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Hermione quickly used magic to revive Mrs. Weasley. When she was awake they gave her a glass of water. She was staring at all the faces she hadn't seen in years. After a few minutes, it had sunk in. she rushed towards Fred first, she pulled him into one of her bone-crushing hugs. "Oh Freddie! I'm so happy to see you!" He smiled, but said "Oof. Mum, do you think you could let go just a little bit?" She smiled apologetically. "Sorry." He patted her on her shoulder, as she noticed her brothers and quickly went over to them.

"Fabian, Gideon!" The three siblings hugged, with grins on their faces. Fabian said "Geez Molly, and I thought you hated us." She shook her head at her brother. "I never hated you, I just got fed up with you." They smirked. "But, that's our job!" She shook her head once more, spotting Sirius. She went over to him. "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said you were a bad influence on Harry." He smiled at her, "Don't worry about it Molly. It was twenty two years ago." She smiled, but continued on. "Sure, you can be immature and childish." His grin fell and was replaced with the word "Hey!" But, Molly continued, "BUT! I've realized you care for Harry a great deal and only did what you thought was best for him and yourself. I don't blame you for wanting to get out of the horrible house." Sirius let the grin slowly fade back onto his face. He was happy they thought the same way now. As she moved on to someone else, Sirius looked down, frowning. He realized none of his choices for Harry mattered now. His godson was an adult, with children and a godson of his own. But, he shook his head, clearing the depressing thoughts. This was a time for rejoicing, not depression!

Molly then moved on the four sitting closed. They happened to be James, Remus, Tonks, and Lily. To James and Lily, she said "You should be very proud of your son." They smiled, but had very little knowledge of why they should be so proud of their son. Sure, they knew he was a wonderful man, but he must have done something quite amazing to have multiple people saying that. Then she turned to the Lupin's, she hugged both of them. She knew them better than the Potter's. "It's good to see you two again. I want you to know that Teddy's like another grandson to me." The couple smiled at Molly, her words made them want to meet their son even more.

Meanwhile, the others had been watching everything that been going on with damp eyes. Ginny cleared her throat,s aying "I know you all want to catch up, But, I think we should start dinner. I'm all the boys are starving." At this James II, Fred II, Hugo, Teddy, Albus, Sirius, James, Ron, Red, Fabian, Gideon, and George all nodded fervently. The woman all rolled their eyes at their husbands, sons, and family members. All of those who were previously standing at the door, entered and found seats next to the people they wanted to meet. Fred went over and sat next to his twins. The rest of the Weasley's and Potter's surrounded them. Harry made sure Teddy was sitting next to Remus. Harry was trying to make eye contact at Remus and Tonks. The two were staring at their son, and Teddy looked a bit worried for their sanity. As everyone got seated, Hermione, Ginny and Molly left for a few minutes. When they came back they were levitating dishes full of pot roast, pasta, salad, rolls, vegetables, and mashed potatoes.

The dishes were passed around and people served themselves. As Harry waited for food to come around the table, he whispered to Teddy, "Those two staring at you aren't crazy people, you know. They're your parents. " Teddy blinked his eyes had Harry, before snapping his head to the man and woman sitting next to him. He turned back to Harry, "You're serious, right? Because that's not a funny joke." Harry nodded, "Why would I joke about that?" Teddy shrugged. "I don't know." The whole conversation was whispered. But, when it was over he turned to the man besides him and hugged him. Teddy was seventeen, but he couldn't remember his parents, and it seemed like the right thing to do. Harry watched, with a smile. Teddy didn't look seventeen at the moment. He looked much younger and happier. Remus, who had been piling potatoes on his plate, nearly dropped the bowl in surprise. Tonks gently took it from him, and when his hands were free, he wrapped his arms around his son. He tried not to think that it was the first time since Teddy was a baby. Neither of the two said a word. Then, Teddy got up and did the same to his mother. By now, the entire room was watching the little family. Molly, Ginny, and Hermione had happy, yet sad, smiles on their faces. Tonks smiled at her son, and changed her hair to match his turquoise hair. Teddy went back to his sit and whispered to his godfather who had been looking on fondly, "Thanks, Harry." But, Harry shook his head. "I didn't have anything to do with it." Teddy was puzzled but shrugged, he figured he wouldn't complain. It was a dream come true. A few minutes later, his two parents were intently talking to him about his classes, future plans, his school life and love life. But, the last was mostly Tonks, who thought it was extremely funny that it caused Teddy's face to turn to turn red and his hair pink. She didn't miss that Teddy and a teenage girl kept looking at each other and blushing.

Meanwhile, Fred and George were catching up. "Gred!" "Forge!" They spoke at the same time, and then hugged. They took their seats, with identical grins. Then Fred noticed Angelina sitting next to George, and George had wrapped his arm around her. He spotted a ring on her finger too. Fred's eyes got large and he said in an elevated voice. "You. Married. My. Girlfriend!?" The two blushed, as George tried to explain but stumbled over his words. "Erm. Well. Uh, Er. Yeah. Sorry?" Angelina patted her husband on the back and turned to her ex-boyfriend. "It's really not his fault. I made the first move. How we were supposed to know you'd be back?" She didn't mean it in a mean way. She was just stating the facts. Fred seemed to relax and understand. The three of them talked about what had happened since the battle. George told Fred about his son, the trouble maker, Fred II. This put quite a smile on Fred's face, and he vowed to teach the kid as move about getting in trouble as possible.

By then, everyone had started eating. Everyone had larger grins than an hour ago. Molly turned to Harry, Hermione and Ron. "Alright, I'm happy to see all of these people. But, What. Did. You. DO?" Her voice was rising through each word. The three looked at each other, then to Molly. They all had something different to say. "Nothing!" "It's not our fault!" "Really, this time we didn't do anything!" Everyone in the room looked towards the voices wanting to laugh at their predicament, but didn't because no one wanted to receive the wrath of Molly.

She raised an eyebrow, but Harry went on. "Honestly, it wasn't us. I would have done this a long time ago if it was possible." He sighed, he had researched it many years ago. But, only found out that Necromancy rarely ever worked, and it wasn't legal anyway. That showed just how much he cared about everyone in the room. He swallowed before going on, he trusted everyone in the room, and what he was about to say shouldn't be told to people who didn't need to know or would abuse the info. He gave a slightly watered down explanation. "I was in my office this morning, and Sirius was brought to me. Obviously, at first I thought he was an imposter. There was no way he could be alive. I watched him fall through the veil." He noticed how Remus flinched as he spoke, but Harry ignored it and continued. "I checked and he was really Sirius. Then we…" He gestured to Ron and Hermione, "Found out he wasn't the only the one. We created a division of the auror department to deal with it. The problem we're facing is everyone's coming back at slightly different times. In no particular order, not the day they died, in the order they died, or reverse. It's just completely random. We're not even sure who exactly is coming back." His greatest fear was that not only would good people be coming back, but all the Death Eaters, and Voldemort himself might possibly come back. And that spell trouble.

Molly nodded at his word, she could sense he was leaving something out, but she could tell he was telling the truth. She knew he couldn't tell them everything. After all, it was ministry business. She was just happy that she got her family back. "Well, I'm just happy I get my family back. You three, be careful. You don't know who could be out there now." She too was thinking of Death Eaters coming back, especially Bellatrix , Dolohov, and Greyback. Harry nodded seriously at her, he figured she was thinking the same thing he was. He only hoped no one else picked it up. He didn't want his parents, and the rest of his family and friends worrying about his safety. They already did that enough. Soon, everyone finished eating. Harry had a few of the kids help Molly, Ginny, and Hermione clear the table. Then Albus and James brought in dessert plates. Harry hadn't known they were having dessert, but was even more surprised when Ginny came in levitating a huge sheet cake in front of her. It had the words "Welcome Home" on it. Above those was the crest of Hogwarts and the crest of the Order of the Phoenix. Molly helped cut it up, and the boys passed it around. Once everyone was seated and enjoying their cake, Harry kissed Ginny on the cheek. "Thanks, honey." She smiled and wrapped an arm around her husband.

An hour or so later, the dining room was cleared, and most of the kids had retreated to the playroom. Teddy had decided to stay with the adults, he was still talking to his parents. Victoire had also stayed in the room, the two were smiling at each other, then blushing. Fleur and Tonks were grinning at each other. Sirius and James and decided to go play with their nieces, nephews and grandkids. The rest of the adults were in the living room. Most were either drinking coffee or a cup of tea. The families were just talking, they didn't want to talk about the past war. Those were had returned were curious, but they didn't want to ruin the peacefulness of the night. Harry had told them earlier than he'd given them all the information they needed in a few weeks, when everything was sorted out. Or, they could go look through the books in his office. Both Lily and Remus had disappeared off to do this. But, the others were tired, and didn't want to read. An hour or two later, everyone was still where they had been. However, Ginny had just fallen asleep on his arm. She had a smiled on her face, and Harry smiled too. He checked his watch, finding out that it was almost two in the morning. "Not that I'm kicking you guys out or anything. But, it's two in the morning." The adults all checked their own watches to verify. The blinked amazed. Andromeda stood up first, she pulled Ted up with her. "I guess we'll be going. Remus, Tonks. You can stay with us if you like." They nodded and then they turned to Teddy. Teddy turned his head from Harry to Remus and back. Harry nodded that he should go with them. "Go on Teddy. You don't need to live here anymore." His voice was a bit sad but happy at the same time. "How about you come tomorrow to get your stuff?" Teddy nodded, but it still felt odd to be living away from Harry, who he'd lived with his whole life. Teddy went over to his godfather and gave him a quick hug. "Thanks Harry. I'll be back tomorrow." Harry smiled. "Go on Teddy. I'll still be here." The two smiled at each other, Teddy then turned and followed his parents out the door.

A few minutes later the kids came down stairs. Lily asked "Where'd Teddy go?" Harry answered "He went home with Andromeda and his parents." Lily nodded but looked a little upset. Harry pulled her over so she was sitting next to him. "It's okay Lily. He's gonna stay with Mom and Dad now. He'll be back tomorrow. She nodded with a smile. "The other adults stood, and began gathering their kids and their belongings. They all began to leave, most by Floo. A few by muggle transportation. Harry let Ginny sleep for a minute or two, he then woke her up right before the first person left. When she was up, everyone said their goodbyes and left. The two stood waving. Then she made sure their kids were ready for bed, and put them to sleep. Then they went to bed themselves. It had been a stressful day, and the fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows.

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