Lost by LittleApril - Prologue

All stories must have a beginning, middle, and closing chapter.

Green. The world was green and blue, neatly mowed lawn topped mounds with rounded doors, cloudless skies with cool breezes, winding rivers nestled beside broad woodlands, fields and orchards dotted with daisy-yellow and deep red flowers. Marshlands cloaked most of the earth to the east, with settlements and villages dotted through the north. The world was beautiful.

But it wasn't mine. It wasn't my world.

My world was filled with towering buildings and skyscrapers, grey skies littered with dark rain clouds, pavements swarming with businessmen and women flitting to and from the offices. My world was a city known for its history. My world was no longer bright. It was filled with routine and exhaustion. It was devoid of little pleasures and recreational activities. My world was slipping, fading behind the veil of lush green fields that now filled my vision, lost in my memory as I came to terms with this dream-state.

For this world, this new world filled with colour and light, could not exist.

It was a world from a children's story, described in detail with fervour.

But as my fingertips ghosted along the blades of meadow-grass, stroking the green leaves in silent amazement, this world, this world filled with mythical creatures and adventure, came to life.