(Bella POV)

I wake up not wanting to get up.

What day is it?

Edward's still asleep next to me. I roll onto my side and watch him as he sleeps on his back. I watch his chest rise and fall with each deep breath he takes. I trace over his bare chest and play with the faint hairs on it. I trace up over his collarbone and along the side of his neck. It must have tickled him because he flinches in his sleep. At first I think I woke him up, but he snores again.

I laugh to myself, a quiet, lighthearted laugh. It's rather odd that through this whole experience - running away - I've never been happier. We have money issues, more so than I ever had to deal with firsthand. James never let me get a job and if there was food in the house, great, and if not, oh well. That's how I lived. I never had money placed in my hands and was told to live. Who knows how long we'll last? I just hope Edward's plan works. I feel terrible for using his college funds, but it's not like he can go to college without his high school diploma or you know, his life. We can't starve to death, we can't not have a bed every night. We have priorities and we need money.

Edward's eyes slowly open and he smiles widely down at me. I place my hand on the side of his cheek and scratch the rough hairs starting to grow. Scruffy. "Morning," I trace my thumb over his lips. He kisses the pad of my thumb.

"Morning. Merry Christmas Eve." He chuckle and holds my hand to his face.

I gasp, "Is it really?"

He nods. "I found out yesterday. Well, last night at like midnight so today."

"Oh, when we checked into the motel?" I ask wondering when he could have asked the date.

"Oh, yeah." He chuckles kind of nervously. I raise an eyebrow at him. "The manager told me."

"Okay." I said unconvincingly. "Whatever."

He rolls me onto my back and hovers over me. "Merry Christmas Eve." He repeats.