Batman and Dark Batman.

During the night, Gotham city's bank is robbed. But Batman is on the case. He swings and knocks down 4 men. He punches the fat leader on the stomach who lets go off the bag of money. He is put on hand cuffs and Batman cops come only to find that the theives are beaten Bruce Wayne and his partner Robin watch what happened in the bat cave. 'That's not me' Mr Wayne said. 'It's not me' 'I will need to work on this case.' Bruce stood up wore his mask and left. On top of a building the (fake) Batman came. 'I knew you would come' The original said. 'I am the Dark Batman' and he fled. Bruce Batman chased him. Dark Batman threw bombs which nearly hit Batman but thanks to his somersault he was able to dodge it.

Suddenly, Dark Batman went to a dark alley and dissappeared. And Batman hurried back. Back in the Bat Cave,'While fighting The Dark Batman I was able to take a bomb of his.' Batman scanned the bomb and was able to find that it was made by Destroide Industries LTD. He left again. He was able to hack into their files and see that the bombs were created by Prof Will Franklin. He saw a list of the workers and left. In the batcave he and Robin were able to see that Don Ground fitted the Dark Batman. That night ,Dark Batman battled with Batman and Robin. Robin was able to distract him while Batman kicked him on the removed the mask to find Fred Ground , Don's twin brother. 'I guess this case is solved' Batman said and Fred was arrested.