my belt, but that was to far out of reach now. The walker jumps on me and I try to push him off, but he was a big one. I wasn't strong enough to get him completely off. He was getting really close to my shoulder when I heard a "BAM BAM" and the walker fell off me. I just laid here looking up at the sky, thankful that I am still alive.

"Did he get you?" Asked Chandler still holding his M1911 pistol ready. Chandler is sort of like the leader of this group. He tells us what do and we listen. We have no adults in our tiny group of about Nine, so he took the role of leader. He is about 5'9, and has short brown hair. "No" I replied. He put his gun away and offered me a hand up. I grabbed his hand and got pulled up. Walking over to the dead walker with a bullet hole in its skull, a minute later trying to eat me for a tasty meal, I hear groans. "What's that?" Kara asked. Kara is my girlfriend. She has blonde hair, and blue eyes, more on the shorter side too. We are on a supply run, to the nearest high school, Old Mill. We brought six people with us, Chandler, Kara, Daniel, Nathan, Lizzie and I.

"I don't know, but it sounds kind of close" I say as I retrieve my fire axe. All of a sudden, a horde of about 30 walkers come around the corner. "Quick! Go inside!" Chandler yells as he starts firing into the crowd of the dead. We get the doors open, and everyone goes inside. "Chandler! Get over here!" I yell as he is still shooting into the crowd of zombies. He ignores me and continues to fire. "Keep this door open for us." I tell Daniel as I run out and grab Chandler. I pull him inside and we shut the doors. The dead still continue to bang outside, this might sound like a good thing, but we all know, we're trapped..