Hey! So as I post this... I see chapter one only has 4 views... but oh well! That is better than nothing! Haha, I hope you guys are enjoying this! Here is Chapter two!


We are trapped inside this school, that no one knows how to get around, and could be filled with walkers. We barricade the door with my fire axe and Daniel's baseball bat. We both have knives that we agreed that we would use. So we barricade the door and now we have to find supplies. Chandler says quietly "We have to split into teams. We can either do two teams of three, or three teams of two. The choice is up to you guys." I spoke up "Well, three teams of two would be a lot faster, but two teams of three would be a lot safer." Everyone was thinking, Do we want to get out of here the faster? Or the safest? Lizzie said "We don't need to get out of here fast, those rotters are still at the door. I vote two teams of three" Everyone agreed and we said that it would be, Nathan, Kara, and I in one group, then Chandler, Daniel and Lizzie in the other group. My group had the upstairs level and the other group had the downstairs.

We went into some sort of Science hall way first. We went into a class room, there was nothing in there, we went into the next one... there was 4 walkers. One of them looked like a teacher, the others, teenagers like ourselves. I took out my knife, Kara took out her gun, only to be used in emergencies, and Nathan took out his machete. We went to work. I took out the teacher, stabbing in the eye with my knife, Nathan took out two of the teenagers with one swing of the machete. Then Nathan and I both nodded our heads, and I kicked the last zombie back to Danny, and he stuck his machete right through his head. It was a move that we have both been working on. I will never really get used to killing these things, but you can definitely take out a lot of steam with them. We searched the room and found two boxes of medical bandages, I stuffed them in my bag. Nothing big, we continued down the hall, then we heard the shots from down stairs. We ran down the hall and jumped almost all the steps. That is when we heard Danny yelling "It's going to be alright! We can cut it off! We can save you!" He was talking to Chandler.