Chapter 1: Resurrections Part 1

All over the world something weird was happening. The witches and wizards who were killed in the Wizarding Wars against Voldemort were appearing, as if not a day had passed. Not only were those killed returning, but those who had been physically hurt were healed. Hermione Granger no longer carried scars given to her by Bellatrix Lestrange. Neville Bottom's parents awoke one day to find there grown son standing next to them. They were back. Across the world lives and families were changing for the better.

In a graveyard, inside the town of Godric's Hallow, two people who had not been seen for over twenty years, had appeared during the night. Since then they had been unconcious, sleeping at the foot of their headstones. Above then, the stones with their names glowed slightly. Upon it, you could easily read the names Lily and James Potter. The first casualties of the First Wizarding World had returned.

In another country, Scotland to be exact, many more people were returning. The families of those who died in the Battle of Hogwarts, had buried their loved ones on the place where it had all ended. There was a large marble statue depicting the last fight against Voldemort. On it's side was a bronze plaque that read, "In memories of those who fought for the Greater Good and lost." All the way around the memorial stood many graves, the burial places of those that died. The headstones had the name of a deceased witch or wizard on it. On the ground in front of each was a single rose. That was the case until late one night. At around midnight, each grave began to glow. When they reach a maximum brightness, it was impossible to see. A few seconds it faded on a living, breathing, sleeping person was in the place of each rose. Some of these people included Remus Lupin. Nymphadora Tonks, Severus Snape, Collin Creevey, and Fred Weasley. Little did their loved ones know, they would soon be re-united.

In England, the arms were going off in the Department of Ministries. The Unspeakables quickly left their desks and ran to the source of the noise. It was the Death Room. The quickly summoned the logs to check if any of their personnel had entered. They logs for the day were empty, and the alarms were still blaring. They quickly peaked inside and found the room to be empty.

Sirius Black was breathing hard. He blinked. The last thing he could remember was his cousin stunning him. He remembered flying backwards into the veil. He recollected his godson screaming his name. He remembered the look on Harry's face. It was one of pure panic, sadness, and worry. Then he remembered not only had he been stunned, but the Order had been fighting the Death Eaters. He immediately realized that this battle was no longer occurring and panicked. He wondered where the Order and most importantly his godson was. He ran out of the room, up the nearest staircase, and into the Ministry lobby. His panic caused him to not pay attention to anything or anyone in his way, and he hit a wall of flesh.

The man looked up from the papers he had been shuffling. His face turned white and he gulped. Then he began to yell at the man in front of him. "Who do you think you are, impersonating that man?" His anger got the best of him, he started using his title at the Ministry. "I, Head Auror, command you to tell me who you are, and why you are here." Sirius was not paying attention to the yells in his direction. He was lost in thought. The man looked familiar to Sirius. He had the familiar black, messy hair of his godson. But, his godson was only and fifteen and this man was in his thirties. Plus, his godson had to be back at Hogwarts by now. Sirius, partly wondered why he hadn't been arrested yet. After all, the Ministry was after him.

Without waiting for a response from Sirius, he took him by his jacket collar and dragged him to the Head Auror office. He pushed Sirius into the chair on the opposite side of the desk. Then he sat at the other. Sirius looked around the office and noticed there were a few pictures. There was one of three young kids and a teenager. Two of the boys looked like Harry, the girl looked like Lily, and the teenager's turquoise hair reminded Sirius of Tonks. Sirius wondered who they were and what their relationship to the man was.

The man started to question Sirius. "Who are you?" Sirius paused before answering, if the person didn't recognize him from his face, maybe he'd be able to get out of the Ministry soon and go find Harry. He couldn't use his real name though. That would be a dead give away. He settled for the name he was rumored to have. "Stubby Boardman." The man shook his head. Louder and angrier than before he said " No, you're not! You're not Sirius Black either. He's been dead for twenty years! I saw him die. Now tell me the truth!" Sirius gulped. He realized, if what the man said was true, and not some ruse, then that made Sirius nearly fifty. It also meant twenty years had passed since he had last seen his godson and his godson would be nearly thirty five. That would make it possible for the man sitting in front of Sirius to be Harry. "But, I am. Ask me something only Sirius Black would now!" The man, surprised at the possible imposter's statement, took a few moments to reply. "Who did Sirius Black live with the summer of his sixth year?" Sirius took a deep breath, it was a question he would never not be able to answer. He gladly answered. "The Potters. The parents of James Potter. I ran away from home."

Sirius waited with baited breathing do the man to show any signs of answering, reactions, or responses. It was a few minutes of silence later when the man reacted. He slowly stood, with his wand down, walked around the corner of the table. Then, he lost his control, and pulled Sirius into a tight hug. Through the tears of the man, Sirius could see that his eyes were the piercing emerald he knew so well. He knew it was possible for it be someone else, but not many men had those eyes, and even less would cry and hug Sirius. While Sirius pondered this, the man spoke. He voice was a bit muffled from the tears, but the words could be easily made out. "Sirius, I missed you. You don't know how hard it was." Sirius knew for a fact that it was Harry. As the man went back to his seat, Sirius gave a somber smile. But, on the inside he was the happiest man alive.

When Harry reached his test he took out two pieces of parchment and began to write a note. He then copied the same note onto two other pieces of parchment. With a flick of his wand, the parchment pieces folded themselves into airplanes and took flight. "I'm telling Ron, Hermione, and Ginny about this. I still can't believe it myself. It's not physically possible for you to be here. I watched you fall through the veil." Harry's face contorted into a look of pain for a few seconds before returning to normal. " Furthermore, if the fall didn't kill you Lestrange's stunners would have caused some damage." Harry said the name through gritted teeth. He would never be able to say it straight faced after what the woman had done to Neville's parents, Hermione, Dobby, Lupin, Tonks, Fred, and countless others.

Sirius shrugged, but on the inside he was worrying about Harry. He was beginning to understand that too much had occurred in his absence. And, from the expressions that graced his godsons face, they were horrible and many had to do with his cousin. "The last thing remember was flying backwards into a piece of fabric." He heard Harry sigh. Little did he know, that he had seen Harry one other time after his death. He smiled in relief at Harry before explaining. "I tried to hide it, but I honestly thought you weren't going to survive the war. I thought Voldemort was going to kill you in the most horrible way imaginable." Harry shook at the words. Not of the name, he didn't react to that, of the truth behind his godfather's words. Sirius, unable to contain his curiosity asked "What happened…" Not being able to finish the sentence, he gulped before finishing. "After I died?"

Harry sighed. He didn't want to relive this. Not know, not ever. So much had happened between Sirius' death and the end of his would be seventh year. So much had gone wrong in the worst way. His godfather had the right to know, but to do this he would need the support of those closest to him. He was glad Sirius had not died before the end of his fourth year. He would not have the strength to explain what happened in the graveyard. Harry was saved from answering by the quick, loud entrance of three very important people.

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