And here it is! The promised fic! This one is a completely Sokkla centered fic; hopefully you'll enjoy it a lot! With this particular fic I'll hope to officially enter the Sokkla fandom, if you kind people will allow me to join you! ^^ long live Sokkla!

Although this fic will have some mild Sukka too .w. hope you don't mind! I'm just trying to keep it as canon as possible… but how canon can it be if you put Sokkla in, huh? xD

Enjoy The Reason!

"Well, this is your stop" muttered Katara, as Appa hovered above the Fire Nation Capital, looking for a good landing spot

"Thanks for the ride!" said Sokka, grinning happily

Aang smiled as well as he guided Appa towards the entrance of the Palace. Many people stared at the magnificent creature with awe during his landing, and other scurried away to avoid getting crushed by the bison once he reached solid ground.

"It was a fine landing job" said Aang patting Appa on the head "Well done, buddy!"

Appa replied with one of his usual roars as his passengers got off his saddle with a jump.

"We'll be back soon" said Aang, stroking his muzzle "Make sure to stay right here, okay?"

The six-legged bison licked him, making him chuckle. Aang turned to Katara and Sokka with a smile, gesturing towards the palace

"Ready?" he asked the young man, who grinned enthusiastically

"Of course!" he exclaimed, managing to jump with cheer despite carrying several bags with him

Sokka had been living the life of a nomad for a while now. He'd returned to the South Pole for a couple of months, he'd been staying at Toph's academy afterwards, curious to see the progress of the Lily Livers, and he'd been staying over at the recently founded Republic City with Aang and Katara until now. He had received a messenger hawk from Suki a few days ago, and he'd realized how much he missed her... therefore he decided to drop by at the Royal Palace for a few days to try and regain the time he'd spent apart from his girlfriend. It was clearly a surprise visit, not even Zuko had known they were coming, but surely he was aware that they were here after everyone had made a fuss over getting a glimpse of the huge bison that had just arrived in town.

And indeed, Zuko intercepted them when they were barely crossing the gates of the Royal Palace. He sprinted towards them with a gentle smile on his face, pleasantly surprised to see his friends once more

"Hello, Your Fireyness!" exclaimed Aang, rising an arm as a greeting to his friend and making a honorable bow afterwards "It's been a while, hasn't it?"

"It sure has!" said Zuko "Why did you arrive so suddenly? Why didn't you send word before getting here? Is this some sort of emergency or…?"

"Nah, none of that!" said Sokka, grinning

"Sokka got a message from Suki the other day" explained Katara "And he had the insane urge of coming to the Royal Palace and stay over here with her for a while"

"You're staying over…?" asked Zuko "Shouldn't you have, at least, warned me about this?" he asked, staring at Sokka with slight irritation

"Come on, lighten up, Zuko!" said Sokka, surrounding Zuko's shoulders with an arm "It's not like I'll be that much trouble!"

"You're ALWAYS trouble, Sokka" said Zuko "Besides, to make matters worse for you, Suki isn't here right now"

"SHE'S NOT?!" squealed Sokka, dismayed "Why?!"

"One of our ambassadors was heading towards one of the colonies, and judging by the amount of attacks there have been lately, I figured it'd be better if he was properly protected by the best warriors we've got" muttered Zuko

"B-but that's not fair…" said Sokka, looking depressed now

"If you'd said you were coming beforehand, I would have told you Suki wasn't here!" said Zuko, folding his arms

"Well, I guess I'll just wait until she gets back" said Sokka, sighing

"You will be staying over, then?" asked Aang "We could give you another lift if you want to go somewhere else…"

"Nah, I really don't have anywhere to go" said Sokka, shrugging "I'll be fine here!"

"What about you two?" asked Zuko, staring at Aang and Katara "You can stay for a while if you want to…"

"I don't think so, we have to get back to Republic City" said Aang, shaking his head "But thanks for the offer anyways"

"Don't you want to rest here for a while before taking off again?" asked Zuko

"No, there's no need for that" said Katara, grinning "We'll just be off now, don't worry about us. But please make sure Sokka behaves, okay?"

"I wish I could promise that" said Zuko, sighing as Sokka smiled happily

"Well, we'll be off now!" said Aang, waving at his two friends

"Say hi to Suki for me when you see her!" said Katara, hugging her brother quickly and returning to Aang's side immediately.

The pair walked hand in hand back towards where Appa waited, licking Fire Nation people who had come to see him only a few minutes after he had landed, impressed by his magnificence. Sokka and Zuko watched them until Appa finally took off, flying back towards Earth Kingdom territory.

"It's a relief to finally get away from them!" said Sokka, stretching "You have no idea how annoying those two can be when they're acting all lovey-dovey…"

"I can imagine" said Zuko, smiling "Is that the real reason why you wanted to stay? To get away from them?"

"I've been staying with them for about three months now, and I'm pretty sick of the oogie-osity by now" said Sokka, disgust clear on his face "She's my sister! That makes it at least three times the more annoying!"

"I guess you must be right" said Zuko, as they walked towards the palace "But I wouldn't know; luck gave me the one sister that's not prone to fall in love with anyone"

"You want her to fall for someone?" asked Sokka, raising an eyebrow "I wouldn't wish for that if I were you; imagine how much the poor guy would suffer at Azula's hands!"

"I get your point" said Zuko, sighing "But that would get her off my case eventually, right? She's always throwing jabs at me, telling me off for every single mistake I make… of course she thinks she has the right to do that because she's perfect! There's nothing wrong with her! She can do anything!"

Sokka seemed a little surprised by Zuko's outburst, and the Fire Lord realized a little too late how inappropriate it was to whine about his sister in this manner.

"Sorry, I guess I got carried away…"

"No need to apologize, pal" said Sokka "I know what it's like to have a crazy sister, although yours is worse than mine; no offense"

"None taken" muttered Zuko as they reached the main entrance of the Palace "What do you want to do now?"

"Hmm… I could do with some food!" said Sokka, grinning

"Food?" repeated Zuko "I don't think so… we had lunch over an hour ago, and there's probably no leftovers…"

"WHAT?!" squealed Sokka, apparently outraged "Well, that's just awesome! Of course the Fire Lord gets his food when he wants it, he has all the power he could get, but he won't even order one of his million servants to make some food for his best buddy, no, no, he can't do something like that! He'll never make any favors to anyone! Not even if that buddy has just traveled half the world and had NO LUNCH WHATSOEVER!"

"Okay, okay, CALM DOWN!" yelled Zuko, losing control for a second "I'll go talk to the kitchen staff and I'll see if there's anything you can eat… But you're not coming with me, got it?"

Sokka smiled with fake innocence, completely aware of the reason why Zuko wanted him away from the kitchen. He and Toph had earned themselves the titles of Public Enemies Number One and Two of the kitchen staff (to Sokka's annoyance, he was Number Two, but he planned on doing something about it soon) due to their incessant thieving; sneaking food out was a thrill for both of them, but it used to be quite annoying to hear Zuko and the head cook telling them off whenever they caught them in the middle of their scams.

"Alright, alright, I'm still an enemy of your servants, I get it" said Sokka, rising his arms as in a gesture of rendition "Where should I wait?"

"Go to the Dining Room and stay put, got it?" said Zuko "I'll bring you whatever I can find, so just be patient"

"I'll try…" muttered Sokka, while his stomach rumbled

They parted ways as Zuko headed towards the zone of the palace Sokka had been banished from. The Water Tribe boy stretched and walked towards a room with double doors, a nice and cozy dining room in which they all used to eat when they were together in the Palace. He entered it while looking backwards, hoping to catch a glimpse of Zuko holding an enormous and magnificent dish for him… but he knew it'd take longer than that for the Fire Lord to obtain a meal for him. He sat down on the nearest chair and he closed his eyes, trying to calm down somehow the hunger he was feeling…

"Well, well… It seems a peasant has lost his way to his hut" said a very familiar and cruel voice that made chills run down Sokka's spine.

The young man sat upright immediately and looked up. He'd been so busy thinking of the agony of starvation to even scan the room before entering, therefore he hadn't seen the Fire Nation Princess sitting opposite to him, her chin resting on her hand as she eyed him with interest

"W-what are you doing here?!" he asked, shocked

"Last time I checked, this palace was my home while you lived within an igloo down with your fellow Water Tribe peasants" she said, smirking "Which entitles me to ask what you're doing here, not the other way around"

Sokka felt a spasm right below his right eye as he stared at the despicable girl with hatred. Oh, she annoyed him so…

"Very funny" he said, irked "Well, I don't want to answer you, got it?!"

"How dare you talk back to me like that, you ignorant peasant?" she asked, still smirking at his reactions.

"STOP CALLING ME PEASANT!" he screamed, losing all his patience in a matter of seconds

"What should I call you, then?" said Azula "It's not like you're anything other than a peasant"

"I am much more than a peasant!" he claimed "Back home, I was pretty much a Prince myself!"

"Of course" she said, rolling her eyes "And, as I once said, I'm a four hundred foot tall purple platypus bear with pink horns and silver wings. Yes, you're a prince alright…"

"I am! You can ask anyone from the Southern Water Tribe, they'll tell you I'm right!"

"Am I really supposed to take in all your nonsense, peasant?" she asked, raising her eyebrows "I know more about the world than you think I do. There is no such thing as royalty in the Southern Water Tribe"

"How could you know? You've never been there! HA!" he said, feeling like he had the upper hand in the discussion for once.

"I've read about your petty Tribe" said Azula "And that's why I know there's no royalty. There are more ways to gain knowledge other than flying around the world on the back of a flying beast, even if you're not aware of it"

"Yeah, right" muttered Sokka "Well; your source of information must be outdated! Because I'm a prince, whether you like it or not!"

"I doubt it's outdated" said Azula "My source is my brother, after all. But sure, let's play it your way. You're a prince now in my eyes. But there's something I'd like to know first"

"W-what is it?" muttered Sokka, bracing himself

"If you're a real prince… how come do you always act like a peasant?" she asked, smirking cruelly

"I DON'T ACT LIKE A PEASANT, DAMMIT!" yelled Sokka, striking the table in front of him with a punch

"That's the best way to prove it" said Azula, eyeing him with amusement "Only an uncivilized peasant would punch such expensive tables for no reason other than being unable to find a good counterargument"

"Y-you know what?! I don't have to answer to anything you say! So stop annoying me already, will you?!"

"I'm afraid that's out of the question" she said "I still don't even know what you're doing here after all"

"I'm just visiting, that's all!" said Sokka "It's none of your business anyway!"

"You're going to be staying over at my home, it's my business whether you like it or not. So spit it out already, I don't have all day to hear whichever reasons you've got to justify your stay here"

"I'll tell you… if you promise not to call me peasant ever again" said Sokka, smirking

"Oh, if that's all it takes… Sure, I won't call you peasant" said Azula, shrugging

"I just came to see Suki again" muttered Sokka "But she's not in town, so I guess I'll be staying until she returns, and when she does, we'll finally spend some quality time together"

Azula stared at him in disbelief, shaking her head

"That must be the most ludicrous motive I could have imagined" she said "You seriously came here only to see your girlfriend? Unbelievable"

"Well, I never would have expected you to understand anyways" said Sokka, shrugging dramatically "Seeing as you don't have a boyfriend… or girlfriend… which way do you swing, actually?" he asked, raising an eyebrow

Azula ignored his question, staring at him with total disgust

"You're right, I wouldn't understand. I won't ever respect a person that requires acting as a parasite towards others to consider himself of value. Being in a relationship is merely a sign of weakness, proof that you're not able to live on your own, that you're unable to fend for yourself"

"Of course you'd say that" said Sokka "You've never been in a relationship, so you don't get it, you'll never get it. Actually, I don't think you'll ever care enough for anyone other than yourself, so you'll never know what it feels like to be loved by somebody else!"

"Or that's what society would have you believe" said Azula, smirking "In the world we live in, people value relationships more than their own selves, they have the ridiculous notion that being in love and forming a family is the only way to succeed in life, when it's the entire opposite. Relationships and families will only drag you down, they'll make you weaker and they'll force you to discard all your desires. The funniest part is how nobody seems to notice this, how they all get involved with each other only because they 'don't wish to be alone'. It's so pathetic"

"Hey, I'm not going to deny that, there are tons of dopes out there that have that ridiculous notion of wanting to be accompanied because they can't be alone, but that's not my case! I really love Suki!"

"You do?" asked Azula "Impressive. Then I guess you'll be happy to forget about all your hopes and dreams for the future if it's for her sake, am I right?"

"Yeah, you are!" said Sokka

Azula rolled her eyes and shook her head, disappointed

"You're just another moron, I guess. Only a peasant would think that way"

"HEY! You said you wouldn't call me a peasant anymore!" said Sokka, frowning

"Oh, that's right, I did" said Azula, thoughtful "Alright, now I'll call you pest. How does that sound?"

"P-PEST?!" repeated Sokka, his ears turning red with anger

"I think it's rather adequate" said Azula, smirking

"Y-you… YOU ARE JUST THE WORST HUMAN BEING EVER! YOU'RE NOT EVEN HUMAN!" yelled Sokka, jumping off his chair and knocking it to the floor.

He didn't notice that Zuko had just opened the door behind him, and the chair almost knocked him and the platter of meat he'd brought with him

"Sokka! What are you doing?" asked Zuko, jumping backwards to avoid getting struck by the chair

"Zuko!" said the Water Tribe boy, relieved to see him "Thank goodness! Get your demented sister out of my sight! I can't stand her!"

"And here I was hoping you were having as much fun as I was" she said, with fake sadness on her voice "Too bad, I was sure we could become friends" she said, coating her words with her trademark sarcasm

"Y-you…" muttered Sokka while staring at her, almost throwing daggers with his eyes

"Don't kill each other, please!" said Zuko, entering the room and setting down the plate on the table "What's the matter with you two?"

"I was sitting here, merely thinking about some matters as I let time pass me by…" said Azula, playing with her bangs "… and all of sudden a crazy peasant walked in this room, completely uninvited… Oh, I'm sorry, pest! I'm so used to saying peasant! Yes, yes, pest, that he is…"

"STOP CALLING ME PEST!" yelled Sokka, desperate

"I won't deny that he's uninvited, he's here without any notice whatsoever" said Zuko, to Sokka's dismay "But it wouldn't hurt you to call him by his name, don't you think? Calling him pest is too cruel"

"Yeah, that's right! Well said, Fire Lord!" said Sokka, nodding in agreement

Azula rolled her eyes again and folded her arms

"I can't call him peasant, can't call him pest… what do you want to be called then? Worm? Bug? Do those sound more appealing to you?" she asked, without even attempting to mask the malicious tone of her voice.

"ARGH!" yelled Sokka, losing his nerve for the millionth time already

"No? None of those do it for you? Well, I wasn't very convinced either. Let's see… Rat? No, no, that's not enough… Cockroach? No, I bet you're not that hard to kill… Vermin…? Vermin! That's just perfect! Yes, I've made my decision. You'll be vermin from now on!"

Sokka seemed to be about to reach out towards the boomerang that hung on his back, but Zuko stopped him and gave his sister a significant look

"Azula, please…"

"Fine, fine" she said, standing up "You two can stay here and stuff yourselves with food as you always do, I'm not going to get in your way anymore. Zuzu, don't say I didn't warn you about gaining weight for eating too much"

"I'm not going to eat, and I'm not gaining weight…" he muttered, twitching with discomfort

"I guess I'll be seeing you both around, Zuzu, Vermin" she said, flashing Sokka the cruelest smile she could muster as she left the room.

"I… HATE… HER!" said Sokka, stomping on the floor as soon as Azula was out of his sight.

"I know you do" said Zuko, sitting down in front of the table as Sokka took the fallen chair and placed it on its rightful place "And I don't blame you. She's really getting overboard"

"She's always been like this!" said Sokka, digging into the food platter "You got gher off ghe hoshpital, but you gould hend her in again!"

"Say what?" asked Zuko, raising an eyebrow

"You got her off the hospital, but you should send her in again!" said Sokka "That girl is completely crazy!"

"I don't think she is" muttered Zuko "Not anymore, at least… the problem is that she doesn't respect anyone below her… and she thinks everyone's below her, so she doesn't respect anyone at all"

"I'm sick of her" said Sokka "Honestly; you have to do something about her! She's out of control!"

"Yes, she's out of it" said Zuko, as Sokka swallowed a bite off his stew "But she's still my sister, I can't do anything else to her… I've already done enough. I think she's actually trying to find her way in the world, and it's not easy for her to do so; I believe she can make it, but she needs time to figure out right and wrong"

"She needs time to grow up and stop being a moron" grunted Sokka, clearly irked "I can't believe how infuriating she can be! Honestly, a girl like that needs to learn a lesson!"

"Which lesson?" asked Zuko, surprised

"W-well… just a lesson! I don't know which one yet, but she has to learn one!" declared Sokka, folding his arms "Hell, I might even end up being the one teaching it to her!"

"Good luck with that" said Zuko, smiling a little.

Sokka didn't even hear him, he was too busy stuffing his face with food to listen to anything other than his thoughts, thoughts that kept telling him that he'd get back at her some day; that he'd make sure she'd apologize to him and acknowledge him properly rather than insulting him as she'd been doing ever since they'd met… He'd stay in this Palace for quite a while, that much had been decided already, so he had plenty of time to fulfill his goal. He would make Azula apologize, no matter what it'd take. He'd show her he wasn't to be insulted or toyed with, and he'd make sure she'd leave behind that arrogance of hers, arrogance which he despised, arrogance which had blinded her permanently and ensured she'd never feel anything for anyone else.

He would change her, one way or another. He knew he could do it.

The red string of fate has been tied around the lovers' fingers, and it promises to bring them together one day; time, place and circumstances matter not. Fate will ensure their union; their destinies will bring them together.