Chapter Two ~ Clint's POV:

I crouch down around the corner to see a guy coming to me with a gun. I shoot him dead in the heart and notice another guy on the roof looking at him; I shoot him in the chest. "Good shot, Barton."

I smirk hearing Loki's voice in my head and I walk through towards a padlocked door. I hand off my bow to someone as they pass and set up the device to scan the eye of a man I've never even met. I nod seeing the hologram of the man's eye and walk in to get the iridium installation device I was order to get.

"Attack the Helicarrier; take it out of the sky." Loki orders in my head and I nod to myself thinking of the people I would kill in the process. I grab my bow and take the orders like a good solider.

I walk on the tram and hear the quiet steps behind me I knew so well. I draw an arrow and turn hitting Natasha Romanoff, my partner with my bow as she grabs it. The arrow flies by her and we fight hand-to-hand until I hit my head on the railing.

"Good shot, Barton…Take it out of the sky…Kill everyone necessary…" Loki hisses in my head and I shake my head fighting against my restraints.

I open my eyes suddenly and groan turning closer to warm body against my left side pulling Natasha closer. I sigh realizing the nightmares are just the past and nuzzle my face into Nat's neck. I breath in her scent of vanilla, roses and something uniquely her holding her close to me. I smile as her arms tighten around my middle and I place small kisses along her neck.

"Clint…" She giggles softly and buries her face further in my shoulder yawning.

I chuckle and rub her back gently continuing the kisses along the hollow of her neck. "Morning, beautiful. Sleep well?"

"Mhmmm…" She nods and stretches her legs against mine leaning back to look at me sleepily. "You're up early."

"Couldn't sleep." I shrug and lay back turning my head to look at her. I smile softly seeing her big green eyes bright from waking up, her short fiery curls a mess, no makeup, and wearing one of my S.H.I.E.L.D sweatshirts. I couldn't have killed her for Loki, I couldn't all those years ago.

"You alright there, Hawk?" Nat's voice breaks me loose of my thoughts like always and she gets up to walk around to our bathroom.

"Yeah, just thinking. JARVIS, let's see outside." I say and watch as the darkened windows change to see out to an overcast sky.

"Yes, Sir. Today is Thursday, January 10, 2013. It is supposed to stay in the mid 30's, cloudy with a chance of snow flurries all day." The robotic voice automatically and I get up to go in the bathroom.

"Thank you, JARVIS." I say and stop when Nat touches my shoulder.

"Let me look at your cut before you shower." She says and I nod leaning my elbows on the counter beside the sink. She peels away the bandages and cleans off the sticky residue left.

"Any better?" I ask looking over my shoulder at her turning to she cut in the mirror and sigh seeing it's a decent sized cut along the curve of my shoulder blade. "The bow won't be used for a while…"

"I advise not to, it could really hurt." Nat says and kisses my shoulder gently. "Go get in the shower and we'll eat breakfast with everyone else."

I nod and strip down to get in the shower watching where the water hits on my back. I step out grabbing a towel and smile seeing Nat get dressed. She pulls on skinny jeans and a long sleeve deep purple shirt I gave her for her birthday with black boots. I let out a low whistle and grin grabbing some boxers.

"Oh stop it!" Nat looks at me in the mirror with a smile and starts applying her makeup.

"Must you wear that stupid makeup?" I ask coming behind her to hug her waist tight kissing her neck. "You're so beautiful without it."

"Only to you, Clint." She sighs leaning into me and closes her eyes gently. "I missed you so much…"

I sigh and hug her tighter to me nuzzling my face in her neck. "I missed you too, Nat. I hate solo missions…they're too lonely and quiet."

She nods and kisses my temple gently running her hands along my arms. I catch her left hand in mine playing with her rings and look at her in the mirror. I feel her fingers lace through mine and she smiles softly.

"You sure about the team finding out? Stark will tell everyone." I look at her and sigh watching her look down at our hands.

"I'm ready for them to know…they deserve to. If we can trust them to help protect us then I think this will help them understand why we are so close." She says turning to look at me and strokes my jaw.

I smile pressing my lips to hers in a soft kiss and hold her waist close. "Wait, you actually listened to me?! I've been telling you for months now that they will like that we are being honest and we have to trust them."

"I know, I know!" Nat rolls her eyes and pushes me gently. I quickly grab her hips pulling her closer. "We let them find out on their own though."

I nod and kiss her forehead turning to pull on some jeans with a short sleeve grey shirt. "Then we act no different, just like we do normally with them."

She nods and runs her fingers through her short hair to tousle them more. I sigh fixing my shirt more and turn to pull on some black boots.

"Come on, I'm hungry." She takes my hand leading me to elevator at the front wall of the living room area. I lace our fingers and punch the right floor number wanting to just savor this last minute alone with her. I pull her close and kiss her head gently hugging her tight.

We pull apart as the doors open and see the rest of the team getting ready to sit down for breakfast that Pepper and Bruce are currently making. I step in going to grab myself a cup of coffee in the mug Tony designated to me and pours some black coffee in. I take a sip from the black and purple mug with all kinds of targets around it. Nat grabs her mug down and I pour the coffee in. Hers is black as well but with the Black Widow symbol around it.

I wink at her and she smiles softly going to sit down in her normal spot. I follow her and sit on her right watching the others sit around the table.

"We're glad you're back, Clint." Pepper smiles at me and I nod my thanks as I load my plate with eggs, bacon, toasts and fried potatoes.

"Yes, we missed the piggy habits!" Nat shoves my shoulder and shakes her head. I push back chuckling and she gets some eggs and toast.

"Yeah, bird boy…it hasn't been as fun around here." Tony sits back in his seat eating and takes Pepper's hand.

"Yes, master archer! I missed your antics!" Thor boomed munching on his pop tarts with a fair skinned, dark haired girl at his side.

"Oh, Clint. That's Jane Foster. She'll be staying with Thor for a few weeks." Nat says and sips her coffee. I nod and smile at the new woman.

"Nice to meet you, Ms. Foster. Clint Barton, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and Nat's partner." I nod and sit back as Nat grips her mug in both hands.

"Patners!" Tony snorts and Pepper rolls her eyes. "What? They have to be together! Look at them; she doesn't let anyone touch her but him. They're both so relaxed and calm with each other!"

I glance at Nat and she rolls her eyes sitting back with her mug in both hands. I lean my chair back balancing on the back legs and rest one arm on the back of Nat's chair casually. "Oh yes, Stark. Please keep telling us how we are 'together'."

"Well, she was freaking out about you being late, not eating, just wanting to sleep and even asked me to find you. The first thing out of your mouth, Barton is asking how she is and where she's at." Tony looks at us and Bruce nods.

"She did seem really distressed without you here." Banner shrugs and Nat tenses.

"She did say she didn't feel good and want to sleep." Steve nods and I sigh.

"Nat, давайте просто сказать им. Они явно не могу пятно в происходящем." I whisper in Russian looking at Nat and she sighs rolling her eyes. (Nat, let's just tell them. They obviously can't spot what's going on.)

"Они слишком глупо реализовать очевидные ..." She sips her coffee and looks over at me then Pepper. "Do you remember when I was Natalie Rushman?" (They're too stupid to realize the obvious…)

Pepper nods and I watch Nat as she talks about her mission to evaluate Tony for the Avengers Imitative. I remember how she would call me every night to talk until she fell asleep and then Skype me in the morning so we could see each other.

"Well, remember how I said Natalie was married to someone she worked with?"

Pepper nods and smiles softly. "Yes, you said you loved him more than anything and it was hard to be so far away from him. You described him as very handsome with dark blonde hair, short in length, blue-grey eyes, muscular, quick witted, and incredible at archery…."

She gasps softly and looks at me as I put my arm around my wife.

"I never lied about him." Nat grins and looks at me. "I love him too much to."

I smile then laugh seeing everyone else stares at us and kiss Nat's cheek and she takes my hand above her shoulder lacing our fingers.

"I love you too, Mrs. Barton."